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Rang Album Leserschnitt Stimmen
1Esther Rose - You made it this far Esther Rose - You made it this far30.08.20198.5927
2Joanna Newsom - Ys Joanna Newsom - Ys10.11.20068.5511923
3Johnny Dowd - Cruel words Johnny Dowd - Cruel words17.02.20068.555825
4Waxahatchee - Ivy tripp Waxahatchee - Ivy tripp03.04.20158.551162
5The Streets - Everything is borrowed The Streets - Everything is borrowed26.09.20088.553223
6Everlast - Love, war and the ghost of Whitey Ford Everlast - Love, war and the ghost of Whitey Ford19.09.20088.553853
7My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter - Our love will cut through everything My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter - Our love will cut through everything01.10.20108.541975
8Big Thief - Two hands Big Thief - Two hands11.10.20198.5424
9Kevin Ayers - The unfairground Kevin Ayers - The unfairground07.09.20078.543481
10Willard Grant Conspiracy - Paper covers stone Willard Grant Conspiracy - Paper covers stone28.08.20098.542297
11Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a sheepskin vest14.06.20198.53148
12Joanna Newsom - The milk-eyed mender03.05.20048.5310070
13Firewater - The golden hour04.04.20088.532351
14Adam Green - Minor love08.01.20108.532363
15Nina Nastasia & Jim White - You follow me01.06.20078.533725
16The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - We are only riders15.01.20108.531203
17Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - You can't buy a gun when you're crying30.03.20078.533688
18Throwing Muses - Throwing Muses17.03.20038.535952
19The Decemberists - We all raise our voices to the air (Live songs 04.11 - 08.11)16.03.20128.531545
20Cowboy Junkies - At the end of paths taken05.04.20078.533729
21T-Bone Burnett - The true false identity19.05.20068.534435
22Suzanne Vega - Tales from the realm of the queen of pentacles31.01.20148.531375
23Swell - Whenever you're ready01.09.20038.536314
24Firewater - Psychopharmacology25.02.20028.532393
25The Lumineers - III13.09.20198.5336
26Rickie Lee Jones - The sermon on Exposition Boulevard09.02.20078.533856
27The Sea And Cake - Everybody11.05.20078.533939
28Dakota Suite - Waiting for the dawn to crawl through and take away your life16.02.20078.533929
29Waxahatchee - Out in the storm14.07.20178.531080
30Mumford & Sons - Sigh no more23.10.20098.533716
3150 Foot Wave - Golden ocean07.03.20058.523930
32Richard Hawley - Coles corner05.09.20058.524000
33Cerys Matthews - Never said goodbye29.09.20068.523990
34The Television Personalities - My dark places24.02.20068.524224
35Element Of Crime - Romantik19.11.20018.527128
36Grant-Lee Phillips - Nineteeneighties23.06.20068.524063
37Hurray For The Riff Raff - The navigator10.03.20178.522761
38Ryan Adams - Ashes & fire07.10.20118.521587
39Steve Earle - The revolution starts ... now23.08.20048.521103
40The New Pornographers - Challengers24.08.20078.522607
41Firewater - The man on the burning tightrope16.02.20048.522476
42Jane Birkin - Fictions24.03.20068.524162
43Loose Fur - Born again in the USA10.03.20068.524169
44Loose Fur - Loose Fur27.01.20038.524182
45Pavement - Quarantine the past05.03.20108.522585
46Soundtrack - I'm not there (Original soundtrack)09.11.20078.525775
47Bright Eyes - The people's key11.02.20118.522063
48Buzzcocks - A different compilation10.06.20118.522598
49Kristin Hersh - Learn to sing like a star02.02.20078.524335
50Eleni Mandell - Artificial fire13.02.20098.522660
51Belle & Sebastian - Belle and Sebastian write about love08.10.20108.522043
52Cracker - Greenland02.06.20068.524201
53Freakwater - Thinking of you12.09.20058.525720
54Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Dirt don't hurt04.10.20088.522761
55Janis Joplin - The Pearl sessions13.04.20128.523917
