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12.01.2005 - 16:23 Uhr

Snapcase Plays Final Show

“The coolest thing about Snapcase is although it’s easy to define the style as punk/hardcore; the term is just a bare-bones description, not a limitation.” – Rockpile

“Snapcase is like no other band out there today. They’re like a beautiful portrait – detailed, intricate and thought provoking.” – Heckler

Since 1991, Snapcase has led the quest to combine intellectual theory and aggressive music. Their reputation was built on songs exploring themes of self-determination and personal challenge; with complex guitar lines, harmonic distortion and relentless rhythms, they created a sonic explosion that made them one of hardcore’s greatest bands. At a time when the mainstream media didn’t acknowledge aggressive music with the open arms it offers today, Snapcase was very successful, selling more albums with each new release, growing stronger on their own, without the breaks that commercial radio might give a hard-edged band today.

After releasing some of the most critically acclaimed hardcore albums of all time, touring with everyone from the Deftones and Papa Roach to NOFX, and influencing a wide range of bands like Boy Sets Fire, Thursday and Atreyu, the time has come for the band to say goodbye.

Founder, lyricist and vocalist Daryl Taberski had this to say, “Fourteen years of Snapcase has been an amazing and unexpected journey for us. It has been an incredibly fun and interesting part of our lives where tangible rewards came as a result of hard work. We have had an amazing run as a band with the support of our friends, families and of course, great fans. Putting an end to something that has been so meaningful to us has been a difficult decision to make, but we feel it’s the right one. Our final show is going to be a celebration of our time as a band and the music that has been created by us over that period. We will go out on a positive note and show that it’s okay to celebrate death.”

Classic albums like Lookinglasself, Progression Through Unlearning, Designs For Automotion and End Transmission traced the band’s evolution over time, but now its time to document their life and times as a band. Snapcase are hard at work compiling a DVD of the band’s history, with footage of performances, touring and more. Expect its release in 2005.

The farewell show is scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd at The Sphere in Buffalo, NY. Snapcase promise a 20 song marathon pulled from their entire discography, and some special guests.

12.01.2005 - 16:26 Uhr
Thank you for the information.
12.01.2005 - 18:42 Uhr
*heul* ich dachte die würden evtl. nochmal mit den deftones europas bühnen rocken
12.01.2005 - 18:48 Uhr
Jaja,da geht die letzte der drei "großen" New School Bands in Rente. Vermissen werde ich sie aber ehrlich gesagt nicht mehr, auch wenn das unrühmliche Ende natürlich schade ist.
22.05.2005 - 22:14 Uhr
bin zwar ein bischen spät... würde mich aber trotzdem interessieren: "die letzte der drei "großen" New School Bands"... welche zwei anderen meinst du denn jetzt? refused und at the drive-in? oder sprichst du da bereits von glassjaw? oder hab ich überhaupt keine ahnung..?
24.05.2005 - 00:57 Uhr
Da bist du in der Tat sehr spät :-)

Ich meinte neben Refused noch Earth Crisis. Militant vegan sXe! Götter!!!!!
24.05.2005 - 01:11 Uhr
Vielleicht noch zur Erläuterung: At the drive-in kamen erst viel später als Snapcase, EC und Refused. In meinen Augen gehören die musikalisch auch nicht zum klassischen New School Core. Als diese Welle so um die Mitte der 90iger auf dem Höhepunkt war sind SC, EC und Refused wohl die bekanntesten Bands gewesen (wobei es aber noch eine ganze Reihe weniger bekannter Pioniere gibt: Morning Again, Unbroken etc.). Die dann einsetzende Entwicklung aller drei Bands fand ich eher mäßig.
24.05.2005 - 03:44 Uhr
also, wenn ich durch die straßen schreite, summe ich imemr noch ganz gerne vor mich hin:

now drain my soul, erase the image
retained regained the lost internal damage
and i can't face the feelings that overpower me
this unconditional love leads to my destinyyyyyy

24.05.2005 - 15:01 Uhr
Oh, ja! Das "erase the image" schwirrt mir auch immer im Kopf rum. Und "icarnation"....

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