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Joan Of Arc - 1984

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Album Out June 1st
on Joyful Noise Recordings

Chicago’s Joan of Arc will release their hundredth and one full-length album, 1984, June 1st, 2018 on Joyful Noise Recordings. The album’s first preview arrives with the song “Truck,” listen HERE and read more about the song below. 1984 is now available for pre-order (LINK).

Ever since the band’s most recent lineup— Tim Kinsella, Theo Katsaounis, Melina Ausikaitis, Bobby Burg, and Jeremy Boyle— congealed and began playing shows locally in 2015, going on to record and release their most recent album, He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands, on the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, fans have witnessed an even more radical democracy at work. Your War (I’m One Of You): 20 Years of Joan of Arc, a full-length documentary from Vice’s Noisey (WATCH), was an initial window into the band’s generous collaborative spirit and the far-flung, improvised creation of that new LP. Live, old jams and new tracks have often melted and mutated, members jumping from instrument to instrument in between or in the middle of songs, all stasis discarded. And now, a series of nearly a cappella performances from Kinsella’s fellow vocalist Melina Ausikaitis, debuted live by Joan of Arc over the last several years, has become the backbone of their new LP, 1984.

The songs of 1984 -- with lyrics written and sung by Melina -- are a revelation, as profound and plainspoken as parables. Like the album’s striking hand drawn cover art, the music inside is often spare. Ausikaitis’ lyrics are equally measured with wit, despair and stubborn perseverance. Long known as a visual and conceptual artist and curator in her hometown of Chicago, Ausikaitus brings a painterly eye to these moments of clarity: There is awkward sex at Grandma’s house. There are kids in the snow wearing cop sunglasses and the crumbling psychic defenses of childhood memories. There are A-frame houses and white horses. There are trucks losing their brakes on the hill at the end of the street. There are heaps of thoroughly useful self-help advice (“stop chicken-shittin’ all over your life” has become a personal mantra).

Melina explains, “Truck” was “composed during my 25 mile commute to teach drawing class at a college in the suburbs of Chicago. I've written a lot of songs in my Toyota. As third youngest of 7 kids, my seat in my parent's car was in the way, way back. I liked to sing softly against the window and imagine a rabbit companion that floated alongside us.”

“Truck” [is] a contemplation on outrunning the past, where Ausikaitis growls and coos amidst a field of dreamy synths, repeated bell tones, and muted orchestra hits.”
-SPIN Magazine

1984 Album Artwork
Joan of Arc - 1984
(June 1st – Joyful Noise Recordings)
1. Tiny Baby
2. Vertigo
3. Punk Kid
4. Maine Guy
5. People Pleaser
6. Psy-fi_Fantasy
7. Truck
8. Vermont Girl
9. Forever Jung


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Soeben kennengelernt weil Punk Boy in einer Liste ist auf der 1 ist. Dass der nicht bei den Highlights der Rezi ist, ist schon erstaunlich. Ist spannend, dass aus einem ganz anderen Blickwinkel zu sehen indem ich die Band jetzt mit diesem Album kennenlerne. Bin gespannt wie anders der Klang der Band zuvor so war. Ist sicherlich ein Unterschied, wenn man die Band schon jahrelang kennt und mit Erwartungen an das Album geht.

Die Stimme jedenfalls ist auch beim ersten Hören bei Vertigo und People Pleaser durchaus anstrengend, kann aber eben auch anders.
Truck und Vermont Girl gefallen mir auch echt gut.An Punk Kid kommt auf dem Album aber mal gar nichts ran, auch das sehr schöne Psy-Fi Fantasy nicht.
Insgesamt auf jeden Fall mehr als die 5/10, minimum ne 7/10. Ich bin neugierig auf die Discographie.


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20.12.2018 - 22:51 Uhr
Bin auch gespannt auf Deine Meinung, wenn Du das Frühwerk kennenlernst. Ich bin seit gut 15 Jahren Fan der Band und das aktuelle Album war für mich persönlich im Gesamtkontext einfach sehr schwach. Dennoch eine gute Entscheidung, sich damit mal genauer zu beschäftigen! :)

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