56My Morning Jacket - Okonokos27.10.20068.524259
57Tanya Donelly - Whiskey tango ghosts26.07.20048.524195
58CocoRosie - The adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn13.04.20078.524289
59Friends Of Dean Martinez - Lost horizon14.10.20058.524415
60The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Don't mess with a big band16.07.20108.512681
61The Divine Comedy - Victory for the comic muse23.06.20068.514288
62Wire - Send28.04.20038.516484
63Sophia - There are no goodbyes24.04.20098.512871
64Neko Case - Fox confessor brings the flood03.03.20068.514412
65Lambchop - Is a woman18.02.20028.516324
66Devendra Banhart - Cripple crow19.09.20058.514627
67Archer Prewitt - Wilderness24.01.20058.514370
68Dirty Projectors - Swing lo Magellan06.07.20128.511233
69Wovenhand - The laughing stalk07.09.20128.51493
70The Fall - New facts emerge28.07.20178.51405
71Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Begonias20.06.20058.514622
72Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The brave and the bold20.01.20068.514473
73Ryan Adams - 198921.09.20158.51539
74Camper Van Beethoven - Popular songs of great enduring strength and beauty20.06.20088.512900
75Various Artists - Total Lee - The songs of Lee Hazlewood03.06.20028.514186
76Neko Case - Blacklisted28.10.20028.515800
77Guillemots - Red02.05.20088.512173
78Richard Thompson - Front parlour ballads08.08.20058.514683
79Bill Callahan - Sometimes I wish we were an eagle27.03.20098.512811
80Graham Coxon - Love travels at illegal speeds17.03.20068.514258
81Black Lipstick - Converted thieves06.10.20038.514786
82Joanna Newsom - Have one on me26.02.20108.516875
83Lambchop - Damaged11.08.20068.514477
84Cowboy Junkies - Early 21st century blues01.08.20058.514745
85Iron & Wine | Calexico - In the reins12.09.20058.514387
86Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine24.07.20098.512667
87Chumbawamba - A singsong and a scrap07.10.20058.514749
88Jim James - Regions of light and sound of God08.02.20138.51239
89Cracker - Greatest hits: Redux24.02.20068.514352
90Jessica Lea Mayfield - With blasphemy so heartfelt30.01.20098.512835
91Bowerbirds - Hymns for a dark horse11.07.20088.513138
92The Shins - Wincing the night away26.01.20078.514972
93The Fall - Imperial wax solvent08.07.20088.512982
94Brian Setzer Orchestra - Vavoom!31.07.20008.514924
95Bowerbirds - Upper air10.07.20098.512624
96Devendra Banhart - Nino rojo27.09.20048.514921
97Willard Grant Conspiracy - Let it roll17.03.20068.514204
98Condo Fucks - Fuckbook20.03.20098.51386
99Sam Prekop - Who's your new professor07.03.20058.514618
100The Avett Brothers - I and love and you19.03.20108.502137
101Brian Setzer - Nitro burnin' funny daddy20.10.20038.504874
102The Decemberists - The king is dead14.01.20118.502065
103The Fall - Fall heads roll07.10.20058.504650
104The Streets - Original pirate material29.04.20028.504987
105Wire - Silver / Lead31.03.20178.50838
106Lambchop - OH (Ohio)04.10.20088.503154
107The Streets - A grand don't come for free10.05.20048.505099
108The Streets - The hardest way to make an easy living07.04.20068.504934
109Lambchop - Aw c'mon / No you c'mon09.02.20048.505861
110Sons And Daughters - The repulsion box27.06.20058.505143
111The Sea And Cake - Car alarm17.10.20088.503073
112Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes08.08.20088.504487
113Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Beware13.03.20098.502905
114Ween - Shinola Vol. 105.09.20058.504677
115The Indelicates - American demo28.03.20088.503217
116Smog - A river ain't too much to love30.05.20058.504941
117Belle & Sebastian - The life pursuit10.02.20068.504799
118Yo La Tengo - Popular songs04.09.20098.503220
119Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology31.10.20088.503089
120Jane Birkin - Rendez-vous05.04.20048.505191
