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Converge (+Chelsea Wolfe) - Bloodmoon: I

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01. Blood Moon
02. Viscera of Men
03. Coil
04. Flower Moon
05. Tongues Playing Dead
06. Lord of Liars
07. Failure Forever
08. Scorpion’s Sting
09. Daimon
10. Crimson Stone
11. Blood Dawn

Titeltrack hier:

"Converge's blood moon has finally risen. Over five years after the metalcore icons united with goth chanteuse Chelsea Wolfe, Cave In/Mutoid Man singer-guitarist Stephen Brodsky and Wolfe's bandmate Ben Chisholm for a handful of exclusive sets at 2016's Roadburn Festival, the collaborative juggernaut are ready to unleash their debut album together, Bloodmoon: I.

Arguably one of the most highly-anticipated metallic alliances of the last half-decade, the 11-song record will arrive in all of its glory on November 19th and marks Converge's first new full-length since 2017's The Dusk in Us. Today, we're extremely proud to be premiering the album's towering lead single, "Blood Moon," which comes paired with an equally epic music video.

The track is an eight-minute post-metal scorcher that twists and turns between Wolfe's ethereal singing and Jacob Bannon's pained screams. The instrumentation follows suit, as glowing post-rock verses transform into trudging metal passages that are seared with a piercing guitar lead. It sounds like an amalgamation of everything each individual artist has done prior, but also like so much more."

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