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Neuer Song "Ditch"

Album "Kick" am 12.04. auf Rise Records / BMG


DAVE HAUSE kündigt überraschend für den 12.04. mit "Kick" sein neues Album auf Rise Records/BMG an.

Mit "Ditch“ veröffentlicht der Singer/Songwriter aus Philadelphia heute seine erste Single, die es hier zu Hören gibt:

Als frisch gebackener Vater von Zwillingen steht Hause ein ereignisreiches Jahr 2019 bevor, neben dem Album-Release, wird er u.a. im April und Mai mit seiner Band Mermaid Live in Deutschland zu sehen sein:

28.04.2019 - Hanover - Bei Chez Heinz
29.04.2019 - Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnof
30.04.2019 - Munster - Uncle M Fest
05.02.2019 - Hamburg - Uebel & Gefahrlich
05.03.2019 - Berlin - Bi Nuu
05.04.2019 - Dresden, Germany – Beatpol
05.05.2019 - Wien - Porgy & Bess
05.07.2019 - Munich - Backstage Hale
05.08.2019 - Stuttgart – Universum
05.09.2019 - Köln - Buergerhaus Stollwerck

Erste Album Infos:
Acclaimed Philadelphia-raised singer-songwriter DAVE HAUSE is proud to announce his brand new studio album titled Kick . Out on Friday, April 12 via Rise Records, Kick is Hause’s fourth solo outing that finds him carrying on in the voice and tradition of classic American songwriters, tackling topics of hope, depression, global warming, a crumbling democracy, and growing old. These complex notions weave together with a joyous sing-along cadence that creates a soundtrack for the broken American dream.

Life is a struggle. Even when things go our way, it’s a constant swim against the tide, kicking against the current in the hope we’ll eventually find the shore.

That’s the premise behind Dave Hause’s new album titled Kick that will be released on Friday, April 12 through Rise Records. Kicking was the first thing he saw his newborn twins do and it’s something he himself has been doing all his life. His career as a musician has spanned two decades, and his songs have always been a quest for personal survival – about pushing through against the odds – but his perspective shifted dramatically after the November 2016 election. Like many Americans, Hause believed the 2016 election divided people to create an “Us Vs. Them” mentality, but if you look closer, it’s just really people trying to survive. He felt it was important to write about the things that were happening to the people “who have to get up and go to work everyday.” That, Hause says, is when he and his brother and bandmate Tim Hause, really dug in.

Conflicting internal feelings sparked some deep, soul-searching conversations between Hause and Tim over numerous FaceTime sessions, voice notes and countless phone calls, which led to a cross-country songwriting relationship that would eventually lead to the album’s purpose and focus. There is a sense of hope and defiance that permeates this record from beginning to end. “Saboteurs” takes issue with the systems in place that value profits over well-being, while “Warpaint” serves as both a tribute to the women in Hause's life as well as a moody call-to-arms.

Additionally, the tragic passing of friend and musical inspiration Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit prompted the brothers to write about finding – and coming back to – a sense of meaning and purpose again after going through their own battles. Understandably, the album’s themes of finding the will to stick it out and make the best of where you are quickly became a major keystone of the new LP.
“I think those ideas show up in almost every song in some capacity. Beyond the personal lyrics, the concept of ‘If I can’t make it out of this ditch, I better make a home of it’
can be applied universally.”
Kick doesn’t sugarcoat either the personal problems or the global challenges at its center. At the core of this record there remains a vivid humanity and a hope that things can – and will – get better, even if it seems like the odds are stacked against us. When the only alternative is to drown, the first step towards survival is to kick. “There is comfort in desperation when you know that other people experience it too, and together you can both sing it and sing through it,“ Hause continues. ”As I listen back, I hope the album offers more comfort than desperation. I hope we got that balance right.”



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Frisch rezensiert.



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sehr schöne Review!


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Dave Hause And The Mermaid
22.05. - 23.05.2020

Anfang des Jahres war Dave Hause hierzulande zu Gast und hat Fans auf seiner Akustik-Tour verzaubert. Punk ist noch lange nicht tot, er klingt nur anders und zeigt massig Gefühle. Der Mann kann einfach in allen Sätteln und im Notfall auch ohne reiten. Und natürlich dürfen wir an dieser Stelle keinesfalls vergessen, dass seine Band, The Mermaid, eine wundervolle Möglichkeit bietet, Dave Hause’ Musik live zu genießen.

Und gerade, weil Dave Hause so ein unermüdlicher Live-Musiker ist, hat er jetzt bestätigt, dass er im Mai für zwei weitere Auftritte zusammen mit The Mermaid nach Ulm und Erfurt kommt.
Image Label

Präsentiert werden die Konzerte von FUZE, SLAM und Ox-Fanzine & livegigs.de

22.05.2020 Ulm - Roxy

23.05.2020 Erfurt - HsD


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veröffentlicht Benefiz-Song "Your Ghost" - Lyric-Video

Erlöse gehen an Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

DAVE HAUSE präsentiert mit "Your Ghost" einen brandneuen Track, dessen Erlöse dem Philadelphia Community Bail Fund zugutekommen. Zu dem Song, auf dem auch Amythyst Kiah und Kam Franklin mit einem Feature beteiligt sind, liegt auch ein Lyric-Video vor:

Lyric-Video - "Your Ghost" (feat. Amythyst Kiah & Kam Franklin)

"Your Ghost", das den Mord an George Floyd thematisiert, kann unter dem folgenden Link erworben werden: https://davehause.bandcamp.com

Von Seiten des Musikers heißt es:

Sitting down to write this, I’m faced with that nagging question, do songs make any difference?

It’s a privilege to write songs for a living, and I write them to try to make some sense of the chaotic world in which we live. I watched the footage of George Floyd's murder from the safety of my home, and I experienced the outrage, despair, and grief that so many of us shared. My brother Tim and I got to work on this song that week as a way to try to process what we had all collectively witnessed. We tried and initially failed to get the right tone, but as we worked at it, we learned about our blind spots on these issues and how to wrestle with them. But that nagging question again… am I just another white guy singing about someone else’s experience? Yes, I am. But could this song make a difference? Even a small one?

I remember a recent conversation I had with after getting offstage in Portland, Oregon. I was standing at the back of the club when a grizzled white guy came up and said, “Hey, I’m a retired Marine, military man my whole life. Your song, ‘Seasons Greetings From Ferguson’ changed my whole perspective on racial justice. I have been dedicating a ton of my time to understanding and trying to make things better since I heard that song.”

It was a reminder that songs can make a little difference. They’re a way to reframe, to understand, and to convey ideas that sometimes we can’t in regular conversation and debate. They can provide some comfort, they can start a conversation, maybe even prompt a new way to look at things. If they prompt even one person to consider something they had the privilege of overlooking before, then it was worth it. We all have a tremendous amount of heavy lifting to do in order for there to be equity for all in this country. We ALL need to keep pushing, keep having the hard conversations, and put ourselves in the shoes of others to try to make things right. We hope this will be part of that push.

So, here it is, “Your Ghost”. Any and all money this song makes will go to the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund (www.phillybailout.com).

Extra thanks to Amythyst Kiah and Kam Franklin for lending their talent to this song.

Rest In Power George. Black Lives Matter.

-Dave Hause July 3, 2020.


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