121Cracker - Sunrise in the land of milk and honey08.05.20098.502561
122The New Pornographers - Twin cinema22.08.20058.504748
123Rickie Lee Jones - The evening of my best day13.10.20038.505252
124CocoRosie - Noah's ark12.09.20058.504938
125Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real emotional trash07.03.20088.503320
126Propagandhi - Potemkin city limits14.10.20058.505282
127Cake - Pressure chief11.10.20048.505316
128Bill Callahan - Woke on a whaleheart05.04.20078.503792
129Cracker / Leftover Salmon - O Cracker where art thou?26.01.20048.505482
130The Orange Peels - Circling the sun21.03.20058.505323
131Everlast - Eat at Whitey's16.10.20008.505671
132Graham Coxon - Happiness in magazines24.05.20048.505393
133Waxahatchee - Cerulean salt28.06.20138.501811
134Ween - La cucaracha19.10.20078.503596
135Willard Grant Conspiracy - There but for the grace of God - A short history of the Willard Grant Conspiracy15.11.20048.505038
136Adam Green - Sixes & sevens07.03.20088.503291
137The Wrens - The Meadowlands25.11.20058.504904
138Stephan Eicher - Taxi Europa10.06.20038.505747
139Graham Coxon - Crow sit on blood tree30.11.20018.505392
140Everlast - White trash beautiful24.05.20048.505944
141Stephen Malkmus - Face the truth23.05.20058.504975
142Fink - Bam Bam Bam28.02.20058.505041
143Everlast - Songs of the ungrateful living24.02.20128.50838
144Bright Eyes - Motion sickness - Live recordings18.11.20058.504732
145The Coral - Butterfly house30.07.20108.504724
146Lambchop - Mr. M24.02.20128.501584
147Belle & Sebastian - Push barman to open old wounds30.05.20058.504956
148CocoRosie - Grey oceans30.04.20108.502435
149Sandy Dillon - East Overshoe12.03.20018.505441
150Friends Of Dean Martinez - Wichita lineman28.05.20018.505554
151Hefner - Dead media24.09.20018.505526
152The Fall - The unutterable06.11.20008.505591
153Angel Olsen - My woman02.09.20168.501320
154Ryan Adams - Ten songs from Live at Carnegie Hall05.06.20158.50440
155Bruce Springsteen - The promise12.11.20108.50537
156The New Pornographers - Electric version16.06.20038.505536
157Cerys Matthews - Cockahoop23.06.20038.505483
158Sons And Daughters - This gift25.01.20088.493398
159Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - ...tick...tick...tick04.10.20058.495152
160Propagandhi - Supporting caste09.03.20098.493324
161Sons And Daughters - Love the cup06.09.20048.495542
162Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - The wonder show of the world26.03.20108.492243
163Catatonia - Paper scissors stone06.08.20018.495550
164Howe - Hisser29.01.20018.495942
165Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Superwolf17.01.20058.495088
166The Fall - Reformation post-TLC23.02.20078.493893
167Songs:Ohia - Didn't it rain02.04.20028.495575
168Beach House - Depression cherry28.08.20158.49742
169Giant Sand - Is all over ... the map13.09.20048.495409
170Aimee Mann - Lost in space02.09.20028.495636
171Patti Smith - Gung ho20.03.20008.495599
172PJ Harvey - The Peel sessions 1991-200410.11.20068.493675
173Sophia - Technology won't save us27.10.20068.495042
174Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading trails15.09.20068.492403
175Devendra Banhart - Smokey rolls down thunder canyon28.09.20078.493623
176Chumbawamba - Readymades26.08.20028.495669
177Devendra Banhart - What will we be27.11.20098.492378
178Chumbawamba - Un26.04.20048.495683
179The White Stripes - Under great white northern lights12.03.20108.494795
180The Bees - Sunshine hit me11.02.20028.495214
181Ryan Adams - 2906.01.20068.495403
182Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 219.02.20018.495732
183XTC - Wasp star (Apple venus, Vol. 2)22.05.20008.495673
184Jim White - Drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see02.08.20048.495247
