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Rang Album Leserschnitt Stimmen
1CocoRosie - Tales of a grass widow CocoRosie - Tales of a grass widow24.05.20138.711025
2Weird Al Yankovic - Straight outta Lynwood Weird Al Yankovic - Straight outta Lynwood24.11.20068.711210
3Tanya Donelly - Beautysleep Tanya Donelly - Beautysleep18.02.20028.711043
4Joanna Newsom - Ys Joanna Newsom - Ys10.11.20068.7113935
5Janis Joplin - The Pearl sessions Janis Joplin - The Pearl sessions13.04.20128.714521
6The Felice Brothers - Undress The Felice Brothers - Undress03.05.20198.711132
7Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker - Room 29 Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker - Room 2917.03.20178.711069
8Shannon And The Clams - Dreams in the rat house Shannon And The Clams - Dreams in the rat house24.05.20138.711165
9Shilpa Ray - Door girl Shilpa Ray - Door girl22.09.20178.711375
10Lambchop - Mr. M Lambchop - Mr. M24.02.20128.712125
11Everlast - Songs of the ungrateful living24.02.20128.711374
12Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson reimagines Gershwin17.09.20108.711050
13Firewater - International orange24.08.20128.711218
14John Cale - Shifty adventures in nookie wood28.09.20128.711610
15Wovenhand - Refractory obdurate25.04.20148.711180
16The Felice Brothers - Favorite waitress13.06.20148.711496
17The Sea And Cake - Runner21.09.20128.711729
18Suzanne Vega - Tales from the realm of the queen of pentacles31.01.20148.711879
19Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - There is calm to be done11.07.20148.711209
20Neko Case - Hell-on01.06.20188.711230
21CocoRosie - Grey oceans30.04.20108.712905
22Dexys - Nowhere is home24.10.20148.711181
23CocoRosie - Heartache city16.10.20158.711002
24Mark Olson - The salvation blues16.11.20078.711289
25Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I made a place15.11.20198.711100
26Ryan Adams - Ashes & fire07.10.20118.712090
27Emily Jane White - They moved in shadow all together29.04.20168.711086
28Ryan Adams - Prisoner17.02.20178.711055
29Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi - Cold moon16.10.20158.711136
30Propagandhi - Failed states07.09.20128.711269
31Kimya Dawson - Remember that I love you12.05.20068.711327
32Bitchin Bajas And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Epic jammers and fortunate little ditties18.03.20168.711094
33Manic Street Preachers - Send away the tigers04.05.20078.711155
34They Might Be Giants - Glean29.05.20158.711182
35James - Girl at the end of the world18.03.20168.711165
36Murder By Death - In bocca al lupo02.03.20078.711229
37My Morning Jacket - Evil urges06.06.20088.711178
38The Walkabouts - Berlin16.11.20128.711310
39Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Best troubador05.05.20178.711211
40Neko Case - The worse things get, the harder I fight, the harder I fight, the more I love you30.08.20138.711504
41Mercury Rev - The secret migration24.01.20058.711231
42The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Don't mess with a big band16.07.20108.713149
43Patti Smith - Banga01.06.20128.711830
44Slothrust - The pact14.09.20188.712328
45Everlast - Whitey Ford's house of pain07.09.20188.71971
46The Decemberists - We all raise our voices to the air (Live songs 04.11 - 08.11)16.03.20128.712074
47Jesca Hoop - Hunting my dress30.04.20108.711366
48Waxahatchee - Ivy tripp03.04.20158.711723
49The Decemberists - I'll be your girl16.03.20188.711280
50Bright Eyes - Noise floor (Rarities 1998 - 2005)13.10.20068.711249
51The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico (45th anniversary deluxe edition)26.10.20128.714141
52The Murder Capital - When I have fears16.08.20198.711286
53Waxahatchee - Out in the storm14.07.20178.711704
54Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine24.07.20098.713136
55Warpaint - The fool22.10.20108.712840
56Mark Olson & Gary Louris - Ready for the flood14.11.20088.711326
57Devendra Banhart - What will we be27.11.20098.712851
58Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - Wintersong16.12.20168.711152
59Adam Green - Engine of paradise06.09.20198.71982
60Drive-By Truckers - English oceans28.02.20148.711253
61Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Singer's grave a sea of tongues19.09.20148.711192
62Courtney Barnett - MTV Unplugged - Live in Melbourne06.12.20198.71832
63The Detroit Cobras - Baby.01.11.20048.711256
64The Felice Brothers - Yonder is the clock17.04.20098.713065
65Dead Man's Bones - Dead Man's Bones09.10.20098.713118
66Agnes Obel - Philharmonics17.09.20108.711286
67Camper Van Beethoven - La costa perdida15.02.20138.711069
68Eleni Mandell - I can see the future06.07.20128.711340
69Ryan Adams - Ten songs from Live at Carnegie Hall05.06.20158.711089
70The Bluetones - The Bluetones13.10.20068.711116
71Jarvis Cocker - Further complications15.05.20098.712972
72Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Dirt don't hurt04.10.20088.713228
73The Fall - Sub-lingual tablet29.05.20158.711085
74Mirel Wagner - When the cellar children see the light of day15.08.20148.711393
75Various Artists - Come fly with us (A Glitterhouse compilation)14.02.20008.711634
76Mojave 3 - Puzzles like you16.06.20068.713169
77Pavement - Quarantine the past05.03.20108.703062
78Devendra Banhart - Mala15.03.20138.701250
79Wire - Wire17.04.20158.701507
80T-Bone Burnett - Tooth of crime09.05.20088.701124
81Brian Setzer Orchestra - Songs from Lonely Avenue16.10.20098.703114
82The Avett Brothers - The carpenter30.11.20128.701235
83Mercury Rev - The light in you02.10.20158.701600
84The Low Anthem - Smart flesh25.02.20118.702270
85The New Pornographers - Challengers24.08.20078.703084
86The Fall - Imperial wax solvent08.07.20088.703439
87Calexico - Algiers07.09.20128.701373
88Beach House - Thank your lucky stars16.10.20158.701373
89Hurray For The Riff Raff - The navigator10.03.20178.703756
90Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood01.11.20048.701190
91Cat Power - Sun31.08.20128.701551
92Willard Grant Conspiracy - Untethered07.12.20188.701139
93The Walkabouts - Travels in the dustland21.10.20118.701361
94Solomon Burke - Make do with what you got28.02.20058.701202
95Mercury Rev - The essential Mercury Rev: Stillness breathes (1991 - 2006)29.09.20068.701360
96Camper Van Beethoven - Popular songs of great enduring strength and beauty20.06.20088.703362
97Marlon Williams - Make way for love16.02.20188.703908
98Fleet Foxes - Helplessness blues29.04.20118.702733
99Beth Orton - Comfort of strangers17.02.20068.701467
100Solomon Burke - Nashville06.10.20068.701089
101Beach House - Depression cherry28.08.20158.701315
102Wire - Mind hive24.01.20208.70853
103Agnes Obel - Citizen of glass21.10.20168.701264
104Laura Marling - Short movie20.03.20158.701330
105Sophia - There are no goodbyes24.04.20098.703357
106Angel Olsen - Burn your fire for no witness14.02.20148.702275
107Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Wolfroy goes to town28.10.20118.702096
108Howe Gelb - Gathered08.03.20198.701157
109Lambchop - Trip13.11.20208.70269
110Blur - Think tank05.05.20038.701868
111Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Beware13.03.20098.703362
112Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta sea lice13.10.20178.701420
113Alabama Shakes - Boys & girls06.04.20128.701611
114Jeff Tweedy - Love is the king23.10.20208.70295
115Dakota Suite - The end of trying30.01.20098.703178
116The Streets - Everything is borrowed26.09.20088.703698
117Various Artists - Rave on Buddy Holly01.07.20118.701078
118The Jayhawks - Mockingbird time02.09.20118.702752
119Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Northern aggression29.10.20108.701087
120Mark Olson - Good-bye Lizelle19.09.20148.701394
121Joanna Newsom - Divers23.10.20158.703627
122Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. III: Live around the world07.10.20118.701574
123Howe Gelb - The coincidentalist08.11.20138.701467
124Johnny Dowd - Cruel words17.02.20068.706531
125Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter - Marble son22.04.20118.703768
126Bill Callahan - Dream river20.09.20138.701489
127Swell - Whenever you're ready01.09.20038.707145
128Bright Eyes - Fevers and mirrors03.11.20008.701641
129Nils Koppruch - Caruso13.08.20108.702560
130Yo La Tengo - Fade11.01.20138.702307
131Adam Green - Minor love08.01.20108.702849
132She Keeps Bees - Eight houses26.09.20148.701992
133The Shins - Port of morrow16.03.20128.702009
134The Felice Brothers - The Felice Brothers14.03.20088.703222
135The Smiths - The sound of The Smiths21.11.20088.701600
136Sophie Hunger - The danger of light05.10.20128.701880
137Built To Spill - There is no enemy12.02.20108.703069
138Vampire Weekend - Modern vampires of the city10.05.20138.701995
139Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra18.07.20088.703326
140The Fall - Your future our clutter23.04.20108.702491
141Violent Femmes - We can do anything04.03.20168.701023
142Steve Earle & The Dukes - J.T.04.01.20218.70235
143James - La petite mort06.06.20148.701284
144Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks - Mirror traffic19.08.20118.701849
145Sophie Hunger - The rules of fire06.12.20138.701775
146The Sea And Cake - Car alarm17.10.20088.703531
147Bowerbirds - Hymns for a dark horse11.07.20088.703598
148J Mascis - Tied to a star29.08.20148.701594
149Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex09.06.20178.701087
150Cracker - Sunrise in the land of milk and honey08.05.20098.703034
151Waxahatchee - Cerulean salt28.06.20138.702403
152Nils Koppruch - Den Teufel tun05.04.20078.702582
153Bowerbirds - The clearing09.03.20128.702013
154Alela Diane - To be still20.02.20098.691455
155Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova - One jug of wine, two vessels26.03.20108.691047
156Lambchop - OH (Ohio)04.10.20088.693616
157Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology31.10.20088.693549
158Dr. John - Locked down30.03.20128.691856
159Sleaford Mods - English tapas03.03.20178.691108
160Anna Burch - Quit the curse09.02.20188.691193
161The Jayhawks - XOXO10.07.20208.69428
162Devendra Banhart - Ma13.09.20198.691068
163Manic Street Preachers - Postcards from a young man17.09.20108.692484
164Everlast - Love, war and the ghost of Whitey Ford19.09.20088.694323
165Sons And Daughters - Mirror mirror10.06.20118.692096
166The Bees - Octopus27.04.20078.691052
167Larkin Poe - Reskinned18.03.20168.691145
168The Divine Comedy - Office politics07.06.20198.691297
169Bright Eyes - Down in the weeds, where the world once was21.08.20208.69432
170Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - You can't buy a gun when you're crying30.03.20078.694147
171Cowboy Junkies - At the end of paths taken05.04.20078.694189
172Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit20.03.20158.691645
173Arcade Fire - Reflektor25.10.20138.691959
174The Fall - Re-mit17.05.20138.691543
175Laura Marling - I speak because I can26.03.20108.691418
176Firewater - Songs we should have written03.05.20048.692795
177Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies - Alegrías25.03.20118.692221
178Eels - Earth to Dora30.10.20208.69397
179Samantha Crain - Under branch & thorn & tree17.07.20158.691751
180Bob Dylan - Tempest07.09.20128.692820
181The Mountain Goats - All eternals deck01.04.20118.691951
182Sophie Hunger - Halluzinationen04.09.20208.69421
183The Indelicates - American demo28.03.20088.693676
184R.E.M. - Live at the Olympia in Dublin23.10.20098.691890
185Marissa Nadler - For my crimes28.09.20188.692830
186Yo La Tengo - Popular songs04.09.20098.693680
187Manic Street Preachers - Resistance is futile13.04.20188.691364
188Aldous Harding - Aldous Harding15.04.20168.691256
189Wilco - The whole love23.09.20118.692569
190Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt12.09.20088.691302
191Wire - Red barked tree14.01.20118.692888
192Karen Elson - The ghost who walks28.05.20108.691209
193Dakota Suite - The hearts of empty03.06.20118.692108
194Sharon Van Etten - Remind me tomorrow18.01.20198.691856
195Gang Of Four - Content28.01.20118.692525
196The Mountain Goats - Getting into knives23.10.20208.69331
197The Jam - About the young idea – The very best of The Jam22.06.20158.691227
198Cake - Showroom of compassion27.05.20118.682234
199Mumford & Sons - Sigh no more23.10.20098.684179
200Rickie Lee Jones - The sermon on Exposition Boulevard09.02.20078.684314
201Giant Sand - Provisions05.09.20088.683397
202Marissa Nadler - Strangers20.05.20168.682953
203Angel Olsen - Phases10.11.20178.681907
204Brian Wilson - That lucky old sun29.08.20088.681619
205The Waterboys - An appointment with Mr. Yeats23.09.20118.682227
206Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading trails15.09.20068.682881
207Bonnie 'Prince' Billy With Harem Scarem And Alex Neilson - Is it the sea?17.10.20088.683224
208Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Lie down in the light16.05.20088.683364
209Dexys - One day I'm going to soar15.06.20128.682243
210Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real emotional trash07.03.20088.683780
211Tortoise - Beacons of ancestorship19.06.20098.683118
212Drive-By Truckers - The big to-do02.04.20108.681266
213The Mountain Goats - Goths19.05.20178.681630
214Warpaint - Warpaint17.01.20148.681723
215Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams05.09.20148.681199
216Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present Kort - Invariable heartache01.10.20108.682489
217My Bloody Valentine - EP's 1988 - 199104.05.20128.681895
218Element Of Crime - Live im Tempodrom11.10.20198.68819
219Lambchop - This (is what I wanted to tell you)22.03.20198.681204
220Adam Green - Sixes & sevens07.03.20088.683750
221The Sea And Cake - Everybody11.05.20078.684399
222The Mystery Lights - The Mystery Lights24.06.20168.681247
223Gomez - Five men in a hut - A's, B's & rarities: 1998-200413.10.20068.681099
224Matthew E. White - Fresh blood06.03.20158.681192
225Drive-By Truckers - American band30.09.20168.681239
226Fleet Foxes - Crack-up16.06.20178.681169
227The Decemberists - What a terrible world, what a beautiful world16.01.20158.681247
228The Ex - Catch my shoe29.10.20108.682221
229Murder By Death - Bitter drink, bitter moon12.10.20128.681343
230Matthew E. White - Big inner08.02.20138.681265
231The Tragically Hip - Music @ work22.05.20008.681155
23250 Foot Wave - Golden ocean07.03.20058.684390
233Sophie Hunger - Monday's ghost27.02.20098.682821
234Dakota Suite - Waiting for the dawn to crawl through and take away your life16.02.20078.684388
235Ryan Adams - 198921.09.20158.681129
236Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band - Outher south08.05.20098.683027
237The Avett Brothers - I and love and you19.03.20108.682625
238Giant Sand - Blurry blue mountain22.10.20108.682418
239Bright Eyes - Lifted or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground12.08.20028.682380
240Amy Millan - Masters of the burial23.10.20098.681271
241Gang Of Four - What happens next27.02.20158.681274
242Buzzcocks - A different compilation10.06.20118.683085
243Throwing Muses - Sun racket04.09.20208.68386
244Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - The wonder show of the world26.03.20108.682726
245Propagandhi - Supporting caste09.03.20098.683787
246Guillemots - Walk the river22.07.20118.682293
247The Decemberists - The king is dead14.01.20118.682560
248Bowerbirds - Upper air10.07.20098.683103
249Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - Droneflower26.04.20198.682634
250Fleet Foxes - Shore22.09.20208.68357
251Willard Grant Conspiracy - Paper covers stone28.08.20098.682794
252Manic Street Preachers - Futurology04.07.20148.681759
253Firewater - The golden hour04.04.20088.682847
254Kevin Ayers - The unfairground07.09.20078.683955
255Tuxedomoon - Cabin in the sky13.09.20048.681146
256The Jayhawks - Paging Mr. Proust29.04.20168.68421
257Drive-By Truckers - The new OK02.10.20208.68356
258Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre28.08.20098.682594
259My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter - Our love will cut through everything01.10.20108.682480
260Cerys Matthews - Never said goodbye29.09.20068.684450
261The Fall - New facts emerge28.07.20178.681080
262Bill Callahan - Gold record04.09.20208.68360
263The Mountain Goats - Transcendental youth05.10.20128.672103
264Manic Street Preachers - Rewind the film13.09.20138.671921
265David Lowery - The palace guards25.02.20118.671056
266Sons And Daughters - This gift25.01.20088.673857
267Willard Grant Conspiracy - Pilgrim road02.05.20088.673506
268Bill Callahan - Apocalypse08.04.20118.672351
269Richard Hawley - Coles corner05.09.20058.674455
270Firewater - Psychopharmacology25.02.20028.672885
271Bright Eyes - The people's key11.02.20118.672567
272The New Pornographers - Whiteout conditions07.04.20178.671032
273Prefab Sprout - Crimson / red04.10.20138.671397
274Firewater - The man on the burning tightrope16.02.20048.672965
275Angel Olsen - My woman02.09.20168.671897
276Emily Jane White - Ode to sentience05.11.20108.672397
277The Mountain Goats - Beat the champ10.04.20158.671804
278Guillemots - Red02.05.20088.672764
279Dinosaur Jr. - I bet on sky14.09.20128.672544
280Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst01.08.20088.673535
281Emily Jane White - Victorian America30.10.20098.672514
282Various Artists - Chicago 2018... It's gonna change10.03.20008.671575
283Shannon And The Clams - Onion16.02.20188.671293
284Joanna Newsom - Have one on me26.02.20108.677915
285Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud27.03.20208.67796
286Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Begonias20.06.20058.675173
287Eels - Tomorrow morning20.08.20108.672630
288Belle & Sebastian - Belle and Sebastian write about love08.10.20108.672547
289The Mynabirds - What we lose in the fire we gain in the flood07.05.20108.671542
290Marissa Nadler - July07.02.20148.673430
291Freakwater - Thinking of you12.09.20058.676373
292Drive-By Truckers - It's great to be alive!06.11.20158.671437
293R.E.M. - Part lies part heart part truth part garbage 1982-201111.11.20118.673258
294Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White - Gentlewoman, ruby man13.01.20178.671409
295Adam Green - Aladdin29.04.20168.671327
296Ween - La cucaracha19.10.20078.674056
297Vampire Weekend - Contra08.01.20108.673596
298Steely Dan - Everything must go10.06.20038.671514
299Johnny Cash - Out among the stars21.03.20148.671499
300Jane Birkin - Fictions24.03.20068.674622
301The Television Personalities - My dark places24.02.20068.674685
302Steve Earle & The Dukes - Terraplane13.02.20158.671381
303Bob Dylan - Rough and rowdy ways19.06.20208.67543
304Balthazar - Sand26.02.20218.6721
305Ray Davies - See my friends05.11.20108.671068
306T-Bone Burnett - The true false identity19.05.20068.674886
307Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. 4: The soul of truth30.03.20128.671538
308PJ Harvey - The hope six demolition project15.04.20168.671247
309Lydia Loveless - Somewhere else14.03.20148.671303
310The Divine Comedy - Foreverland02.09.20168.671342
311Loose Fur - Born again in the USA10.03.20068.674629
312Jessica Pratt - On your own love again30.01.20158.671237
313The Fall - Ersatz GB18.11.20118.671757
314Scott Walker - Bish Bosch30.11.20128.671850
315Amy Millan - Honey from the tombs07.07.20068.671317
316Loose Fur - Loose Fur27.01.20038.674642
317Element Of Crime - Lieblingsfarben und Tiere26.09.20148.671355
318Woven Hand - Ten stones12.09.20088.671304
319Leonard Cohen - You want it darker21.10.20168.661581
320Conor Oberst - Salutations17.03.20178.661187
321Radian Verses Howe Gelb - Radian Verses Howe Gelb21.11.20148.661239
322Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop - Love letter for fire15.04.20168.661322
323The Lumineers - Cleopatra08.04.20168.661256
324Calexico - Carried to dust05.09.20088.663997
325Stephen Malkmus - Groove denied15.03.20198.661312
326Murder By Death - The other shore24.08.20188.661395
327The Detroit Cobras - Tied & true22.06.20078.661288
328Various Artists - Total Lee - The songs of Lee Hazlewood03.06.20028.664668
329Dirty Projectors - Bitte orca05.06.20098.661188
330Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sorry is gone29.09.20178.661182
