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04.07.2019 - 19:26 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

2. Album "Wasted Energy" am 16.08.

Neuer Song "Thinking About You"


"Wenn die Press-Club-Sängerin richtig loslegt, drohen Lautsprecher und Herzen vor lauter Aufregung zu explodieren. 'Late Teens' rüttelt die Schmetterlinge im Bauch auf.“ - Visions, 01/19

"Geniale Intros, weiblicheVocals, flirrendes Instrumental, das alles wächst mit jeder Runde in der Anlage." - OX-Fanzine ('Late Teens‘ Review)

"A band with an incredible frontwoman, Nat Foster, whose voice imbues the songs with passion and yearning... a punk rock Stevie Nicks fronting Hot Water Music" – Dan P Carter / BBC Radio 1

Download hi-res image HERE

Nach dem hochgelobten Debüt-Album „Late Teens“ , folgt am 16.08. das zweite Album der australischen Indie-Pop-Punk Band PRESS CLUB auf Hassle Records !

Die Band um Sängerin Natalie Foster präsentiert in diesem Zuge die Lead-Single „Thinking About You“ , die es hier zu hören gibt:

Im September stehen neben Auftritten auf dem Reeperbahn Festival, noch 4 Headline Club-Shows an:

10.09.2019: Haldern - Haldern Pop Bar

11.09.2019: Köln - Sonic Ballroom,

12.09.2019: Karlsruhe - Alte Hackerei

14.09.2019: München - Strom

19.09. / 20.09.: Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival

Weitere Infos:

When Melbourne punks Press Club released their debut album Late Teens, it was received as a cacophonous battle-cry, resonating with fans far beyond their native Australia. Marked out as a band to keep an eye out for very early on, their music was singled out for its honesty and integrity, and the band praised for their social awareness, calls for self-improvement and powerhouse live performances. Today, the band announce their anticipated follow-up album, Wasted Energy, along with new single Thinking About You.

Press Club’s sonic calling cards are all present on Wasted Energy; the fuzz-addled, kicked-in speaker bass of Iain MacRae, the thick guitar tones of Greg Rietwyk, the merciless drumming of Frank Lees, and the emotionally charged vocal deliverance of Natalie Foster. On new single Thinking About You, amongst the climactic clatter of the band giving it everything, is Foster recounting her experience with a stalker. Never one to shy away from what is uncomfortable, the song embodies a freak’s tongue, cooing unbridled down the phone line; abrupt, uninvited, and out of the blue.

In contrast to Late Teens, lyrically, Wasted Energy approaches the microphone through a lens of extrospection. It examines the negative behaviours in the world around us and how we’re all learning to exist in today’s ever-evolving socio-moral landscape. Wasted Energy is broadly about change, and life’s watershed moments that change its course. These shifts are laterally represented lyrically and sonically in many of its songs. Sweeping about-faces and musical departures are an expansion of the musical fibre that make up the Press Club repertoire.

Praise for debut album Late Teens:

“An amazing, amazing record. There’s no answer to where they could end up.” – Kerrang! Hottest Bands of 2019

“A breathless exorcism of adolescent emotion. Late teens will leave a remarkable imprint.” - NME

“The centrepiece both on record and in the flesh is the powerhouse performance of vocalist Natalie Foster.” – DIY

“This is one club that the world will be clamouring to join.” - Upset

“Press Club install a rackety underlay to their sound that gives them a uniqueness most bands would kill for.” - Alt Press Bands to Watch 2019

“Suburbia is such a big track” - Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1

“One of our records of the year for sure – so great.” - Dan P Carter, BBC Radio 1

“A listen-all-the-way-through-and-hit-repeat masterpiece.” - Aesthetica Magazine

“Nat Foster adds a lot of star power. You can see Press Club going far.” - Louder Than War

“Headwreck is a whirlwind of a track.” - The i Paper


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01.08.2019 - 19:25 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

PRESS CLUB präsentieren ein neues Musikvideo zur Lead-Single "Thinking About You". In dem Track verarbeitet Sängerin NATALIE FOSTER ihre Erfahrungen mit einem Stalker. Das dazugehörige Video greift diese Thematik auf:

Musikvideo - "Thinking About You"

Gitarrist GREG RIETWYK kommentiert den Entstehungsprozess:
"The idea for the Thinking About You video clip came to me as we touched down from a 20 plus hour transit home from our first European tour in May this year. I pictured a surreal retelling of the story of a stalking stranger that is told within the song lyrics, with Nat being tormented by masked freaks. We enlisted the help of our good friend and filmmaker Gina Somfleth from Popcandi productions. We are all massive fans of Gina's keen eye for cinematography.
The entire clip was shot on location at Nat's parents farm outside of Ballarat in North Western Victoria. We particularly enjoyed being able to feed our inner pyromaniacs in what was to become the climax of the film. We've thrown a few DIY festivals at the farm where it was shot so the location holds a special place in our collective hearts."