185CocoRosie - La maison de mon rêve05.04.20048.495226
186Holly Golightly - Slowly but surely04.10.20048.495187
187Built To Spill - You in reverse13.04.20068.495255
188Bob Dylan - Another self portrait (1969-1971): The bootleg series Vol. 1023.08.20138.492167
189Lucinda Williams - West02.03.20078.493852
190Cake - Comfort eagle03.09.20018.496000
191Slothrust - The pact14.09.20188.491643
192The Mountain Goats - All eternals deck01.04.20118.491426
193Cowboy Junkies - One soul now01.06.20048.495358
194The Weakerthans - Reunion tour21.09.20078.493729
195Calexico - Carried to dust05.09.20088.493534
196Marlon Williams - Make way for love16.02.20188.493038
197Hazeldine - Double back02.04.20018.496021
198Hefner - We love the city16.10.20008.495628
199Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra18.07.20088.492866
200Patti Smith - Twelve13.04.20078.493783
9617Bush - Black and white rainbows10.03.20174.2030
9618The Used - Artwork28.08.20094.1962
9619Die Happy - Red box24.09.20104.1973
9620Der Junge Mit Der Gitarre - Im Affekt03.05.20044.19133
9621Apoptygma Berzerk - Sonic diary01.12.20064.1932
9622The Notwist - Sturm11.09.20094.18495
9623Towers Of London - Blood, sweat & Towers26.05.20064.1882
9624Black Dub - Love lives05.11.20104.1877
9625Paris - Yellow Eden05.01.20044.1894
9626One Sentence. Supervisor - Temporär Musik 1-1328.10.20164.1861
9627Ostkreutz - Motor01.09.20064.1856
9628Die Happy - Bitter to better29.08.20054.17130
9629Bonaparte - Sorry, we're open17.08.20124.1649
9630AnnenMayKantereit - Schlagschatten07.12.20184.1681
9631Eisblume - Unter dem Eis06.03.20094.1484
9632HIM - Tears on tape26.04.20134.1443
9633Lynyrd Skynyrd - God & guns25.09.20094.1390
9634Die Charts - Chartism29.10.20104.1323
9635The Carters - Everything is love16.06.20184.1323
9636Sturm Und Drang - Learning to rock24.08.20074.1248
9637P.O.D. - Murdered love20.07.20124.1127
9638Linkin Park - Recharged25.10.20134.1050
9639Life Of Agony - The sound of scars11.10.20194.1020
9640Data - Skywriter17.07.20094.0943
9641Callejon - Hartgeld im Club04.01.20194.0922
9642Kid Rock - Sweet southern sugar03.11.20174.0945
9643Herr Sorge - Verschwörungstheorien mit schönen Melodien14.12.20124.0923
9644Metro Station - Metro Station17.04.20094.0878
9645Client - Heartland23.03.20074.07159
9646Molotov Jive - Songs for the fallen apart26.06.20094.0634
9647Busted - Busted02.12.20024.06194
96483 Doors Down - Time of my life15.07.20114.0592
9649Turin Brakes - Bottled at Source - The best of the Source years04.09.20094.0371
9650Apparat - Krieg und Frieden (Music for theatre)15.02.20134.0244
9651Herbstrock - Die bessere Hälfte14.08.20094.0290
9652Daughtry - Leave this town24.07.20094.0292
9653Luxuslärm - So laut ich kann29.01.20104.02197
9654Kelly Osbourne - Shut up27.01.20033.99163
9655Itchy Poopzkid - Lights out London25.02.20113.99131
9656Gods Of Blitz - Under the radar25.09.20093.9990
9657The Pleasants - Forests and fields26.11.20103.9841
9658Lights - The listening26.02.20103.9840
9659Liquido - Zoomcraft14.03.20083.97118
9660Ron Flieger - Anders wohl kaum11.08.20063.9778
9661Nicoffeine - Lighthealer stalking Flashplayer25.02.20113.9737
9662Donkeyboy - Caught in a life02.07.20103.9735
9663Various Artists - Make some noise: The Amnesty International campaign to save Darfur22.06.20073.9766
9664Yung Hurn - 122004.05.20183.9628
9665Scorpions - Sting in the tail19.03.20103.96341
9666Simple Plan - Get your heart on!24.06.20113.96101
9667Killerpilze - Lautonom19.03.20103.96224
9668Betontod - Traum von Freiheit27.02.20153.9521
9669Five! Fast!! Hits!!! - Brothers from different mothers31.08.20073.9560
9670Apparat - LP522.03.20193.9558
9671Common - Universal mind control05.12.20083.9537
9672Within Temptation - The heart of everything09.03.20073.94269
9673Green Day - Awesome as f**k18.03.20113.94103
