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Rose Melberg - Cast away the clouds

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22.04.2006 - 19:06 Uhr
Rose Melberg has always been a productive overachiever - giving us a seemingly endless avalanche of mellifluous albums to treasure - but the past 5 years have been uncharacteristically quiet.

After moving to a small Canadian lakeside town, she started a family, developed into a mature singer/songwriter akin to Nick Drake, Tracey Thorn, Elliott Smith and Isobel Campbell / Belle & Sebastian, and created her solo masterpiece, "Cast Away the Clouds", the spellbinding continuation of an impressive career.

Here's something about her last solo album, Portola:
Rose's wonderfully sweet voice is nestled once again amongst subdued, mostly acoustic guitars, melting hearts under sweaters. The songs are tender and warm yet ache here and there, a style fans of the Softies should recognize as quickly as they recognize the voice.

Portola is a collection of mostly unreleased songs Rose has recorded at different times, with different people, for different reasons (the liner notes explain all that better than I could); still it flows well as an album. Her originals are as strong as ever and the covers are well-chosen and lovingly executed. This is a must for anyone who has liked past bands she's been involved with (the Softies, Tiger Trap, Gaze, Go Sailor), or a nice introduction. Either way, a must.

Wunderschön und wird wahrscheinlich niemals in Deutschland veröffentlicht.
23.05.2006 - 02:52 Uhr
Die wohl beste Songwriterin momentan da draußen. Interessiert euch aber eh nicht. Nein wirklich Leute, glaubt mir doch mal ausnahmsweise.

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