331Devendra Banhart - Smokey rolls down thunder canyon28.09.20078.664085
332Jesca Hoop - Stonechild05.07.20198.661306
333The Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The marble downs06.04.20128.661193
334Father John Misty - I love you, honeybear06.02.20158.661228
335Element Of Crime - Schafe, Monster und Mäuse05.10.20188.661216
336Tanya Donelly - Whiskey tango ghosts26.07.20048.664657
337Cracker - Greenland02.06.20068.664660
338Angel Olsen - All mirrors04.10.20198.661144
339The B-52's - Funplex11.04.20088.661108
340The New Pornographers - Together30.04.20108.661182
341Soundtrack - I'm not there (Original soundtrack)09.11.20078.666398
342Josephine Foster - Faithful fairy harmony16.11.20188.661255
343Mercury Rev - Hello blackbird - A soundtrack by Mercury Rev29.09.20068.661121
344Father John Misty - Pure comedy07.04.20178.661168
345Lucinda Williams - Down where the spirit meets the bone26.09.20148.661200
346My Morning Jacket - Okonokos27.10.20068.664723
347Jonathan Richman - Because her beauty is raw and wild01.08.20088.661182
348The Coral - Distance inbetween04.03.20168.661090
349Cracker - Berkeley to Bakersfield23.01.20158.661264
350Bob Dylan - Dylan05.10.20078.661775
351Gil Scott-Heron - I'm new here05.02.20108.661202
352Beth Orton - Daybreaker19.08.20028.661340
353Public Image Limited - What the world needs now ...04.09.20158.661124
354Cornershop feat. Bubbley Kaur - Cornershop and the double-o groove of18.03.20118.661079
355James - Hey Ma06.06.20088.663685
356PJ Harvey - The Peel sessions 1991-200410.11.20068.664136
357Neko Case - Middle cyclone27.02.20098.663505
358The Coral - The curse of love28.11.20148.661252
359Wilco - Star wars21.08.20158.661160
360Calexico - The thread that keeps us26.01.20188.661112
361Dirty Projectors - Lamp lit prose13.07.20188.661174
362Jessica Pratt - Quiet signs08.02.20198.661100
363Father John Misty - Fear fun27.04.20128.661082
364The Sea And Cake - The moonlight butterfly13.05.20118.662346
365Terry Allen And The Panhandle Mystery Band - Just like Moby Dick24.01.20208.661017
366Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band - One of my kind25.05.20128.661193
367The Mountain Goats - The life of the world to come09.10.20098.663397
368PJ Harvey & John Parish - A woman a man walked by03.04.20098.661137
369The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong25.03.20118.661122
370Warpaint - Heads up23.09.20168.661195
371Dirty Projectors - Rise above02.11.20078.661057
372Wilco - The Wilco book01.12.20048.661218
373Mercury Rev - Bobbie Gentry's The delta sweete revisited08.02.20198.662439
374Kristin Hersh - Learn to sing like a star02.02.20078.664795
375Drive-By Truckers - Go-go boots11.02.20118.661235
376Scott Walker - The childhood of a leader19.08.20168.661302
377The Low Anthem - Oh my God, Charlie Darwin28.08.20098.662561
378Bruce Springsteen - The promise12.11.20108.661254
379They Might Be Giants - Nanobots28.03.20138.661201
380Screaming Females - Rose mountain27.02.20158.661110
381The Beautiful South - Superbi25.08.20068.661303
382CocoRosie - The adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn13.04.20078.664747
383A Seated Craft - Of birds20.02.20158.661168
384Camper Van Beethoven - El camino real20.06.20148.661103
385Ryan Adams - Prisoner B-sides28.04.20178.66989
386The Avett Brothers - Live, volume 308.10.20108.661144
387Beach House - 711.05.20188.661430
388My Morning Jacket - The waterfall II10.07.20208.66462
389Sophia - As we make our way (Unknown harbours)15.04.20168.661070
390J Mascis - Elastic days09.11.20188.661169
391The Divine Comedy - Victory for the comic muse23.06.20068.664749
392Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Sparkle hard18.05.20188.661066
393Caitlin Rose - Own side now17.09.20108.661089
394Wovenhand - Star treatment09.09.20168.661071
395The Coral - Move through the dawn10.08.20188.661065
396The Strypes - Snapshot06.12.20138.661123
397Blur - The magic whip24.04.20158.661222
398Dinosaur Jr. - Give a glimpse of what yer not05.08.20168.661219
399Jeff Tweedy - Together at last23.06.20178.661391
400Yo La Tengo - There's a riot going on16.03.20188.661219
401Joanna Newsom - The milk-eyed mender03.05.20048.6611212
402Bruce Springsteen - High hopes10.01.20148.661209
403Stephan Eicher - Homeless songs11.10.20198.66970
404Cat Power - Wanderer05.10.20188.661493
405Beach House - Beach House10.08.20078.661368
406The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Days of abandon06.06.20148.661097
407Bob Dylan - Shadows in the night30.01.20158.661444
408Sleaford Mods - Key Markets24.07.20158.661107
409Arcade Fire - Everything now28.07.20178.661133
410Giant Sand - Heartbreak pass08.05.20158.661071
411The Lumineers - III13.09.20198.661077
412The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - We are only riders15.01.20108.661775
413Built To Spill - Untethered moon20.04.20158.651113
414Wilco - Schmilco09.09.20168.651104
415Friends Of Dean Martinez - Lost horizon14.10.20058.654874
416The Decemberists - The hazards of love27.03.20098.653573
417Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking ball02.03.20128.651118
418Agnes Obel - Aventine27.09.20138.651622
419Shilpa Ray - Last year's savage22.05.20158.651034
420Marissa Nadler - Marissa Nadler24.06.20118.654260
421Devendra Banhart - Ape in pink marble23.09.20168.651056
422Cornershop - Urban turban - The Singhles club18.05.20128.651044
423Manic Street Preachers - National treasures - The complete singles04.11.20118.651058
424Bob Dylan & The Band - The basement tapes raw: The bootleg series Vol. 1131.10.20148.652021
425Belle & Sebastian - How to solve our human problems16.02.20188.651100
426Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort26.07.20198.651068
427Eels - Useless trinkets (B-sides, soundtracks, rarities and unreleased 1996-2006)15.02.20088.653776
428Archer Prewitt - Wilderness24.01.20058.654828
429J Mascis - Several shades of why18.03.20118.653908
430Jim James - Eternally even04.11.20168.651070
431Dirty Projectors - Swing lo Magellan06.07.20128.651784
432The White Stripes - Greatest hits04.12.20208.65366
433Neko Case - Fox confessor brings the flood03.03.20068.654871
434Ryan Adams - Easy tiger29.06.20078.654157
435The Fall - Reformation post-TLC23.02.20078.654352
436Lucinda Williams - West02.03.20078.654315
437The Felice Brothers - Celebration, Florida20.05.20118.652287
438Graham Coxon - Love travels at illegal speeds17.03.20068.654714
439Willard Grant Conspiracy - Let it roll17.03.20068.654664
440Sophia - Holding on / Letting go25.09.20208.65353
441Aldous Harding - Designer26.04.20198.651253
442Calexico - Spiritoso29.11.20138.651078
443Throwing Muses - Anthology02.09.20118.651400
444Iron & Wine | Calexico - In the reins12.09.20058.654851
445Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - The side of her inexhaustible heart04.11.20118.651914
446Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (4 CD-Box)08.11.20198.65947
447Josephine Foster - No more lamps in the morning05.02.20168.651229
448Magnolia Electric Co. - What comes after the blues17.05.20058.652916
449Aldous Harding - Party19.05.20178.651185
450Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The brave and the bold20.01.20068.654931
451Cracker - Greatest hits: Redux24.02.20068.654811
452Bruce Springsteen - Letter to you23.10.20208.65555
453They Might Be Giants - Join us12.08.20118.652599
454Devendra Banhart - Cripple crow19.09.20058.655089
455Jarv Is... - Beyond the pale17.07.20208.65481
456Lambchop - Damaged11.08.20068.654937
457The Divine Comedy - Bang goes the knighthood28.05.20108.652674
458Calexico and Iron & Wine - Years to burn14.06.20198.65871
459Allison Crutchfield - Tourist in this town27.01.20178.641929
460The Beach Boys - The smile sessions28.10.20118.643493
461The Lumineers - The Lumineers16.11.20128.641259
462Bob Dylan - Another self portrait (1969-1971): The bootleg series Vol. 1023.08.20138.642757
463Sharon Van Etten - Tramp10.02.20128.642281
464Jeff Tweedy - Warmer13.04.20198.64864
465Lorde - Pure heroine25.10.20138.642714
466Element Of Crime - Fremde Federn19.11.20108.642367
467Fleet Foxes - First collection: 2006-200909.11.20188.641071
468Beach House - Bloom11.05.20128.641593
469Richard Thompson - Front parlour ballads08.08.20058.645143
470Wilco - Wilco (The album)26.06.20098.643676
471PJ Harvey - White chalk21.09.20078.644525
472Courtney Barnett - Tell me how you really feel18.05.20188.641670
473The Strumbellas - Rattlesnake29.03.20198.641177
474Espers - Espers II28.07.20068.643922
475Sharon Van Etten - Are we there23.05.20148.642443
476Larkin Poe - Self made man12.06.20208.64514
477Sam Prekop - Who's your new professor07.03.20058.645076
478Cornershop - Judy sucks a lemon for breakfast11.09.20098.644536
479Espers - Espers08.08.20058.643944
480Marissa Nadler - Songs III: Bird on the water23.03.20078.645503
481EMA - Past life martyred saints03.06.20118.641185
482Giant Giant Sand - Tucson22.06.20128.641755
483Cowboy Junkies - Early 21st century blues01.08.20058.645204
484The Fall - Fall heads roll07.10.20058.645108
485Chumbawamba - A singsong and a scrap07.10.20058.645208
486Marissa Nadler - Little hells27.02.20098.645549
487Grant-Lee Phillips - Nineteeneighties23.06.20068.644543
488Graham Coxon - The spinning top19.06.20098.643043
489The Beatles - On air - Live at the BBC Volume 208.11.20138.642368
490Steve Earle - The revolution starts ... now23.08.20048.641627
491Black Lipstick - Converted thieves06.10.20038.645242
492Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter at the feast22.03.20138.642392
493Throwing Muses - Throwing Muses17.03.20038.646413
494CocoRosie - Put the shine on13.03.20208.64611
495Dakota Suite - An almost silent life23.11.20128.641473
496Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Adam Green & Binki Shapiro25.01.20138.641132
497Bill Callahan - Sometimes I wish we were an eagle27.03.20098.643337
498Lorde - Melodrama16.06.20178.641664
499Belle & Sebastian - What to look for in summer11.12.20208.64280
500Lucinda Williams - Good souls better angels24.04.20208.64494
501Ween - Shinola Vol. 105.09.20058.645136
502My Bloody Valentine - M B V02.02.20138.642246
503Beach House - Teen dream26.02.20108.643142
504Angel Olsen - Whole new mess28.08.20208.63441
505The Shins - Wincing the night away26.01.20078.635444
506Eels - The cautionary tales of Mark Oliver Everett18.04.20148.631521
507Beach House - B-sides and rarities30.06.20178.631313
508Beth Orton - Kidsticks27.05.20168.631433
509Devendra Banhart - Nino rojo27.09.20048.635383
510Pulp - The complete Peel sessions31.10.20068.634498
511Brian Setzer Orchestra - Vavoom!31.07.20008.635383
512Brian Setzer - Nitro burnin' funny daddy20.10.20038.635332
513The New Pornographers - Twin cinema22.08.20058.635211
514Sleaford Mods - Spare ribs15.01.20218.63256
515Eels - Royal Albert Hall10.04.20158.631176
516Calexico - Selections from 'Road atlas 1998-2011'18.11.20118.631282
517PJ Harvey - Let England shake11.02.20118.632820
518Conor Oberst - Upside down mountain16.05.20148.631414
519Belle & Sebastian - The life pursuit10.02.20068.635260
520Bob Dylan - Fallen angels20.05.20168.631186
521The Felice Brothers - Life in the dark24.06.20168.631357
522The Mystery Lights - Too much tension!10.05.20198.631394
523Eels - The deconstruction06.04.20188.631223
524Smog - A river ain't too much to love30.05.20058.635409
525Wire - Nocturnal Koreans29.04.20168.631511
526The Decemberists - Her majesty, The Decemberists13.10.20038.636985
527The Streets - The hardest way to make an easy living07.04.20068.635392
528Bright Eyes - Motion sickness - Live recordings18.11.20058.635193
529The Streets - Original pirate material29.04.20028.635446
530Alabama Shakes - Sound & color17.04.20158.631304
531Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the devil's tattoo12.03.20108.634594
532Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Wig out at jagbags03.01.20148.631441
533My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter - Midnight midnight05.10.20128.631470
534Wire - Silver / Lead31.03.20178.631427
535Wire - Object 4711.07.20088.634066
536Lambchop - The decline of the country and western civilization 1993-199907.04.20068.634799
537The Coral - Butterfly house30.07.20108.635183
538Laura Marling - Once I was an eagle24.05.20138.631505
539Yo La Tengo - Stuff like that there28.08.20158.631261
540CocoRosie - Noah's ark12.09.20058.635398
541Murder By Death - Big dark love06.02.20158.631495
542Wovenhand - The laughing stalk07.09.20128.631217
543Belle & Sebastian - The third eye centre23.08.20138.631429
544Bright Eyes - Cassadaga07.04.20078.634837
545Suzanne Vega - Beauty & crime08.06.20078.634622
546Eleni Mandell - Let's fly a kite24.01.20148.631428
547Neko Case - Blacklisted28.10.20028.636295
548The Streets - A grand don't come for free10.05.20048.635559
549Stephan Eicher - Tour Taxi Europa27.09.20048.631196
550The Wrens - The Meadowlands25.11.20058.635367
551God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl19.06.20098.63658
552Alela Diane - Alela Diane & Wild Divine01.04.20118.631422
553Sons And Daughters - The repulsion box27.06.20058.635602
554Alela Diane - The pirate's gospel29.02.20088.631467
555Laura Marling - A creature I don't know23.09.20118.621336
556Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - The indestructibility of the already felled31.01.20208.62831
557Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center24.01.20198.621334
558The Strumbellas - Hope20.05.20168.621259
559Belle & Sebastian - Push barman to open old wounds30.05.20058.625416
560Stephen Malkmus - Face the truth23.05.20058.625435
561The Waterboys - Modern blues23.01.20158.621377
562Timber Timbre - Sincerely, future pollution21.04.20178.621229
563Emily Jane White - Blood / lines01.11.20138.621149
564Sleaford Mods - Eton alive22.02.20198.621112
565Willard Grant Conspiracy - There but for the grace of God - A short history of the Willard Grant Conspiracy15.11.20048.625500
566Beth Orton - Sugaring season28.09.20128.621349
567Dakota Suite & Vampillia - The sea is never full23.09.20168.621195
568Nina Nastasia & Jim White - You follow me01.06.20078.624224
569Fink - Bam Bam Bam28.02.20058.625502
570Jane Birkin - Rendez-vous05.04.20048.625651
571Sophie Hunger - 198316.04.20108.622574
572Jessica Lea Mayfield - With blasphemy so heartfelt30.01.20098.623335
573Gang Of Four - Return the gift07.10.20058.625193
574Steve Earle - Washington Square serenade28.09.20078.621336
575Father John Misty - God's favorite customer01.06.20188.621211
576Propagandhi - Victory lap29.09.20178.621192
577Laura Marling - Semper femina10.03.20178.621342
578Sophie Hunger - Supermoon24.04.20158.621323
579Trembling Bells - The sovereign self10.07.20158.621265
580Element Of Crime - Romantik19.11.20018.627648
581Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The letting go15.09.20068.624903
582Rickie Lee Jones - The evening of my best day13.10.20038.625712
583Gomez - Whatever's on your mind08.07.20118.621131
584The Sadies - Northern passages10.02.20178.621123
585Jim James - Uniform distortion29.06.20188.621161
586Cat Power - Jukebox18.01.20088.624232
587Lambchop - FLOTUS04.11.20168.621334
588Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Superwolf17.01.20058.625548
589Propagandhi - Potemkin city limits14.10.20058.625740
590Cake - Pressure chief11.10.20048.625776
591Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - ...tick...tick...tick04.10.20058.625615
592Bruce Springsteen - Working on a dream23.01.20098.625028
593Case/lang/Veirs - Case/lang/Veirs17.06.20168.621140
594Graham Coxon - A+E30.03.20128.621206
595John Cale - Black acetate23.09.20058.625121
596Sophia - Technology won't save us27.10.20068.625504
597Jim James - Regions of light and sound of God08.02.20138.621111
598Sixteen Horsepower - Yours, truly02.09.20118.621090
599The Orange Peels - Circling the sun21.03.20058.625781
600Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Summer in the southeast04.11.20058.625032
601EMA - The future's void04.04.20148.621128
602Sleaford Mods - Divide and exit23.05.20148.621126
603Wire - Send28.04.20038.626966
604Murder By Death - Good morning, magpie14.05.20108.621316
605Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - What the Brothers sang15.02.20138.621248
606Brian Setzer - 1327.10.20068.624868
607The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart20.03.20098.621107
608The Avett Brothers - True sadness24.06.20168.621039
609Guillemots - Through the windowpane26.09.20068.626197
610Murder By Death - Red of tooth and claw28.03.20088.621284
611Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis17.11.20068.624914
612Cracker / Leftover Salmon - O Cracker where art thou?26.01.20048.625944
613Graham Coxon - Happiness in magazines24.05.20048.625849
614Graham Coxon - Crow sit on blood tree30.11.20018.625852
615Adam Green - Jacket full of danger10.03.20068.625081
616Eels - End times22.01.20108.613026
617Lambchop - Is a woman18.02.20028.616793
618Gang Of Four - Happy now26.04.20198.611079
619The Bees - Sunshine hit me11.02.20028.615675
620Holly Golightly - Slowly but surely04.10.20048.615645
621Sandy Dillon - East Overshoe12.03.20018.615901
622CocoRosie - La maison de mon rêve05.04.20048.615687
623Bob Dylan - The cutting edge 1965-1966: The bootleg series, Vol. 1213.11.20158.611417
624Jim White - Drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see02.08.20048.615707
625Agnes Obel - Myopia21.02.20208.61925
626Esther Rose - You made it this far30.08.20198.61981
627Stephan Eicher - Taxi Europa10.06.20038.616227
628Leonard Cohen - Live at the Isle Of Wight 197023.10.20098.61934
629Built To Spill - You in reverse13.04.20068.615714
630Mark Olson - Many colored kite03.09.20108.611222
631Everlast - Eat at Whitey's16.10.20008.616136
632Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors24.02.20178.611152
633Lambchop - Aw c'mon / No you c'mon09.02.20048.616322
634Cerys Matthews - Cockahoop23.06.20038.615943
635Hefner - Dead media24.09.20018.615986
636Timber Timbre - Creep on creepin' on08.04.20118.611212
637Scott Walker + Sunn O))) - Soused17.10.20148.611237
638Bruce Springsteen - Western stars – Songs from the film25.10.20198.61908
639The New Pornographers - Electric version16.06.20038.616000
640Giant Sand - Is all over ... the map13.09.20048.615869
641The Mountain Goats - The sunset tree02.05.20058.615449
642Karen Elson - Double roses07.04.20178.611216
643Gomez - A new tide24.04.20098.611190
644Friends Of Dean Martinez - Wichita lineman28.05.20018.616013
645Lilium - Short stories30.06.20038.616274
646Eleni Mandell - Dark lights up24.07.20158.611188
647The Fall - The unutterable06.11.20008.616052
648Brian Wilson - No pier pressure03.04.20158.611182
649The Mountain Goats - Heretic pride29.02.20088.614294
650Sons And Daughters - Love the cup06.09.20048.616002
651Catatonia - Paper scissors stone06.08.20018.616009
652Cowboy Junkies - One soul now01.06.20048.615817
653Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Pond scum22.01.20168.611079
654Ryan Adams - 2906.01.20068.615859
655EMA - Exile in the outer ring25.08.20178.611167
656Condo Fucks - Fuckbook20.03.20098.611126
657Songs:Ohia - Didn't it rain02.04.20028.616033
658The Beatles - Love17.11.20068.614718
659Timber Timbre - Hot dreams04.04.20148.611150
660Devo - Something for everybody09.07.20108.611152
661Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson and the opera circuit17.11.20068.611030
662Aimee Mann - Lost in space02.09.20028.616095
663Dakota Suite - The way I am sick11.03.20028.616183
664Dakota Suite - This river only brings poison23.09.20028.616186
665Beach House - Devotion29.02.20088.611507
666Chumbawamba - Readymades26.08.20028.616129
667Cat Power - The greatest20.01.20068.615733
668Eels - Wonderful, glorious01.02.20138.611550
669The Mynabirds - Lovers know07.08.20158.611046
670Chumbawamba - Un26.04.20048.616143
671Everlast - White trash beautiful24.05.20048.616405
672The Mountain Goats - In league with dragons26.04.20198.601500
673XTC - Wasp star (Apple venus, Vol. 2)22.05.20008.606132
674Wilco - What's your 20: Essential tracks 1994-201405.12.20148.601246
675My Morning Jacket - Circuital03.06.20118.601230
676The Mountain Goats - Songs for Pierre Chuvin10.04.20208.60507
677Hefner - We love the city16.10.20008.606088
678Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 219.02.20018.606191
679Neko Case - The tigers have spoken08.11.20048.605561
680Eleni Mandell - Afternoon10.01.20058.605452
681Eleventh Dream Day - Works for tomorrow24.07.20158.601289
682Howe - Hisser29.01.20018.606404
683The Divine Comedy - Absent friends29.03.20048.606068
684Johnny Cash - American VI: Ain't no grave26.02.20108.602864
685Tweedy - Sukierae19.09.20148.601355
686Jim James - Tribute to 208.12.20178.601070
687Mojave 3 - Spoon and rafter22.09.20038.606019
688Bob Dylan - Together through life24.04.20098.606073
689Rosanne Cash - The list29.01.20108.601270
690The Strypes - Little victories21.08.20158.601275
691The Mountain Goats - We shall all be healed16.02.20048.605332
692(Smog) - Accumulation: none04.11.20028.606069
693Yo La Tengo - I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass08.09.20068.605867
694Stephen Malkmus - Traditional techniques06.03.20208.60847
695Leonard Cohen - Thanks for the dance22.11.20198.601330
696Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - How I long to feel that summer in my heart24.09.20018.606012
697The Divine Comedy - Regeneration26.03.20018.606054
698Belle & Sebastian - Days of the Bagnold summer13.09.20198.60996
699Lisa Germano - Lullaby for liquid pig05.05.20038.606029
700(Smog) - Supper07.04.20038.606095
701C.W. Stoneking - Jungle blues15.10.20108.60972
702Holly Golightly - Truly she is none other04.08.20038.606051
703Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Greatest Palace Music22.03.20048.605986
704Patti Smith & Kevin Shields - The coral sea11.07.20088.603152
705Cowboy Junkies - Open14.05.20018.606068
706Bob Dylan - Triplicate31.03.20178.601318
707The Walkabouts - Ended up a stranger29.10.20018.605730
708Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a sheepskin vest14.06.20198.601028
709Mojave 3 - Excuses for travellers15.05.20008.606074
710Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong creatures12.01.20188.601197
711Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bryce Dessner, Eighth Blackbird - When we are inhuman30.08.20198.601139
712Brian Setzer - Rockabilly riot! Volume one - A tribute to Sun Records11.06.20058.605538
713The Weakerthans - Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre23.03.20108.601168
714The Shins - Heartworms10.03.20178.601051
715Belle & Sebastian - The BBC sessions14.11.20088.603171
716Pulp - Hits02.12.20028.606033
717Cake - Comfort eagle03.09.20018.606459
718Public Image Ltd. - This is PiL01.06.20128.602939
719Belle & Sebastian - Girls in peacetime want to dance16.01.20158.601181
720My Morning Jacket - Z27.01.20068.605935
721The Walkabouts - Got no chains - The songs of The Walkabouts25.09.20098.602977
722The Decemberists - Picaresque05.09.20058.606177
723Calexico - Edge of the sun10.04.20158.601182
724Sophie Hunger - Molecules31.08.20188.601291
725Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville city nights23.09.20058.605868
726Chumbawamba - WYSIWYG03.04.20008.606312
727Hazeldine - Double back02.04.20018.606480
728Howe Gelb - 'Sno angel like you17.03.20068.604875
729Cracker - Forever28.01.20028.606065
730Songs:Ohia - The Magnolia Electric Co.10.03.20038.606235
731Fink - Haiku Ambulanz28.08.20038.606186
732Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman times11.10.20048.605505
733Lucinda Williams - The ghosts of Highway 2005.02.20168.601201
734The Sea And Cake - Oui16.10.20008.606194
735The Sea And Cake - One bedroom27.01.20038.606206
736Sleaford Mods - All that glue15.05.20208.59590
737The Walkabouts - Drunken soundtracks (Lost songs & rarities 1995-2001)05.08.20028.595745
738R.E.M. - Collapse into now04.03.20118.593391
739Wilco - Ode to joy04.10.20198.591214
740Cat Power - You are free17.02.20038.596193
741Murder By Death - Who will survive, and what will be left of them?19.01.20048.591268
742My Morning Jacket - The waterfall01.05.20158.591169
743James - Pleased to meet you02.07.20018.596280
744Eleni Mandell - Miracle of five02.02.20078.594248
745The Bees - Free The Bees28.06.20048.596240
746Ray Davies - Working man's café26.10.20078.595852
747Kristin Hersh - Sunny border blue12.03.20018.596650
748Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Streetcore20.10.20038.596648
749R.E.M. - Live12.10.20078.595320
750The Walkabouts - Train leaves at eight29.05.20008.595751
751Elliott Smith - New moon04.05.20078.594909
752Lucinda Williams - World without tears07.04.20038.595768
753The New Pornographers - Brill bruisers22.08.20148.59989
754Gomez - Split the difference17.05.20048.596704
755Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Pig lib17.03.20038.596301
756Conor Oberst - Ruminations14.10.20168.591265
757The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The echo of pleasure01.09.20178.591120
758My Morning Jacket - It still moves27.10.20038.596244
759Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Ease down the road12.03.20018.596444
760Ween - White pepper02.05.20008.596662
761Mercury Rev - Snowflake / midnight26.09.20088.591207
762The Shins - The worm's heart19.01.20188.591180
763Giant Sand - Cover magazine18.03.20028.596434
764Woven Hand - Woven Hand02.04.20028.596867
765Vampire Weekend - Father of the bride03.05.20198.591051
766Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Master and everyone27.01.20038.596496
767Bruce Springsteen - Magic28.09.20078.595912
768Eleni Mandell - Artificial fire13.02.20098.593266
769Bruce Springsteen - Springsteen on Broadway14.12.20188.591131
770Belle & Sebastian - Storytelling03.06.20028.596150
771Bruce Springsteen - We shall overcome - The Seeger sessions21.04.20068.596839
772Manic Street Preachers - Journal for plague lovers15.05.20098.593468
773The Mountain Goats - Tallahassee20.01.20038.595530
774The Fall - The real new Fall LP formerly 'Country on the click'15.12.20038.595961
775Adam Green - Gemstones10.01.20058.595840
776The Jayhawks - Smile05.05.20008.596829
777Built To Spill - Live25.04.20008.596368
778Calexico - Garden ruin31.03.20068.595871
779Bruce Springsteen - Chapter and verse23.09.20168.591093
780Jeff Tweedy - Warm30.11.20188.591238
781The Beautiful South - Golddiggas, headnodders and pholk songs18.10.20048.596999
782Patti Smith - Trampin'26.04.20048.595965
783Fink - Fink02.04.20018.596533
784Graham Coxon - The golden D26.06.20008.595989
785Lucinda Williams - Essence11.06.20018.596022
786Ray Davies - Other people's lives17.02.20068.586976
787The Fall - Are you are missing winner?26.10.20018.586030
788Bruce Springsteen - Western stars14.06.20198.581150
789Propagandhi - Today's empires, tomorrow's ashes05.02.20018.586756
790Del Amitri - Can you do me good?15.04.20028.586951
791Gomez - In our gun18.03.20028.586942
792Belle & Sebastian - Dear catastophe waitress06.10.20038.586638
793Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Global a go-go23.07.20018.586085
794Element Of Crime - Immer da wo Du bist bin ich nie18.09.20098.583457
795Belle & Sebastian - Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant05.06.20008.586390
796Bright Eyes - Digital ash in a digital urn24.01.20058.586142
797The Doors - When you're strange - Songs from the motion picture25.06.20108.586301
798Stephen Malkmus - Stephen Malkmus12.02.20018.586536
799Suzanne Vega - Songs in red and grey24.09.20018.587112
800Element Of Crime - Mittelpunkt der Welt30.09.20058.585904
801Adam Green - Friends of mine23.06.20038.586934
802Bright Eyes - I'm wide awake it's morning24.01.20058.587132
803They Might Be Giants - Mink car21.01.20028.586949
804Kristin Hersh - The grotto17.03.20038.586092
805The Cure - 4:13 dream24.10.20088.584250
806Yo La Tengo - Prisoners of love - Songs 1985-200321.03.20058.586038
807Ween - Quebec04.08.20038.586852
808Eels - Hombre lobo. 12 songs of desire29.05.20098.583955
809Bill Callahan - Woke on a whaleheart05.04.20078.584331
810Ryan Adams - Rock n roll03.11.20038.576894
811R.E.M. - Accelerate28.03.20088.577003
812Pulp - We love life22.10.20018.576589
813Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend22.02.20088.575389
814The Walkabouts - Acetylene08.08.20058.575254
815Ryan Adams - Love is hell, pt. 103.11.20038.576815
816Tortoise - It's all around you05.04.20048.576833
817The Waterboys - Universal hall21.07.20038.577521
818Tortoise - Standards19.02.20018.576390
819Ryan Adams - Love is hell, pt. 208.12.20038.576718
820The Waterboys - A rock in the weary land25.09.20008.577579
821Prefab Sprout - Let's change the world with music04.09.20098.574154
822Manic Street Preachers - Forever delayed28.10.20028.577233
823PJ Harvey - Uh huh her01.06.20048.577024
824The Mountain Goats - Get lonely25.08.20068.575173
825Wilco - Sky blue sky11.05.20078.576185
826Arcade Fire - The suburbs30.07.20108.575094
827Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes08.08.20088.575023
828Eels - Blinking lights and other revelations25.04.20058.576427
829Eels - Souljacker01.10.20018.566973
830The Weakerthans - Reunion tour21.09.20078.564256
831The Coral - Nightfreak and the sons of Becker26.01.20048.567873
832Eels - Daisies of the galaxy28.02.20008.566933
833Eels With Strings - Live at Town Hall21.02.20068.564977
834Patti Smith - Twelve13.04.20078.564306
835PJ Harvey - Stories from the city, stories from the sea23.10.20008.567496
836Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold roses02.05.20058.567228
837Eels - Meet the Eels (Essential Eels Vol. 1 1996-2006)15.02.20088.564378
838Eels - Shootenanny!02.06.20038.566595
839The Stands - All years leaving23.02.20048.568041
840The Decemberists - The crane wife02.02.20078.566161
841The Weakerthans - Left and leaving04.09.20008.567418
842They Might Be Giants - The spine05.07.20048.566993
843Built To Spill - Ancient melodies of the future16.07.20018.567110
844Blur - The best of (Special edition)30.10.20008.566383
845Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond27.04.20078.566290
846The White Stripes - Under great white northern lights12.03.20108.565327
847Scott Walker - The drift05.05.20068.564904
848Ryan Adams - Demolition04.11.20028.566907
849Mercury Rev - All is dream27.08.20018.567237
850The Shins - Chutes too narrow15.03.20048.558044
851Elliott Smith - From a basement on the hill18.10.20048.557491
852The Weakerthans - Reconstruction site08.09.20038.557700
853Johnny Cash - American V: A hundred highways30.06.20068.555205
854Wilco - Kicking television - Live in Chicago11.11.20058.555625
855Yo La Tengo - Summer sun07.04.20038.557253
856Manic Street Preachers - Know your enemy19.03.20018.557658
857Sixteen Horsepower - Folklore17.06.20028.558970
858Stereo MC's - Deep down and dirty28.05.20018.558863
859Cornershop - Handcream for a generation02.04.20028.558872
860Johnny Cash - Unearthed16.02.20048.557748
861Sixteen Horsepower - Olden18.08.20038.558919
862The Coral - Roots & echoes31.08.20078.558151
863Brian Wilson - Gettin' in over my head28.06.20048.558524
864Dinosaur Jr. - Farm19.06.20098.546127
865Patti Smith - Gung ho20.03.20008.546113
866Bob Dylan - Modern times25.08.20068.548617
867J Mascis & The Fog - Free so free14.10.20028.548026
868Howe - The listener17.03.20038.546343
869Bruce Springsteen - Devils + dust25.04.20058.547836
870The Coral - The invisible invasion23.05.20058.548254
871Howe - Confluence30.03.20018.546571
872J Mascis & The Fog - More light09.10.20008.548167
873The Cure - Join the dots - B-sides and rarities 1978-2001 - The Fiction years02.02.20048.548306
874The Coral - Magic and medicine28.07.20038.548460
875The White Stripes - Get behind me Satan06.06.20058.5413015
876R.E.M. - Around the sun04.10.20048.548311
877Calexico - Feast of wire10.02.20038.548035
878Woven Hand - Consider the birds13.09.20048.549919
879Bruce Springsteen - The essential10.11.20038.538601
880Wilco - A ghost is born21.06.20048.537889
881Wilco - Yankee hotel foxtrot23.04.20028.538236
882Bruce Springsteen - The rising29.07.20028.538982
883Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary man16.10.20008.538471
884R.E.M. - In time - The best of R.E.M. 1988-200327.10.20038.538654
885The Beatles - Let it be... naked10.11.20038.5310058
886Woven Hand - Mosaic16.06.20068.5310280
887Sophia - People are like seasons12.01.20048.538695
888Woven Hand - Blush music03.02.20038.5311102
88916 Horsepower - Secret south27.03.20008.5310502
890The Cure - Bloodflowers14.02.20008.5310139
891R.E.M. - Reveal14.05.20018.539091
892The Coral - The Coral07.01.20038.5311127
893The Cure - The Cure28.06.20048.539181
894Arcade Fire - Funeral14.03.20058.5315906
895Arcade Fire - Neon bible02.03.20078.5310283
896Elliott Smith - Figure 825.04.20008.538460
897Ryan Adams - Gold17.12.20018.5310399
898Johnny Cash - American IV: The man comes around04.11.20028.538530
899Blur - 1315.03.19998.5311681
900The White Stripes - White blood cells15.10.20018.5314090
901Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - B.R.M.C.21.01.20028.5314159
902The White Stripes - Icky thump15.06.20078.5315260
903Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl22.08.20058.5312559
904The White Stripes - Elephant31.03.20038.5315860
905Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 8127.04.20078.5221332
906Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take them on, on your own25.08.20038.5211223
907The Strokes - Is this it27.08.20018.5111177
908Sonic Youth - The eternal05.06.20098.476941
909Sonic Youth - The destroyed room: B-sides and rarities15.12.20068.467224
910Sonic Youth - Sonic nurse07.06.20048.4511688
911Sonic Youth - Rather ripped02.06.20068.4511831
912Sonic Youth - NYC ghosts & flowers07.06.20008.4511383
913Sonic Youth - Murray Street10.06.20028.4511707
914Emma Ruth Rundle - On dark horses14.09.20188.4243
915Sven Regener & Leander Haußmann - Hai-Alarm am Müggelsee15.03.20138.411109
916Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Momofuku27.06.20088.413614
917The Masons - The Masons01.12.20008.415105
918Elvis Costello - When I was cruel13.05.20028.416762
919Elvis Costello & The Imposters - The delivery man20.09.20048.416964
920The Masons - Wichita13.05.20028.415083
921Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean old man24.09.20108.412954
922Arab Strap - Monday at the Hug & Pint22.04.20038.415487
923Sinead O'Connor - I'm not bossy, I'm the boss08.08.20148.41359
924Duke Special - Songs from the deep forest20.10.20068.413648
925The Melvins - The bootlicker31.01.20008.405736
926Oasis - Stop the clocks17.11.20068.404814
927American Music Club - The golden age01.02.20088.402842
928Oasis - Time flies... 1994-2009 (Deluxe edition)11.06.20108.405006
929Oasis - Don't believe the truth30.05.20058.405985
930Buffalo Tom - Skins04.03.20118.40780
931Antony & The Johnsons - I am a bird now07.02.20058.404739
932Oasis - Heathen chemistry01.07.20028.406967
933Oasis - Dig out your soul04.10.20088.405631
934Ron Sexsmith - Retriever03.05.20048.405033
935American Music Club - Love songs for patriots06.09.20048.395001
936Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head26.08.20028.399459
937Chelsea Wolfe - Birth of violence13.09.20198.39149
938The Last Shadow Puppets - The age of the understatement18.04.20088.396116
939Travis - 12 memories13.10.20038.397132
940Travis - The invisible band11.06.20018.397083
941Oasis - Standing on the shoulder of giants28.02.20008.397024
942The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Forward march!27.07.20078.393508
943Turin Brakes - Ether song03.03.20038.395902
944Mark Eitzel - The invisible man14.05.20018.384831
945Antony & The Johnsons - The crying light16.01.20098.382559
946Turin Brakes - The optimist05.03.20018.385829
947Mark Eitzel - Candy ass04.10.20058.384075
948Oasis - Familiar to millions13.11.20008.386029
949Arab Strap - Ten years of tears10.11.20068.382382
950The Dead Weather - Horehound10.07.20098.383699
951Arab Strap - The red thread26.02.20018.385604
952Arab Strap - The last romance28.10.20058.384536
953Scout Niblett - The calcination of Scout Niblett22.01.20108.381795
954Scout Niblett - Kidnapped by Neptune23.05.20058.371338
955Beck - Sea change23.09.20028.376081
956Scout Niblett - It's up to Emma24.05.20138.371256
957Scout Niblett - This fool can die now19.10.20078.351263
958Scout Niblett - I am01.09.20038.331127
959Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm with you26.08.20118.27733
960Ty Segall - Manipulator29.08.20148.26328
961The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon collie and the infinite sadness (Limited deluxe boxset)30.11.20128.211985
962Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky - The very best of Electric Light Orchestra05.10.20128.21476
963Wye Oak - Civilian04.03.20118.20119
964Big Thief - Capacity09.06.20178.1957
965Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium arcadium05.05.20068.18953
966Sigur Rós, Steindór Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir - Odin's raven magic04.12.20208.181227
967Garbage - Strange little birds10.06.20168.1758
968Leonard Cohen - Popular problems19.09.20148.1552
969The Who - The Who hits 50!31.10.20148.15387
970Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman24.01.20208.1128
971Khruangbin - Con todo el mundo09.02.20188.0727
972Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the way08.07.20028.071479
973Gore Gore Girls - Get the gore06.08.20078.07878
974Big Thief - Two hands11.10.20198.0631
975Eagles - Long road out of Eden02.11.20078.06165
976The Notwist - Vertigo days29.01.20218.06558
977Buffalo Tom - Three easy pieces06.07.20078.05764
978The Dead Weather - Dodge and burn25.09.20158.0540
979Gisbert zu Knyphausen - Hurra! Hurra! So nicht.23.04.20108.04274
980Big Thief - U.F.O.F.03.05.20198.04148
981Blues Pills - Blues Pills25.07.20148.02238
982The Afghan Whigs - Do to the beast11.04.20148.02253
983The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina II / The friends and enemies of modern music05.09.20008.021026
984Bon Iver - Bon Iver17.06.20118.01584
985Bon Iver - For Emma, forever ago16.05.20088.01287
986The Smashing Pumpkins - Monuments to an elegy05.12.20148.01506
987Nils Koppruch + Fink - A tribute to22.08.20148.01196
988The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 sound22.08.20088.011775
989Gisbert zu Knyphausen - Gisbert zu Knyphausen25.04.20088.00361
990Leonard Cohen - Old ideas27.01.20128.0075
991Various Artists - Just tell me that you want me: A tribute to Fleetwood Mac10.08.20128.00108
992The Gaslight Anthem - Get hurt08.08.20148.00230
993The War On Drugs - A deeper understanding25.08.20178.00579
994Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live27.11.20098.003904
995Sometree - Moleskine19.09.20037.99585
996Doves - Kingdom of rust03.04.20097.99197
997Pearl Jam - Backspacer18.09.20097.9910387
998Morrissey - You are the quarry17.05.20047.996643
999Tool - Lateralus14.05.20017.993927
1000Brand New - The devil and God are raging inside me19.01.20077.99658
1001Weezer - Weezer (White album)01.04.20167.99160
1002The xx - I see you13.01.20177.99158
1003Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic pill26.10.20127.991519
1004Lird Van Goles - Who set that fire29.02.20087.991702
1005Reamonn - Tuesday03.05.20007.995920
1006The Verve - Forth22.08.20087.99651
1007Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds14.10.20117.991040
1008Haim - Days are gone27.09.20137.995079
1009The Afghan Whigs - Unbreakable. A retrospective 1990-200606.07.20077.99127
1010Feeder - The best of06.10.20177.99740
1011Silbermond - Alles auf Anfang07.11.20147.996973
1012Pearl Jam - Lightning bolt11.10.20137.992901
1013Sunny Day Real Estate - The rising tide26.06.20007.99115
1014Pixies - Indie Cindy25.04.20147.99666
1015Damon Albarn - Everyday robots25.04.20147.99110
1016Travis - Everything at once29.04.20167.99109
1017Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen04.10.20197.99321
1018At The Drive-In - Relationship of command18.09.20007.992327
1019Kante - Zombi16.08.20047.99309
1020Morrissey - Live at Earls Court04.04.20057.995574
1021Nirvana - Nevermind (Super deluxe edition)23.09.20117.992170
1022Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures13.11.20097.993398
1023Travis - 10 Songs09.10.20207.99167
1024The Strokes - The new abnormal10.04.20207.99165
1025Damien Rice - O25.08.20037.99573
1026The Kills - Little bastards11.12.20207.9981