9674Theory Of A Deadman - Scars & souvenirs26.06.20093.9433
9675El*Ke - Häuser stürzen ein04.07.20083.94111
9676Eskimo Callboy - We are the mess10.01.20143.9495
9677Britney Spears - The singles collection20.11.20093.94510
9678Briana Marela - All around us21.08.20153.9361
96793OH!3 - Want23.10.20093.9342
9680Radiohead - TKOL RMX 123456707.10.20113.93247
9681Lordi - Babez for breakfast10.09.20103.9240
9682The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Drown your heart again22.10.20103.9251
9683Atreyu - Congregation of the damned23.10.20093.9238
9684Livingston - Sign language09.10.20093.9297
9685Teen - In limbo07.09.20123.9132
9686Laxrosa - Laxrosa03.11.20063.8946
9687Sharleen Spiteri - Melody28.11.20083.8825
9688Sofaplanet - Power to the poeble23.08.20043.8799
9689Ohrbooten - Babylon bei Boot15.06.20073.86141
9690Lordi - Deadache24.10.20083.8656
9691Xandria - Ravenheart24.05.20043.8677
9692Killerpilze - Mit Pauken und Raketen27.07.20073.85254
9693Nevada Tan - Niemand hört Dich27.04.20073.85441
9694The Rasmus - Best of 2001-200927.11.20093.8456
9695Jedward - Planet Jedward15.07.20113.83103
9696Colbie Caillat - All of you08.07.20113.8233
9697Eagles Of Death Metal - I love you all the time: Live at the Olympia in Paris04.08.20173.8222
9698Wunder - Strom29.09.20063.82142
9699Various Artists - A tribute to Die Fantastischen Vier07.08.20093.8189
9700Ich + Ich - Ich + Ich18.04.20053.81166
9701Shifty - Happy love sick29.03.20053.8172
9702Maroon 5 - It won't be soon before long25.05.20073.80107
9703The Features - Wilderness14.09.20123.7933
9704Mark Stewart - The politics of envy13.04.20123.7975
9705Schnipo Schranke - Rare27.01.20173.7942
9706Tommy Lee - Tommyland: The ride02.12.20053.7882
9707Santana - Guitar heaven: the greatest guitar classics of all time17.09.20103.7876
9708Ohrbooten - Gyp Hop28.08.20093.76122
9709Unheilig - Lichter der Stadt16.03.20123.76560
9710Jay-Z - The blueprint 311.09.20093.7589
9711Shakira - Sale el sol15.10.20103.75160
9712Reamonn - Reamonn07.11.20083.75343
9713Michael Jackson - This is it26.10.20093.731093
9714Killerpilze - Invasion der Killerpilze19.05.20063.72418
9715The Very Best - Warm heart of Africa25.09.20093.7253
9716Colbie Caillat - Breakthrough21.08.20093.7163
9717Plain White T's - Big bad world24.10.20083.7145
9718Afrob - Der Letzte seiner Art04.09.20093.71131
9719The Mission - Dum-dum bullet25.06.20103.7043
9720Tokio Hotel - Schrei19.09.20053.702197
9721Nickelback - Dark horse14.11.20083.68404
9722Various Artists - Born to the breed - A tribute to Judy Collins31.10.20083.6837
9723Unheilig - Grosse Freiheit19.02.20103.67890
9724Uncle Kracker - Seventy two & sunny26.07.20043.6770
9725Kid Rock - The history of rock29.05.20003.6785
9726Dover - Follow the city lights22.06.20073.6794
97272raumwohnung - Kommt zusammen (Remix Album)28.01.20023.67227
9728Sternblut - Stark24.09.20103.66119
9729Der Xer - Mordsmusik08.03.20133.65255
9730Sam Smith - In the lonely hour23.05.20143.6439
9731Alt-J - Reduxer28.09.20183.6352
9732New Found Glory - Tip of the iceberg / Takin' it ova02.05.20083.63166
9733Mark Eitzel - Don't be a stranger12.10.20123.61224
9734Spitting Off Tall Buildings - Spitting Off Tall Buildings30.09.20053.58403
9735Atomic - Wonderland boulevard24.10.20053.57348
9736Egotronic - Ihr seid doch auch nicht besser13.09.20193.5529
97373OH!3 - Streets of gold20.08.20103.5533
97382raumwohnung - Melancholisch schön20.06.20053.54355
9739Clawfinger - Life will kill you27.07.20073.54526
9740The Rolling Stones - Honk19.04.20193.5428
9741Limp Bizkit - New old songs03.12.20013.53686
9742The Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The energy never dies)05.06.20093.52497
9743Hotel Persona - In the clouds27.06.20083.5277
9744Debbie Rockt! - Egal was ist13.07.20073.52255
9745Stanfour - Wild life29.02.20083.521560
