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Bastille - Neues Album?

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31.07.2020 - 19:21 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

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Bastille’s electrifying new song might feel like a bit of a surprise release, not least to the band themselves, but as frontman Dan Smith says:

“We finished the song and it felt urgent. We didn’t want to sit on it.”

The track’s extraordinary video sees Bastille collaborating with Rezza a British/Iranian, London-based animator who brings a seismic visual shift for Bastille:

the video is a mash up of mixed media using illustration, photography and live action which resulted in a unique and innovative style that is winningly berserk.

Watch the video here:

A thunderous, furious short sharp shock, WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? comes after the dust settled on the band’s acclaimed third album Doom Days —

the final instalment in a trilogy that’s spanned eight years and brought Bastille multi-platinum sales, global success and a position as one of the world’s most streamed bands.

Fans may have grown accustomed to albums arriving with fully formed, meticulously executed creative ecosystems, but this time it’s all change.

“This next phase feels like a new beginning. It’s about completely tearing up our process, being spontaneous and starting again,” Dan states.

“We’re just really excited by the new songs. I think we’re making some of the best music we’ve ever made. We want to put it out now and not wait for the whole album to be done before anyone starts to hear it. This is about where we are now and hearing us in real-time”

Produced by Dan and Mark Crew it’ll surprise anyone who thought they knew what to expect from the band - The song features Graham Coxon on guitar and vocals.

The tongue-in-cheek chorus of WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? explores a frustration with the attention economy in which our ears and eyes are fiercely fought over, yet so few use it for anything worthwhile.

“Whether we’re outside or online we’re perpetually hit by so many people vying for our attention,” Dan adds, “but we’re just left rolling our eyes at how rarely it’s for anything that decent or funny.”

The track was written before 2020 turned on its head, but it’s hard to ignore the poignancy of a song that questions the squandered attention of billions of captive eyeballs.

Sonically WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? is either the first clue to a brand new chapter for Bastille or a complete red herring. Either way it marks the beginning of an exciting and surprising new era for the band.


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31.07.2020 - 21:36 Uhr
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24.09.2020 - 19:48 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

Nachdem Bastille im August mit der "What You Gonna Do???" das Publikum überraschten, geht es in dieser Woche mit einem weiteren neuen Song weiter: "Survivin" heißt die neue Single, die am Dienstag erschienen ist. Die beiden neuen Songs sind das erste musikalische Lebenszeichen seit Bastilles vielfach ausgezeichneten Album "Doom Days".


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08.10.2020 - 19:02 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Bastille release candid new track, ‘survivin’’

Following this summer’s surprise release of the raucous Graham Coxon collaboration ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???’, Bastille change things up yet again with defiant new single “survivin’’

— a lyrically vital and sonically intrepid song about the version of ourselves we choose to give away to others.

Against a compellingly different sonic backdrop, frontman Dan Smith hits a new level of directness and honesty as he reflects on anxiety, self-doubt and the sometimes overwhelmingness of modern life.

Dan began work on “survivin’’ months before 2020 turned on its head, intending it to be a frank account of the highs and lows of Bastille’s seven years in existence.

“There’d been times when I felt like I’d been in a washing machine and on a conveyor belt at the same time,” he says, “but when people asked me how I was doing, the answer was always the British cliché: ‘Yep, all good, fine.”

Watch the video here:

“At the start of lockdown I felt very self-conscious about having written a song that felt relevant when it wasn’t intended to be, but then I also think 2020 is the year we all stopped pretending everything’s fine.”

“survivin’’ is infectiously sparse and packs in pop-cultural references alongside constantly surprising musical moments.

From the opening drum loop and rolling baseline, to the sudden ensemble of flutes offset against moments of hard auto-tuned vocals, to the chorus that hits like a “warm enveloping hug from a gang of friends”.

There’s also copious sax courtesy of Bastille’s touring member Rittipo “We wanted his sax lines to be obnoxiously loud and we wanted them to make people smile.”

“survivin’’ showcases a new, groove-led sound for Bastille, and along with ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???’ is typical of Bastille’s new expect-the-unexpected sonic identity!

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