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Auf dieser Seite werden lediglich die ersten und letzten 200 Platzierungen angezeigt.
Die komplette Liste der Lesercharts gibt es hier (Vorsicht! Lange Ladezeit!).

Rang Album Leserschnitt Stimmen
1The Mountain Goats - Dark in here The Mountain Goats - Dark in here25.06.20219.37352
2Fleet Foxes - Shore Fleet Foxes - Shore22.09.20209.22768
3Courtney Barnett - Things take time, take time Courtney Barnett - Things take time, take time12.11.20219.21100
4Manic Street Preachers - The ultra vivid lament Manic Street Preachers - The ultra vivid lament03.09.20219.18141
5Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley - Broken mirror: A selfie reflection Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley - Broken mirror: A selfie reflection09.04.20219.15110
6My Morning Jacket - My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket - My Morning Jacket22.10.20219.15130
7Lambchop - Showtunes Lambchop - Showtunes21.05.20219.14192
8James - All the colours of you James - All the colours of you04.06.20219.14240
9Fleet Foxes - A very lonely solstice Fleet Foxes - A very lonely solstice10.12.20219.1241
10Bob Dylan - Rough and rowdy ways Bob Dylan - Rough and rowdy ways19.06.20209.12934
11Justin Townes Earle - The saint of lost causes24.05.20199.10183
12Esther Rose - How many times26.03.20219.0631
13Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep it into space23.04.20219.03381
14Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett - Her (Original score)19.03.20219.03371
15Jeff Tweedy - Love is the king23.10.20209.02533
16Steve Earle & The Dukes - J.T.04.01.20219.02471
17Eels - Earth to Dora30.10.20209.02630
18Belle & Sebastian - What to look for in summer11.12.20209.01511
19Drive-By Truckers - The new OK02.10.20209.01584
20Bill Callahan - Gold record04.09.20209.01587
21Terry Allen And The Panhandle Mystery Band - Just like Moby Dick24.01.20209.011485
22Throwing Muses - Sun racket04.09.20209.00614
23Lorde - Solar power20.08.20219.00202
24The Specials - Protest songs 1926-201201.10.20219.0031
25The Jayhawks - Paging Mr. Proust29.04.20169.00646
26The Jayhawks - XOXO10.07.20208.99654
27Bright Eyes - Down in the weeds, where the world once was21.08.20208.98663
28The Mountain Goats - Songs for Pierre Chuvin10.04.20208.98697
29Slothrust - Parallel timeline10.09.20218.981541
30Sophia - Holding on / Letting go25.09.20208.98601
31The Mountain Goats - Getting into knives23.10.20208.98535
32Aldous Harding - Party19.05.20178.981661
33Jarvis Cocker - Chansons d'ennui tip-top22.10.20218.9733
34My Morning Jacket - The waterfall II10.07.20208.97689
35Aldous Harding - Designer26.04.20198.971742
36The Coral - Coral Island30.04.20218.96286
37CocoRosie - Put the shine on13.03.20208.95832
38Lambchop - Trip13.11.20208.95555
39The White Stripes - Greatest hits04.12.20208.92599
40Larkin Poe - Self made man12.06.20208.91749
41Angel Olsen - Whole new mess28.08.20208.91679
42Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - The indestructibility of the already felled31.01.20208.901046
43Sophie Hunger - Halluzinationen04.09.20208.90658
44Everlast - Whitey Ford's house of pain07.09.20188.891193
45Bob Dylan - The cutting edge 1965-1966: The bootleg series, Vol. 1213.11.20158.891775
46CocoRosie - Heartache city16.10.20158.891226
47Lucinda Williams - Good souls better angels24.04.20208.89721
48Courtney Barnett - MTV Unplugged - Live in Melbourne06.12.20198.891056
49Wire - Mind hive24.01.20208.891082
50Cornershop - Urban turban - The Singhles club18.05.20128.881260
51Stephen Malkmus - Traditional techniques06.03.20208.881062
52Cornershop feat. Bubbley Kaur - Cornershop and the double-o groove of18.03.20118.881294
53Bruce Springsteen - Letter to you23.10.20208.88793
54Giant Sand - Heartbreak pass08.05.20158.881287
55Shilpa Ray - Last year's savage22.05.20158.881250
