Tambalane (Silverchair\'s Ben Gillies+Wesley Carr)


19.05.2005 - 00:41

Eine wirklich sehr gelungene Kombination. Könnten Daniel und Paul's Pop-Konkurrenten werden ;). Wobei das hier, wohl durch Carr's Einfluss, sich eher traditionell nach Singer-/Songwriter-Schule anhört.
Gillies' unnachahmliches Rhythmus-Spiel hört man allerdings sofort heraus.

Aus dem Newsletter:

As listeners to Triple J would already know, Silverchair's Ben Gillies has teamed up with Sydney singer/songwriter Wesley Carr on a new project they're calling Tambalane.

The station has just added the band's song "Little Miss Liar" into rotation and is actually offering it as a free download off their website. A homemade video has also been created for the track and it can be streamed off the band's website ... www.tambalane.com ... from May 19.

To coincide with all this, Tambalane will play every Tuesday night in January at Sydney's Annandale Hotel. They will also do a gig at Newcastle University on Thursday June 9 in the leadup to the August release of their self-titled debut album.

Ben & Wes originally met through mutual friends at a time when they both had too much time on their hands. Silverchair was taking an indefinite break and the surf wasn't great so Ben was at a loose end. At the same time Wesley was eking out a living in Sydney's inner city pubs playing folk songs and trying to sell a few copies of his indie EP after the show. Both of them were keen to have a new musical outlet so it only took a few corks to be popped before they were rolling at full speed into making music together.

They soon brought bass player Greg Royal and keyboardist Gerard Masters on board and to help knock their songs into shape they did a low key residency in the tiny front bar at the legendary Annandale Hotel. Each Saturday night for a month they played after midnight to a handful of hardcore partiers after the advertised bands had finished playing in the main room. It was quite a change for Gillies who was more accustomed to filling arenas with Silverchair but that was all part of the fun.

The group then went into Sydney's Megaphon Studios and made an album with engineer and producer Phil McKellar. This was a homecoming of sorts given that Phil helmed Silverchair's first ever recording sessions for their "Tomorrow" EP. Since then he has produced acclaimed albums for Grinspoon and Spiderbait among others.

"Tambalane" will be released independently in Australia in mid August.

Given the Annandale Hotel's formative early role for Tambalane it seems fitting that the band will play their first real shows there with this Tuesday night residency throughout June.

For more information about Tambalane please visit www.tambalane.com

Hier der Direktlink zum Song:
Tambalane - Little Miss Liar
(Nur 2,17 MB groß ist der kleine, große Song ;) )


20.07.2005 - 20:20

Klingt nett, ja....sehr sogar.


21.07.2005 - 10:27

jawohl ;). und bald gibt's das album.


07.10.2005 - 18:04

Album ist "nett". Sehr "nett".
Hat was von "Soul Asylum" und man könnte gar 'ne Referenz zu den 'Black Crowes' ziehen. 'Little Miss Liar' bleibt für mich zwar bisher das Highlight, aber Songs à là 'Free' können sich auch sehen/hören lassen.

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