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Marillion - Happiness is the road

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10.09.2008 - 22:40 Uhr

GENERAL RELEASE: 20th October, 2008 (

10th September, 2008 – Today, Marillion become the first band
anywhere in the world to release their new album (Happiness Is the
Road) legally using P2P (Peer to Peer) internet networks for

Widely recognised as the first band to truly embrace the Internet’s
potential to interact with fans since circa 1996, Marillion have
taken the step of partnering with Internet technology company, Music
Glue to harness the legal use of P2P sites and release their 15th
studio album, Happiness Is The Road.

With more than 90% of all acquired music in the UK being downloaded
or shared via P2P websites according to the IFPI (International
Federation of the Phonographic Industry), Music Glue’s technology
creates a unique interactive band-to-fan interface mechanism that
does not normally exist at the point of download.

Having downloaded a song, an interactive window appears on the music
fan’s computer with a video message from Marillion speaking directly
to the consumer, telling them about their new album, the band’s
latest news, the forthcoming Marillion tour and all the products and
merchandise available at

Music fans can listen to the track, and have the option to join the
email mailing list, allowing access to a DRM-free version of the track.

Marillion in no way condone the use of P2P sites for the illegal
distribution of copyrighted material. By giving their consent to
distribute Happiness is The Road using the Music Glue model,
Marillion are embracing the potential worldwide super-distribution of
P2P networks to connect with downloaders, enabling an interactive
dialogue rather than having no contact at all with potential new fans.

On adopting this new model for distribution Marillion’s keyboard
player Mark Kelly said:

“While we don’t condone illegal file sharing, it’s a fact of life
that a lot of music fans do it. We want to know who our file sharing
fans are. If they like our new album enough, then we want to persuade
them to pay something for it or at least come and see us on tour.
Music Glue is the means to achieve this goal, and to give us back
something positive from the dire situation most artists find
themselves in today”.

Music Glue founder Mark Meharry said:

“Until now, fans that acquire music via P2P networks have been
treated as thieves by the global recording industry. From a legal
perspective it is difficult to argue in favour of the fans on this
issue, however, from a commercial point of view, P2P provides access
to more fans, on a global scale, than ever thought possible via
traditional distribution methods. If you talk to the young, modern
music fan (which we do on a regular basis) they see the situation
very differently and believe that they are loyal and financially
supportive of the artists they love, by purchasing gig tickets &
merchandise, plus they happily consume sponsored branding as part of
the overall experience. Music Glue allows creators of music to
interact with these fans via P2P in a positive way that actually
generates revenue. Our model requires a paradigm shift, away from
the traditional legal perspective and forward to commercial common

Happiness Is The Road is a 110 minute 2CD set co-produced by the band
and Michael Hunter. The first album is entitled ‘Essence’ - an
adventurous musical trip exploring life’s biggest question; “What’s
it all about?!”. Alongside their signature rock orchestration,
Happiness Is The Road also references elements of pop, dub and soul,
and draws influence from artists as diverse as The Beach Boys and
Marvin Gaye to Interpol, The Doors, Traffic, Pink Floyd and David
Bowie. The album also sees Marillion experimenting with a host of new
instruments including, dulcimers, glockenspiels, a harmonium, French
horns, a harp and a zither and even sleigh bells, and has been
expertly crafted into a multi-dimensional sonic landscape by Michael

The second half of the Happiness Is The Road double album is The Hard
Shoulder, a collection of songs that draw their inspiration from far
and wide including, space aliens America, love found and lost, sanity
found and lost, and Sinead O’Connor. According to Marillion’s lead-
singer Steve H, the two albums that form Happiness Is The Road are a
truly complete and contrasting set, “In many ways, Happiness Is The
Road represents our broadest and most wide-ranging collection of
influences to date. The music was written in the usual way - by
jamming and listening, more jamming, more listening but with this
album I think we’ve pushed our boundaries and redefined the Marillion
sound once again.”

Marillion have sold more than 15 million albums in a career spanning
three decades and the release of Happiness Is The Road also sees the
band embarking on a string of live dates across the UK this autumn.

For more information and tour tickets go to:

10.09.2008 - 22:53 Uhr
der Geheimtip! Wo bleibt der Hype vom nme?
Third Eye Surfer
11.09.2008 - 20:49 Uhr
Find's bisher langweilig.
John Malic
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17.04.2009 - 21:16 Uhr

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