Biohazard - Means to an end


20.04.2005 - 17:25

es BIOHAZARD-Album im Herbst

Zweieinhalb Jahre nach Erscheinen der letzten CD "Kill Or Be Killed" ist das neue BIOHAZARD-Album nun im Kasten. Das Werk hört auf den Namen "Mean To An End" und wird am 29.08. veröffentlicht werden. Mehr infos folgen in Kürze, hier aber schon mal die Tracks von "Mean To An End": My Life, My Way, The Fire Burns Inside, Killing To Be Free, Filled With Hate, Devotion, Break It Away From Me, Kings Never Die, Don't Stand Alone, To The Grave, Set Me Free


20.04.2005 - 17:56


Horst Köhler

20.04.2005 - 17:57

stimmt, die braucht echt niemand mehr.


20.04.2005 - 18:01

Bin gespannt


20.04.2005 - 19:13

auch wenn die letzten alben nicht der bringer waren, freu ich mich und hoffe auf besserung


20.04.2005 - 19:14

@armin: da ist ein "s" zu viel im titel


13.05.2005 - 16:21

Die rulen.Jedes Album bringts.

Norman Bates

13.05.2005 - 17:04

Die Titel sind so hohl und nichtssagend, dass sie auch von Manowar sein könnten...


18.06.2005 - 19:44

Hier gibts drei neue Songs zu hören


19.06.2005 - 02:35

Neue patriotische Hymnen von der Prollfraktion. Wer´s braucht.


20.06.2005 - 10:31

klingt wie Biohazard zu Mata Lao Zeiten. My Life, My Way ist leicht von Punishment abgekupfert. Ist aber net schlecht


26.08.2005 - 19:52

Hier gibts ne E CArd zum Album


27.08.2005 - 13:16

Live würde ich mir die schon ganz gerne mal ansehen aber ob ich ein neues Album von denen brauche, weiss ich echt nicht.


24.01.2008 - 14:25


New York, Jan. 24, 2008) -- The original lineup of the highly influential
New York-based group BIOHAZARD, whose intense fusion of the aggression of
hardcore, punk and thrash metal with the socio-critical commentary and
authenticity of hip-hop earned the band extensive international acclaim will
reunite for a series of performances in the summer of 2008 to commemorate
the band's 20th anniversary. A new group photo can be viewed at

Bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, drummer
Danny Schuler and guitarist Bobby Hambel have not performed together
publicly since 1995, when Hambel left the group at the end of the touring
cycle for BIOHAZARD's third album and major-label debut, "State of the World
Address." Like its predecessor, the landmark "Urban Discipline" (1992),
"State of the World Address" sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and
capped the band's evolution from a Brooklyn local favorite into an
international success.

In recent years, Schuler kept busy by playing drums for the band Bloodclot
and occasionally mixing music for other artists, frequently in collaboration
with Graziadei. In addition to his success with his new band Suicide City
(currently working on the second release) Graziadei also stays active
producing and recording bands in his studio; Underground Sound Studios.
Seinfeld, meanwhile, remained in the public eye via high-profile appearances
on HBO (five seasons on the critically acclaimed prison drama "Oz") and VH1
("SuperGroup"), as well as a column in Stuff Magazine. Additionally, he shot
photos for such publications as Playboy, Penthouse and FHM and voiced
characters in the video games "Manhunt," "The Warriors" and the forthcoming
"Grand Theft Auto IV," and as CEO of Teravision, he currently manages the
career of his wife, leading adult film star Tera Patrick, whom he has
directed and performed with under the name Spyder Jonez. He also recently
launched a new band, The Spyderz.

Seinfeld admits that none of these extracurricular activities would have
been possible without the success of BIOHAZARD, and looks forward to
returning to his roots. "BIOHAZARD was the single most important chapter in
our lives," he says. "Our music brought us together and helped us rise up
out of the streets of Brooklyn. Our journey has been an amazing one, and for
me, it's all about my brothers Billy, Bobby and Danny, and of course the
fans, whose undying support has never given up on the hopes of a reunion of
the original band. I'm proud to announce that the four of us have decided to
bring our special brand of hardcore tribal ceremony better known as a
BIOHAZARD live show to select venues across the globe. Here comes the pain,
and see you in the pit, motherfuckers!"

Adds Hambel, "We owe it to ourselves and to everyone who wants to see the
original band reunite. We've lost a lot of great friends and musicians over
the years, but we're still here -- and it's time to set the record

Starting with their self-titled 1990 debut, BIOHAZARD released eight
acclaimed studio albums over a 15-year period that saw the band outlast many
of heavy music's passing fads (hair metal, grunge, nu-metal). During that
time, the band was also featured prominently on two revered, Gold-certifide
compilations: "Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath," to which they
contributed an album- opening cover of "After Forever," and the
groundbreaking soundtrack to the film "Judgment Night," to which they
provided the title track (a collaboration with the rap group Onyx).

The band's success can be traced back to the infectious single "Punishment"
from their 1992 breakthrough "Urban Discipline," which not only became the
most-played video clip ever on the original incarnation of MTV's seminal
"Headbanger's Ball" program, but also provided a much-needed hit for their
then-fledgling record label, Roadrunner Records. (Indeed, when the label
assembled a 20th Anniversary concert in 2006 at which both past and present
Roadrunner artists performed, "Punishment" was the night's opening track.)

For the follow-up to "Urban Discipline," BIOHAZARD graduated to major label
Warner Bros., for which the band recorded two albums: 1994's "State of the
World Address" and 1996's "Mata Leao." The band then signed with Mercury
Records for 1999's "New World Disorder" before aligning with SPV for their
final three studio albums.

Whenever the band wasn't in the studio, BIOHAZARD was almost always on the
road. Some of their most notable tours included treks alongside Slayer,
Pantera and the inaugural Ozzfest. By the band's count, BIOHAZARD has
performed nearly 3,000 concerts in some 60 different countries around the

As a socially conscious, anti-establishment band that successfully fused the
seemingly disparate worlds of rap and heavy metal, many of BIOHAZARD's
lyrics were politically aware, and although they often addressed various
social injustices and portrayed vividly harsh and realistic portraits of
gritty urban angst, their underlying messages were frequently positive.
However, perhaps the band's most fitting lyric is from their 1994 hit "How
It Is": "Sooner or later, what goes around comes around."

In early January, the original BIOHAZARD members met and rehearsed together
for the first time in a dozen years. "To be in the same room with old
friends again fuckin' rocked," says Graziadei. "We created something unique
back in the day and I'm psyched we can all hang together and recapture that
vibe. It's like time stood still and we're all 19 again!"

"I'm extremely happy that we're all friends again," Schuler adds. "Life is
too short, and all the fights, rumors and beefs don't matter anymore. What
matters is the four of us being friends and getting up on stage again
together. I can't wait to do this."


24.01.2008 - 15:04

Da fühl ich mich doch glatt zurückversetzt in meine Jugend... mein erstes Konzert war ein Konzert von Biohazard, danach habe ich ein Autogramm von Evan Seinfeld bekommen und war stolz wie Oskar... das war vor gefühlten 20 Jahren...
Heutzutage braucht die Band denke ich keiner...


30.01.2008 - 21:34

Was? Urban discipline regelt ja wohl.


30.01.2008 - 21:36

Ja schon, auch die State Of The World Adress und sogar die Mata Leao sind noch gut, aber seitdem braucht die Band ja wohl keiner mehr


13.01.2010 - 20:29

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20.02.2010 - 22:13

ich hatte frueher ein biohazard tshirt und wusste gar nicht was fuer musik die machen lol


29.11.2011 - 10:25

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