1027The Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny and oh so bright, vol. 1 / LP: No past. No future. No sun.16.11.20187.99403
1028Doves - The universal want11.09.20207.9975
1029Django Django - Django Django27.04.20127.9974
1030Morrissey - Ringleader of the tormentors07.04.20067.995069
1031The Maccabees - Marks to prove it31.07.20157.9971
1032Corrina Repp - The pattern of electricity03.07.20157.9967
1033Samana - Ascension31.05.20197.99134
1034...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - So divided17.11.20067.99807
1035John Lennon - Working class hero - The definitive Lennon30.09.20057.981860
1036Hundreds - Wilderness04.11.20167.9866
1037Jack White - Lazaretto06.06.20147.98262
1038David Bowie - Blackstar08.01.20167.98514
1039The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Golden greats no. 115.07.20117.98440
1040Live - The distance to here04.10.19997.98625
1041Tori Amos - Night of hunters16.09.20117.98311
1042Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push the sky away15.02.20137.98311
1043Brand New - Science fiction17.08.20177.98183
1044Sigur Rós - ( )28.10.20027.98957
1045London Grammar - If you wait15.11.20137.98179
1046Live - The turn31.10.20147.98357
1047Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss07.08.20157.98471
1048Son Lux - Brighter wounds09.02.20187.9858
1049...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - The century of self20.02.20097.98869
1050Tu Fawning - Hearts on hold14.01.20117.98114
1051Jimi Hendrix - People, hell and angels01.03.20137.98629
1052Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida07.02.20207.9856
1053...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Worlds apart24.01.20057.981751
1054...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Tao of the dead04.02.20117.982015
1055Opeth - Ghost reveries29.08.20057.98270
1056Deftones - Black stallion11.12.20207.98270
1057Neil Young - A letter home23.05.20147.98430
1058The Antlers - Familiars13.06.20147.98157
1059Lilly Among Clouds - Green flash27.09.20197.98157
1060Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - No more shall we part02.04.20017.981206
1061Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mojo11.06.20107.981086
1062Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine XX - 20th anniversary edition23.11.20127.981172
1063Mark Lanegan - Has God seen my shadow? An anthology 1989-201117.01.20147.98358
1064Chelsea Wolfe - Pain is beauty06.09.20137.98454
1065Feeder - Tallulah09.08.20197.98303
1066Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune05.03.20107.98950
1067Travis - Where you stand16.08.20137.98248
1068The Maccabees - Given to the wild20.01.20127.9898
1069Opeth - In cauda venenum27.09.20197.9849
1070Róisín Murphy - Róisín machine02.10.20207.9848
1071The National - I am easy to find17.05.20197.98995
1072A Perfect Circle - Mer de noms22.05.20007.981889
1073King's Daughters & Sons - If then not when16.12.20117.9847
1074Esben And The Witch - Wash the sins not only the face18.01.20137.98140
1075The Notwist - Superheroes, ghostvillains + stuff14.10.20167.98281
1076Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked for death30.09.20167.9892
1077The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina / The machines of God28.02.20007.981401
1078Kate Bush - 50 words for snow18.11.20117.98225
1079Blackfield - For the music04.12.20207.98358
1080Ian Anderson - Homo erraticus11.04.20147.9889
1081Neil Young - Storytone31.10.20147.98133
1082The Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest hits: Rotten apples / Judas O (Limited edition)19.11.20017.981321
1083Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hypnotic eye25.07.20147.98349
1084Komplizen Der Spielregeln - Komplizen Der Spielregeln18.10.20197.9843
1085Kate Bush - Aerial04.11.20057.981385
1086The Who - Endless wire27.10.20067.981701
1087The Raconteurs - Consolers of the lonely25.03.20087.98374
1088My Brightest Diamond - All things will unwind14.10.20117.97120
1089Ben Howard - Noonday dream01.06.20187.97118
1090Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton tree09.09.20167.97267
1091Opeth - Watershed30.05.20087.97302
1092The Antlers - Burst apart24.06.20117.97149
1093Deftones - Saturday night wrist27.10.20067.972193
1094London Grammar - Truth is a beautiful thing09.06.20177.97109
1095Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Chasing yesterday27.02.20157.97429
1096The Go-Betweens - Oceans apart25.04.20057.97214
1097Dizzy - Baby teeth17.08.20187.97105
1098Norah Jones - Pick me up off the floor12.06.20207.9735
1099...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - IX17.10.20147.97313
1100Tindersticks - The something rain17.02.20127.9769
1101Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like clockwork31.05.20137.971740
1102Austra - HiRUDiN01.05.20207.9734
1103Ghostpoet - I grow tired but dare not fall asleep01.05.20207.9734
1104Joni Mitchell - Travelogue25.11.20027.97270
1105The Appleseed Cast - Peregrine07.04.20067.97101
1106The Pretenders - The best of / Break up the concrete29.05.20097.97432
1107Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The last DJ07.10.20027.971059
1108Deftones - Ohms25.09.20207.97397
1109Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian towers22.09.20177.9766
1110Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest17.11.20177.9733
1111Archive - 2510.05.20197.9733
1112The Pretenders - Loose screw26.05.20037.97426
1113Kasabian - The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum05.06.20097.97583
1114Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Bleach house22.08.20147.9797
1115Rose Kemp - Unholy majesty26.09.20087.971219
1116Gorillaz - Demon days23.05.20057.97284
1117Radiohead - In rainbows28.12.20077.972015
1118Frank Ocean - Channel Orange20.07.20127.97220
1119...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Lost songs19.10.20127.97375
1120Django Django - Marble skies26.01.20187.9731
1121I Break Horses - Warnings08.05.20207.9731
1122Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir blues / The lyre of Orpheus20.09.20047.97248
1123Sometree - Yonder18.09.20097.9792
1124Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere26.05.20067.97120
1125Sleater-Kinney - No cities to love16.01.20157.9760
1126EOB - Earth17.04.20207.97119
1127Tori Amos - Scarlet's walk28.10.20027.97268
1128The Raconteurs - Broken boy soldiers12.05.20067.97417
1129Neil Young - Greatest hits22.11.20047.97653
1130The Smashing Pumpkins - Earphoria25.11.20027.9788
1131Dizzy - The sun and her scorch31.07.20207.9787
1132Thom Yorke - Anima28.06.20197.97231
1133Pearl Jam - Riot act11.11.20027.973344
1134Travis - The boy with no name04.05.20077.97202
1135Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Greendale18.08.20037.971148
1136Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live at the Fillmore East17.11.20067.96772
1137Sometree - Bending the willow02.06.20067.96198
1138Richard Hawley - Lowedges24.02.20037.9628
1139Live - Awake - The best of Live15.11.20047.96112
1140Bear's Den - So that you might hear me26.04.20197.9656
1141Snow Patrol - Wildness25.05.20187.9683
1142Paradise Lost - Obsidian15.05.20207.96137
1143The Lemonheads - The Lemonheads29.09.20067.96137
1144The Verve - This is music - The singles 92-9801.11.20047.96845
1145The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi25.07.20147.9627
1146Jeff Buckley - Mystery white boy (live 95-96)07.06.20007.96344
1147Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, dig!!!29.02.20087.96238
1148Thees Uhlmann - Junkies und Scientologen20.09.20197.96157
1149Avec - Homesick27.03.20207.9652
1150Supertramp - Retrospectable - The Supertramp anthology11.11.20057.96260
1151...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - X: The godless void and other stories17.01.20207.96206
1152There Will Be Fireworks - The dark, dark bright22.11.20137.96643
1153Moby - All visible objects15.05.20207.9651
1154Nina Nastasia - Outlaster11.06.20107.9651
1155Shannon Wright - Let in the light25.05.20077.96202
1156Fever Ray - Fever Ray27.03.20097.96480
1157Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live from KCRW29.11.20137.96100
1158We Had To Leave - Difference20.09.20197.9650
1159Travis - Ode to J. Smith26.09.20087.96248
1160Audrey Horne - Youngblood01.02.20137.9649
1161Biffy Clyro - A celebration of endings14.08.20207.9698
1162NEØV - Picture of a good life15.01.20217.9649
1163A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth step15.09.20037.961803
1164Mark Lanegan - Field songs11.06.20017.96168
1165Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian verse08.02.20137.9671
1166Anna von Hausswolff - The miraculous13.11.20157.9646
1167The Pineapple Thief - Your wilderness12.08.20167.9646
1168Bombay Bicycle Club - I had the blues, but I shook them loose05.02.20107.9692
1169Tom Waits - Bad as me21.10.20117.96137
1170The Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania18.06.20127.96593
1171Klangstof - The noise you make is silent21.02.20207.96114
1172Live - Birds of pray19.05.20037.96159
1173Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and keys27.05.20117.96181
1174Elaiza - Gallery28.03.20147.964810
1175Richard Hawley - Truelove's gutter18.09.20097.9645
1176Kasabian - Kasabian15.11.20047.96717
1177Porcupine Tree - Fear of a blank planet13.04.20077.96760
1178Red Hot Chili Peppers - The getaway17.06.20167.96134
1179Deftones - White pony19.06.20007.953284
1180The Menzingers - After the party03.02.20177.9522
1181Soen - Lykaia03.02.20177.9522
1182Protomartyr - Ultimate success today17.07.20207.9544
1183Tom Waits - Orphans: Brawlers, bawlers & bastards17.11.20067.95151
1184Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo I'm burning star IV Volume one: From fear through the eyes of madness23.09.20057.95344
1185Kurt Vile - Bottle it in12.10.20187.9543
1186Blackmail - 1997-2013 (Best of & rare tracks)24.04.20207.95150
1187Interpol - Antics27.09.20047.95766
1188Slowdive - Slowdive05.05.20177.95127
1189Porcupine Tree - In absentia27.01.20037.95783
1190Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R05.06.20007.951393
1191Paul Simon - Songwriter21.10.20117.95422
1192The Menzingers - Rented world18.04.20147.9521
1193Susanne Sundfør - Ten love songs20.02.20157.9521
1194John Grant - Grey tickles, black pressure09.10.20157.9521
1195Leprous - Pitfalls25.10.20197.9521
1196Katatonia - City burials24.04.20207.9542
1197Fiona Apple - When the pawn...01.11.19997.95921
1198Grizzly Bear - Shields14.09.20127.95967
1199Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - The Monsanto years26.06.20157.95225
1200The Go-Betweens - Bright yellow bright orange03.02.20037.95224
1201Anna von Hausswolff - Ceremony31.08.20127.95182
1202Chrissie Hynde - Stockholm06.06.20147.95343
1203Fugazi - The argument08.10.20017.951144
1204Rollins Band - Nice27.08.20017.95300
1205Future Islands - On the water14.10.20117.9520
1206Avec - What if we never forget23.09.20167.9560
1207Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone01.08.20147.95139
1208Bob Mould - Silver age05.10.20127.95294
1209The Appleseed Cast - Two conversations25.08.20037.95175
1210Kurt Vile - Smoke ring for my halo04.03.20117.9597
1211Dota - Wo soll ich suchen30.08.20137.95116
1212Kettcar - Ich vs. wir13.10.20177.95271
1213Tom Petty - Highway companion21.07.20067.95829
1214The Strokes - Comedown machine22.03.20137.95153
1215Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders - Red light fever16.04.20107.951850
1216M83 - Hurry up, we're dreaming14.10.20117.95190
1217Chromatics - Closer to grey02.10.20197.9538
1218Sometree - Sold heart to the one02.04.20017.95113
1219Elbow - Little fictions03.02.20177.9575
1220Biffy Clyro - Opposites25.01.20137.95356
1221The Black Crowes - Before the frost... until the freeze04.09.20097.95577
1222The War On Drugs - Lost in the dream14.03.20147.95297
1223Lanterns On The Lake - Until the colours run04.10.20137.9537
1224Elbow - The take off and landing of everything07.03.20147.95148
1225Juliana Hatfield - Made in China07.04.20067.95276
1226Screaming Trees - Last words: The final recordings28.10.20117.95515
1227Tame Impala - Currents17.07.20157.95128
1228Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs for the deaf26.08.20027.954074
1229Joy Division - The best of28.03.20087.95128
1230Sufjan Stevens - The age of adz08.10.20107.95786
1231Klangstof - Close eyes to exit27.01.20177.94127
1232Placebo - Loud like love13.09.20137.94181
1233Tom Waits - Blood money06.05.20027.94289
1234As I Lay Dying - Shaped by fire20.09.20197.9454
1235Washed Out - Purple noon07.08.20207.9436
1236The Twilight Sad - It won/t be like this all the time18.01.20197.9489
1237Muzz - Muzz05.06.20207.9471
1238The Head And The Heart - The Head And The Heart22.04.20117.9435
1239The Mary Onettes - Hit the waves15.03.20137.9435
1240Laetitia Sadier - Something shines26.09.20147.94105
1241Melvins - Hold it in24.10.20147.9435
1242FKA Twigs - Magdalene08.11.20197.9435
1243Kate Bush - Before the dawn25.11.20167.94331
1244Kurt Vile - Wakin on a pretty daze05.04.20137.9486
1245Queens Of The Stone Age - Era vulgaris08.06.20077.944859
1246Rose Kemp - A hand full of hurricanes09.02.20077.94768
1247Oonagh - Aeria13.03.20157.945440
1248Sufjan Stevens - The ascension25.09.20207.9468
1249Suis La Lune - Riala25.05.20127.941168
1250Esben And The Witch - A new nature19.09.20147.9467
1251The Jesus And Mary Chain - Damage and joy24.03.20177.9450
1252Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Lovely creatures: The best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984 - 2014)05.05.20177.9450
1253Liam Gallagher - Why me? Why not.20.09.20197.9483
1254At The Drive-In - Anthology: This station is non-operational30.05.20057.94888
1255Crowded House - Time on Earth29.06.20077.94263
1256Rise Against - Siren song of the counter culture18.10.20047.94312
1257The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours12.02.20107.94327
1258Alanis Morissette - Havoc and bright lights24.08.20127.94147
1259The Chemical Brothers - Born in the echoes17.07.20157.94343
1260Spanish Love Songs - Brave faces everyone07.02.20207.9449
1261Bush - The kingdom17.07.20207.9449
1262The Sorrow - Blessings from a blackened sky27.07.20077.9481
1263Sunn O))) - Monoliths & dimensions29.05.20097.94950
1264Bombay Bicycle Club - A different kind of fix02.09.20117.9448
1265The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything you've come to expect01.04.20167.9496
1266Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Earthly powers10.08.20187.9448
1267Gorillaz - The now now29.06.20187.9495
1268Elbow - Giants of all sizes11.10.20197.9479
1269Rollins Band - Get some go again21.02.20007.94316
1270John Frusciante - Shadows collide with people23.02.20047.94316
1271Death Cab For Cutie - Plans29.08.20057.94423
1272Algiers - Algiers29.05.20157.9447
1273Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising sand30.11.20077.94594
1274Björk - Vespertine27.08.20017.94702
1275Goldfrapp - Felt mountain05.02.20017.941183
1276Ian Anderson - Thick as a brick 230.03.20127.9493
1277Delbo - Havarien05.05.20067.94247
1278Amy Winehouse - Back to black15.06.20077.93169
1279Regina Spektor - Far26.06.20097.9392
1280Oceansize - Frames28.09.20077.93290
1281The Libertines - The Libertines30.08.20047.93914
1282Tu Fawning - A monument04.05.20127.9391
1283Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest hits17.11.20037.93377
1284Bombay Bicycle Club - So long, see you tomorrow07.02.20147.9345
1285St. Vincent - St. Vincent21.02.20147.9360
1286We Were Promised Jetpacks - Unravelling03.10.20147.9375
1287Swervedriver - Future ruins25.01.20197.9330
1288Mystery Jets - A billion heartbeats27.09.20197.9330
1289Leitkegel - Wir sind für Dich da13.12.20197.9360
1290Incubus - Morning view22.10.20017.931477
1291Tool - 10,000 days28.04.20067.933387
1292...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Source tags & codes11.03.20027.932347
1293Thrice - Beggars18.09.20097.93192
1294John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer - A sphere in the heart of silence06.12.20047.93103
1295Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering14.10.20057.9344
1296Angus & Julia Stone - A book like this09.05.20087.9388
1297M. Walking On The Water - Flowers for the departed28.01.20117.9344
1298Angus & Julia Stone - Down the way16.04.20107.9373
1299Neil Young - Le noise24.09.20107.93437
1300The Libertines - Up the bracket21.10.20027.931091
1301Porridge Radio - Every bad13.03.20207.9329
1302David Bowie - Nothing has changed14.11.20147.93492
1303Mark Lanegan Band - Bubblegum02.08.20047.93318
1304My Brightest Diamond - A thousand shark's teeth20.06.20087.93101
1305Crowded House - Intriguer25.06.20107.93202
1306The Polyphonic Spree - Together we're heavy01.11.20047.93187
1307Youth Lagoon - Wondrous bughouse15.03.20137.93573
1308Beady Eye - BE07.06.20137.93742
1309The Pineapple Thief - Someone here is missing28.05.20107.9357
1310Ben Howard - Every kingdom10.02.20127.93170
1311Neil Young - Are you passionate?02.04.20027.931251
1312The Antlers - Hospice23.10.20097.93924
1313Primal Scream - More light10.05.20137.9356
1314Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - The visitor01.12.20177.9328
1315The Avalanches - We will always love you11.12.20207.9342
1316Incubus - Make yourself10.01.20007.931453
1317Silversun Pickups - Swoon29.05.20097.93111
1318Tori Amos - Native invader08.09.20177.9369
1319Foo Fighters - Echoes, silence, patience and grace21.09.20077.931794
1320Neil Young - Chrome dreams II19.10.20077.93274
1321Nada Surf - Never not together07.02.20207.9341
1322Fjørt - Couleur17.11.20177.93259
1323Prince - Art official age26.09.20147.93830
1324The Pineapple Thief - Tightly unwound30.05.20087.9395
1325Caribou - Suddenly28.02.20207.9327
1326Deftones - Koi no yokan09.11.20127.93728
1327Soulsavers - It's not how far you fall, it's the way you land30.03.20077.93107
1328Portugal. The Man - In the mountain in the cloud15.07.20117.92146
1329Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise up ghost and other songs13.09.20137.9266
1330Moby - Innocents27.09.20137.92330
1331The Go-Betweens - The friends of Rachel Worth15.09.20007.92211
1332The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist06.07.20077.92867
1333Walking Papers - Walking Papers28.10.20127.92157
1334The Hirsch Effekt - Holon : anamnesis31.08.20127.92183
1335The Jezabels - Prisoner02.03.20127.9291
1336The Walkmen - Heaven01.06.20127.9265
1337Tame Impala - Lonerism05.10.20127.92325
1338Chelsea Light Moving - Chelsea Light Moving01.03.20137.92208
1339Still Corners - Strange pleasures10.05.20137.9291
1340A Tale Of Golden Keys - Everything went down as planned23.10.20157.9252
1341Various Artists - The early days – Post-Punk, New Wave, Brit Pop & beyond (1980-2010)30.06.20177.9226
1342Ásgeir - Bury the moon07.02.20207.9252
1343Counting Crows - Somewhere under wonderland26.09.20147.9290
1344Suede - Night thoughts22.01.20167.92154
1345The xx - The xx14.08.20097.92459
1346Beady Eye - Different gear, still speeding25.02.20117.921668
1347Hothouse Flowers - Into your heart12.04.20047.9238
1348The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers29.08.20057.92101
1349We Were Promised Jetpacks - These four walls19.06.20097.92164
1350Sufjan Stevens - The avalanche21.07.20067.92489
1351John Maus - We must become the pitiless censors of ourselves24.06.20117.9250
1352Shannon Wright - In film sound12.04.20137.92225
1353Liima - 198203.11.20177.9225
1354Transatlantic - The whirlwind23.10.20097.92287
1355Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Out of season10.02.20037.92723
1356Portishead - Third25.04.20087.921238
1357Coldplay - Ghost stories16.05.20147.92482
1358Jack White - Blunderbuss20.04.20127.92675
1359Frank Ocean - Blonde20.08.20167.9261
1360Kettcar - Du und wieviel von Deinen Freunden28.10.20027.921445
1361Paul McCartney - Memory almost full01.06.20077.921549
1362The Distillers - Coral fang26.01.20047.92145
1363Audioslave - Audioslave18.11.20027.921506
1364Billy Talent - Billy Talent29.09.20037.92805
1365The Vaccines - What did you expect from The Vaccines?18.03.20117.9296
1366Mark Lanegan - Imitations13.09.20137.92108
1367Nick Murphy - Run fast sleep naked26.04.20197.9224
1368Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow stairs16.05.20087.92431
