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Basement Jaxx - Crazy itch radio

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17.08.2006 - 18:42 Uhr
Da gibt es auf der My Space Seite 2 neue Songs die klingen recht vielversprechend und catchy:

Und hier der Werbe-Text:

Basement Jaxx are, to use a jaxxy turn of phrase, on fire. Now its time to feel their superfresh Jaxx flow once again with a brand new album, Crazy Itch Radio, recorded in their SW9 studio with a cast of super-talented fresh blood.

So what about the title, Felix? Weve all got the crazy itch. You could be in Hawaii on the beach and still get a mosquito on your neck. Its the crazy, colorful itch of life. The record certainly scratches the spot, swerving from all-out drama on the operatic intro straight into the jet-packed kaleidoscopic pop of Hush Boy which features live collaborator Vula Malinga, last heard on Oh My Gosh. Rammed up next Take Me Back To Your House, is a sexy, energetic moment of what they call banjo house the only new tune theyve been playing on their current European tour. Theres also Balkan folk woven into vocals from Swedish pop sensation Robyn (on Hey U), a hyper grime tune cussing vain boys from East Londons Lady Marga, titled Run 4 Cover and Lights Go Down, a Wil Malone-scored beauty with legendary British singer Linda Lewis plus a special little treat tucked away at the end.

Thoughts, Simon?: This record feels like what we do best. Its soulful, soothing and warm and its got a beauty to it which Remedy and our early EPs had.

Everyone knows that Basement Jaxx grew out of the duos shrink-wrapped Atlantic Jaxx label and their joyfully grimy spitnsawdust Brixton parties. Its a baseline and a blueprint that theyve held on to: Felix has been running monthly Inside Out parties for the last year and a half, playing a riot of favela funk, Baltimore beats and Jaxxy house or new age ghetto music as Felix describes it. Theyve also been running a subsidiary to Atlantic Jaxx, Stop, putting out music on limited run 10 vinyl that helped form the backbone of the album. Grime gyal Lady Margas Run 4 Cover originally appeared on the label, for example. And then there was the Balkan Bangers and Gypsy Beats compilation which plugged the rich, fire-charged sound of Eastern Europe straight into the UKs sonic mainframe. Its raw, honest and full of fire, says Felix before recounting a studio visit by Russian accordionist Serge which involved hot black sugar-stuck coffee being knocked over the mixing desk with particular Eastern verve. Serge is a right character. Hes about fifty, quite strong and rounded. He was all explosive exclamations and vodka. Felix has also recently returned from a trip to Malawi for the Lake Of Stars festival. He shone a torch at an elephant who came up close and personal to his tent (not advisable, international campers), right in the warm heart of Africa. Thirty children from the local orphanage appear on the record, providing a smile-fuelled start to Hey U.

The band are due to play 9 massive UK shows in September as the main support to Robbie Williams. They will then be scratching their crazy pop itch for the masses in the US coming over for shows in New York City and Los Angeles in October. A tour of the US is in the works for early 07. As everyone knows, a Basement Jaxx show always kicks like a hyperactive mule. Doing Glastonbury was a real landmark for us. It made us realise that wed cracked the live thing. So the next tours going to be even better.

Tune In! Crazy Itch Radio is about to take over the airwaves.
17.08.2006 - 21:16 Uhr
album of the year. vielleicht.
18.08.2006 - 14:21 Uhr
Jaaa wiiie?

Wissen Armin oder Oliver etwa nicht mehr ?
z.B. genaues Release Date und so...
silver surfer
19.08.2006 - 08:18 Uhr
Woah Da freu ich mich drauf!!!
24.08.2006 - 23:53 Uhr
Bei gibts das komplette neue Album zum hören!

Prüft das bitte!
Oliver Ding
25.08.2006 - 12:31 Uhr
Ich weiß ja nicht, ob das für den einen oder anderen als Qualitätskriterium gilt, aber meiner Freundin war das zu anstrengend. Leider, leider. Ich hätte es lieber statt auf Kopfhörern in L.A.U.T. gehört.
25.08.2006 - 16:56 Uhr
Kish Kash war besser. Aber nicht viel. Tolle Platte.
31.08.2006 - 23:16 Uhr
Jetzt auch das Video der neuen Single auf Youtube anschauen:

08.09.2006 - 21:39 Uhr
wer bitte soll "Robyn" sein mit "Show me luv"? meint der Autor vielleicht "Robin S" mit "Show me Love"?
24.05.2011 - 07:18 Uhr
Superior thinking demonstrated above. Tahkns!
05.06.2011 - 02:51 Uhr
acomplia 0431 accutane =-DD
07.06.2011 - 02:45 Uhr
nexium dsdnhw topamax bzj
23.03.2012 - 15:58 Uhr
06.05.2012 - 18:12 Uhr

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