56Marissa Nadler - The path of the clouds29.10.20218.881304
57The Lumineers - III13.09.20198.881292
58Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort26.07.20198.881283
59Sleaford Mods - Spare ribs15.01.20218.88503
60Jeff Tweedy - Warmer13.04.20198.881045
61Jim James - Eternally even04.11.20168.881284
62Devendra Banhart - Ape in pink marble23.09.20168.881272
63Swell - Whenever you're ready01.09.20038.888272
64Camper Van Beethoven - El camino real20.06.20148.881318
65The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Days of abandon06.06.20148.881312
66Sophia - As we make our way (Unknown harbours)15.04.20168.881303
67Screaming Females - Rose mountain27.02.20158.881325
68Tuxedomoon - Cabin in the sky13.09.20048.881364
69The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong25.03.20118.881339
70Wilco - Schmilco09.09.20168.881320
71Solomon Burke - Nashville06.10.20068.871311
72Calexico - Spiritoso29.11.20138.871293
73The B-52's - Funplex11.04.20088.871324
74Built To Spill - Untethered moon20.04.20158.871329
75PJ Harvey & John Parish - A woman a man walked by03.04.20098.871352
76The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico (45th anniversary deluxe edition)26.10.20128.874938
77Leonard Cohen - Live at the Isle Of Wight 197023.10.20098.871149
78Belle & Sebastian - How to solve our human problems16.02.20188.871313
79Ray Davies - See my friends05.11.20108.871287
80Wilco - Star wars21.08.20158.871376
81The New Pornographers - Together30.04.20108.871398
82Fleet Foxes - First collection: 2006-200909.11.20188.871285
83Jonathan Richman - Because her beauty is raw and wild01.08.20088.871397
84Drive-By Truckers - American band30.09.20168.871464
85The Strypes - Snapshot06.12.20138.871339
86J Mascis - Elastic days09.11.20188.871385
87Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking ball02.03.20128.871334
88Bruce Springsteen - Western stars – Songs from the film25.10.20198.871127
89Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band - One of my kind25.05.20128.861408
90PJ Harvey - The hope six demolition project15.04.20168.861463
91Dirty Projectors - Lamp lit prose13.07.20188.861390
92Dirty Projectors - Rise above02.11.20078.861276
93Blur - The magic whip24.04.20158.861441
94The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart20.03.20098.861345
95Camper Van Beethoven - La costa perdida15.02.20138.861294
96Shannon And The Clams - Onion16.02.20188.861508
97Arcade Fire - Everything now28.07.20178.861356
98Wilco - The Wilco book01.12.20048.861432
99Dinosaur Jr. - Give a glimpse of what yer not05.08.20168.861437
100Conor Oberst - Salutations17.03.20178.861404
101Yo La Tengo - There's a riot going on16.03.20188.861434
102Warpaint - Heads up23.09.20168.861411
103Dirty Projectors - Bitte orca05.06.20098.861406
104Drive-By Truckers - Go-go boots11.02.20118.861449
105Element Of Crime - Schafe, Monster und Mäuse05.10.20188.861434
106They Might Be Giants - Nanobots28.03.20138.861417
107Everlast - Songs of the ungrateful living24.02.20128.861609
108Wovenhand - Star treatment09.09.20168.851295
109A Seated Craft - Of birds20.02.20158.851384
110Woven Hand - Ten stones12.09.20088.851519
111Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson reimagines Gershwin17.09.20108.851277
112The Detroit Cobras - Tied & true22.06.20078.851502
113Ryan Adams - Prisoner B-sides28.04.20178.851213
114Adam Green - Engine of paradise06.09.20198.851211
115Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Adam Green & Binki Shapiro25.01.20138.851347
116Gil Scott-Heron - I'm new here05.02.20108.851419
117The Lumineers - Cleopatra08.04.20168.851471
118CocoRosie - Tales of a grass widow24.05.20138.851254
119Josephine Foster - Faithful fairy harmony16.11.20188.851471
120Stephen Malkmus - Groove denied15.03.20198.851527
121Adam Green - Aladdin29.04.20168.851543
