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Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Gold(en) Record, from Mr. Bill Callahan! I shake you warmly by the hand! Tremendous things are in store for you, many wonderful surprises await you!

For his first record in....uh, well, just over a year (woot!), Bill Callahan gives us a Gold Record. They might not all be gold, and fortunately, they're not all six years apart either. You could probably ALSO call it"Gold Records": the songs all have a stand-alone feel, the way singles do, for you to have a deep encounter with 'em all of a sudden, a whole relationship, from the start of the song to the finish. And what do you got when you have a record full of singles - and let's face it, hit singles, at that? That's a Gold Record there, hoss.

For Bill, preparing to tour for Shepherd In a Sheepskin Vest meant considering being away from home for long stretches of time - months, seasons, maybe as much as a year, who knew? Feeling his oats, Bill pulled out a few sketches from the notebooks and finished them up some. Before he knew it, he was recording them, and in the shuffle, new songs started popping up too.

It happened fast. Basics were recorded live, with Matt Kinsey playing guitars, guitars, guitars and Jaime Zurverza holding it down (then letting it go) on bass. Drums and horns were brought in for a couple songs. Spirits was high! Six out of the ten tunes were done first take; overdubs, when needed, came equally quickly. Listening, one hears the intuitive cohesion coming together richly, back of Bill's titanic voice spread across the stereo spectrum: the gentle-yet-spirited conversation of Bill and Matt's guitars, the subtle percussing of bass and drums and oddments of trumpet, woodwind and synth, striking notes decorous and discordant, sounding for all the world like the naturally occurring sound meant to accompany and express lives lived everywhere.

Ten whole weeks until Bill Callahan's Gold Record drops? Why, that sounds like an eternity! Thankfully, the Gold Record rush begins much sooner than that - if you think of every weekend as a rainbow along which to travel, then your Mondays will inevitably land you squarely atop a novel pot of gold, yeah? Yeah! And in our lucky world, that means you can expect each pot to be filled to the brim by one giant Gold Record single, every Monday from now 'til September! Follow along as the rich narrative unfolds: no foolin', even in a year such as this, there's Gold (Record) for everyone! Pre-Order/Pre-Save Gold Record for September 4th.


Postings: 17873

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29.06.2020 - 19:40 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Hey, we weren't kidding - here's "Pigeons," from the Gold Record we always knew Bill Callahan had in him! The abiding humanity of latter-day Callahan is highlighted by dark plumes of caustic wit upending standards of our everyday life and the songs that celebrate it: the job, the wife, the TV, the neighbours. Bill slips easily into his characters, whether they're easy people or not - and the cross-hatch of their light and shadow is unpredictably entertaining in a uniquely Callahanian manner!

"Pigeons" is set in the heart of Texas, where from the wheel of his long white limousine, a man observes... and pontificates. Come along for the ride - who knows, you might end up with the wedding rice exploding in your belly, or you could end up married to the whole wide world! Either way, there's a place for you on this earth.

Listen to "Pigeons" on yer favourite DSP by clicking the link above and....we'll see you next week!


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Gefällt mir beim ersten Hören überraschend gut. Die Shepherd... war die erste Smog/Bill Callahan Platte, die ich überhaupt nicht hören mochte. Mal sehen war uns da die kommenden Montage so erwarten wird.


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Höre gerade Drover. Was ein SOng.


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Zweiter neuer Song "Another Song":

Beide Songs (und das Cover!) gefallen mir direkt auch richtig gut, war vom Shepherd aber extrem enttäuscht und deshalb immer noch vorsichtig. Die letzten Alben habe ich alle blind gekauft, in das neue will ich dann doch vorher richtig reinhören.


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Hello, I´m Johnny Cash.
"Pigeons" gefällt mir schon mal ausgezeichnet.


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Schön, dass es so schnell schon wieder was Neues gibt, nachdem er mit Shepherd letztes Jahr seine bislang beste Platte vorgelegt hat

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