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31.01.2007 - 20:32 Uhr
Kennt die jemand? Ein paar Lieder (Pin Your Wings) sind ganz nett.
Guter Indieshit ^^
The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes
31.01.2007 - 21:36 Uhr
Die Beneath the Medicine Tree ist ihre beste!
31.01.2007 - 21:43 Uhr
Die neue Scheibe finde ich auch gut.
29.08.2008 - 17:43 Uhr
die neuste ist sehr toll
22.10.2008 - 08:24 Uhr
"Although stated by some to be a Christian band, Aaron Marsh has said that they are not. [5]"I think that's kind of a defective term," Marsh says. "It's not our nature to have religious connotations. We are not a ministry band. We have some people in the band that are Christian, but that is not the focus of our band" and [6]"We have no agenda in our band other than art.""
10.11.2009 - 10:28 Uhr
Traurig aber wahr...

Copeland Break Up

"We have come to an extremely difficult decision. It has come time for us to move on from Copeland and follow other paths in our lives. We are absolutely grateful to have been able to make music for as long as we have. In the last 9 years we've been able to see parts of the world that we never dreamt we would see. We have shared the stage and built friendships with immensely talented artists. We've been afforded the opportunity to make 4 records that we're extremely proud of. Most of all, we feel honored that people have cared so much for our band and for our art. We appreciate every listener who has allowed our music to be a part of their lives. We want to offer our deepest thanks to every individual who has supported us on this ride. It has profoundly impacted our lives.

To put your minds at ease, we assure you this is not a bitter break up. We all individually feel Copeland has run its course in our lives and it’s time for us to pursue what is next. We couldn’t end things without a proper goodbye, so we are planning a final farewell tour in the US this coming Spring, as well as one final jaunt around the world to some of our favorite countries. We are really excited about seeing you all one more time, and we hope it turns out to be the best Copeland tour ever.

It has been discussed and we are not ruling out the possibility of recording one more album sometime in the future. However, this spring tour will be our last.

From the bottom of hearts, thank you for all of your love and support.

Aaron, Bryan, Jon & Stephen"

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