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Toro y Moi - Outer peace

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24.10.2018 - 14:48 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Toro y Moi
Announces new album Outer Peace
Released 18th January 2019 on Carpark Records

Watch first track here:

Today, Oakland-based band Toro Y Moi is announcing its new album. Outer Peace follows his highly-emotive 2017 album Boo Boo and sees Toro continuing to explore its limits sonically and thematically, serving as a homecoming celebration of an album that was written and recorded in the Bay Area after spending a year in Portland surrounded by the solace of nature. Upon returning home, Toro found inspiration for his new album in the stifling environment he came back to:

"This record is a response to how disposable culture has become and how it affects creativity," Toro says. "While listening, you might pay attention or ignore -- either way that's ok, this is music for a creative mind."

Coinciding with the announcement, Toro is sharing the album's lead single "Freelance", an upbeat track infused elements of house and funk that are further punctuated by Toro's airy vocals. The single's accompanying visual is directed by Harry Israelson and offers a look inside Toro's production process, all while on a photo set to shoot the album's cover art.

Watch "Freelance" above now and stay tuned for more from Toro Y Moi coming soon.


Postings: 24572

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10.01.2019 - 20:44 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Frisch rezensiert.


Gordon Fraser

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22.01.2019 - 17:53 Uhr
Nix für mich diesmal. Zu viel nervtötendes Autotune, zu wenig gutes Songwriting.

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