1369Fiona Apple - The idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw and whipping cords will serve you more ...15.06.20127.92214
1370John Frusciante - Curtains24.01.20057.92202
1371The Killers - Imploding the mirage21.08.20207.9283
1372Various Artists - Chimes of freedom: The songs of Bob Dylan. Honoring 50 years of Amnesty International03.02.20127.92142
1373Still Corners - The last exit22.01.20217.9147
1374Sparks - Lil' Beethoven10.02.20037.9147
1375The Builders And The Butchers - Western medicine19.07.20137.9135
1376Texas - Texas 2513.02.20157.9135
1377Thurston Moore - The best day17.10.20147.91104
1378Tori Amos - A piano - The collection29.09.20067.91150
1379Mine - Mine10.10.20147.9123
1380Kevin Morby - Singing saw15.04.20167.9123
1381Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Look now12.10.20187.9123
1382Destroyer - Have we met31.01.20207.9123
1383Taylor Swift - Folklore24.07.20207.9192
1384Neil Young - Prairie wind30.09.20057.91195
1385William Fitzsimmons - The sparrow and the crow23.10.20097.9180
1386Various Artists - Stoned immaculate (The music of The Doors)20.11.20007.91205
1387Opeth - Damnation14.04.20037.91148
1388Rival Schools - Pedals04.03.20117.912426
1389Die Lochis - Kapitel X13.09.20197.91159
1390Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels10.01.20147.9134
1391Primal Scream - Chaosmosis18.03.20167.9134
1392Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation - Mighty rearranger02.05.20057.911179
1393Sigur Rós - Takk...12.09.20057.91635
1394Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Lifeline31.08.20077.9134
1395Dum Dum Girls - Too true31.01.20147.91532
1396Tom Waits - Real gone04.10.20047.91305
1397Paul Weller - As is now07.10.20057.91293
1398Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Americana01.06.20127.91157
1399Oceansize - Effloresce29.09.20037.91784
1400Brandon Flowers - The desired effect15.05.20157.91246
1401John Fogerty - Wrote a song for everyone24.05.20137.91313
1402John Fogerty - Deja vu all over again18.10.20047.91769
1403The Fratellis - Costello music26.01.20077.91256
1404Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies to paralyze21.03.20057.91854
1405Conchita Wurst - Truth over magnitude25.10.20197.91199
1406Deerhunter - Monomania03.05.20137.91121
1407Son Lux - Bones19.06.20157.9133
1408Neil Young - Peace trail09.12.20167.9144
1409The Naked And Famous - Simple forms03.02.20177.9122
1410Texas - Jump on board21.04.20177.9133
1411Niels Frevert - Putzlicht06.09.20197.9166
1412Biffy Clyro - Only revolutions06.11.20097.91231
1413The National - Boxer18.05.20077.912010
1414Bryan Ferry - Avonmore21.11.20147.91295
1415Fennesz - Black sea30.01.20097.91131
1416Mark Lanegan Band - Blues funeral03.02.20127.91261
1417Two Gallants - The bloom and the blight07.09.20127.9187
1418The Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns04.06.20107.9176
1419Zwan - Mary star of the sea10.02.20037.91585
1420Mogwai - Mr. Beast03.03.20067.91607
1421Paul McCartney - Chaos and creation in the backyard12.09.20057.911554
1422Royal Blood - Royal Blood22.08.20147.91259
1423Sufjan Stevens - The BQE23.10.20097.91194
1424The Jezabels - Synthia12.02.20167.9143
1425Lea Porcelain - Hymns to the night16.06.20177.9186
1426The Soft Cavalry - The Soft Cavalry05.07.20197.9143
1427Weezer - Ok human29.01.20217.91204
1428New Model Army - From here23.08.20197.9175
1429Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun04.09.20007.912925
1430Lloyd Cole - Broken record10.09.20107.9132
1431The xx - Coexist07.09.20127.91339
1432Neil Young - Road rock, Vol. 1 (Friends & relatives)20.11.20007.91254
1433The Twilight Sad - Forget the night ahead09.10.20097.9174
1434Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend. Ascend.19.10.20127.90368
1435Lanterns On The Lake - Gracious tide, take me home23.09.20117.9021
1436Wintersleep - Hello hum21.09.20127.9042
1437Brandão, Faber, Hunger - Ich liebe Dich11.12.20207.9021
1438Green Day - International superhits12.11.20017.90472
1439My Chemical Romance - The black parade20.10.20067.90304
1440Morrissey - Years of refusal13.02.20097.903290
1441Editors - In this light and on this evening09.10.20097.90566
1442Daughter - If you leave15.03.20137.90167
1443Lee Ranaldo - Between the times and the tides16.03.20127.90375
1444Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles30.05.20087.9052
1445The Black Crowes - Warpaint07.03.20087.90540
1446Counting Crows - Films about ghosts - The best of24.11.20037.90259
1447Delbo - Innen/Außen06.10.20037.90124
1448Norah Jones - Little broken hearts27.04.20127.9062
1449Albert Hammond, Jr. - Momentary masters31.07.20157.9031
1450Don Henley - Cass County25.09.20157.9031
1451Lanterns On The Lake - Spook the herd21.02.20207.9062
1452Moses Pelham - Emuna06.03.20207.9062
1453Six.By Seven - Love and peace and sympathy12.07.20137.90103
1454The Black Keys - El camino02.12.20117.901613
1455Tom Waits - Alice06.05.20027.90308
1456Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett09.07.20107.9041
1457Tocotronic - Tocotronic (Das rote Album)01.05.20157.90676
1458Various Artists - Good rockin' tonight - The legacy of Sun Records10.12.20017.90133
1459Alt-J - An awesome wave25.05.20127.90317
1460Lamb - The secret of letting go26.04.20197.9051
1461K.I.Z. - Hurra die Welt geht unter10.07.20157.90427
1462The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes the world ain't enough29.06.20187.9071
1463Rival Sons - Head down14.09.20127.90475
1464The Black Crowes - Lions07.05.20017.90263
1465Porcupine Tree - Deadwing29.03.20057.90546
1466Rise Against - The sufferer & the witness28.07.20067.90262
1467Fu Manchu - Signs of infinite power16.10.20097.90651
1468The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter tea28.04.20067.9080
1469The Twilight Singers - Powder burns19.05.20067.9040
1470Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Loyalty10.08.20127.9080
1471The Head And The Heart - Let's be still25.10.20137.9020
1472The Flaming Lips - King's mouth19.07.20197.9030
1473The Naked And Famous - Recover24.07.20207.9020
1474The Waterboys - Good luck, seeker21.08.20207.9020
1475Gravenhurst - The ghost in daylight27.04.20127.90299
1476Pearl Jam - Gigaton27.03.20207.90189
1477Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene07.10.20057.90467
1478The Notwist - Neon golden14.01.20027.902090
1479Thurston Moore - Demolished thoughts20.05.20117.90406
1480Casper - Hinterland27.09.20137.90573
1481Martin L. Gore - Counterfeit²28.04.20037.90296
1482Dum Dum Girls - I will be03.04.20107.9049
1483Grinderman - Grinderman 210.09.20107.9049
1484Joan As Police Woman - The deep field21.01.20117.9049
1485The Raconteurs - Help us stranger21.06.20197.9049
1486Pixies - Complete 'B' sides05.03.20017.90948
1487The Twilight Sad - Fourteen autumns & fifteen winters04.05.20077.90127
1488We Are Augustines - Rise ye sunken ships02.03.20127.9078
1489Pharmakon - Abandon17.05.20137.90302
1490Veljanov - The sweet life30.04.20017.90146
1491System Of A Down - Mezmerize17.05.20057.90739
1492Dead Can Dance - Anastasis10.08.20127.9068
1493Taylor Swift - Evermore11.12.20207.9068
1494Billy Talent - Billy Talent II23.06.20067.90737
1495Kasabian - Empire22.09.20067.90339
1496Kings Of Convenience - Quiet is the new loud29.01.20017.90184
1497Madness - Oui oui, si si, ja ja, da da26.10.20127.9087
1498Morten Harket - Out of my hands13.04.20127.90357
1499Junip - Junip19.04.20137.90106
1500Die Antwoord - $O$08.10.20107.90413
1501Rage Against The Machine - Renegades27.11.20007.90662
1502Arlo Parks - Collapsed in sunbeams29.01.20217.9048
1503John Frusciante - Inside of emptiness25.10.20047.90182
1504Paul Weller - 22 dreams30.05.20087.90220
1505Caribou - Our love03.10.20147.9067
1506The Datsuns - Outta sight/outta mind07.06.20047.9086
1507Deine Lakaien - April skies21.03.20057.90191
1508Mogwai - Les revenants22.02.20137.90124
1509Lagwagon - Hang31.10.20147.90143
1510Aereogramme - My heart has a wish that you would not go09.02.20077.89543
1511Grandaddy - The sophtware slump08.05.20007.89599
1512Deftones - Deftones19.05.20037.891150
1513Arctic Monkeys - Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not20.01.20067.891169
1514Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nocturama03.02.20037.89437
1515The Duke Spirit - Cuts across the land19.07.20057.8938
1516Joan As Police Woman - Real life30.06.20067.8957
1517Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps22.09.20177.8938
1518Biffy Clyro - Balance, not symmetry17.05.20197.8957
1519The Slow Show - Lust and learn30.08.20197.8947
1520Cass McCombs - Wit's end22.04.20117.89178
1521Amy MacDonald - Life in a beautiful light08.06.20127.89103
1522The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Throw it to the universe22.06.20127.89571
1523Two Gallants - What the toll tells17.02.20067.89589
1524Laura Marling - Song for our daughter10.04.20207.8928
1525David Bowie - The next day08.03.20137.891025
1526Porcupine Tree - The incident11.09.20097.89586
1527The Strokes - Room on fire20.10.20037.89846
1528Coheed And Cambria - In keeping secrets of silent Earth: 328.06.20047.89567
1529Delbo - Grande finesse25.01.20087.89102
1530The Dodos - No color29.04.20117.8937
1531Mudhoney - Vanishing point05.04.20137.89768
1532Augustines - Augustines07.02.20147.8974
1533Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen - Fuck dance, let's art!23.08.20197.8937
1534Keane - Cause and effect13.09.20197.8937
1535Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion09.01.20097.89231
1536The Album Leaf - Into the blue again08.09.20067.89129
1537Black Space Riders - Black Space Riders21.05.20107.89138
1538Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone in the universe13.11.20157.8992
1539John Frusciante - To record only water for ten days12.02.20017.89321
1540Green Day - American idiot27.09.20047.89953
1541Eddie Vedder - Into the wild14.09.20077.891283
1542Placebo - Once more with feeling: Singles 1996-200425.10.20047.89174
1543Kasabian - Velociraptor!16.09.20117.89513
1544Union Of Knives - Violence & birdsong19.01.20077.891726
1545Deftones - Diamond eyes30.04.20107.892786
1546Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism06.10.20037.89827
1547Faithless - Outrospective18.06.20017.89380
1548Paul Weller - Illumination16.09.20027.89208
1549Dredg - Catch without arms27.06.20057.891688
1550Primal Scream - Beautiful future01.08.20087.8972
1551Veljanov - Porta Macedonia07.11.20087.89117
1552The Big Pink - A brief history of love11.09.20097.8936
1553La Dispute - Wildlife18.11.20117.89180
1554Ocean Colour Scene - Painting08.02.20137.8963
1555Tori Amos - Unrepentant geraldines09.05.20147.89270
1556Mark Lanegan Band - A thousand miles of midnight20.02.20157.89108
1557Future Islands - As long as you are09.10.20207.8954
1558Katie Melua - Album no. 816.10.20207.8945
1559Sigur Rós - Kveikur14.06.20137.89791
1560Coldplay - Parachutes24.07.20007.892745
1561System Of A Down - Toxicity27.08.20017.891935
1562Touché Amoré - Stage four16.09.20167.89116
1563Paul Weller - Studio 15013.09.20047.89204
1564Wintersleep - Welcome to the night sky06.02.20097.89142
1565Pearl Jam - Live on ten legs14.01.20117.895000
1566The Flaming Lips - Embryonic23.10.20097.89124
1567Interpol - Turn on the bright lights19.08.20027.891566
1568Black Country Communion - Afterglow26.10.20127.89354
1569Lanterns On The Lake - Beings13.11.20157.8953
1570Circa Survive - Juturna20.06.20057.8910614
1571Tori Amos - Midwinter graces27.11.20097.8944
1572Syd Matters - Someday we will foresee obstacles22.08.20057.8979
1573Bat For Lashes - Fur and gold02.11.20077.89377
1574Explosions In The Sky - The Earth is not a cold dead place03.11.20037.89219
1575Tame Impala - Innerspeaker05.11.20107.89280
1576The Wallflowers - Glad all over05.10.20127.8935
1577The Hirsch Effekt - Eskapist18.08.20177.8935
1578Loreena McKennitt - An ancient muse17.11.20067.8961
1579Niels Frevert - Du kannst mich an der Ecke rauslassen29.02.20087.8987
1580Steven Wilson - The raven that refused to sing (And other stories)01.03.20137.88869
1581Lola Marsh - Remember roses09.06.20177.8826
1582Damien Rice - 924.11.20067.88260
1583Damien Jurado - And now that I'm in your shadow24.11.20067.8852
1584Thurston - Trees outside the academy21.09.20077.88459
1585Oceansize - Everyone into position19.09.20057.88389
1586Gravenhurst - The western lands07.09.20077.88267
1587The Chemical Brothers - Further11.06.20107.88336
1588Young Rebel Set - Curse our love27.05.20117.8886
1589Paul Weller - Sonik kicks23.03.20127.8843
1590Strand Of Oaks - Eraserland22.03.20197.8843
1591Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas10.11.20067.88283
1592Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - B-sides & rarities29.03.20057.8860
1593Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls21.10.20117.88120
1594Chris Cornell - Euphoria morning27.09.19997.88590
1595The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option paralysis26.03.20107.88111
1596The Common Linnets - The Common Linnets09.05.20147.8868
1597Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers09.02.20187.8851
1598Damien Rice - My favourite faded fantasy31.10.20147.8893
1599The Cranberries - In the end26.04.20197.8893
1600Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass23.01.20157.8842
1601Deerhunter - Halcyon digest24.09.20107.88269
1602Modest Mouse - Strangers to ourselves13.03.20157.8867
1603Isis - Wavering radiant08.05.20097.88184
1604A Perfect Circle - Three sixty15.11.20137.88359
1605Ty Segall - Twins12.10.20127.8825
1606John Frusciante - Pbx funicular intaglio zone21.09.20127.88225
1607Deafheaven - Sunbather05.07.20137.88225
1608Paul Weller - More modern classics30.05.20147.88100
1609Pixies - Beneath the eyrie13.09.20197.8850
1610Kinderzimmer Productions - Todesverachtung to go17.01.20207.8850
1611Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand16.02.20047.881684
1612The Raveonettes - Raven in the grave08.04.20117.88323
1613Björk - Vulnicura21.01.20157.88116
1614Thrice - Vheissu02.12.20057.88265
1615Sleater-Kinney - The woods30.05.20057.88157
1616Mac DeMarco - Salad days28.03.20147.88124
1617Tom Liwa - St. Amour07.04.20007.88322
1618The Mars Volta - De-loused in the comatorium23.06.20037.882375
1619Incubus - Monuments and melodies12.06.20097.88774
1620John Lees' Barclay James Harvest - North11.10.20137.88107
1621John Frusciante - Enclosure11.04.20147.88115
1622Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven23.10.20007.881896
1623Jimmy Eat World - Clarity29.01.20017.881921
1624Band Of Horses - Mirage rock14.09.20127.88361
1625The Twilight Sad - No one can ever know02.03.20127.8882
1626Bersarin Quartett - Methoden und Maschinen29.11.20197.8841
1627Dredg - El cielo14.10.20027.882516
1628Oceansize - Self preserved while the bodies float up03.09.20107.8898
1629Dum Dum Girls - Only in dreams30.09.20117.8849
1630Mac DeMarco - Another one07.08.20157.8898
1631Kraków Loves Adana - Songs after the blue06.04.20187.8849
1632Hozier - Wasteland, baby!01.03.20197.8849
1633Immanu El - Moen13.11.20097.88106
1634The Strokes - First impressions of Earth30.12.20057.881132
1635Kings Of Leon - Because of the times20.04.20077.881629
1636Paul Weller - Wake up the nation16.04.20107.88194
1637Broken Social Scene - You forgot it in people02.03.20047.88565
1638Nada Surf - The stars are indifferent to astronomy27.01.20127.88282
1639Woodkid - The golden age15.03.20137.88282
1640Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam28.04.20067.885653
1641Pixies - Pixies15.07.20027.88313
1642Grizzly Bear - Yellow house01.09.20067.88281
1643The Calling - Two24.05.20047.88818
1644Mudhoney - The lucky ones23.05.20087.88882
1645The Datsuns - Head stunts04.10.20087.8856
1646The Clash - Live at Shea Stadium10.10.20087.8896
1647William Fitzsimmons - Goodnight14.11.20087.8888
1648Jamie T - Kings & queens04.09.20097.88120
1649The Tallest Man On Earth - The wild hunt09.04.20107.8872
1650Bombay Bicycle Club - Flaws16.07.20107.8832
1651Elton John & Leon Russell - The union22.10.20107.88216
1652The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing04.03.20117.8848
1653Cloud Nothings - Here and nowhere else28.03.20147.8864
1654Rival Sons - Great western valkyrie06.06.20147.8872
1655Two Gallants - We are undone30.01.20157.8840
1656Broken Social Scene - Hug of thunder07.07.20177.8848
1657Fidlar - Almost free25.01.20197.8840
1658Jónsi - Shiver02.10.20207.8832
1659Lunatic Soul - Through shaded woods13.11.20207.8824
1660Goat Girl - On all fours29.01.20217.8824
1661Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase.27.02.20157.87719
1662Fu Manchu - California crossing04.02.20027.87647
1663Kate Nash - Made of bricks12.10.20077.87518
1664Isis - Temporal09.10.20127.87215
1665Biffy Clyro - Puzzle01.06.20077.87278
1666Bon Iver - 22, a million30.09.20167.87134
1667Kashmir - Zitilites11.08.20037.87480
1668Rich Robinson - Through a crooked sun24.02.20127.87267
1669Incubus - If not now, when?08.07.20117.87510
1670Do Make Say Think - You, you're a history in rust16.02.20077.87274
1671Guided By Voices - Half smiles of the decomposed23.08.20047.8786
1672The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Communion24.04.20097.87438
1673Opeth - Pale communion22.08.20147.87164
1674Bat For Lashes - The haunted man12.10.20127.87117
1675Kante - Zweilicht08.01.20017.87724
1676Isis - Panopticon18.10.20047.87358
1677Patrick Wolf - Wind in the wires21.02.20057.87388
1678Broken Bells - Broken Bells05.03.20107.87147
1679Palms - Palms21.06.20137.87147
1680Meat Loaf - Bat out of hell III: The monster is loose20.10.20067.87193
1681Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom26.05.20067.87162
1682Figurines - When the deer wore blue24.08.20077.8754
1683Avec - Heaven/hell14.09.20187.8754
1684Gravenhurst - Fires in distant buildings21.10.20057.87261
1685My Chemical Romance - Three cheers for sweet revenge31.01.20057.87437
1686Echo & The Bunnymen - Meteorites30.05.20147.8746
1687Ex:Re - Ex:Re30.11.20187.8746
1688Hatchie - Keepsake21.06.20197.8723
1689Kaiser Franz Josef - III17.07.20207.8723
1690Herbert Grönemeyer - Live in Bochum25.11.20167.871163
1691Foo Fighters - Wasting light08.04.20117.872843
1692The Cooper Temple Clause - Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose08.09.20037.87832
1693The Figurines - Shake a mountain10.05.20047.8784
1694Fish - Weltschmerz25.09.20207.8761
1695Robert Plant - Band of joy10.09.20107.87625
1696Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest22.05.20097.87419
1697Deine Lakaien - White lies07.01.20027.87441
1698Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings28.01.20117.87213
1699John K. Samson - Winter wheat21.10.20167.8738
1700Mogwai - Hardcore will never die, but you will11.02.20117.87569
1701Get Well Soon - Rest now, weary head! You will get well soon18.01.20087.87447
1702Kettcar - Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und Händen07.03.20057.87651
1703Amy Macdonald - This is the life07.03.20087.87159
1704Damien Jurado - Caught in the trees12.09.20087.8753
1705Anouk - Sad singalong songs17.05.20137.87121
1706Deerhunter - Cryptograms16.02.20077.8798
1707Locas In Love - Saurus09.02.20077.87256
1708Kula Shaker - Pilgrims progress23.07.20107.87354
1709Robert Plant - Dreamland24.06.20027.87653
1710Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom13.10.20067.8760
1711The Charcoal Sunset - The Charcoal Sunset01.04.20117.8730
1712Indians - Somewhere else25.01.20137.8745
1713Highasakite - Uranium heart01.02.20197.8745
1714Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains12.07.20197.8745
1715Adrianne Lenker - Songs + instrumentals23.10.20207.8730
1716Passenger - Songs for the drunk and broken hearted08.01.20217.8745
1717Sufjan Stevens - Illinois11.07.20057.871435
1718Bear's Den - Islands17.10.20147.87112
1719Silversun Pickups - Carnavas26.10.20077.8782
1720Los Campesinos! - Hold on now, youngster...22.02.20087.87358
1721Incubus - Light grenades24.11.20067.87723
1722Mogwai - Happy songs for happy people10.06.20037.87566
1723Einstürzende Neubauten - Lament07.11.20147.87350
1724Scott Stapp - The great divide03.03.20067.87119
1725I Like Trains - Kompromat21.08.20207.8752
1726Sigur Rós - Hvarf/Heim02.11.20077.871232
1727Billy Talent - Dead silence07.09.20127.87445
1728Daughter - Not to disappear15.01.20167.87141
1729Efterklang - Altid sammen20.09.20197.8637