9746P!nk - Hurts 2b human26.04.20193.5137
9747Ich + Ich - Gute Reise13.11.20093.51437
9748Gabriella Cilmi - Ten18.06.20103.5165
9749AK4711 - Erste Hilfe20.01.20063.50111
9750Milow - North and South01.04.20113.50145
9751Revolverheld - In Farbe12.03.20103.50265
97522raumwohnung - Es wird morgen30.08.20043.50282
9753Natalia Kills - Perfectionist01.04.20113.49217
9754Kid Rock - Cocky10.12.20013.49802
9755L'Âme Immortelle - Auf Deinen Schwingen25.08.20063.4982
9756Sido - Ich & keine Maske27.09.20193.4833
9757Revolverheld - Chaostheorie25.05.20073.48181
9758Nu Pagadi - Your dark side03.01.20053.481374
9759Witt - Bayreuth 327.01.20063.47271
9760Natasha Bedingfield - Strip me away13.05.20113.4668
9761One Direction - Made in the a.m.13.11.20153.4522
9762Betty Blitzkrieg - Voodookind07.08.20093.44416
9763Mariannenplatz - Schwarz und Weiss08.02.20083.44294
9764Silbermond - Laut gedacht21.04.20063.447508
9765Bushido - Sonny Black14.02.20143.44240
9766A$AP Rocky - Testing25.05.20183.4330
9767Silje Nes - Opticks01.10.20103.4381
9768Timbaland - Shock value II04.12.20093.3970
9769Ferris MC - Wahrscheinlich nie wieder vielleicht08.03.20193.3826
9770Nickelback - No fixed address14.11.20143.3891
9771Ed Sheeran - No. 6 collaborations project12.07.20193.3837
9772Thomas D präsentiert Reflektor Falke - Lektionen in Demut
9773Luxuslärm - Carousel16.09.20113.36129
9774Joachim Deutschland - Musik wegen Frauen14.04.20033.35429
9775Cinema Bizarre - ToyZ21.08.20093.351629
9776Madcon - Contraband03.12.20103.35198
9777Fettes Brot - Lovestory03.05.20193.3360
9778Kid Rock - Rock n roll Jesus12.10.20073.331075
9779Kid Rock - Born free12.11.20103.301215
9780Westernhagen - Williamsburg23.10.20093.29705
9781Franz Nicolay - Major general28.08.20093.29207
9782Scouting For Girls - Everybody wants to be on TV21.05.20103.27232
9783Plain White T's - The wonders of the younger07.12.20103.27197
9784Ke$ha - Animal05.02.20103.27491
9785Sportfreunde Stiller - Sturm & Stille07.10.20163.2572
9786Herrenmagazin - Sippenhaft07.08.20153.25166
9787Westernhagen - Nahaufnahme21.02.20053.25867
9788Ferris MC - Asilant17.02.20173.2335
9789Gzuz - Wolke 725.05.20183.2340
9790Deine Jugend - Wir sind Deine Jugend22.10.20103.22219
9791Joachim Deutschland - Rock sei Dank07.02.20053.21245
9792Witt - Auf ewig - Meisterwerke31.08.20073.21378
9793Thirty Seconds To Mars - America06.04.20183.2152
9794The Black Eyed Peas - The beginning26.11.20103.21569
9795James Blunt - Some kind of trouble05.11.20103.20188
9796Robbie Williams - Take the crown02.11.20123.17713
9797Beckmann & Band - Bei allem sowieso vielleicht14.03.20143.16171
9798257ers - Boomshakalakka26.09.20143.1625
9799Framing Hanley - A promise to burn28.05.20103.16158
9800Disturbed - Evolution19.10.20183.1664
9801Silbermond - Nichts passiert20.03.20093.155781
9802Peter Plate - Schüchtern ist mein Glück05.04.20133.14213
98035 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood15.06.20183.13202
9804Culcha Candela - Flätrate25.11.20113.12367
9805Waving The Guns - Das muss eine Demokratie aushalten können15.03.20193.11141
9806Camp Cope - How to socialise & make friends06.04.20183.10624
9807Seeed - Bam bam04.10.20193.0728
9808Stanfour - Rise and fall04.12.20093.053589
9809Silbermond - Verschwende Deine Zeit12.07.20043.047467
9810Prinz Pi - Nichts war umsonst03.11.20172.9657
9811Die Lochis - Kapitel X13.09.20192.8739
9812Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Sturm & Dreck12.01.20182.75254
9813Bonez MC & RAF Camora - Palmen aus Plastik09.09.20162.46113
9814Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Bleiben oder gehen23.01.20152.39206
9815Waving The Guns - Eine Hand bricht die andere27.01.20172.21107
9816RAF Camora - Anthrazit25.08.20172.2050

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