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Lordi - Sieben neue Alben gleichzeitig

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06.04.2021 - 19:28 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
LORDI announcing to release 7 new studio-albums simultaneously
Beware, April fool‘s! LORDI announced to release 4 albums simultaneously - of course this is not going to happen, that would be insane. But actually not insane enough for LORDI. The reality is that Lordi is releasing seven (7!) new studio albums in October. No joke, not kidding.

Mr. Lordi explains: "Within a week when the Killectour was cut short in March 2020, I realized we're gonna have to use the sudden extra time somehow. It was clear that it is the time to start planning the new album, even though „Killection“ was released not even two months before. I was thinking that the most boring thing we could do after „Killection“, is to do another basic Lordi album. And I was very much enjoying the different styles of song writing, recording and production on „Killection“, but another boring idea would have been to do a part 2. Since „Killection“ is a fictional compilation album from a fictional back catalogue that doesn't exist, I got the idea that the only thing that could top that, is to record and release that fictional back catalogue. And until Halloween 2021 the fictional back catalogue will be no longer fictional, it actually will exist... at least for the most part. My original idea was to release 10 albums, but the label said that is insane. But 7 is a number they felt that is somewhat sane, hahahaha! "

So, as for LORDI‘s 11th studio album release, we will not only get the 11th new album, but we'll get the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th album at the same time. What other rock band has done this before? The answer is no other. The band states: “The albums will sound all different from each other, they're all in different styles and fictional eras in the „Killection“ timeline. 5 of the 7 albums are already done by the way, and number 6 is well on the way."

Be ready for a big bunch of new material from Finland’s shock rockers!


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06.04.2021 - 19:36 Uhr
Wenn Robert Smith und Kevin Shields das lesen....


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06.04.2021 - 21:07 Uhr
Buckethead und Viper the Rapper lachen.


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10.08.2021 - 19:49 Uhr

"You had a big needle - exactly what I was here for"

Mr. Lordi got his second dose at a vaccination event in Rovaniemi, Finland - in November he’ll rocks with full vaccination and seven (!) Studio albums!
Rovaniemi - Monsters are not safe from Corona either. For this reason, horror boss Mr. Lordi recently had his second syringe as part of a vaccination campaign in Rovaniemi, Finland, and is now fully vaccinated.

"They had a big needle - that's what I was here for," he says. What vaccine and in what (monster?) dose you get as a monster, Mr. Lordi is silent about - and instead enjoyed the treatment of nurse Paula Ylitalo with the large needle mentioned above.

Fit monsters are essential, after all, LORDI want to release no less than seven (!) new studio albums starting in November!

The corona pandemic is also to blame for the amount of albums. Mr. Lordi explains: “In the week of March 2020 after our Corona tour had to be canceled, I thought I would use this additional time. It quickly became clear that the time was perfect to start planning another album. Then I realized, however, that there couldn't be anything more boring than making a regular LORDI album. Since the last album “Killection” was a fictional one, based on a previously non-existent fictional back catalog of music, I had the idea: The only thing that “Killection” could top would be to record and publish the back catalog. The albums will all sound different, they will all originate in different styles and have their origins in different fictional points in time of the "Killection" timeline.

No, this weird idea has nothing to do with a corona mutation, it can definitely only come from LORDI.

Since their spectacular winning at the EuroVision Song Contest in 2006, the Finnish monster rockers have been world-famous for their unusual performances.

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