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NOFX & Frank Turner - West Coast vs. Wessex

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02.06.2020 - 20:02 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

Nach jahrelanger Freundschaft kündigen NOFX und FRANK TURNER mit "West Coast VS Wessex“ für den 31.07. nun ein gemeinsames Split-Album auf Fat Wreck an.

Zu hören gibt es jeweils 5 Coverversionen, NOFX knüpfen sich zum Start Turners „Thatcher Fucked The Kids“, FRANK TURNER den NOFX-Klassiker „Bob“ vor.

Die unterhaltsamen Videos zu den Tracks gibt es gibt es hier zu sehen:

Frank Turner - "Bob" (NOFX Cover)

NOFX - "Thatcher Fucked the Kids" (Frank Turner Cover)

West Coast Vs. Wessex track-listing

2. Worse Things Happen At Sea
3. Thatcher Fucked The Kids
4. Ballad Of Me And My Friends
5. Glory Hallelujah

Frank Turner
6. Scavenger Type
7. Bob
8. Eat The Meek
9. Perfect Government
10. Falling In Love

Weitere Infos, sowie Kommentare von Frank Turner und Fat Mike zu der Zusammenarbeit lesen sich wie folgt:

Just how often does the leader of one of your favorite bands ask you to do a split album? One where his band covers your songs? It’s the situation Frank Turner found himself in last year, when Fat Mike of NOFX asked if he wanted to do a split covers album. “And I shit the bed and said, ‘Fucking of course I do! That sounds incredible,” Turner recalls. West Coast Vs. Wessex does sound incredible: NOFX filtering five songs from Turner’s sizeable solo back catalogue through their singular sensibility, with Turner reciprocating to record five of his personal favorites fromNOFX’s 37-years-and-counting career. But these aren’t simply double-time versions of Turner’s folk-punk tunes or acoustic re-workings of NOFX’s iconic SoCal punk anthems - both took time to play with the possibilities each other’s music presented.

“I listened to all his records, and I picked the ones that I thought I could make more interesting,” notes Fat Mike. “What I did is change a lot of chords. Frank, he beats me in the singing department. So I can't sing better than he can, but I can maybe throw in a melody here or there or chord that he hadn’t thought of.” Turner took a similar approach. “I didn't want to just do straight covers of anything. I wanted to try and pick songs where I felt like me and my band could bring something different to the table,” he says. “But it did strike me that it would be cool to demonstrate to the casual NOFX fan, who doesn't know who I am, that I am actually a fan. I didn't just go to Spotify and pick the five most-listened-to songs.” For the record, only one of his choices appears on Spotify’s top five for NOFX: ‘Bob’, which Turner here transforms into a wistful country song

“Everything he picked was from the ’90s, so I took that as it’s okay to mostly do his early stuff too,” says Fat Mike, who channeled ‘90s NOFX for their interpretations, transforming ‘Thatcher F*cked The Kids’ into a jaunty companion to ‘Philthy Phil Philanthropist’. Turner and his band, The Sleeping Souls, recorded their songs between their rehearsal space and during tour commitments, whilst NOFX recorded at Fat Mike’s Six Floggs studio, with production by the D-Composers (Fat Mike, Johnny Carey, BAZ Bastien, Yotam Ben Horin).

In West Coast Vs. Wessex, the Frank Turner-Fat Mike Mutual Admiration Society has produced 10 hooky re-imaginings of each others’ music - the novelty may pique listeners’ curiosity, but it’s the songs that will keep them coming back.


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30.06.2020 - 21:02 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

veröffentlicht weitere NOFX Coverversion "Falling in Love“

"West Coast vs Wessex" - Split-Album am 31.07.

Wie bereits erwähnt, kündigen NOFX und FRANK TURNER mit "West Coast VS Wessex“ für den 31.07. ein gemeinsames Split-Album auf Fat Wreck an.

Heute veröffentlicht FRANK TURNER seine ganz eigene Version des NOFX Songs "Falling In Love“, das Original befindet sich auf dem 1997 erschienenen NOFX-Album So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes.

Zu hören gibt es die Version hier:

Frank Turner - Falling in Love (NOFX Cover)

Frank Turner kommentiert:
"When Mike asked me to do a covers split with NOFX, I was blown away, and immediately knew that one of the songs I'd do would be 'Falling In Love.' I've long thought it was one of his best compositions; it's a beautiful lyric and melody, and I wanted to come at the song in a way that would lay that bare and highlight the beauty of the writing. I think it came out pretty good.“

Als ersten Vorgeschmack gab es kürzlich bereits die neu interpretierten Versionen von "Bob“ und "Thatcher Fucked The Kids"

Frank Turner - "Bob" (NOFX Cover) - Video

NOFX - "Thatcher Fucked the Kids" (Frank Turner Cover) - Video


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02.07.2020 - 17:41 Uhr
Die Idee mag gut sein, die Umsetzung bisher nicht. Keine der Coverversionen vermag mich zu überzeugen...


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24.07.2020 - 21:12 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Frisch rezensiert.



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24.08.2020 - 22:40 Uhr
Unverständlich, dass nicht zuerst Frank Turners Version von Eat The Meek veröffentlicht wurde. Der Song ist der Wahnsinn. Im Original einer der besten von NOFX. Und was Turner daraus macht, haut mich auch nach dem 10. Mal noch um. Aus dem relaxten Ska-Song wird ein epischer, energetischer Kracher mit unglaublich tightem und treibenden Bass/Drum-Part. Grandios.


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25.08.2020 - 09:36 Uhr
danke für den Tipp, tatsächlich ein richtig starkes Cover

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