1730Amy Macdonald - The human demands30.10.20207.8637
1731Logh - The raging sun26.05.20037.86185
1732Katatonia - The great cold distance10.03.20067.86148
1733Naked Lunch - Songs for the exhausted01.03.20047.86281
1734Muff Potter - Heute wird gewonnen, bitte15.09.20037.86310
1735Nirvana - With the lights out22.11.20047.86450
1736Primal Scream - XTRMNTR31.01.20007.86368
1737Robert Plant - Lullaby and ... the ceaseless roar05.09.20147.86338
1738Austra - Future politics20.01.20177.8622
1739Hot Snakes - Jericho sirens16.03.20187.8622
1740Sophie - Oil of every pearl's un-insides15.06.20187.8622
1741Everclear - Songs from an American movie, vol. 1: Learning how to smile10.07.20007.8622
1742Sage Francis - A healthy distrust07.02.20057.8644
1743Opeth - Heritage16.09.20117.86117
1744Iggy And The Stooges - Ready to die26.04.20137.8673
1745Coheed And Cambria - The color before the sun16.10.20157.8673
1746The National - High violet07.05.20107.861340
1747Desert Sessions - Vol. 9 & 1013.10.20037.86342
1748Florence & The Machine - How big, how blue, how beautiful29.05.20157.86167
1749Radiohead - Hail to the thief10.06.20037.862221
1750Meat Loaf - Couldn't have said it better31.03.20037.86348
1751The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat+bone21.09.20127.8687
1752Fink (UK) - Bloom innocent25.10.20197.8629
1753All Them Witches - Nothing as the ideal04.09.20207.8629
1754The Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire works09.11.20077.86268
1755Guided By Voices - Let's go eat the factory20.01.20127.86130
1756Radiohead - Kid A02.10.20007.864392
1757The Kooks - Inside in / Inside out24.03.20067.86598
1758Blues Explosion - Damage27.09.20047.86108
1759Mogwai - The hawk is howling19.09.20087.86360
1760Lighthouse Family - Blue sky in your head05.07.20197.8636
1761Collapse Under The Empire - Everything we will leave beyond us13.11.20207.8636
1762Juliana Hatfield - In exile deo25.06.20047.86280
1763Logh - North05.04.20077.8686
1764Bear's Den - Red earth and pouring rain22.07.20167.8686
1765Tanita Tikaram - Closer to the people11.03.20167.86143
1766Placebo - Meds10.03.20067.861022
1767Palace - Life after12.07.20197.8650
1768Caribou - Swim16.04.20107.86107
1769Neil Young - Living with war12.05.20067.86591
1770Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Up from below14.08.20097.8657
1771Seachange - On fire, with love26.05.20067.86363
1772Riverside - Rapid eye movement28.09.20077.86121
1773Hundreds - Aftermath14.03.20147.86149
1774Bryan Ferry - Olympia22.10.20107.86283
1775Suede - The blue hour21.09.20187.8699
1776Geddy Lee - My favourite headache13.11.20007.86919
1777Melt-Banana - Cell-scape27.10.20037.86205
1778Teenage Fanclub - Four thousand seven hundred and sixty six seconds: A shortcut to Teenage Fanclub20.01.20037.86113
1779Paul Banks - Banks19.10.20127.86134
1780Tomte - Hinter all diesen Fenstern28.04.20037.861247
1781Lene Marlin - Another day22.09.20037.8663
1782The Magnetic Fields - i17.05.20047.8698
1783Bloc Party - Silent alarm14.02.20057.862148
1784The White Birch - Come up for air04.11.20057.86119
1785Mogwai - Special moves / Burning20.08.20107.86315
1786The Unwinding Hours - Afterlives24.08.20127.86119
1787Gallows - Gallows07.09.20127.8642
1788Iron & Wine - Ghost on ghost12.04.20137.8628
1789Ed Kowalczyk - The flood and the mercy06.09.20137.8691
1790William Fitzsimmons - Lions14.02.20147.8621
1791Bob Mould - Beauty & ruin06.06.20147.8656
1792Parkway Drive - Ire25.09.20157.8621
1793Honig - The last thing the world needs24.08.20187.8628
1794The Get Up Kids - Problems10.05.20197.8621
1795Paul Weller - On sunset03.07.20207.8628
1796Fontaines D.C. - A hero's death31.07.20207.8656
1797James Dean Bradfield - Even in exile14.08.20207.8635
1798Radiohead - Amnesiac05.06.20017.863524
1799Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O.04.11.20027.86272
1800Isis - In the absence of truth03.11.20067.86760
1801Elbow - The seldom seen kid25.04.20087.86244
1802Paul Weller - Catch-flame!09.06.20067.86188
1803Fu Manchu - Start the machine06.12.20047.86355
1804The Calling - Camino Palmero27.05.20027.86840
1805Biffy Clyro - The vertigo of bliss16.06.20037.86360
1806Interpol - Our love to admire06.07.20077.861330
1807Emiliana Torrini - Love in the time of science25.10.19997.86380
1808Flogging Molly - Within a mile of home20.09.20047.8669
1809The Album Leaf - A chorus of storytellers05.02.20107.8562
1810The Walkmen - Lisbon08.10.20107.85103
1811Rosenstolz - Wir sind am Leben23.09.20117.85192
1812Johnny Marr - Playland03.10.20147.8596
1813Tocotronic - >20<07.08.20137.85356
1814Sunn O))) - Black one21.10.20057.8589
1815Die Ärzte - Die Ärzte (2020 Edition)18.12.20207.85663
1816Tindersticks - Waiting for the moon09.06.20037.85157
1817Stone Temple Pilots - Thank you10.11.20037.85901
1818The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss machine02.08.20047.85191
1819Liam Finn - The nihilist09.05.20147.8534
1820Moderat - Live25.11.20167.8534
1821Seachange - Lay of the land08.03.20047.85387
1822Ian Anderson - Rupi's dance25.08.20037.8595
1823Okkervil River - The stage names07.09.20077.851268
1824The Leisure Society - Into the murky water06.05.20117.85122
1825La Sera - Hour of the dawn16.05.20147.85122
1826The Cure - 40 live: Curætion-25 + Anniversary18.10.20197.8527
1827Typhoon - Sympathetic magic22.01.20217.8527
1828Rise Against - Appeal to reason10.10.20087.85162
1829Various Artists - The songs of Tony Sly: A tribute02.11.20137.8547
1830Pure Reason Revolution - Eupnea03.04.20207.8547
1831Girls In Hawaii - From here to there17.05.20047.85114
1832Kettcar - Sylt18.04.20087.85542
1833Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope24.01.20147.85274
1834Amplifier - Amplifier10.05.20047.85394
1835Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 207.11.20147.8540
1836Riverside - Shrine of new generation slaves18.01.20137.85259
1837The Cribs - For all my sisters20.03.20157.8553
1838Robert Plant - Sixty six to Timbuktu10.11.20037.85643
1839Maximo Park - Our Earthly pleasures30.03.20077.85570
1840Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness rock record30.04.20107.85139
1841The Leisure Society - The sleeper16.10.20097.8586
1842Travis - Singles01.11.20047.85119
1843British Sea Power - Open season25.04.20057.85119
1844Mother Tongue - Ghost note23.06.20037.85713
1845Handsome Furs - Sound kapital08.07.20117.8533
1846Coheed And Cambria - The afterman: Descension22.02.20137.8533
1847Son Lux - Lanterns25.10.20137.8533
1848Aretha Franklin - Aretha Franklin sings the great diva classics24.10.20147.8533
1849Beth Hart - Better than home10.04.20157.8533
1850Harry Styles - Fine line13.12.20197.8533
1851Incubus - The essential Incubus19.10.20127.85567
1852Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust20.06.20087.85481
1853Mogwai - Rock action23.04.20017.851080
1854Green Day - Shenanigans01.07.20027.85296
1855Camouflage - Sensor26.05.20037.85217
1856The Polyphonic Spree - The beginning stages of The Polyphonic Spree30.06.20037.85184
1857Savoy Grand - People and what they want28.02.20057.85184
1858Janelle Monáe - The electric lady13.09.20137.85387
1859The Magic Numbers - Alias15.08.20147.8559
1860The Slow Show - Dream darling30.09.20167.8559
1861Giardini Di Mirò - Dividing opinions31.08.20077.85334
1862The Big Pink - Future this13.01.20127.8572
1863Savages - Adore life22.01.20167.8526
1864Fat White Family - Serfs up!19.04.20197.8526
1865Roosevelt - Polydans26.02.20217.8526
1866Team Sleep - Team Sleep09.05.20057.85382
1867The Boxer Rebellion - Promises17.05.20137.85142
1868The Slow Show - White water06.03.20157.8571
1869Manchester Orchestra - A black mile to the surface28.07.20177.84103
1870Film School - Film School20.01.20067.84161
1871Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants09.07.20107.84322
1872British Sea Power - Machineries of joy29.03.20137.8445
1873Antony & The Johnsons - Turning07.11.20147.84141
1874The Paper Chase - Some day this could all be yours (Part 1)15.05.20097.84109
1875Six.By Seven - Artists cannibals poets thieves22.08.20057.84205
1876The Maccabees - Colour it in03.08.20077.84205
1877The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Behind the music19.03.20017.84320
1878Daughters - Daughters09.04.20107.8432
1879Touché Amoré - Is survived by27.09.20137.84128
1880Aurora - A different kind of human – Step 207.06.20197.8432
1881Interpol - Interpol03.09.20107.84810
1882Veronica Falls - Waiting for something to happen01.02.20137.8489
1883Deine Lakaien - Crystal palace08.08.20147.84108
1884Beck - Modern guilt04.07.20087.84254
1885Port O'Brien - All we could do was sing04.07.20087.8457
1886Liam Finn - FOMO17.06.20117.8438
1887Rival Sons - Hollow bones10.06.20167.8438
1888Feist - Pleasure28.04.20177.8438
1889Motorpsycho - The all is one28.08.20207.8438
1890The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink robots22.07.20027.84538
1891Thrice - The artist in the ambulance12.08.20037.84234
1892David Bowie - Hours01.10.19997.84581
1893Junius - Junius08.02.20087.84120
1894Black Mountain - Wilderness heart17.09.20107.8444
1895Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre is evil14.09.20127.8488
1896I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro17.01.20147.8444
1897Kasabian - 48:1306.06.20147.84220
1898Temples - Sun structures14.02.20147.84207
1899Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah20.01.20067.84307
1900Editors - An end has a start22.06.20077.842428
1901Jamie T - Panic prevention02.02.20077.84150
1902Ladytron - Gravity the seducer09.09.20117.84100
1903Billy Talent - Billy Talent III10.07.20097.84356
1904Mr. Bungle - California25.10.19997.84343
1905Angels & Airwaves - We don't need to whisper30.06.20067.84187
1906Blood Red Shoes - In time to voices30.03.20127.84162
1907Doves - Some cities21.02.20057.84355
1908The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips & heady fwends27.07.20127.8456
1909Fu Manchu - We must obey16.02.20077.84348
1910Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American27.08.20017.842288
1911The Morning Benders - Big echo18.06.20107.8431
1912Tindersticks - Can our love...21.05.20017.84130
1913Guided By Voices - Earthquake glue18.08.20037.84359
1914Ben Harper - Diamonds on the inside24.02.20037.8468
1915Lagwagon - Resolve28.10.20057.84136
1916The Temper Trap - Conditions07.08.20097.84204
1917The Delgados - Universal audio18.10.20047.84142
1918Great Lake Swimmers - Great Lake Swimmers29.03.20047.8437
1919John Grant - Pale green ghosts08.03.20137.8437
1920The Vaccines - English graffiti22.05.20157.8437
1921Okkervil River - Away09.09.20167.8437
1922Little Steven - Soulfire19.05.20177.8437
1923Beirut - Gulag Orkestar10.11.20067.84283
1924Sparks - Hello young lovers20.02.20067.8486
1925Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I lay my head16.05.20087.84129
1926Okkervil River - The stand ins12.09.20087.84393
1927Run The Jewels - RTJ403.06.20207.8443
1928We Were Promised Jetpacks - In the pit of the stomach07.10.20117.8492
1929Tindersticks - The hungry saw25.04.20087.8492
1930Gorillaz - Gorillaz14.05.20017.84631
1931Slash's Snakepit - Ain't life grand09.10.20007.84251
1932American Football - American Football (LP3)22.03.20197.8455
1933Circa Survive - On letting go22.06.20077.842106
1934Junip - Fields10.09.20107.8467
1935Iron & Wine - The shepherd's dog28.09.20077.8473
1936Foals - Everything not saved will be lost – Part 218.10.20197.8473
1937John Frusciante - The will to death21.06.20047.84261
1938The The - NakedSelf28.02.20007.83103
1939Glassjaw - Everything you ever wanted to know about silence31.07.20007.83290
1940Papa Roach - Getting away with murder30.08.20047.83145
1941Starsailor - Love is here22.10.20017.831328
1942Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains25.08.20177.83175
1943Mumford & Sons - Babel21.09.20127.83633
1944The Cars - Move like this06.05.20117.83837
1945Elbow - Cast of thousands18.08.20037.83871
1946Dead Man Ray - Cago07.10.20027.8336
1947Fields Of The Nephilim - Mourning sun25.11.20057.8354
1948Papa Roach - The Paramour sessions08.09.20067.8384
1949The Dodos - Visiter01.08.20087.8396
1950Tindersticks - Falling down a mountain22.01.20107.8336
1951Glorytellers - Atone09.04.20107.83108
1952Spiritual Beggars - Earth blues12.04.20137.8330
1953Riverside - Love, fear and the time machine04.09.20157.83198
1954No Age - Goons be gone05.06.20207.8336
1955Depeche Mode - Spirits in the forest26.06.20207.8336
1956Biffy Clyro - Infinity land31.01.20057.83381
1957Two Gallants - Two Gallants21.09.20077.83125
1958Gallows - Grey Britain02.05.20097.83107
1959Sparta - Threes27.04.20077.831979
1960The Thermals - The body, the blood, the machine01.09.20067.83213
1961Thea Gilmore - Harpo's ghost08.09.20067.83945
1962Soulsavers - The light the dead see18.05.20127.83283
1963Torres - Sprinter15.05.20157.83112
1964Tori Amos - The beekeeper21.02.20057.83212
1965The Walkmen - You & me10.10.20087.83106
1966We Invented Paris - We Invented Paris04.11.20117.83100
1967Taking Back Sunday - Tell all your friends29.04.20027.83534
1968The Fire Theft - The Fire Theft06.10.20037.8382
1969Queens Of The Stone Age - Over the years and through the woods18.11.20057.83281
1970Portugal. The Man - The satanic satanist17.07.20097.83742
1971Chevelle - Wonder what's next03.03.20037.83397
1972Niels Frevert - Paradies der gefälschten Dinge22.08.20147.8335
1973Grand Griffon - Mattachine15.08.20147.8370
1974Soak - Before we forgot how to dream29.05.20157.8335
1975Methyl Ethel - Everything is forgotten03.03.20177.8335
1976Blackmail - Bliss, please26.02.20017.832506
1977Aereogramme - A story in white01.10.20017.831317
1978Radical Face - The family tree: The roots20.01.20127.8399
1979Efdemin - New Atlantis15.02.20197.83128
1980Crippled Black Phoenix - I, vigilante10.09.20107.83192
1981NOFX - Pump up the valuum29.05.20007.83331
1982Emil Bulls - Phoenix25.09.20097.83116
1983Mark Lanegan - Straight songs of sorrow08.05.20207.8329
1984Perfume Genius - Set my heart on fire immediately15.05.20207.8329
1985Klimt 1918 - Dopoguerra25.04.20057.831176
1986Madrugada - The nightly disease26.03.20017.83886
1987Incubus - A crow left of the murder02.02.20047.83556
1988The Low Frequency In Stereo - Travelling ants who got eaten by moskus22.03.20047.83162
1989St. Vincent - Strange mercy09.09.20117.8352
1990Van Morrison - Born to sing: No plan B28.09.20127.8375
1991Cuba Missouri - Things I wish I had not called just things18.05.20077.8398
1992The Hirsch Effekt - Holon : hiberno19.03.20107.83322
1993The Black Keys - Turn blue09.05.20147.83414
1994Wolf Parade - Cry cry cry06.10.20177.8323
1995Depeche Mode - Playing the angel14.10.20057.831177
1996Katatonia - Night is the new day06.11.20097.83132
1997Brett Anderson - Wilderness17.10.20087.8386
1998Turbostaat - Uthlande17.01.20207.8363
1999Toundra - Vortex27.04.20187.8297
2000The Arcs - Yours, dreamily,04.09.20157.8257
2001British Sea Power - The decline of British Sea Power19.05.20037.82211
2002Babyshambles - Down in Albion18.11.20057.82518
2003Son Lux - We are rising19.08.20117.8234
2004The Ocean - Pelagial26.04.20137.8268
2005Madrugada - Madrugada09.05.20087.82147
2006Noah And The Whale - The first days of spring18.09.20097.8262
2007Alvvays - Alvvays18.07.20147.82152
2008Ed Sheeran - No. 6 collaborations project12.07.20197.82163
2009Elliott - Song in the air05.05.20037.82118
2010The Helio Sequence - Keep your eyes ahead25.01.20087.82382
2011The Veils - The runaway found16.02.20047.82202
2012Division Of Laura Lee - Violence is timeless15.05.20097.8228
2013Lou Barlow - Goodnight unknown02.10.20097.8228
2014Marianne Faithfull - Horses and high heels28.01.20117.8228
2015The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of us is the killer17.05.20137.8256
2016Johnossi - Torch // flame28.02.20207.8228
2017Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys - Greatest hits20.03.20207.8228
2018Sparklehorse - It's a wonderful life31.08.20017.82123
2019Marnie Stern - In advance of the broken arm20.04.20077.82313
2020The Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle10.11.20037.82173
2021John Grant - Queen of Denmark30.04.20107.82145
2022Bosnian Rainbows - Bosnian Rainbows28.06.20137.82145
2023Car Seat Headrest - Twin fantasy16.02.20187.8239
2024Stereophonics - Keep calm and carry on26.02.20107.8239
2025Cursive - The ugly organ10.03.20037.82245
2026Marriages - Salome10.04.20157.82150
2027Esben And The Witch - Violet cries28.01.20117.8261
2028Beirut - The rip tide26.08.20117.82133
2029Desert Sessions - Vol. 7 & 819.10.20017.82470
2030Placebo - Sleeping with ghosts24.03.20037.82796
2031Prince - Musicology19.04.20047.82564
2032Monsters Of Folk - Monsters Of Folk18.09.20097.8294
2033Vic Chesnutt - Skitter on take-off27.11.20097.82232
2034Foals - What went down28.08.20157.82116
2035Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Big moon ritual08.06.20127.82297
2036Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait for love16.02.20187.8222
2037We Are Muffy - The charcoal pool20.07.20187.8266
2038Archive - You all look the same to me06.05.20027.82814
2039The Telephones - Sing when you're ringing05.04.20047.82110
2040Grandaddy - Just like the fambly cat05.05.20067.82121
2041Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson And The Pioneer Saboteurs25.06.20107.8233
2042Kyuss - Muchas Gracias - The best of18.09.20007.821350
2043Elbow - Asleep in the back07.05.20017.82980
2044Primal Scream - Riot city blues26.05.20067.8282
2045Nine Inch Nails - And all that could have been (live)11.02.20027.82448
2046Shannon Wright - Secret blood30.09.20117.8260
2047I Break Horses - Hearts28.10.20117.8249
2048Niels Frevert - Zettel auf dem Boden04.11.20117.8249
2049Albert Hammond, Jr. - Yours to keep13.10.20067.8298
2050Anna Calvi - One breath04.10.20137.8238
2051Wild Beasts - Present tense21.02.20147.8238
2052Low - Double negative14.09.20187.8238
2053The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen tales from urban bohemia16.06.20007.82488
2054Rosenstolz - Die Suche geht weiter26.09.20087.82320
2055Long Distance Calling - Avoid the light24.04.20097.8265
2056Stereophonics - Graffiti on the train01.03.20137.8265
2057UPDATE LÄUFT - Es werden 15 Rezensionen24.03.20047.824518
2058Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern15.10.20107.82276
2059Califone - Roots & crowns27.10.20067.82238
2060Sir Simon - Battle04.04.20087.8127
2061Elbow - Build a rocket boys!15.04.20117.81486
2062The Wombats - Glitterbug10.04.20157.81162
2063Enter Shikari - Nothing is true & everything is possible17.04.20207.8127
2064Giant Rooks - Rookery28.08.20207.8154
2065Lee Ranaldo And The Dust - Last night on Earth04.10.20137.8170
2066Red Sparowes - At the soundless dawn21.03.20057.8170
2067Touché Amoré - Parting the sea between brightness and me05.08.20117.81129
2068Prince & 3rdeyegirl - Plectrumelectrum26.09.20147.81833
2069The Flaming Lips - At war with the mystics31.03.20067.81145
2070Foals - Total life forever07.05.20107.81193
2071Angels & Airwaves - The dream walker09.12.20147.8191
2072The Walkmen - A hundred miles off24.11.20067.81572
2073Larrikin Love - The freedom spark25.05.20077.8196
2074Kashmir - Trespassers05.03.20107.81208
2075Angus Stone - Broken brights13.07.20127.8164
2076The Raveonettes - Observator14.09.20127.8132
2077Four Tet - Sixteen oceans13.03.20207.8132
2078Cream - Live at the Royal Albert Hall May 2-3-5-6 200507.10.20057.81431
2079Portugal. The Man - Church mouth20.07.20077.81569
2080Tegan And Sara - The con29.02.20087.81117
2081The Cooper Temple Clause - Make this your own26.01.20077.81159
2082Unheilig - Gipfelstürmer12.12.20147.813958
2083Daughters - You won't get what you want02.11.20187.8153
2084Eno / Hyde - Someday world02.05.20147.8137
2085Gazelle Twin - Unflesh03.10.20147.8174
2086MoTrip - Mama19.06.20157.81185
2087We Were Promised Jetpacks - The more I sleep the less I dream14.09.20187.8137
2088DIIV - Deceiver04.10.20197.8137
2089Dream Theater - Six degrees of inner turbulence28.01.20027.811642
2090The Zonnhaider's Club - The forthcoming spring22.06.20077.81132
2091Silversun Pickups - Neck of the woods15.06.20127.8158
2092Brant Bjork - Local angel23.08.20047.81100
2093Thea Gilmore - Liejacker27.06.20087.81279
2094Idlewild - The remote part26.07.20027.81531
2095Mark Owen - How the mighty fall04.07.20057.8163
