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Toundra - Hex

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Kommt am 14.01.22.


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08.10.2021 - 17:52 Uhr
Meinst du Toundra oder Troundra?;) Aus welcher Quelle ist die Info?


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Toundra, hab mich verschrieben und editieren is ja leider nicht möglich.

Quelle is Fb Seite der Band


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Hab grad in den neuen Song gehört und bin ziemlich baff. Unglaubliches Teil, zieht schön den Härtegrad an in der mitte und wird dann ruhiger und endet ziemlich abrupt. Bin ja gespannt wie das Album dann daher kommt scheinbar sollen mehrere Songs jeweils zu einem zusammengefasst werden. Klingt spannend, kann aber zum hören auch anstrengend werden.


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Titel ist korrigiert.


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08.10.2021 - 19:30 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
TOUNDRA release first single "El Odio. Part I" off of their new album "HEX"

Album out January 14th, 2022; pre-order starts on
Nov 5th, 2021

After a painfully long and undeliberate break, Toundra return from the isolation of their homes to present their new album “HEX”, which is set for release via InsideOutMusic on January 14th, 2022.

Toundra practically disappeared when the world stopped in March 2020. The outbreak of this global pandemic caught them loading their van to present their last reference in Europe so far: “Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari”. After presenting it in Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, on the same Monday that they returned to their daily jobs, the band decided to cancel their umpteenth European tour. Things looked bad. What happened next, we all know, and it is too hackneyed and serious a matter to be dealt with in a record press release.

Toundra returned to their homes. This time divided between the band’s native city of Madrid and the Cantabrian coast, where two of its members settled just before the squares and streets were empty. The distance and the difficult situation did not make them relax and sit by idly. If Toundra have shown one thing since their formation in 2007, it is the band’s hyperactivity and the need to keep moving forward, looking ahead and not at their shoelaces.

The band members bought the necessary equipment to be able to set up small and indecent studios in their homes and began to send ideas for new songs in a chaotic way at first. Without knowing very well where they were going or knowing very well what they might find. In the summer of 2020, the band began meeting in Madrid again to review the material that had been sent. The composition sessions were accompanied by constant talks about where to go with this eighth studio album (if we count “For those still living”, the album that was released by that side project called Exquirla).

The band states:
“Writing each new Toundra album means doing a job to find each other as a band. From our most innocent early days we have been self-righteous enough to take every step that we have taken as a band too seriously maybe. Every time we think about writing new albums we even suffer for it. This album means a job in which the four of us have rediscovered what we wanted to do without really knowing how we did it. The ideas were coming up in a chaotic way during the first months until little by little we saw how everything was being arranged in various notebooks and on the blackboard of our premises. Finally, the extreme cruelty that we can see around us (closer and closer) served as a catalyst to be able to give order to a lot of ideas, songs and, ultimately, to this new album. We are looking forward to finally presenting it to the fans now."

The composition work led them to finish the demos for their new album “HEX”, under the always faithful sight of Raúl Rodríguez, in May 2021. The next step was to trust Sati García again, who transferred them to Cal Pau studios again. (Vilafranca del Penedés, Barcelona) and Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona) to record the seven cuts of this new album. Seven cuts that actually make up five songs. On July 30, 2021, the band obtained a new master's degree and Mr. García could finally sleep peacefully. “HEX” will be released on January 14th, 2022 via InsideOutMusic. See the new album artwork here:

Today, “El Odio. Part I” is released as the first single from Toundra's new album “Hex”. It is the first of three singles that will later form one long piece of music. See the single cover artwork below. For the video of “El odio. Parte I” the band collaborated with Asturian director Jorge Carbajales. Watch the video here:

The pre-order for “HEX” will start on November 5th, 2021. Stay tuned for more info to be released soon.

After many months of little activity, Toundra are finally back this fall, playing live shows all over Spain. Over the next few months, the band will intersperse concerts in which they will present these new singles, along with the presentation of “Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari”, the soundtrack they released in 2020 for the classic German expressionist cinema. See here for more details:

09.10.2021 AMFest, Barcelona, Spain
12.10.2021 Underfest, Vigo, Spain *
05.11.2021 Teatro de La Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, Xixón, Spain *
7.11.2021 Encaja2. Teatro Jovellanos, Gijón, Spain
12.11.2021 Concierto Inaugural 75 Aniversario del IER, Logroño, Spain *
13.11.2021 Arrasate-Mondragón, Spain *
14.11.2021 Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao, Spain *
15.11.2021 Teatro Victoria Eugenia, Donosti, Spain *
18.11.2021 Festival de Música y Cine de Sevilla, Teatro Lope de Vega, Sevilla, Spain *
26.11.2021 Festival Deleste 2021, La Rambleta, Valencia, Spain *
*Presenting “Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari”


TOUNDRA online:



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Der Wanderjunge Fridolin

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Dein Beitrag schon, das stimmt. Freut mich, dass du zur Selbstreflexion fähig bist, das ist immerhin ein Anfang.

Ansonsten Vorfreude!


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Hatte mir eine Fortsetzung von Exquirla erhofft

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