Feeder - Frail loops


01.04.2004 - 12:49


'ne "kleine" info über's neue album - wirklich schon im mai?!?

[ Cover Art ] Just when we thought Feeder could amaze us no more, this little bombshell drops on our doorstep. All credit to our spies who have been working vigorously to uncover news of Feeder happenings and goings on for the past three months, only to find a few newspaper quotes and rumours.

But they struck gold this time and we here at FFS have managed to get hold of a promotional copy of the bands NEW album. Feeder, it seems have been sneakily covering up their new baby which we can now confirm is set for a May 10th release date to coincide with the release of a full-length DVD.

The rumours it seems, were all true, from the band being in the recording studio to the title track of the upcoming Gran Turismo 4 on Playstation 2. And, as it turns out, the MP3 file that was floating around the internet taken from the Gran Turismo 4 trailor, widely dismissed by certain fans as not being a Feeder song, actually turns out to be track 2 on the album: 'Chateau'.

Better still, the rumours and hype surrounding Feeder's much talked about 'epic' track Blemish all prove worthy. The track, best described as a hybrid of Buck Rogers and Just A Day is without a doubt the jewel in the crown of the album and will surely be the band's biggest chance of acheiving Number 1 single status if it sees a UK single release.

The rest of the album is made up of a refreshing mix of Comfort In Sound and Yesterday Went Too Soon esque songs. The title track Frail Loops bears more than a remarkable resemblance to Remember The Silence, which is definately a good thing and other tracks such as Reliving The Shadwos and All in All are comfortingly familar.

Final Breath is a trip back to the band's routes with a heavy rock sound along with Shapes of Dawn and Flying High. None of these tracks would be out of place on Polythene which will please old school fans.

The main suprise of the album though, is probably the first track on the album Under The Sky, which has a refreshing bounce to it, like a much improved Love Pollution with a hint of Just The Way I'm Feeling.

The artwork is similar to the Echo Park stuff which were pleased about, although were told that there are several conceptual designs in the making and it may not be the final print. We hope it is though since it has a moody depth to it and plenty of fish dotted around the place to keep us happy.

No doubt the tracks will start emerging on Kazaa and various download sites in the not too distant future but we simply cannot wait until this album is finally released. It rivals Yesterday Went Too Soon for overall quality and whilst it carries on the Comfort In Sound style, it improves in both tempo and raises both the level and the mood.

We will have more news on this album as we get it, hopefully some proper conformation from Echo about the release date, plus info on the DVD too.


01. Under The Sky
02. Chateau
03. Reliving the Shadwos
04. Blemish
05. Frail Loops
06. Shapes of Dawn
07. Stargaze
08. Flying High
09. Daydream Believer
10. Folks on the Old Park Bench
11. All In All
12. Final Breath

quelle: http://www.feederfansite.2ya.com


01.04.2004 - 12:50

oder doch alles nur ein aprilscherz?!? warten wir mal bis morgen... ;)


01.04.2004 - 12:56

denn: man stelle mal die buchstaben um und erhält:
richtig, "april fools"... hörte sich auch nicht nach feeder an (titel etc.).
lustig isses allemal ;).

Demon Cleaner

01.04.2004 - 14:29

Netter Versuch... aber gut gemacht.


01.04.2004 - 14:58

ja, das muss man den machern der seite lassen, das stimmt.


01.04.2004 - 18:29

immerhin scheint der scherz auch bei feeder's plattenfirma "freunde" gefunden zu haben:

This is hilarious...Daydream Believer. If only...For a minute i thought he may have left the masters in a taxi!!!!!

Site is brilliant nice one


David and all at Echo"

auf der gleichen seite im 'guestbook' zu finden.

Comfort in echo

16.04.2011 - 22:34

Under The Sky
Flying High
Folks on the Old Park Bench
All In All
Final Breath

Ja nee iis klar.

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