Bester Song von The Divine Comedy

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Holger Nemrod
04.08.2010 - 19:47 Uhr
Den Auftaktsong zu Regeneration mag ich sehr sehr gern. Timestretched. Wunderbar.

There's not enough hours in the day
To say all that I want to say
There's not enough days in the week
And weeks go by quicker than drunks knock back liquor
There's not enough weeks in the month
To do all that needs to be done
There's not enough months in the year
And years disappear like the bubbles in my beer

There's not enough lines on the stave
To capture the music I crave
There's not enough strings to my bow
And even the barmen know extracts from Carmen
There's not enough notes in this scale
It feels like I'm chasing my tail
There's not enough beats in the bar
And bars get too busy with folks asking "is he…?"

04.08.2010 - 20:10 Uhr
Tonight we fly
night porter
04.08.2010 - 20:33 Uhr
1. Absent friends
2. A lady of a certain age
3. Our mutual friend
4. The certainty of chance
5. Sweden
6. The dogs & the horses
7. Tonight we fly
8. Middle class heroes
9. The summerhouse
10. Eric the gardener

Die Regeneration hat den tollen Perfect love song und mit Lost property einen der besten Radiohead-Songs, den Radiohead nie geschrieben haben, aber ansonsten klingt mir das zu sehr nach Indie-Alltag anno 2000
04.08.2010 - 21:07 Uhr
Absent Friends und A Lady Of A Certain Age wären auch gleichauf klare Nummer 1, falls Coverversion auch gelten, wäre No One Knows nur knapp dahinter.
Two-Headed Boy
04.08.2010 - 21:34 Uhr
A Lady of a certain age

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