122Bruce Springsteen - The promise12.11.20108.851475
123Cracker - Berkeley to Bakersfield23.01.20158.851480
124The Divine Comedy - Foreverland02.09.20168.851556
125Scott Walker - The childhood of a leader19.08.20168.851517
126The Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The marble downs06.04.20128.851409
127Prefab Sprout - Crimson / red04.10.20138.851617
128Belle & Sebastian - Days of the Bagnold summer13.09.20198.851210
129EMA - Past life martyred saints03.06.20118.851400
130The Beautiful South - Superbi25.08.20068.851517
131Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson and the opera circuit17.11.20068.851245
132Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit20.03.20158.851867
133Element Of Crime - Lieblingsfarben und Tiere26.09.20148.851571
134The Fall - Re-mit17.05.20138.851760
135Violent Femmes - We can do anything04.03.20168.851249
136Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood01.11.20048.851417
137C.W. Stoneking - Jungle blues15.10.20108.851188
138The Fall - Sub-lingual tablet29.05.20158.851312
139Bob Dylan & The Band - The basement tapes raw: The bootleg series Vol. 1131.10.20148.852359
140Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker - Room 2917.03.20178.851296
141Bruce Springsteen - High hopes10.01.20148.851430
142Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud27.03.20208.851026
143The Strumbellas - Rattlesnake29.03.20198.841393
144Lydia Loveless - Somewhere else14.03.20148.841520
145Jarv Is... - Beyond the pale17.07.20208.84717
146The Bluetones - The Bluetones13.10.20068.841343
147Eels - Royal Albert Hall10.04.20158.841392
148Ryan Adams - 198921.09.20158.841351
149The Mynabirds - Lovers know07.08.20158.841261
150The New Pornographers - Brill bruisers22.08.20148.841204
151Firewater - International orange24.08.20128.841444
152Josephine Foster - No more lamps in the morning05.02.20168.841442
153Murder By Death - The other shore24.08.20188.841610
154Dexys - Nowhere is home24.10.20148.841411
155Freakwater - Thinking of you12.09.20058.847329
156Bob Dylan - Fallen angels20.05.20168.841402
157Jim James - Regions of light and sound of God08.02.20138.841326
158Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I made a place15.11.20198.841327
159Gomez - Whatever's on your mind08.07.20118.841346
160The Bees - Octopus27.04.20078.841279
161The Felice Brothers - Undress03.05.20198.841360
162Willard Grant Conspiracy - Untethered07.12.20188.841366
163Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex09.06.20178.841321
164Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Pond scum22.01.20168.841294
165Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - Wintersong16.12.20168.841378
166Devendra Banhart - Ma13.09.20198.841295
167Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a sheepskin vest14.06.20198.841245
168Weird Al Yankovic - Straight outta Lynwood24.11.20068.841774
169Sixteen Horsepower - Yours, truly02.09.20118.841306
170The Lumineers - The Lumineers16.11.20128.841474
171Solomon Burke - Make do with what you got28.02.20058.841427
172EMA - The future's void04.04.20148.841343
173Johnny Dowd - Cruel words17.02.20068.847309
174Gang Of Four - Happy now26.04.20198.841294
175Various Artists - Rave on Buddy Holly01.07.20118.841305
176Timber Timbre - Sincerely, future pollution21.04.20178.841457
177Shannon And The Clams - Dreams in the rat house24.05.20138.841393
178Brian Wilson - That lucky old sun29.08.20088.841832
179Steve Earle & The Dukes - Terraplane13.02.20158.841598
180The Shins - Heartworms10.03.20178.841266
181Element Of Crime - Live im Tempodrom11.10.20198.841052
182The Sadies - Northern passages10.02.20178.841339
183Kimya Dawson - Remember that I love you12.05.20068.841551
184Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova - One jug of wine, two vessels26.03.20108.841275
