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Crispy Ambulance

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Eyeless in Gaza
06.02.2007 - 11:25 Uhr
"Weggefährten" von Joy Division, die leider zu Unrecht in Vergessenheit geraten sind. Großartige Band.

"Crispy Ambulance initially came together as a duo in 1977 to perform covers of Magazine and Hawkwind material. After a debut appearance at Spurley Hey Youth Centre on January 1st 1978 by Alan Hempsall (vocals) and lifelong friend Robert Davenport (guitar), bassist Keith Darbyshire and drummer Gary Madeley were recruited in March and November respectively. This line-up would not change, and by 1979 was gigging regularly in the Greater Manchester area, often at the Band on the Wall and the Cyprus Tavern. Hempsall:

"The motivation for formation for me was a combination of (i) seeing the Sex Pistols at their first Manchester gig in June 1976 in front of an audience of about 40, made up mainly of Bowie clones and hippies, and (ii) seeing Magazine's first gig. The latter had a more immediate effect, with me forming Crispy Ambulance a mere six weeks after seeing Magazine... None of our early tunes passed the test of time, mainly because it took about 18 months to find an identity."(1)

"Joy Division stumbled upon us in July 1978 at a gig we played in Manchester, and they liked our approach, even if the material was a little weak -to say the least. They dragged Rob Gretton, their new manager, down to see us some months later, and as a result we did a gig with them at The Factory around the time that Unknown Pleasures was released."

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