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Kele Okereke - Fatherland

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06.07.2017 - 17:39 Uhr - Newsbeitrag

Neues Album „Fatherland“ am 06.10.17 auf BMG / Warner

1.Single Stream: "Streets Been Talkin"

Der BLOC PARTY Frontmann KELE OKEREKE kündigt für den 06.10.17 sein drittes Solo-Album „Fatherland" auf BMG/ADA Warner an.

Musikalisch zeigt sich Kele darauf von seiner Singer-Songwriter Seite, wie die folkige 1. Single „Streets Been Talkin´“ beweist:

Zitat: “Streets Been Talking was one of the first tracks I wrote for the album, It's a bittersweet ode to romance and the passing of time.”

Weitere Infos:

Kele Okereke today announces his new album Fatherland, due for release on 6 October via BMG Music. Fatherland is the most mature and musically adventurous chapter of Kele’s ever-evolving career, and includes duets with Olly Alexander (Years & Years) and Corinne Bailey Rae. His third solo long player alongside his role as frontman of Bloc Party, it is the first under his full name and a significant sonic departure from adrenalised electronics of his previous two solo records, The Boxer and Trick.

Fatherland tracklist
1. Overture
2. Streets Been Talking
3. You Keep On Whispering His Name
4. Capers
5. Grounds For Resentment (feat. Olly Alexander)
6. Yemaya
7. Do U Right
8. Versions Of Us (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)
9. Portrait
10. Road To Ibadan
11. Savannah
12. The New Year Party
13. Royal Reign

Fatherland presents a facet of Kele we haven't heard before - the singer/songwriter. Embracing a much more organic – even classic – sonic palette, the album straddles delicate folk (Streets Been Talking), sumptuous soul (Do U Right), and insidious, dub reggae-meets-Weimar cabaret (You Keep On Whispering). It also features the breahtaking Yemaya, released earlier this year, and was produced by Bloc Party bassist Justin Harris in Portland, Oregon with expert musicians largely drawn from Portland’s underground music scene.

“I was listening a lot to Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, Pink Moon by Nick Drake, Blue by Joni Mitchell, and the Al Green album, Still in Love With You,” says Kele.“Writing these songs and expressing these words and feelings, it’s something that’s vital for me. I’m recognising I’m entering into a different part of my life."

Kele’s lyrics are, as ever, perceptive and nakedly personal: a map of his consciousness as he squared up to the prospect of fatherhood – his daughter Savannah was born in December 2016.

“I’m fully conscious that this record is probably going to serve as a document for Savannah of the relationship between her fathers and who we were before she came into our lives,” says Kele. “It feels important for her to see that we don’t have all the answers but we’re trying.”

06.07.2017 - 21:18 Uhr
Kilngt grauenvoll ... was ist nur aus Dir geworden, einst tolle Musik machender Bloc party sänger?
09.07.2017 - 19:19 Uhr
Promo-Texte klingen immer grauenvoll.
Hör dir doch erst mal das neue Album an.


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14.09.2017 - 20:04 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Der BLOC PARTY Frontmann KELE OKEREKE kündigt für den 06.10.17 sein drittes Solo-Album „Fatherland" auf BMG/ADA Warner an.

Nach den ersten zwei Hörproben „Streets Been Talkin´“ und „Grounds For Resentment“ (feat Olly Alexander /Years And Years), folgt nun mit "Do U Right“ eine weiterer neuer Track;

„Do U Right“ - Stream


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27.09.2017 - 20:19 Uhr - Newsbeitrag
Frisch rezensiert.



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13.10.2017 - 19:20 Uhr - Newsbeitrag


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14.08.2021 - 12:24 Uhr
Schon sehr sehr seicht, wobei da schon ein paar schöne Songs drauf sind. "Streets Been Talkin'" und "Yemaya" mag ich zum Beispiel ziemlich und generell hat der Sound was.

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