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Young Fathers - White men are black men too

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04.02.2015 - 21:02 Uhr
Young Fathers – Das neue Album “White Men Are Black Men Too” erscheint schon am 03. April 2015
(Big Dada / Ninja Tune. Vertrieb: Rough Trade)

Bämm! Nur einige Wochen nach Erhalt des renommierten Mercury Prize für das beste Album 2014 (in dem sie u.a. Damon Albarn und FKA Twigs hinter sich ließen) und halb-öffentlicher Albumaufnahmen (u.a. in Berlin-Moabit, Edinburgh, Illinois und Melbourne) hauen die Young Fathers ihr neues Album raus - und was für ein Album das geworden ist!
Spektakulär, konsequent und randvoll mit Rock, Pop, Rap und allem was man will. Die scheren sich nicht. Und - konsequenterweise - trägt das Album einen Titel, an dem man sich reiben wird: “White Men Are Black Men Too” - dazu äußert sich Young Father Alloysious weiter unten, neben dem Cover.**

Der treibende, vielschichtige erste Song aus dem neuen Album ist "Rain or Shine". Über die Website der Band kann man ihn ab sofort hören:
Wenn man die Band um einen Beschreibung bittet, sagen sie: “you wanted to hear The Monks jamming with Can and the Commodores, right? And then The Last Poets jumping in on the end before it gets too late? And a paranoid prophet, wandering a post-apocalyptic desert, talking to himself? Served with fries…”
Den Embed-Code zur Einbindung bei euch findet ihr - ebenfalls - weiter unten.

Was es sonst zum Album bereits zu verkünden gibt, überlassen wir dem Team Young Fathers direkt, denn wir wollen vermeiden, dass etwas "lost in translation" auf der Strecke bleibt:
"Let’s get that title out of the way: White Men Are Black Men Too. Please read the accompanying words, straight from Alloysious’ mouth.

And then the sticker on the vinyl and CD: ´file under Rock and Pop’… When the sci-fi 20’s ‘Urban’ might as well be the atomic 50’s ‘Race’, when R&B has no blues and hiphop is a boom bip with a shorty, a hoe, it’s off to the street corner we go… where does a group like Young Fathers call home in a record store? So… Young Fathers are breaking out of the ghetto.

2014 was an interesting year for the group. Yep, awards etc and they played around 130 shows, around the world and, on the way, recorded this album in a hotel room in Illinois, a rehearsal room in Melbourne, a freezing cellar in Berlin, a photographic studio in London and their normal hole in the ground basement in Edinburgh. It was easy - it’s always easy. You can hear the smiling.

Formed in a hue of a reddy blue with a touch of yellow, like most things - the colour of the future."

Pre-order "White Men Are Black Men Too" via Itunes: oder den Ninja Shop:

** White Men Are Black Men Too
- The album title explained (sort of).

This is an extract from an email exchange between members of the group and management. In this extract Alloysious passionately explains his reasoning against worries that the title of the album could be seen as offensive to black people and/or could be seen as negative or pretentious.

19 Jan 2015

“I still prefer the first title by far and stand by it.
I'm aware of the points we've discussed but all that sounds like to me is, we are trying to cater to what other people might think, as if it's a negative thing, which it's not. We came at it from a different angle, a positive angle. it's got issues of race and so what? Why should alarm bells start ringing, even though in general conversations race, politics, sex and religion are always the subject matter? Why should it be discussed behind closed doors and never confronted head on?
How do we help tackle one of the biggest hinderances in people's lives and the world… by not putting the question forward and not letting people debate positively or negatively about the statement?
Motown music helped change the world, made it expectable for blacks to be on radio and seen on tv, MJ did it too. Martin Luther King wanted equality and achieved it to some degree. But, after all that, are things equal in this world? FUCK NO. I still want to ask for it (equality) backed with the best music we've ever recorded. A pop album, our interpretation of what a pop album should be.
Weight with words, which is the title plus the pop sensibility of the songs (respectively).
I wanna stand for something which I helped make. Folk will complain about absolutely anything… Even it's it from the purest of intentions you just can't win. We don't make music to please other people or write certain lyrics to do so, either. Why start now?
When the title was first put forward everybody was excited and 100% there was no fear. That same commitment needs be carried on to make it work despite worries after it's been digested.”


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02.05.2015 - 17:17 Uhr
Erfrischender Sound. Experimentell, schmutzig und dennoch eingängig. Das hat mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.

The MACHINA of God

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16.10.2015 - 13:53 Uhr
Die beiden EPs sollen ja klasse sein.

Sind übrigens Support von Massive Attack nächstes Jahr.

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