2096Patrick Watson - Close to paradise14.09.20077.81105
2097Scott Matthew - Scott Matthew07.03.20087.8163
2098Bat For Lashes - Two suns03.04.20097.81189
2099Serj Tankian - Imperfect harmonies17.09.20107.81504
2100Turin Brakes - Invisible storm26.01.20187.8121
2101Napalm Death - Throes of joy in the jaws of defeatism18.09.20207.8121
2102System Of A Down - Hypnotize18.11.20057.81451
2103Dead Meadow - Feathers07.03.20057.8189
2104Manchester Orchestra - Cope28.03.20147.81115
2105Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Decadence & isolation29.08.20057.81308
2106Prince - 312124.03.20067.81334
2107Against Me! - Searching for a former clarity05.09.20057.8173
2108Casper - XOXO08.07.20117.81662
2109Madrugada - The deep end21.03.20057.81172
2110The Cooper Temple Clause - See this through and leave22.04.20027.81849
2111David Bowie - Reality15.09.20037.81750
2112Lou Barlow - Emoh24.01.20057.8126
2113Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The social network29.10.20107.8126
2114Madeline Juno - The unknown07.03.20147.8126
2115Dieter Meier - Out of chaos11.04.20147.8126
2116Jamie xx - In colour29.05.20157.8178
2117Everything Everything - Get to Heaven19.06.20157.8178
2118Youth Lagoon - Savage hills ballroom25.09.20157.8126
2119Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Idiot prayer: Nick Cave alone at Alexandra Palace20.11.20207.8152
2120NOFX - Wolves in wolves' clothing13.04.20067.81291
2121Beachheads - Beachheads03.02.20177.8131
2122Black Belt Eagle Scout - At the party with my brown friends30.08.20197.8131
2123Alanis Morissette - Such pretty forks in the road31.07.20207.8131
2124Kings Of Leon - Aha shake heartbreak01.11.20047.81759
2125Ben Folds Five - The unauthorized biography of Reinhold Messner26.04.19997.81294
2126Darren Hayes - The tension and the spark01.11.20047.81345
2127Primal Scream - Evil heat05.08.20027.81288
2128David Gray - Mutineers27.06.20147.8136
2129Machine Head - The blackening23.03.20077.81190
2130Tori Amos - American doll posse27.04.20077.81154
2131Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Boa best singles23.09.20057.8082
2132PeterLicht - Melancholie und Gesellschaft05.09.20087.8082
2133Green Day - Revolution radio07.10.20167.8087
2134Girls In Hawaii - Everest20.09.20137.8046
2135Natalie Merchant - Natalie Merchant02.05.20147.8051
2136Sigur Rós - Inni04.11.20117.80321
2137Type O Negative - Dead again16.03.20077.80112
2138Radiohead - A moon shaped pool08.05.20167.80570
2139The Roots - Undun02.12.20117.80183
2140Pale - Razzmatazz (The arts at the sands)15.10.20007.80681
2141Lilly Among Clouds - Aerial perspective25.08.20177.8071
2142Badly Drawn Boy - About a boy08.04.20027.80278
2143Mother Tongue - Streetlight02.04.20027.80959
2144Levellers - Truth & lies06.06.20057.80116
2145Do Make Say Think - Winter hymn country hymn secret hymn06.10.20037.80247
2146I Am Kloot - I Am Kloot15.09.20037.80332
2147Spinnerette - Spinnerette26.06.20097.80964
2148The White Birch - Star is just a sun23.10.20027.80361
2149William Shatner - Has been04.10.20047.80832
2150Ben Kweller - On my way06.09.20047.80215
2151Siouxsie - Mantaray14.09.20077.8050
2152Frightened Rabbit - The winter of mixed drinks05.03.20107.8060
2153Groove Armada - Black light26.02.20107.8035
2154Laura Gibson - La Grande13.01.20127.8025
2155The Menzingers - On the impossible past17.02.20127.8065
2156The Stranglers - Giants09.03.20127.8025
2157Ben Harper - By my side12.10.20127.8030
2158The Sheepdogs - The Sheepdogs22.03.20137.8035
2159Sons Of the Sea - Sons Of the Sea28.02.20147.8095
2160Ry X - Dawn06.05.20167.8025
2161Ezra Furman - Transangelic exodus09.02.20187.8020
2162Embrace - Love is a basic need16.03.20187.8035
2163Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado25.10.20197.8035
2164Tigran Hamasyan - The call within28.08.20207.8035
2165Kristofer Åström - Hard times06.11.20207.8025
2166I Am Kloot - Natural history26.03.20017.80289
2167Rancid - Indestructible25.08.20037.80239
2168The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten20.07.20127.80238
2169Ben Howard - I forget where we were17.10.20147.80228
2170Idlewild - 100 broken windows07.04.20007.80654
2171Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The road (Original soundtrack)08.01.20107.8099
2172Villagers - {Awayland}11.01.20137.8099
2173The Pineapple Thief - All the wars07.09.20127.8074
2174The Strokes - Angles18.03.20117.80276
2175My Vitriol - Finelines09.04.20017.80902
2176Aereogramme - Sleep and release03.03.20037.80739
2177Ben Folds - Rockin' the suburbs17.09.20017.80778
2178Thom Yorke - The eraser07.07.20067.80566
2179Everything Everything - Arc25.01.20137.8059
2180Iron & Wine - Kiss each other clean21.01.20117.8049
2181Savoy Grand - Burn the furniture28.01.20027.80769
2182The Bangles - Doll revolution03.03.20037.80181
2183The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia...21.04.20067.80137
2184Red Sparowes - Every red heart shines toward the red sun13.10.20067.8088
2185Frightened Rabbit - The midnight organ fight28.03.20087.8088
2186St. Vincent - Actor02.05.20097.8044
2187Low - The invisible way22.03.20137.8044
2188Bob Mould - Patch the sky25.03.20167.8044
2189The Electric Soft Parade - No need to be downhearted20.07.20077.80127
2190Bloc Party - A weekend in the city02.02.20077.801786
2191Andrew Stockdale - Keep moving07.06.20137.80205
2192Faber - Sei ein Faber im Wind07.07.20177.79117
2193Klimt 1918 - Just in case we'll never meet again (Soundtrack for the cassette generation)20.06.20087.79433
2194The John Butler Trio - Sunrise over sea25.04.20057.79102
2195Ride - This is not a safe place16.08.20197.7934
2196Favez - Bellefontaine Avenue29.09.20037.79126
2197Anna Ternheim - Somebody outside03.02.20067.79392
2198Joan As Police Woman - To survive06.06.20087.7929
2199Benjamin Biolay - La superbe23.10.20097.7929
2200Low - C'mon15.04.20117.7958
2201Last Days Of April - Sea of clouds19.06.20157.7929
2202Gemma Hayes - Night on my side24.06.20027.7953
2203Manchester Orchestra - Mean everything to nothing18.09.20097.79101
2204Melissa Auf Der Maur - Out of our minds02.04.20107.791780
2205Silverchair - Diorama29.07.20027.79447
2206Soap & Skin - Lovetune for vacuum13.03.20097.79663
2207Stevie Nicks - In your dreams06.05.20117.7924
2208Franz Ferdinand - Right thoughts, right words, right action23.08.20137.7972
2209Eagulls - Eagulls07.03.20147.7924
2210Augustines - This is your life10.06.20167.7924
2211Palace Winter - Waiting for the world to turn03.06.20167.7948
2212Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn20.01.20177.7924
2213Culk - Culk01.02.20197.7924
2214Ladytron - Ladytron15.02.20197.7924
2215The Psychedelic Furs - Made of rain31.07.20207.7924
2216Ef - Mourning golden morning03.04.20107.79110
2217Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy05.04.20047.79196
2218Neil Diamond - 12 songs17.02.20067.7986
2219Biffy Clyro - Blackened sky11.03.20027.79253
2220Nada Surf - Let go16.09.20027.79711
2221Grandaddy - Sumday10.06.20037.79458
2222Paul Anka - Rock swings28.02.20057.79124
2223Timesbold - Eye eye26.04.20047.7957
2224Paul Simon - Surprise26.05.20067.7976
2225Ghost - Ceremony and devotion19.01.20187.79209
2226Ben Folds - Songs for Silverman25.04.20057.79636
2227Johnny Marr - The messenger01.03.20137.79128
2228The Maccabees - Wall of arms29.05.20097.7952
2229Heart - Jupiters darling28.06.20047.79118
2230dEUS - The ideal crash15.03.19997.791500
2231Riverside - Anno Domini high definition03.07.20097.79268
2232Klez.E - Vom Feuer der Gaben30.01.20097.79235
2233Flogging Molly - Speed of darkness27.05.20117.7947
2234Nils Frahm - All melody26.01.20187.7947
2235Transatlantic - More never is enough24.10.20117.79244
2236Kashmir - No balance palace07.10.20057.79305
2237Four Tet - There is love in you29.01.20107.7975
2238Fink (UK) - Hard believer11.07.20147.7975
2239Alexisonfire - Watch out!02.11.20047.79192
2240Junias - Signal02.05.20057.79206
2241Tegan And Sara - So jealous25.04.20057.7970
2242The Mary Onettes - Islands30.10.20097.7928
2243Jessie Ware - Devotion30.10.20127.7928
2244Alasdair Roberts - Alasdair Roberts30.01.20157.7928
2245Collapse Under The Empire - The fallen ones20.10.20177.7928
2246Soccer Mommy - Color theory28.02.20207.7928
2247Alicia Keys - Alicia18.09.20207.7942
2248Dredg - The pariah, the parrot, the delusion29.05.20097.79671
2249Funeral For A Friend - Casually dressed and deep in conversation03.11.20037.79191
2250Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st century portrait03.11.20067.79135
2251Metronomy - The English Riviera15.04.20117.7879
2252Guided By Voices - English little league10.05.20137.7879
2253The Lemonheads - Hotel sessions24.02.20127.78116
2254Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts05.04.20137.7851
2255Dillon - The unknown28.03.20147.78102
2256Klez.E - Flimmern18.08.20067.78190
2257Starsailor - Good souls16.10.20157.78250
2258AFI - Sing the sorrow28.04.20037.78444
2259Okkervil River - Black sheep boy17.05.20057.78208
2260Kate Mosh - Breakfast epiphanies07.04.20067.78143
2261Alkaline Trio - Crimson30.05.20057.78272
2262Fanfarlo - Reservoir22.01.20107.78129
2263The Black Heart Procession - Amore del tropico07.10.20027.7823
2264Matt Elliott - Failing songs27.07.20077.7823
2265Rufus Wainwright - Out of the game20.04.20127.7846
2266Turin Brakes - Lost property29.01.20167.7823
2267Trivium - The sin and the sentence20.10.20177.7823
2268Cage The Elephant - Social cues19.04.20197.7823
2269Roxette - Bag of trix: Music from the Roxette vaults11.12.20207.7823
2270Jimmy Eat World - Futures11.10.20047.781056
2271Lovebugs - Awaydays27.08.20017.78358
2272Starsailor - All this life01.09.20177.78234
2273Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials28.10.20117.78110
2274Kashmir - E.A.R.22.03.20137.78110
2275Lostprophets - Start something02.02.20047.78220
2276Tocotronic - Wie wir leben wollen25.01.20137.78421
2277Soap & Skin - Narrow10.02.20127.78352
2278The Veils - Time stays, we go26.04.20137.7832
2279Neil Young - Hitchhiker08.09.20177.7832
2280Heather Nova - Pearl28.06.20197.7832
2281King Krule - Man alive!21.02.20207.7832
2282Kraków Loves Adana - Darkest dreams25.09.20207.7832
2283The Breeders - Title TK21.05.20027.78489
2284British Sea Power - Do you like rock music?18.01.20087.7896
2285The Hellacopters - High visibility20.11.20007.78365
2286Amanda Rogers - Heartwood08.08.20087.7873
2287Placebo - Black market music09.10.20007.781440
2288Patty Moon - Clouds inside18.10.20047.78237
2289Burial - Untrue09.11.20077.78237
2290Deerhunter - Microcastle / Weird era cont.24.10.20087.78164
2291The Tallest Man On Earth - Dark bird is home08.05.20157.7841
2292Nathan Gray Collective - Until the darkness takes us03.03.20177.7841
2293Erasure - The neon21.08.20207.7841
2294Maximo Park - A certain trigger17.05.20057.781175
2295TV On The Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain30.06.20067.78255
2296Athlete - Tourist21.03.20057.78291
2297Grouper - The man who died in his boat08.03.20137.78100
2298Tricky - Adrian Thaws05.09.20147.78100
2299Lafote - Fin16.11.20187.78168
2300Alice In Chains - Black gives way to blue25.09.20097.781512
2301Six.By Seven - The way I feel today04.03.20027.78394
2302The Call feat. Robert Levon Been - A tribute to Michael Been12.09.20147.7886
2303Machine Head - Unto the locust23.09.20117.7895
2304Titus Andronicus - The monitor09.03.20107.78113
2305Dover - I was dead for 7 weeks in the city of angels26.11.20017.78587
2306Joss Stone - The soul sessions Vol. 224.08.20127.78158
2307Pale Honey - Pale Honey04.05.20157.78117
2308The Raveonettes - Pretty in black25.07.20057.7863
2309Owen Pallett - Heartland22.01.20107.7863
2310The Czars - Goodbye25.10.20047.78139
2311The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia07.03.20087.78130
2312Athlete - Vehicles & animals28.04.20037.781411
2313Underoath - Define the great line16.06.20067.78112
2314Kilians - Kill the Kilians07.09.20077.781796
2315Robin Thicke - Blurred lines12.07.20137.783756
2316Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - C9001.09.20037.781597
2317Anna Ternheim - Separation road16.02.20077.78161
2318The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Origin Vol. 111.10.20047.78268
2319Algiers - The underside of power23.06.20177.7867
2320Thrice - Palms14.09.20187.7858
2321The Lost Patrol - Songs about running away30.06.20037.7858
2322The Killers - Sam's town29.09.20067.78598
2323Sevendust - Seasons27.10.20037.78165
2324Maritime - Glass floor24.05.20047.78165
2325North Of America - Brothers, sisters02.05.20037.7849
2326Sugarplum Fairy - Young and armed09.05.20057.781140
2327Sigur Rós - Variations on darkness13.04.20197.78129
2328Embrace - Embrace02.05.20147.7840
2329David Gray - White ladder28.08.20007.77191
2330Amplifier - The octopus18.02.20117.77311
2331Spillsbury - Auf zum Atem10.10.20087.77244
2332Einstürzende Neubauten - Perpetuum mobile09.02.20047.771849
2333Do Make Say Think - Other truths16.10.20097.77297
2334The Delgados - Hate14.10.20027.77137
2335Aereogramme - Seclusion18.10.20047.77358
2336Cats On Fire - Dealing in antiques21.05.20107.77530
2337Richard Ashcroft - Alone with everybody26.06.20007.77490
2338Thursday - Full collapse10.04.20017.771403
2339Disturbed - Ten thousand fists19.09.20057.77225
2340Eagle*Seagull - Eagle*Seagull15.09.20067.7775
2341Marnie Stern - The chronicles of Marnia22.03.20137.77269
2342The Dandy Warhols - Odditorium or warlords of Mars12.09.20057.77119
2343Franz Kasper - The grasshopper and me29.08.20057.771907
2344Grinderman - Grinderman02.03.20077.7788
2345The John Butler Trio - Grand national27.04.20077.7722
2346Nadine Shah - Holiday destination25.08.20177.7722
2347Thirteen Senses - The invitation26.10.20047.77189
2348A Whisper In The Noise - Dry land05.10.20077.77255
2349Snow Patrol - Final straw24.05.20047.77435
2350Adem - Love and other planets21.04.20067.77123
2351TV On The Radio - Dear science19.09.20087.77259
2352John Mayer - Continuum19.01.20077.77215
2353Gallows - Orchestra of wolves26.10.20077.77490
2354Beach Slang - The things we do to find people who feel like us30.10.20157.7735
2355Idles - Brutalism30.06.20177.7735
2356Soen - Lotus01.02.20197.7735
2357Faith No More - Sol Invictus15.05.20157.77341
2358Sebadoh - Defend yourself13.09.20137.77131
2359Tocotronic - K.O.O.K.26.07.19997.77393
2360Stabbing Westward - Stabbing Westward18.05.20017.77537
2361Doves - The last broadcast03.06.20027.77646
2362Calla - Strength in numbers13.04.20077.7748
2363My Early Mustang - My Early Mustang25.10.20047.77109
2364Badly Drawn Boy - The hour of bewilderbeast26.06.20007.77244
2365Sugarplum Fairy - First round first minute18.08.20067.77671
2366Dead Meadow - Old growth29.02.20087.7761
2367Soulsavers - Broken21.08.20097.7761
2368Coheed And Cambria - The second stage turbine blade21.05.20027.77374
2369Smoke Blow - Dark angel29.08.20057.77174
2370Naked Lunch - This atom heart of ours19.01.20077.77191
2371Boysetsfire - Tomorrow come today31.03.20037.77321
2372Róisín Murphy - Ruby blue13.06.20057.77308
2373Fiona Apple - Extraordinary machine07.10.20057.77429
2374The Flower Kings - Paradox hotel24.03.20067.7726
2375Starsailor - All the plans06.03.20097.77663
2376Sinead O'Connor - How about I be me (And you be you)09.03.20127.7739
2377Banks - Goddess05.09.20147.7778
2378Get Well Soon - Love29.01.20167.7791
2379Frightened Rabbit - Painting of a panic attack08.04.20167.7752
2380Maria Mena - They never leave their wives23.10.20207.7726
2381Of Monsters And Men - My head is an animal27.04.20127.77381
2382Shout Out Louds - Our ill wills25.05.20077.77238
2383Interpol - El pintor05.09.20147.77333
2384Modest Mouse - Good news for people who love bad news05.04.20047.771154
2385Black Mountain - In the future25.01.20087.77510
2386Six.By Seven - 0408.11.20047.77246
2387Radiohead - Minidiscs [Hacked]11.06.20197.77341
2388Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow23.02.20047.77181
2389Youth Lagoon - The year of hibernation18.11.20117.7756
2390Thrice - The alchemy index: Vol. 3 & 4 (Air & earth)18.04.20087.77155
2391The Killers - Hot fuss04.10.20047.77847
2392Half Moon Run - Dark eyes25.10.20137.7786
2393Katatonia - The fall of hearts20.05.20167.7743
2394Feist - The reminder20.04.20077.77159
2395Leaves - Breathe19.08.20027.77116
2396The Delgados - The complete BBC Peel sessions21.07.20067.77116
2397Klimt 1918 - Sentimentale Jugend02.12.20167.77103
2398Mono - Hymn to the immortal wind27.03.20097.77133
2399Ultravox - Brilliant25.05.20127.77373
2400TV On The Radio - Seeds14.11.20147.7790
2401Lagwagon - Blaze07.04.20037.77120
2402Archive - Noise26.04.20047.77424
2403The Used - The Used03.03.20037.77436
2404The Charlatans - Who we touch03.09.20107.77171
2405Urlaub In Polen - Boldstriker02.09.20117.77124
2406Kreisky - Blick auf die Alpen21.03.20147.7747
2407McLusky - McLusky do Dallas02.04.20027.77265
2408The Zutons - Who killed The Zutons?19.04.20047.77222
2409Girls Against Boys - You can't fight what you can't see03.06.20027.77286
2410Locas In Love - Winter28.11.20087.7764
2411Black Submarine - New shores11.03.20147.77145
2412Frank Black And The Catholics - Dog in the sand29.01.20017.77396
2413Blumfeld - Jenseits von jedem01.09.20037.76306
2414Trans Am - Liberation20.02.20047.76187
2415Amusement Parks On Fire - Out of the angeles02.06.20067.76221
2416Dawes - All your favorite bands05.06.20157.7651
2417Hayley Williams - Petals for armor08.05.20207.7634
2418Paradise Lost - In requiem18.05.20077.76123
2419Morning Runner - Wilderness is paradise now28.04.20067.76178
2420Portugal. The Man - Censored colors05.09.20087.76144
2421Pearl Jam - Lost dogs10.11.20037.761515
2422Moloko - Statues03.03.20037.76296
2423The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight24.03.20037.76486
2424Dropkick Murphys - Going out in style25.02.20117.7693
2425Thursday - A city by the light divided14.07.20067.76152
2426Sparklehorse - Dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain29.09.20067.7638
2427Foxygen - Seeing other people26.04.20197.7638
2428Andreas Kümmert - Here I am04.04.20147.763609
2429The Boxer Rebellion - The cold still04.02.20117.7659
2430Kings Of Leon - Youth and young manhood01.09.20037.761028
2431The Roots - The tipping point12.07.20047.76396
2432Jello Biafra With The Melvins - Never breathe what you can't see25.10.20047.76219
2433I Am Kloot - Gods and monsters11.04.20057.76139
2434Nine Horses - Snow borne sorrow17.10.20057.76278
2435The Frames - The cost24.11.20067.7680
2436Mono - Walking clouds and deep red sky, flag fluttered and the sun shined07.06.20047.76122
2437Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace08.11.20047.76122
2438Mew - And the glass handed kites03.02.20067.76223
2439Iggy Pop - Skull ring29.09.20037.7621
2440The Futureheads - The Futureheads30.05.20057.76126
2441M83 - Before the dawn heals us23.05.20057.76273
2442Delaware - Lost in the beauty of innocence10.02.20067.7642
2443Los Campesinos! - Hello sadness11.11.20117.76294
2444Nilüfer Yanya - Miss Universe22.03.20197.7621
2445Paul McCartney - McCartney III18.12.20207.7642
2446Rhye - Home22.01.20217.7621
2447Glasperlenspiel - Beweg Dich mit mir30.09.20117.763301
2448Foo Fighters - There is nothing left to lose02.11.19997.761623
2449The Electric Soft Parade - Holes in the wall29.04.20027.76608
2450Poison The Well - You come before you30.06.20037.76109
2451Radiohead - The king of limbs25.03.20117.761220
2452Okkervil River - I am very far06.05.20117.7688
2453Paradise Lost - Tragic idol20.04.20127.76201
2454Daft Punk - Random access memories17.05.20137.76360
2455Snow Patrol - Eyes open28.04.20067.76293
2456Icona Pop - This is...15.11.20137.763484
2457Favez - (From Lausanne, Switzerland)25.02.20027.76142
2458The Dears - No cities left25.10.20047.76371
2459Lunik - Weather03.11.20047.76175
2460The Wedding Present - Take fountain14.02.20057.76150
2461Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller15.09.20067.7675
2462LCD Soundsystem - 45:3316.11.20077.76150
2463Little Dragon - Ritual union22.07.20117.7625
2464Snow Patrol - Fallen empires11.11.20117.76150
2465Andy Stott - Faith in strangers21.11.20147.7625
2466Rival Sons - Feral roots25.01.20197.7625
2467Jimmy Eat World - Surviving18.10.20197.7675
2468The Fruitcakes - Into the sun13.03.20207.7625
2469Super Furry Animals - Rings around the world17.09.20017.76329
