Anti-Flag - Lies They Tell Our Children


29.07.2022 - 20:06- Newsbeitrag

kündigen neues Album
"Lies They Tell Our Children"
für 6. Januar 2023 an

Musikvideo zur Single "Laugh. Cry. Smile. Die." mit Shane Told (Silverstein) out now!


Pittburghs Punk-Ikonen ANTI-FLAG werden am 6. Januar 2023 über Spinefarm Records ihr 13. Studioalbum "Lies They Tell Our Children" veröffentlichen. Der Vorverkauf läuft bereits.

Heute zeigt das Quartett das Musikvideo zum Song "Laugh. Cry. Smile. Die.", in dem Shane Told von Silverstein einen Gastauftritt hat. Hier ansehen.

Das Video entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem INDECLINE Activist Art Collective.

Wer tiefer in "Laugh. Cry. Smile. Die" eintauchen möchte, findet hier die Lyrics sowie einen kurzen Essay zum Song.

Anti-Flag kommentieren:
"Look, this is our 13th album. There's no other way to put it; Lies They Tell Our Children is the best fucking version of Anti-Flag we have ever been. We haven't been afforded the privilege and ability to spend every day together writing and focusing on every detail of an album in well over a decade and I think you can feel that collaboration and collectiveness in these songs more than any other record of ours. That collaboration was only extrapolated on with the inclusion of the eight guests who are featured on the album, spanning genres, years of friendship, and a vast array of perspectives.

The album itself is the first conceptual album the band has ever done, spawned out of a compulsive need to not just comment on the dystopian corporate wasteland we all face but to trace it back to the origin of this fate; the political policies, laws, cultural shifts, and lineage of injustice that have led us to the world we live in today.

Like the band itself, of course the album is an anti-war statement both in the literal and figurative sense. This is an important moment in history and demands an urgent response, but we thought it was also important that we retrace our footsteps to the beginning of these issues. In order to better understand how to eradicate climate devastation, imperialism, war based economics, systems predicated upon racism, and the increasing belief that these things do not even exist, you have got to take people to the source. This idea is the crux of The Lies They Tell Our Children; put this wretched history in their face and demand their empathy."

"Lies They Tell Our Children" enthält mehrere prominente Gastauftritte, u.a. von Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage). Details in der untenstehenden Tracklist.

("Lies They Tell Our Children" album cover artwork)

2. MODERN META MEDICINE (feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage)
3. LAUGH. CRY. SMILE. DIE. (feat. Shane Told of Silverstein)
4. THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES (feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against + Brian Baker of Bad Religion)
4. IMPERIALISM (feat. Ashrita Kumar of Pinkshift)
5. VICTORY OR DEATH (WE GAVE 'EM HELL) (eat. Campino of Die Toten Hosen)
7. SHALLOW GRAVES (Feat. Tré Burt)
9. NVREVR (feat. Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop)

"Lies They Tell Our Children" wurde aufgenommen, produziert und gemischt von Jon Lundin.

Am 16. September starten Anti-Flag eine ausgedehnte Nordamerika-Tour, inklusive einiger ANTIfest-Termine. Eine Übersicht zu allen Dates und Tickets findet sich auf


10.08.2022 - 18:15- Newsbeitrag

ANTI-FLAG share "The Fight Of Our Lives" video

Song features Rise Against's Tim McIlrath + Bad Religion's Brian Baker

New album Lies They Tell Our Children out January 6 via Spinefarm

Incendiary Pittsburgh punk rockers ANTI-FLAG will release their 13th album Lies They Tell Our Children on January 6 via Spinefarm. Pre-order it here.

For this record, the band recruited several high profile and like-minded artists to feature on the songs. Rise Against's Tim McIlrath and Bad Religion's Brian Baker appear on the new single "THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES". Watch the video here.

"To us, this song is a unique demonstration of the power of community," the band says. "Bringing in Tim and Brian was just to drive the nail home that this shit takes all of us. The predication of punk rock, to leave things better than you found them, to give a fuck about more than just yourself... The planet can't spare another day before we take massive steps to stop catastrophic human-made climate disaster. Nuclear arsenals are on the rise. Millions are displaced around the world. From Ukraine to Yemen, there are currently 27 major conflicts on the planet. Corporate and terrorist networks are reaping massive profits from the bloodshed and division being sewn."

A growing international neo-fascist crusade is spreading across the world hellbent on furthering a movement rooted in racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and every other kind of bigotry imaginable. Extremist religious movements grow more emboldened to seize power over the world's governments enacting laws such as the Supreme Court has in the United States, where the human right to an abortion is being banned.

"We are truly in the fight of our lives. It's a time to stand up and be counted. We are at a historic tipping point in human civilization where we can swing towards peace, empathy, optimism, justice, and human rights for all, or we can swing towards more of this ominous rising tide which has already brought so much inequality, pain and death."


03.01.2023 - 20:38- Newsbeitrag

Frisch rezensiert.



13.01.2023 - 00:17

Gerade durchgehört. Die ewigen "Who-ho-hos" (wie groß kann die O-Kapazität eines Albums sein?) haben mich zwar durchgängig mit spitzen Fingern nach den Kopfhörern greifen lassen, aber ich dachte, ach komm Junge, hier kannst du mal Kern beweisen, und so hab ich mich, getragen von Justin Sanes Pop-Punk-Stimmchen, über zahlreiche stereotype Saitenrutschen und den scheußlichen Song mit Campino weiter durch diese weitgehend glattgebügelte Produktion geackert und frage mich nun, ob mir die neue Freude an der Stille nach diesem Album nicht ebenfalls 6 Punkte wert sein könnte. Schon möglich...


13.01.2023 - 00:22

In einem Song wird übrigens die Mär vom Apartheitsstaat Israel - in Bezug auf Palästina - aufgegriffen.


14.01.2023 - 16:05

Muss jetzt doch zugeben, dass die Chorusteile...

qAttack after attack
When living in this nightmare is a total laugh
And when the wolves attack
There ain't no ground that I'm ever giving back

...von "NVREVR" mir nicht aus dem Kopf gegangen sind, so dass ich den Song nochmal hören musste.

Schade halt, dass die Chorusteile...

I never, ever, ever
Never, ever, ever

...und die massive "Who-ho-ho"-Attacke zum Ende hin das Ganze gleich wieder komplett versauen :(


15.01.2023 - 01:21

Starkes Album. Deutlich besser als die vorhergehenden Releases. 8/10

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