Der Song entstammt dem zweiten Studioalbum "Wasted Energy", das am 16.08. auf Hassle Records erscheint. Nach einer ausgedehnten UK-Tour, mit Auftritten auf dem Reading- und Leeds-Festival, spielen die Australier auch diverse Konzerte auf dem europäischen Festland. Neben dem Reeperbahn Festival stehen zusätzlich vier Headline-Shows in Deutschland an:


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04.08.2019 - 19:08 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Frisch rezensiert.


08.08.2019 - 10:49 Uhr
Die neue Single "New Year's Eve"


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08.08.2019 - 19:59 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

Jetzt auch als Newspost.


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26.08.2019 - 15:37 Uhr - Newsbeitrag


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PRESS CLUB share video for
Separate Houses - Watch HERE

New album Wasted Energy out now on Hassle Records

"Wasted Energy feels hot with spirit and emotion." - Kerrang! ****
"The emotional clarity never waivers... powerful." - DIY ****
"Consistently thrilling." - Upset ****

Having just wrapped up their biggest headline tour of the UK and Europe, Press Club are releasing Separate Houses, the latest single to come from their second album Wasted Energy. Separate Houses was tracked live at Woodstock Studio, Melbourne and mixed by the band themselves in their studio underneath Melbourne’s Westgate bridge. It is accompanied by a video which puts singer Natalie Foster front and centre, alone, recounting a story of isolation and longing, before being reunited with the band as they play out the song's epic closing refrain.

The song has a kaleidoscope lens of introspection and extrospection and is comprised of three acts. In Act I, Press Club are in a familiar sonic playground of uptempo backbeats, straight 8 guitars, and the trademark melodic delivery of singer, Natalie Foster. Act II hones in on the band's ability to make the listener unnerved without even being in the same room. With shades of the title track from the band's debut, Late Teens, Foster remarkably finds another gear in her voice and unleashes sheer fury into the microphone. Act III is a veritable cracking of the spine, relieving all of the pressure built up over the minutes prior. Both apathetic and euphoric the song draws to a close with another tempo shift and cries "I keep on pretending that I am getting better."

In keeping with their self-made ethos, the band filmed the music video for Separate Houses while on their second tour of Europe. Directed and produced by the band’s guitarist, Greg Rietwyk, the clip was shot across locations in Scotland, England and continental Europe - Press Club made the most of their idyllic surrounds.

Some people view rock and roll as a gratuitous expression of opulence, anti-establishmentarianism and ego. Others view it as an exposé of the inner workings of an artist’s emotions and the most captivating performances draw back the curtains on the artist’s vulnerability. This is Separate Houses. It is the song in which Press Club candidly reveal their vulnerability and their might at its most fierce.


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27.10.2019 - 22:53 Uhr
Großartiges Album, das scheinbar nur wenige Leute interessiert was natürlich schade ist.
Hätte ich wetten müssen, dass mich ein Punk/Alternative Rock Album 2019 wirklich überzeugt, hätte ich auch dagegen gewettet...mittlerweile ist die Wette wohl verloren. Kenne kein besseres Album zum Autofahren, Fahrradfahren, Sport machen etc. aus diesem Jahr und würde mir nur wünschen dass der Vorgänger "Late Teens" besser produziert wurde da es teilweise doch etwas zu sehr scheppert.
Hoffentlich kommt die Band noch mal den weiten Weg nach Europa, wäre bestimmt cool sie mal live zu sehen.


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28.10.2019 - 10:04 Uhr
@doept: genau...'ne punkplatte die "scheppert" geht ja gar nicht.


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28.10.2019 - 18:03 Uhr
Naja, OK "scheppern" ist wohl nicht der richtige Ausdruck. Übersteuert trifft es wohl eher...Wurde auch in einigen Rezensionen erwähnt dass es bewusst so produziert wurde.
Kann man machen, ist aber für Leute wie mich mit recht gutem Gehör und einer ganz guten Musikanlage etwas anstrengend.
Aber die Songs (von "Late Teens) an sich sind klasse, und auf dem Nachfolger haben sie es mit die Übersteuerung auch deutlich reduziert - insofern passt der eingeschlagene Weg auf alle Fälle!

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