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Future of the Left - Bassist steigt aus

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08.05.2010 - 14:11 Uhr


"I'd just like to say thanks to everyone that's supported me in this band over the past 5 years, everyone that I've met at shows all over the world and all the bands I've had the pleasure to play gigs with. I'd like to wish Andy and Jack the best for the future.

08.05.2010 - 14:26 Uhr

scheiße mann.

08.05.2010 - 14:32 Uhr
Source: Future of the Left MySpace Seite.

Post von Falco:

" another announcement!
Right. Events. Evidence. History. Facts. Happenings. Good, bad and inbetween. Firstly, Kelson has left the band - his statement, if that doesn't sound too formal, precedes this blog entry. How do we(*1) feel about it, as a band? Well, sad, happy, annoyed and relieved at the same time. Like human beings, all told. Future of the left is still a band, a thing, the centre of our unremarkable lives and continues, if anything, with more effort and furious pride than ever before. We wish Kelson good luck and hope that he flourishes in whatever he ends up doing, unless it's monster truck racing(*2).

So, to the future, that gassy mess - In the short term, we're playing the following shows. Steven, of Oceansize and Kong should-be fame will be filling in, although the word 'filling' doesn't really do the role justice.

3-Jun-10 uk birmingham rainbow
4-Jun-10 uk london the lexington, Club COG and White Light presents
5-Jun-10 uk nottingham 580's

9-Jun-10 France Tours Aucard de Tours festival, main stage

8-Jul-10 croatia Pula Marelica club, Art & Music festival

16-Jul-10 uk cheltenham 2000trees festival
17-Jul-10 uk wrexham central station
18-Jul-10 uk manchester moho live, aftershow club

25-Jul-10 uk oxford truck fest, barn stage

- a full list of shows is to follow. I'm excited. It's like I'm wearing new jeans and my balls have been optimised for rock musicing. It's like a fresh start in a new town with a sexy ghost robot.

Writing for the new record has begun and we're already many songs down the road, written and demo'd - titles include 'assisted suicide blues', 'home taping is killing susan', 'the goose that roared', 'forest is sorry' and ''. They sound really fucking nice and, in time, you'll get to hear them through the usual channels (who am I kidding - you'll get to hear them through bittorrent).

These songs, such as they are, were recorded with our soon-to-revealed fourth member, whose main role(s) in the band are to play guitar and act like a fucking maniac. We began writing songs for what we thought would be another band (I hate the term 'project', because I enjoy hating thoroughly harmless terms(*3)) but it all ended up sounding so perfectly like where Future of the Left should have been going that it seemed ridiculous to not combine the two.

Yes. Trust. Reward. Satisfaction. Excitement. I guarantee it. The four-piece version of the band will be out and about sometime later this year. It's going to be fun. If you don't like it - see you around.


ps. This blog entry will be updated as more shows are confirmed ...

(*1) Jack and I.
(*2) admittedly, it's unlikely to be monster truck racing.
(*3) and Tories."
08.05.2010 - 14:36 Uhr

Ich hoffe sie behalten den alten Sound bei. Mal sehn wer als 4tes Mitglied wird.
01.07.2010 - 17:17 Uhr
Schade, gerade live fand ich den Bassisten sehr stimmungsvoll und beeindruckend.
Ice Fuzzy
01.07.2010 - 17:25 Uhr
Jaja, natürlich. Unheimlich stimmungsvoll und beeindruckend!
02.07.2010 - 22:47 Uhr
Hm, so was hört sich nie gut an. Für den Stil verantwortlich scheinen mir aber sowieso die beiden anderen zu sein. Wegen Ihrer Vorgeschichte halt.
Vielleicht steigt auch ein gewisser Jon Chapple mit ein und sie machen unter "neuen" Namen weiter.... z. B.... McLusky :-)
04.12.2010 - 11:37 Uhr
3 neue Demos auf ihrer MySpace Seite.

I am the least of your problems (als download)

Notes of achieving orbits

My wife is unhappy

Außerdem: 14.12. Konzert in Freiburg.....
04.12.2010 - 12:19 Uhr
Bassisten sind doch völlig schnuppe für den Sound einer Band. Die Spielen da ihre Kinder
-Noten runter C,C,C,C,A,A,A,A,E,E,E,E.... und gut ist.
Einer weg ein neuer kommt. Alles egal.

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