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Dan Sartain - Arise, Dan Sartain, arise!!!

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17.02.2008 - 10:13 Uhr

Dan will release a brand new studio album, ‘Arise, Dan Sartain, Arise!!!!!’, in March 2008 through One Little Indian. Bringing it back to his grassroots, the new album is his first self-produced release since his debut recording, ‘Romance In Stereo’, and is the follow up to his critically acclaimed last album ‘Join Dan Sartain’ released in October 2006, which lead iD Magazine to christen him ‘the punk Elvis’.

To coincide with the release of ‘Arise, Dan Sartain, Arise!!!!’, One Little Indian will release a very special limited edition version of the new album, a triple disc release to include the new album, a CD of live tracks and rare b-sides and a DVD featuring exclusive live footage of Dan on tour in 2006/7. The live album, entitled ‘Dan Sartain Lives’, features three tracks with acclaimed British producer Liam Watson (The my new member's only jacket that I bought for 200 dollars, The Alternative Karaoke Duo), including ‘So Sweet I Recall’ and ‘Bad Again’. Track listing as follows:

1. Love Is Crimson
2. Drama Queens
3. K Car
4. Leeches
5. Walk Among The Cobras
6. Cobras Pt 2
7. Cobras Pt 3
8. So Sweet I Recall
9. The Flight Of The Finch
10. Indian Ink
11. Right Inside My Pocket
12. Ain’t So Easy To Fall In Love
13. Thought It Over
14. When You See Me Cummin
15. Gun Vs Knife
16. Babys Town
17. Leeches Too?
18. The Hangers On
19. Tryin’ To Say
20. Bad Again
21. Love Is Brown
22. Don’t Lead Me On
23. (Bonus Track) Hangers On (BBC Radio 2 live session)

The live DVD, also entitled ‘Dan Sartain Lives’, features footage of Dan performing in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, as well as San Diego, Amsterdam, London, as well as behind the scenes footage, life on the road, and footage of him picking up his BAMA Award in Birmingham where he won Best Independent Artist in 2006. Performances include tracks from both Dan’s previous album releases on One Little Indian, as well as previously unreleased material, including tracks from the self-made ‘Dan Sartain Vs The Crimson Guard’, sold exclusively through the back of his car before he signed to SW@MI in the States and One Little Indian in the UK, and from ‘Romance In Stereo’ of which only 100 CDRs existed (and his mum still has 20 of those!).

The trailer for the album has been recorded by Dan’s father, Al Sartain, an accomplished musician and singer, who has sung backing vocals on ‘Serpientes’ and ‘Join’. A very special guest on the album is Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe, who performs drums on the track ‘Hangers On’, which was recorded during a live session for Radcliffe’s radio show. Rocket From The Crypt/Hot Snakes frontman, and Dan’s US label boss, John Reis guests on the live album, as do Plate Six’s David Hickox and Brad Davis, who toured with Dan when he was in the UK in March 07.

After the initial limited edition release of the triple-disc album, the new album, live/b-sides album and live DVD will all be made available as independent releases.

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18.02.2008 - 01:47 Uhr
ich werde erscheinen!!
auf Tour mit den Beatsteaks
14.07.2008 - 11:47 Uhr

22.08. Hamburg ­ Große Freiheit
24.08. A-Wien ­ Arena Open Air
26.08. München ­ Backstage Werk
27.08. Köln - Palladium
29.08. Berlin ­ Wuhlheide
13.08.2009 - 18:52 Uhr
...Two more Jack-produced singles are also on the way from Third Man on August 11: Transit's "Cmon and Ride"/"Afterparty", two songs about Nashville's bus system by a band made up of employees of the Nashville Metro Transit Authority[!], and "Bohemian Grove"/"Atheist Funeral" from Birmingham, Alabama singer-songwriter Dan Sartain.

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