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Mark Ronson - Exit Music - Songs With Radio Heads

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Uh huh him
30.03.2006 - 22:34 Uhr
People get confused about cover versions. They are a labour of love, not some sort of disrespectful treatment of the classics. Everyone involved in the “Exit Music” project love the music of Radiohead – “Songs with Radio Heads” doesn’t attempt to replace the originals as “definitive versions”. Instead, like the Futureheads cover of Kate Bush or the Slits cover of Marvin Gaye, this is an exercise in translating well loved tracks into a different genre.

“Exit Music” also taps into the dancefloor potential of Radiohead, long recognized by DJs ranging from Paul Oakenfold to the Scratch Perverts. The band themselves are devotees of both hiphop and dance music – commissioning remixes from respected figures such as Madlib, DJ Shadow and Four Tet. With an increasing number of under the counter remixes beginning to surface, BBE thought it was time to collect together the finest hiphop and dance cover versions of Radiohead songs. Ranging from gentle acoustic treatments to raw funky versions, BBE have taken the songs of Thom Yorke into realms even he couldn’t imagine...

die Version von "Just" ist interessant. der Rest vielleicht auch! mehr Infos:

Uh huh him
31.03.2006 - 17:19 Uhr
n e 1?
arnold apfelstrudel
06.06.2007 - 12:34 Uhr
so ein arschloch, covert einfach die smiths.
06.06.2007 - 13:32 Uhr
Neue Platte "Version" ist sehr toll geworden. Apply Some Pressure mit Geigen und Zutons mit Amy Winehouse. Hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass das so ein Kracher wird.

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