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Underoath - Voyeurist

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18.07.2021 - 23:14 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Kürzlich wurde der neue Song "Damn Excuses" veröffentlicht.

Eine Albumankündigung sehe ich noch nicht, aber es wird eigentlich mal wieder Zeit.


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18.07.2021 - 23:16 Uhr
Gar nicht schlecht! "Erase Me" war meiner Meinung nach schon eine Enttäuschung, aber hier gehts zum Glück wieder mehr zur Sache. Bin gespannt!


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20.07.2021 - 12:06 Uhr
Klingt in der Tat sehr gut, hätt ich jetzt nicht erwartet nach dem Vorgänger. Mal abwarten, vielleicht ist es ja der einzige Song der so klingt.

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20.07.2021 - 12:19 Uhr
"Erase me" hab ich zweimal angefangen und zweimal abgebrochen. Das war leider ähnlich wie die letzte Architects gar nicht. Mal schauen, was das hier so bringt...


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20.07.2021 - 13:37 Uhr
Wenig, sehr wenig für eine Band die einen herausragenden Klassiker wie Cries of the past im Backkatalog hat.


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20.07.2021 - 14:38 Uhr
Was mich neben den Songs am meisten am Vorgänger gestört hat, war die schwache Produktion. Das hier klingt auf jeden Fall schon mal deutlich druckvoller


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06.08.2021 - 19:31 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
UNDEROATH announce new album Voyeurist out January 14th on Fearless Records

Share intense new single “Hallelujah”

Today, Underoath revealed their highly anticipated seventh full-length, Voyeurist, set for release on January 14th via Fearless Records. To celebrate the announcement, the band shared the anthemic new single “Hallelujah”, which serves as the second single from Voyeurist and is sure to be a staple of their live set for years to come. “Hallelujah” boasts one of the most addictive hooks of the band’s career over a soundscape anchored in chaotic guitars, soaring synths and percussion that will rattle the listener to their bones. Fans were offered a sneak peek of the track earlier this week in exchange for granting camera access at Once on the website, they were able to listen along as they got a glimpse at other fans doing the same.

Guitarist, Tim McTague summarizes the track perfectly:

“I think the song is one of the more powerful songs on the album for a myriad of reasons, but sharing a night of beers and stories with a handful of the people you love, unpacking a ton of heady concepts and recording a choir really put an exclamation point on the song for me. It’s dark, beautiful, haunting and heavy all at the same time. That’s what Underoath does best in my opinion.”

Voyeurist marks the first time in Underoath’s storied career that they took the recording process completely into their own hands. Doing so led to plenty of difficult conversations, but it also provided the ideal situation for artistic innovation. As McTague continues “I’ve always wanted to record our own album. I think we just needed to get into a headspace personally that would allow criticism and critique to land in a productive and constructive way.” The result is the most collaborative album of Underoath’s career and, anchored in a profound respect for each other, one that left no stone unturned creatively. McTague adds again “We grew so much in real time and I think the record speaks to that growth and collaboration. I haven’t ever felt this attached to a project in my life.”

The band refers to Voyeurist as “high-def violence” - technologically advanced, but undeniably visceral. Conceptually, Voyeurist has several interrelated meanings, each tying back to the concepts of how we curate ourselves through social media and how that facade masks a lot of what we actually experience in life. The album is a cohesive listening experience with enough layers to provide fans with a fresh take and new favorite track on every spin.

Voyeurist is available for pre-order now, including a deluxe animated vinyl which features a plastic o-card sleeve that activates playback of the jacket’s interlaced video imagery.

Voyeurist Tracklist:
1. Damn Excuses
2. Hallelujah
3. I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out of Luck and Have No Friends
4. Cycle ft. Ghostemane
5. Thorn
6. (No Oasis)
7. Take A Breath
8. We’re All Gonna Die
9. Numb
10. Pneumonia

This far into their storied career, Underoath has unsurprisingly faced their fair share of adversity. Through the trials and tribulations, a commitment to their craft and a sense of accountability rooted in mutual respect for each other has ensured that each new chapter for the band continues to mold their legacy in a positive fashion. With their shared history of remarkable accolades and trying hardships continuing to shape who the individual members are as people, Underoath is still just scratching the surface of what they can accomplish as a band. There are few acts in the annals of rock history that can say their best work is still ahead of them almost two decades into their career. Fortunately, Underoath falls into that category. As the world opens back up in 2021, the band is deeply committed to living up to the high expectations that fans (and themselves) have come to expect for anything associated with the project. It will undoubtedly be something special to witness as this next chapter in the Underoath story manifests.

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