185Ryan Adams - Prisoner17.02.20178.841287
186Drive-By Truckers - It's great to be alive!06.11.20158.841652
187Eels - The deconstruction06.04.20188.841438
188Jim James - Tribute to 208.12.20178.841285
189Esther Rose - You made it this far30.08.20198.841200
190Lucinda Williams - Down where the spirit meets the bone26.09.20148.841418
191Beach House - Beach House10.08.20078.841585
192Johnny Cash - Out among the stars21.03.20148.841715
193Cat Power - Sun31.08.20128.832289
194Devendra Banhart - Mala15.03.20138.831482
195Ryan Adams - Ten songs from Live at Carnegie Hall05.06.20158.831318
196The Avett Brothers - True sadness24.06.20168.831257
197Beach House - 711.05.20188.831649
198Jim James - Uniform distortion29.06.20188.831375
199Agnes Obel - Myopia21.02.20208.831146
200Dr. John - Locked down30.03.20128.832085
10487The Rolling Stones - Honk19.04.20193.7333
10488Killerpilze - Invasion der Killerpilze19.05.20063.72418
10489Nura - Auf der Suche20.08.20213.7236
10490The Very Best - Warm heart of Africa25.09.20093.7253
10491Afrob - Der Letzte seiner Art04.09.20093.71131
10492Dover - Follow the city lights22.06.20073.7196
10493Laibach - Spectre28.02.20143.7148
10494The Mission - Dum-dum bullet25.06.20103.7044
10495Bring Me The Horizon - That's the spirit11.09.20153.70122
10496Tokio Hotel - Schrei19.09.20053.692205
10497Mark Forster - Liebe16.11.20183.68397
10498Various Artists - Born to the breed - A tribute to Judy Collins31.10.20083.6837
10499Kid Rock - The history of rock29.05.20003.6785
105002raumwohnung - Kommt zusammen (Remix Album)28.01.20023.67227
10501Alt-J - Reduxer28.09.20183.6763
10502Vanessa Peters - Modern age23.04.20213.6696
10503Sternblut - Stark24.09.20103.66119
10504Unheilig - Grosse Freiheit19.02.20103.65896
10505Prinz Porno - Mit Abstand14.02.20203.6523
10506Laibach - Volk20.10.20063.65113
10507Sam Smith - In the lonely hour23.05.20143.6439
10508Uncle Kracker - Seventy two & sunny26.07.20043.6371
10509New Found Glory - Tip of the iceberg / Takin' it ova02.05.20083.63166
10510Johannes Oerding - Alles brennt30.01.20153.6327
10511Kanye West - Jesus is king25.10.20193.6248
10512Mark Eitzel - Don't be a stranger12.10.20123.61224
10513Annett Louisan - Kitsch21.08.20203.6035
10514Rea Garvey - Hy Brasil13.11.20203.6025
10515K.I.Z. - Rap über Hass28.05.20213.6075
10516Waving The Guns - Eine Hand bricht die andere27.01.20173.60234
10517Nickelback - Dark horse14.11.20083.58424
10518Spitting Off Tall Buildings - Spitting Off Tall Buildings30.09.20053.58403
10519Atomic - Wonderland boulevard24.10.20053.57348
10520257ers - Boomshakalakka26.09.20143.5728
10521Fynn Kliemann - Nur17.12.20213.5721
10522Deafheaven - Infinite granite20.08.20213.56165
10523Slipknot - 9.0: Live28.10.20053.56142
105242raumwohnung - Melancholisch schön20.06.20053.54355
10525Clawfinger - Life will kill you27.07.20073.54526
10526Witt - Bayreuth 327.01.20063.54274
10527Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails over the country club19.03.20213.53227
10528Gzuz - Wolke 725.05.20183.5349
10529Hotel Persona - In the clouds27.06.20083.5277
10530Darkthrone - Eternal hails25.06.20213.52160
10531Sheryl Crow - The very best of20.10.20033.52168
10532Stanfour - Wild life29.02.20083.521561
10533Ich + Ich - Gute Reise13.11.20093.51437
10534Debbie Rockt! - Egal was ist13.07.20073.51256
10535AK4711 - Erste Hilfe20.01.20063.50111
105362raumwohnung - Es wird morgen30.08.20043.50282
10537Milow - North and South01.04.20113.50146
10538Ferris MC - Missglückte Asimetrie23.10.20203.5024
10539Natalia Kills - Perfectionist01.04.20113.49217
10540Kid Rock - Cocky10.12.20013.49802
10541L'Âme Immortelle - Auf Deinen Schwingen25.08.20063.4982
10542Bushido - Sonny Black14.02.20143.49247
10543Linkin Park - One more light live15.12.20173.48180
10544Nu Pagadi - Your dark side03.01.20053.481379
10545Drake - Certified lover boy03.09.20213.47108
