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The notorious No A.G.E is back! A guitar/drums duo (Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt) with a penchant for self-recorded samples, No Age are mostly unconcerned with things like space or pause, and Goons Be Gone is gorgeously thick-- a hazy, delirious expanse that's both comforting and disorienting.

Listening to Goons Be Gone, it's hard to comprehend how just two people can manage to make so much noise while still sounding so subdued and mysterious-- it's easier to imagine Randall and Spunt spewing these songs underwater, bursting forth from some colossal California quarry rather than a tiny, stuffy art space a few blocks from L.A.'s skid row.

The first single "Turned To String" comes out swinging with crisp rhythm riffs setting the cruise control to FAST; a tempo that Dean and Randy do what they can to slow down with internal rhythms and orchestrally billowing guitar harmonics - yet they never actually break stride. Goons Be Gone is so cacophonous, so fertile, and so ripe with sound that parsing out the samples and effects and various layers of guitar is nearly impossible; besides, it's way more satisfying to just close your eyes and just enjoy it.

Ultimately, it's part of No Age's allure that Goons Be Gone is so difficult to figure out, that it manages to be so big while coming from a place so small: All you'll know for sure is that you want to listen longer. Maybe forever. Goons Be Gone drops on June 5th, listen to "Turned To String" above and turn it up.


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Spring 2020, and No Age are back out on the street! Effortlessly raw and extravagant in one practiced swoop, they set their live/bedroom internal clock and get out early into a glorious wind tunnel of naked beats and sunbaked guitars, forming a wave from with a new long player: Goons Be Gone!

Enter "Feeler", the latest offering from Randy & Dean! This urgent punk groover is built around a primal snare-kick pattern and rippling waves of Tremelo emanating from a newly repaired Silvertone amp once purchased from a Sears catalog in the 1960's - plus a sense of ennui that you just can't put your finger on. That restless yearning translates seamlessly through Kersti Jan Werdal's accompanying music video. "Feeler" emits a warm, youthful glow reminiscent of images from yesteryear with the melancholic feelings about the coming of age.

Director Kersti Jan Werdal notes:

"For FEELER, I wanted to make something that felt honest to the experience of being an adolescent just before entering adulthood. The video is a series of memories stemming from themes of connection, disappointment, discovery, and the search for one's true self. Animals are continually referenced, because I can't forget the untethered and wild way it was to be a teenager. "

"Feeler" is timelessly danceable and a prime example of No Age's absolute confidence in their signature form of musical progression. Watch the video above and lock in your pre orders for June 5th!
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Neue Single:


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Well, beat the drum and hold the phone, a new No Age jammer came out today! Procured from their bottomless bag of punk rock licks, "Head Sport Full Face" is excitement personified - you know, like a melodic knife in the eye, followed by a joyous trip to the emergency room to receive ecstatic stickers. Here, Dean and Randy carve a raw sketch into their hardened table-top of dense sound, showing their roots continue to evolve into whatever they can imagine - as long as it rocks them. The video for "Head Sport Full Face" links to the past through the use of archival footage shot by Aaron Rose (director of 2008's Beautiful Losers) nearly ten years ago! Guitarist Randy Randall states:

"A few weeks into the COVID 19 quarantine we got email out of the blue from Aaron. He said he was going through old hard drives and he found a folder labeled "No Age". He opened it and found all this footage from 10 years ago. Maybe he was thinking of making a video for us but never did? He sent us a a link to a whole bunch of footage and he had shot on a small hand held digital video camera. I edited it together for the video. After a few round of notes from Dean and Aaron, this is the video."

Brimming with their new sonic evolution found on Goons Be Gone, the footage assembly brings the intensity of a live performance from yester-year directly to your digital device. And without the option to see No Age in their natural (ie: live) territory, we'll take it! So, listen with your ears, watch with your eyes, feel the burn in your brain--Goons Be Gone is out June 5th.


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