10546Revolverheld - In Farbe12.03.20103.47270
10547Drake - More life31.03.20173.47100
10548Natasha Bedingfield - Strip me away13.05.20113.4671
10549Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird24.09.20213.4689
10550Herrenmagazin - Sippenhaft07.08.20153.46172
10551Colbie Caillat - All of you08.07.20113.4696
10552Marina - Love + fear26.04.20193.46356
10553Johannes Oerding - Konturen08.11.20193.4555
10554Bring Me The Horizon - Amo25.01.20193.45186
10555Apache 207 - 2sad2disco03.12.20213.4531
10556Melanie C - Reason10.03.20033.45253
10557Finneas - Optimist15.10.20213.4547
10558Bleachers - Take the sadness out of Saturday night30.07.20213.4592
10559Betty Blitzkrieg - Voodookind07.08.20093.44416
10560Mariannenplatz - Schwarz und Weiss08.02.20083.44294
10561Puddle Of Mudd - Re:(disc)overed21.10.20113.44109
10562Revolverheld - Chaostheorie25.05.20073.44184
10563Silbermond - Laut gedacht21.04.20063.447512
10564Prinz Pi - Nichts war umsonst03.11.20173.44154
10565Sportfreunde Stiller - Sturm & Stille07.10.20163.4374
10566Unheilig - Lichterland12.11.20213.4374
10567Der Xer - Mordsmusik08.03.20133.43448
10568Manowar - The lord of steel15.06.20123.43154
10569Disturbed - Evolution19.10.20183.4370
10570Badchieff - Chieff loves you10.09.20213.4384
10571Lil Nas X - Montero17.09.20213.4384
10572Joachim Deutschland - Rock sei Dank07.02.20053.43415
10573The Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The energy never dies)05.06.20093.43517
10574Revolverheld - Neu erzählen08.10.20213.4278
10575Akne Kid Joe - Die große Palmöllüge03.04.20203.4288
10576Sheryl Crow - Threads30.08.20193.42205
10577Noise Unit - Deviator17.09.20213.4274
10578Natalie Imbruglia - White lilies island05.11.20013.42208
10579Haftbefehl - Das weisse Album05.06.20203.42139
10580Justin Bieber - Justice19.03.20213.4129
10581Thomas D präsentiert Reflektor Falke - Lektionen in Demut
10582Waving The Guns - Das muss eine Demokratie aushalten können15.03.20193.41270
10583Ferris MC - Wahrscheinlich nie wieder vielleicht08.03.20193.4137
10584Dee Snider - Leave a scar30.07.20213.4094
10585Babymetal - Metal resistance01.04.20163.3988
10586Die Toten Hosen - Alles ohne Strom25.10.20193.3865
10587Green Day - Father of all ...07.02.20203.3871
10588Bonez MC & RAF Camora - Palmen aus Plastik09.09.20163.38239
10589Santana - Blessings and miracles15.10.20213.3848
10590Colbie Caillat - Breakthrough21.08.20093.3795
10591X Ambassadors - The beautiful liar24.09.20213.3768
10592Lana Del Rey - Violet bent backwards over the grass29.09.20203.36314
10593LaBrassBanda - Danzn24.07.20203.3681
10594Luxuslärm - Carousel16.09.20113.36129
10595Slipknot - Antennas to hell20.07.20123.36166
10596Mark Forster - Musketiere13.08.20213.35198
10597Cinema Bizarre - ToyZ21.08.20093.351631
10598The Bronx - Bronx VI27.08.20213.35119
10599Madcon - Contraband03.12.20103.35198
10600Philipp Dittberner - 2:3318.09.20153.35115
10601Celine Cairo - Overflow27.08.20213.3470
10602LLNN - Unmaker24.09.20213.3473
10603Natalie Imbruglia - Counting down the days09.05.20053.34200
10604Sharleen Spiteri - Melody28.11.20083.34100
10605Laibach - The sound of music23.11.20183.3462
10606Bonez MC - Hollywood11.09.20203.3372
10607Capital Bra - CB704.09.20203.33141
10608LaFee - Zurück in die Zukunft20.08.20213.33162
10609Timbaland - Shock value II04.12.20093.3372
10610Marina & The Diamonds - Electra heart25.05.20123.33250
10611No Angels - 2004.06.20213.33211
10612Kid Rock - Rock n roll Jesus12.10.20073.331075
10613Akne Kid Joe - Die Jungs von AKJ27.08.20213.32121
10614Laibach - Iron sky: The original film soundtrack - We come in peace27.04.20123.3256
10615Charli XCX - Charli13.09.20193.32137
10616Kaiser Chiefs - Souvenir: The singles 2004-201201.06.20123.32100
10617Charli XCX - How I'm feeling now15.05.20203.32135
10618Witt - Auf ewig - Meisterwerke31.08.20073.32384
10619Ferris MC - Asilant17.02.20173.3257
10620Matthias Schweighöfer - Hobby04.09.20203.3151
10621Prinz Pi - Wahre Legenden14.02.20203.3177
10622Helene Fischer - Rausch15.10.20213.31119
10623Portrait - At one with none03.09.20213.31103
10624Haftbefehl - Das schwarze Album30.04.20213.31155
10625Franz Nicolay - Major general28.08.20093.31208
10626Lordi - To beast or not to beast01.03.20133.31131
10627Kid Rock - Born free12.11.20103.311216
10628The Muslims - Fuck these fuckin fascists24.09.20213.30123
10629Thirty Seconds To Mars - America06.04.20183.3054
10630Fettes Brot - Lovestory03.05.20193.3061
10631RAF Camora - Anthrazit25.08.20173.29161
10632Westernhagen - Williamsburg23.10.20093.29705
10633Linkin Park - Road to revolution - Live at Milton Keynes21.11.20083.29203
10634Framing Hanley - A promise to burn28.05.20103.29161
10635Santana - Guitar heaven: the greatest guitar classics of all time17.09.20103.2998
106365 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood15.06.20183.28220
10637Sheryl Crow - Detours22.02.20083.28206
10638Max Giesinger - Vier12.11.20213.2857
10639Deine Jugend - Wir sind Deine Jugend22.10.20103.28221
10640Manowar - Gods of war23.02.20073.28229
10641Linientreu - Sind Freunde elektrisch?17.04.20013.28172
10642Lordi - Deadache24.10.20083.28191
10643James Blunt - Some kind of trouble05.11.20103.28192
10644Scouting For Girls - Everybody wants to be on TV21.05.20103.27232
10645Melanie C - Version of me17.02.20173.27188
10646Sheryl Crow - Wildflower23.09.20053.27159
10647Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone09.03.20073.27163
10648Plain White T's - The wonders of the younger07.12.20103.27197
10649Ke$ha - Animal05.02.20103.27491
10650Beckmann & Band - Bei allem sowieso vielleicht14.03.20143.27175
10651Lana Del Rey - Lust for life21.07.20173.27408
10652Megaloh - 2113.08.20213.27146
10653Natalie Imbruglia - Glorious - The singles 1997 - 200714.09.20073.27199
10654Antilopen Gang - Antilopen Geldwäsche Sampler 124.12.20213.2634
10655Wincent Weiss - Vielleicht irgendwann07.05.20213.26235
10656Culcha Candela - Flätrate25.11.20113.26403
10657Melanie C - Melanie C02.10.20203.26194
10658Peter Plate - Schüchtern ist mein Glück05.04.20133.26217
10659Oomph! - Monster22.08.20083.26217
10660Lordi - Babez for breakfast10.09.20103.26179
10661Nena - Licht16.10.20203.26179
10662Robbie Williams - Take the crown02.11.20123.26724
10663Bring Me The Horizon - Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to ...27.12.20193.26202
10664Limp Bizkit - New old songs03.12.20013.26816
10665Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Bleiben oder gehen23.01.20153.26351
10666Martha Wainwright - Love will be reborn20.08.20213.2696
10667Gabriella Cilmi - Ten18.06.20103.2696
10668School Of Zuversicht - An allem ist zu zweifeln13.08.20213.26100
10669The Black Eyed Peas - The beginning26.11.20103.26614
10670Martha Wainwright - Come home to mama26.10.20123.26105
10671Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Sturm & Dreck12.01.20183.26401
10672Sheryl Crow - Feels like home13.09.20133.26152
10673Cradle Of Filth - Existence is futile22.10.20213.2643
10674Puddle Of Mudd - Volume 4: Songs in the key of love & hate19.02.20103.2686
10675Linkin Park - Recharged25.10.20133.25212
10676Westernhagen - Nahaufnahme21.02.20053.25868
10677Ina Müller - 5520.11.20203.2579
10678Nickelback - Feed the machine16.06.20173.25162
10679Nickelback - No fixed address14.11.20143.25249
10680Lordi - The monsterican dream01.06.20043.25182
10681Stanfour - Rise and fall04.12.20093.253717
10682Joachim Deutschland - Musik wegen Frauen14.04.20033.25628
10683Ostkreutz - Motor01.09.20063.25175
10684Silbermond - Verschwende Deine Zeit12.07.20043.257705
10685Silbermond - Nichts passiert20.03.20093.255871
10686Camp Cope - How to socialise & make friends06.04.20182.742647

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