2470AFI - Decemberunderground02.06.20067.76333
2471Serena-Maneesh - Serena-Maneesh23.06.20067.76108
2472Black Country Communion - 210.06.20117.76349
2473Sohn - Tremors04.04.20147.76141
2474Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - Black pudding10.05.20137.7629
2475Anna Ternheim - A space for lost time20.09.20197.7629
2476The Deadnotes - Courage14.02.20207.7629
2477Saves The Day - Sound the alarm13.04.20067.7629
2478BOY - Mutual friends02.09.20117.76331
2479These New Puritans - Field of reeds14.06.20137.7691
2480Sneaker Pimps - Bloodsport25.02.20027.76546
2481Morten Harket - Brother11.04.20147.76124
2482Of Monsters And Men - Beneath the skin05.06.20157.7666
2483The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation14.10.20167.7633
2484Tall Ships - Impressions21.04.20177.7633
2485Savoy Grand - Dirty pillows12.02.20017.76132
2486Seafood - Paper crown king01.09.20067.7633
2487Timesbold - Ill seen ill sung15.02.20087.7633
2488Scooter - The fifth chapter26.09.20147.763987
2489Feist - Metals30.09.20117.76111
2490La Sera - Sees the light30.03.20127.76111
2491Alice In Chains - The devil put dinosaurs here24.05.20137.76703
2492Vega 4 - Satellites10.06.20027.76197
2493The Sleepy Jackson - Lovers14.07.20037.7682
2494Sigur Rós - Valtari25.05.20127.76529
2495Car Seat Headrest - Teens of denial20.05.20167.7682
2496Cold Specks - Neuroplasticity22.08.20147.76127
2497Herr Nilsson - Einfacher sein31.03.20037.76807
2498The National - Alligator11.04.20057.76630
2499Sophie Zelmani - 1995-2005 - A decade of dreams13.01.20067.76311
2500Klaxons - Myths of the near future23.03.20077.76135
2501Devin Townsend - Ziltoid the omniscient18.05.20077.7690
2502Ocean Colour Scene - Saturday05.02.20107.7645
2503Band Of Horses - Why are you ok10.06.20167.7645
2504Stereophonics - Just enough education to perform09.04.20017.76278
2505Blackmail - Friend or foe?26.05.20037.76952
2506Machine Head - Through the ashes of empires27.10.20037.76188
2507Mudvayne - L.D. 5028.11.20007.76192
2508Bloc Party - Intimacy21.08.20087.761144
2509Starsailor - Silence is easy15.09.20037.76535
2510Blackfield - Blackfield II16.02.20077.76441
2511Stuart A. Staples - Lucky Dog recordings 03-0411.07.20057.75159
2512Ed Harcourt - The beautiful lie09.06.20067.75159
2513Japandroids - Celebration rock08.06.20127.75322
2514Guided By Voices - Motivational jumpsuit28.02.20147.7553
2515Die Happy - Guess what10.04.20207.75106
2516Culk - Zerstreuen über Euch09.10.20207.7553
2517Verdena - Il suicidio dei samurai07.10.20057.75224
2518The Rifles - No love lost14.07.20067.75220
2519Adam Angst - Adam Angst20.02.20157.75114
2520Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the great highway01.03.20047.75240
2521Thrice - Major/Minor23.09.20117.75126
2522Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg25.01.20137.75317
2523Stereolove - Stereo loves you07.09.20127.75211
2524These New Puritans - Beat pyramid25.01.20087.7569
2525Voltaire - Heute ist jeder Tag17.03.20067.75426
2526Cave In - Antenna28.04.20037.75146
2527Enik - The seasons in between24.02.20067.75146
2528Swans - The seer07.09.20127.75592
2529Amusement Parks On Fire - Amusement Parks On Fire30.09.20057.75304
2530Starsailor - On the outside14.10.20057.75316
2531Crippled Black Phoenix - A love of shared disasters25.05.20077.75644
2532Lupine Howl - The bar at the end of the world02.12.20027.75332
2533Amanda Palmer - Who killed Amanda Palmer26.09.20087.7593
2534The Radio Dept. - Lesser matters30.08.20047.7597
2535In Flames - Come clarity03.02.20067.75109
2536Colder - Heat27.06.20057.75117
2537Shearwater - The golden archipelago26.02.20107.75121
2538Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's woman31.01.20057.75133
2539Frank Black And The Catholics - Devil's workshop26.08.20027.75157
2540Polvo - Siberia11.10.20137.75205
2541Solarscape - Secret everything13.05.20027.75273
2542The Fall Of Troy - Doppelgänger30.09.20057.75297
2543Soundtrack - Sound City: real to reel08.03.20137.75313
2544Paradise Lost - Faith divides us - death unites us25.09.20097.75417
2545Einstürzende Neubauten - Strategies against architecture III: 1991-200108.10.20017.751449
2546Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance19.11.20017.7536
2547Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live in Hyde Park26.07.20047.75104
2548Herman Düne - Not on top18.04.20057.7576
2549Nina Kinert - Let there be love14.07.20067.75108
2550Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Faking to blend in03.08.20077.75144
2551Minus The Bear - Planet of ice24.08.20077.7596
2552A Place To Bury Strangers - A Place To Bury Strangers31.10.20087.7544
2553Ghost Of Tom Joad - Matterhorn06.02.20097.7560
2554The Raveonettes - In and out of control09.10.20097.7564
2555Tired Pony - The place we ran from23.07.20107.75132
2556Broken Records - Let me come home22.10.20107.7564
2557William Fitzsimmons - Gold in the shadow25.03.20117.7556
2558Rise Against - Endgame11.03.20117.75188
2559Crystal Stilts - In love with oblivion15.04.20117.7540
2560Herman Dune - Strange moosic27.05.20117.7528
2561Emmy The Great - Virtue21.10.20117.7520
2562Real Estate - Days14.10.20117.7572
2563Eleanor Friedberger - Last summer11.11.20117.7528
2564John K. Samson - Provincial27.01.20127.7540
2565The Men - Open your heart30.03.20127.7556
2566Katatonia - Dead end kings24.08.20127.7580
2567Julia Holter - Loud city song16.08.20137.75108
2568Young Rebel Set - Crocodile20.09.20137.7532
2569Sea Wolf - Old world romance13.12.20137.7540
2570The Flaming Lips - 7 skies H327.06.20147.7524
257136 Crazyfists - Time and trauma20.02.20157.7520
2572Freiburg - Brief & Siegel16.10.20157.7524
2573Marble Sounds - Tautou22.04.20167.75244
2574Walking On Cars - Everything this way06.05.20167.7520
2575Klez.E - Desintegration13.01.20177.7568
2576Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope downs15.06.20187.7536
2577Riverside - Wasteland28.09.20187.7588
2578These New Puritans - Inside the rose22.03.20197.7524
2579Body Count - Carnivore06.03.20207.7520
2580Cold - 13 ways to bleed on stage30.10.20007.75239
2581Zero 7 - The garden19.05.20067.75163
2582The Chemical Brothers - Come with us28.01.20027.75608
2583The Blood Brothers - Young machetes17.11.20067.75477
2584Filter - The amalgamut29.07.20027.75393
2585Manfred Mann - 200625.10.20047.75849
2586Soulwax - Nite versions30.09.20057.75119
2587Los Campesinos! - We are beautiful, we are doomed24.10.20087.75242
2588From Autumn To Ashes - The fiction we live15.11.20047.75115
2589Tricky - Blowback25.06.20017.75440
2590Mogwai - Government commissions (BBC sessions 1996-2003)21.02.20057.75321
2591Navel - Frozen souls28.03.20087.75321
2592Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence is sexy03.04.20007.751623
2593Best Coast - The only place11.05.20127.75265
2594Sean Lennon - Friendly fire29.09.20067.75249
2595Lockjaw - Arrive & escape26.07.20047.75320
2596Massive Attack - Heligoland05.02.20107.75237
2597Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Wanderlust24.01.20147.75233
2598Clearlake - Amber17.03.20067.75126
2599Brian Eno - Another day on Earth04.07.20057.7559
2600Gisbert zu Knyphausen - Das Licht dieser Welt27.10.20177.7559
2601Yesterday Shop - Yesterday Shop16.11.20127.75110
2602Dashboard Confessional - A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar03.11.20037.75165
2603Frank Black Francis - Frank Black Francis18.10.20047.7555
2604Menomena - Friend and foe07.09.20077.75165
2605Villagers - Becoming a jackal21.05.20107.7555
2606Cloud Nothings - Attack on memory10.02.20127.75263
2607Earth - The bees made honey in the lion's skull15.02.20087.7551
2608She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge09.06.20067.7498
2609The Lawrence Arms - Metropole24.01.20147.7447
2610Miles Kane - Don't forget who you are31.05.20137.74368
2611Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix22.05.20097.74176
2612Phantom Planet - The guest29.04.20027.74258
2613Aimee Mann - @#%&*! smilers13.06.20087.7443
2614The Dandy Warhols - Earth to The Dandy Warhols22.08.20087.7443
2615Sum 41 - Does this look infected?25.11.20027.74246
2616Mogwai - Rave tapes17.01.20147.74160
2617La Roux - Trouble in paradise18.07.20147.74203
2618BirdPen - In the company of imaginary friends08.05.20157.7439
2619David Bowie - Heathen10.06.20027.74706
2620Anne Clark - The smallest acts of kindness26.09.20087.7439
2621Nadine Shah - Fast food02.04.20157.7474
2622Delilahs - Greetings from Gardentown12.10.20127.7435
2623Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary28.10.20057.74210
2624Super Furry Animals - Phantom power21.07.20037.74167
2625Metronomy - Love letters07.03.20147.7466
2626I Am Kloot - Sky at night16.07.20107.7497
2627Mogwai - A wrenched virile lore16.11.20127.74128
2628South - From here on in26.03.20017.74539
2629Lostprophets - Liberation transmission23.06.20067.74159
2630Idlewild - Interview music26.04.20197.7431
2631The Horrible Crowes - Elsie09.09.20117.7489
2632The National - Trouble will find me17.05.20137.74530
2633Efterklang - Piramida21.09.20127.74116
2634Caspian - Waking season21.09.20127.7458
2635Sam Fender - Hypersonic missiles13.09.20197.7458
2636Antemasque - Antemasque21.11.20147.74197
2637The Darkness - Hot cakes17.08.20127.74332
2638William Patrick Corgan - Cotillions22.11.20197.7427
2639Ben Harper And The Blind Boys Of Alabama - There will be a light20.09.20047.7427
2640Jurassic 5 - Feedback28.07.20067.7427
2641The Rakes - Capture / Release15.08.20057.74208
2642Neurosis - Given to the rising18.05.20077.74127
2643Blackfield - Blackfield23.08.20047.74219
2644Vex Red - Start with a strong and persistent desire04.03.20027.74265
2645Maximilian Hecker - Rose28.04.20037.74288
2646Explosions In The Sky - All of a sudden I miss everyone16.02.20077.74169
2647The Dandy Warhols - Welcome to the monkey house19.05.20037.74307
2648Death In Vegas - Scorpio rising21.10.20027.74276
2649Madness - The liberty of Norton Folgate19.06.20097.7446
2650Minus The Bear - Infinity overhead05.10.20127.7423
2651La Dispute - Rooms of the house21.03.20147.74138
2652The Wooden Sky - Let's be ready19.06.20157.7423
2653Voodoo Jürgens - 'S klane Glücksspiel08.11.20197.7423
2654Unheilig - Zelluloid16.02.20047.743373
2655Duels - The bright lights & what I should have learned28.07.20067.74134
2656As Friends Rust - Won15.10.20017.7488
2657Islands - Return to the sea05.05.20067.7488
2658Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling18.02.20117.7465
2659Hope Of The States - The lost riots07.06.20047.74214
2660Glassjaw - Worship and tribute26.08.20027.74191
2661The Fever - Red bedroom31.01.20057.7484
2662The Weeknd - After hours20.03.20207.7442
2663Die Ärzte - Jazz ist anders02.11.20077.74748
2664Mumford & Sons - Wilder mind01.05.20157.74164
2665Liars - They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top19.08.20027.74122
2666Bullet For My Valentine - The poison30.09.20057.74221
2667The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - A present from the past09.12.20057.74141
2668Foo Fighters - Greatest hits30.10.20097.741547
2669Joss Stone - Water for your soul31.07.20157.7480
2670The Shining - True skies16.09.20027.74217
2671The Charlatans - Us and us only08.11.19997.74293
2672Nina Persson - Animal heart14.02.20147.7457
2673dEUS - Vantage point18.04.20087.74186
2674Cold Specks - I predict a graceful expulsion18.05.20127.74129
2675Natalie Imbruglia - Male21.08.20157.74163
2676Radiohead-Special - A moon shaped pool: Very first listen der
2677South - With the tides29.03.20047.74216
2678The Helio Sequence - Love and distance20.09.20047.7472
2679LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem24.01.20057.74284
2680Moderat - Moderat08.05.20097.74106
2681Boysetsfire - The misery index: Notes from the plague years24.02.20067.74280
2682Foals - Holy fire08.02.20137.74140
2683BOY - We were here21.08.20157.74333
2684The Rapture - In the grace of your love02.09.20117.7468
2685Alasdair Roberts & Friends - A wonder working stone25.01.20137.7434
2686The Departure - Dirty words04.07.20057.74170
2687Kate Bush - Director's cut13.05.20117.74151
2688Julian Plenti - Julian Plenti is ... skyscraper31.07.20097.73166
2689Mike Patton - Mondo Cane07.05.20107.7383
2690Die Ärzte - Geräusch29.09.20037.73622
2691Sage Francis - Li(f)e07.05.20107.7349
2692Ghinzu - Blow09.05.20057.73177
2693Nebula - Apollo17.03.20067.73256
2694IAMX - The alternative28.04.20067.73369
2695Various Artists - Mehmet Scholl kompiliert: Vor dem Spiel ist nach dem Spiel06.05.20027.73463
2696New Order - Get ready27.08.20017.731456
2697Beck - Morning phase28.02.20147.73188
2698Naked Lunch - All is fever01.02.20137.73109
2699Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rabbit fur coat27.01.20067.73109
2700NOFX - Coaster24.04.20097.73263
2701Archive - Controlling crowds22.05.20097.73214
2702The Shaking Sensations - Start stop worrying22.03.20137.73259
2703Crippled Black Phoenix - (Mankind) The crafty ape27.01.20127.73105
2704The Hives - Lex Hives01.06.20127.7375
2705Warm Graves - Ships will come17.10.20147.7345
2706The White Birch - The weight of spring27.02.20157.7345
2707Cave In - Perfect pitch black14.10.20057.7360
2708Sun - Sun25.06.20017.73656
2709Serj Tankian - Elect the dead19.10.20077.73116
2710Donots - Coma chameleon28.03.20087.73344
2711Mudhoney - Since we've become translucent02.09.20027.73213
2712Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country23.06.20067.7371
2713Years & Years - Communion10.07.20157.7371
2714INXS - Kick 2525.09.20127.73911
2715Emirsian - A gentle kind of disaster18.08.20067.73239
2716Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick19.01.20077.7356
2717The Kills - Blood pressures01.04.20117.73474
2718Fink (UK) - Perfect darkness10.06.20117.7356
2719Mew - + –24.04.20157.7356
2720Blumfeld - Testament der Angst21.05.20017.73541
2721Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam twenty16.09.20117.73955
2722Jagwar Ma - Howlin14.06.20137.73227
2723Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters03.05.20047.73227
2724Ben Harper - Both sides of the gun17.03.20067.7367
2725My Latest Novel - Wolves03.03.20067.7393
2726Stereophonics - Keep the village alive11.09.20157.7393
2727Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Please describe yourself27.09.20047.73171
2728Barry Adamson - The king of Nothing Hill02.09.20027.7326
2729The Most Serene Republic - Underwater cinematographer03.02.20067.7378
2730Madsen - Wo es beginnt17.08.20127.73104
2731Texas - The conversation17.05.20137.7326
2732The Intersphere - Relations in the unseen07.03.20147.73182
2733Conner Youngblood - Cheyenne17.08.20187.7326
2734Auf Der Maur - Auf Der Maur02.02.20047.731582
2735Wild Beasts - Smother06.05.20117.7363
2736Balthazar - Fever25.01.20197.7363
2737The Temper Trap - The Temper Trap18.05.20127.7337
2738Wanda - Amore17.10.20147.73111
2739Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka01.11.20197.7337
2740Sophie Zelmani - Memory loves you23.02.20077.7337
2741Laura Veirs - Saltbreakers07.04.20077.7337
2742The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, burn31.03.20037.73366
2743Russian Circles - Memorial01.11.20137.7385
2744The Lawrence Arms - Oh! Calcutta!03.03.20067.7348
2745Foals - Antidotes28.03.20087.73192
2746The Longcut - A call and response11.08.20067.73107
2747Dave Navarro - Trust no one02.07.20017.73332
2748Sofa Surfers - Sofa Surfers28.10.20057.7359
2749Blood Orange - Cupid deluxe15.11.20137.7359
2750Leoniden - Leoniden24.02.20177.7359
2751Donots - Karacho20.02.20157.73129
2752Caspian - The four trees18.07.20087.7370
2753Favez - Old and strong in the modern times21.03.20057.7381
2754Maria Taylor - 11:1123.05.20057.73173
2755Juli - In love17.09.20107.732977
2756Kings Of Leon - Come around sundown15.10.20107.73596
2757I Like Trains - He who saw the deep29.10.20107.73114
2758Midlake - The trials of Van Occupanther02.06.20067.73169
2759The Fall Of Troy - Manipulator18.05.20077.73202
2760Deftones - Gore08.04.20167.73213
2761Sir Simon - Goodnight, dear mind...06.05.20117.7333
2762L'aupaire - Flowers11.03.20167.7322
2763Maximo Park - Risk to exist21.04.20177.7322
2764Grandaddy - Last place03.03.20177.7322
2765Desperate Journalist - In search of the miraculous22.02.20197.7322
2766Holly Herndon - Proto10.05.20197.7322
2767The Postal Service - Give up28.04.20037.73319
2768The Von Bondies - Pawn shoppe heart29.03.20047.7399
2769Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather25.10.20047.73110
2770James Dean Bradfield - The Great Western21.07.20067.7366
2771Razorlight - Razorlight18.08.20067.73286
2772Kate Nash - My best friend is you23.04.20107.7399
2773Crowbar - Sever the wicked hand11.02.20117.7322
2774Stars - Set yourself on fire15.08.20057.73366
2775The Open - The silent hours20.09.20047.73161
2776Echo & The Bunnymen - Siberia19.09.20057.73117
2777Tenhi - Maaäet10.02.20067.73402
2778The Music - The Music02.09.20027.73391
2779The Wombats - A guide to love, loss and desperation16.11.20077.73179
2780Muff Potter - Von wegen07.10.20057.73263
2781Sophie Zelmani - Love affair02.02.20047.73157
2782Massive Attack - 100th window10.02.20037.73365
2783Thievery Corporation - The cosmic game21.02.20057.73124
2784Deftones - B-sides and rarities07.10.20057.73485
2785Franz Kasper - Man with a dog23.11.20077.73124
2786dEUS - Keep you close16.09.20117.73124
2787Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer01.07.20027.73113
2788The Go! Team - Thunder lightning strike13.09.20047.73215
2789Sum 41 - Chuck11.10.20047.73317
2790Fever Ray - Plunge27.10.20177.7351
2791Tori Amos - Strange little girls17.09.20017.73295
2792Harmful - Cause23.04.20107.72120
2793Anna F. - King in the mirror28.02.20147.7280
2794Pearl Jam - Binaural15.05.20007.722352
2795Pale - How to survive chance05.08.20027.72407
2796Pendragon - Passion15.04.20117.7269
2797Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss spun22.09.20177.72236
2798Last Days Of April - 7930.03.20127.7298
2799Russian Circles - Empros28.10.20117.72116
2800The Cranberries - Something else28.04.20177.7229
2801The Cinematics - A strange education02.03.20077.7258
2802Pelican - City of echoes28.05.20077.7258
2803Protest The Hero - Fortress15.02.20087.72250
2804Beangrowers - Beangrowers09.04.20017.721072
2805Jake Bugg - Shangri la15.11.20137.72326
2806José González - Veneer25.04.20057.72228
2807Julia Holter - Ekstasis30.03.20127.7294
2808Minor Victories - Minor Victories03.06.20167.7265
2809Lagwagon - Live in a dive07.02.20057.7265
2810A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding head06.11.20097.7265
2811Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost28.02.20057.7272
2812Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live forever18.03.20117.72108
2813Spiritualized - Sweet heart, sweet light13.04.20127.72108
2814Idlewild - Everything ever written20.02.20157.7236
2815The Darkness - Last of our kind29.05.20157.7254
2816Ghost - Prequelle01.06.20187.72259
2817Last Days Of April - Ascend to the stars06.05.20027.72295
2818McLusky - The difference between me and you is that I'm not on fire10.05.20047.72205
2819Cult Of Luna - Salvation04.10.20047.7297
2820Strapping Young Lad - The new black14.07.20067.72122
2821Vanessa Carlton - Liberman29.04.20167.72104
2822The Vaccines - Come of age31.08.20127.7243
2823New End Original - Thriller22.10.20017.72584
2824Beastie Boys - To the 5 boroughs14.06.20047.72344
2825Van Morrison - Magic time17.05.20057.7243
2826Rachael Yamagata - Happenstance04.04.20057.72215
2827The Charlatans - You cross my path09.05.20087.7286
2828The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia...16.05.20087.7243
2829Eddie Vedder - Ukulele songs27.05.20117.72748
2830The Chemical Brothers - No geography12.04.20197.7250
2831Wintersleep - In the land of26.04.20197.7225
2832Richard Ashcroft - Keys to the world20.01.20067.72175
2833The Low Frequency In Stereo - Futuro11.04.20097.7275
2834Green Day - Warning02.09.20007.72539
2835Desaparecidos - Read music / Speak Spanish28.03.20027.72371
2836A Perfect Circle - Eat the elephant20.04.20187.72132
2837Def Leppard - Def Leppard30.10.20157.72189
2838I Like Trains - The shallows11.05.20127.72114
2839Favez - Bigger mountains, higher flags23.11.20077.7257
2840Badly Drawn Boy - One plus one is one21.06.20047.7289
2841Stone Sour - Come what(ever) may28.07.20067.72153
2842Edwyn Collins - Losing sleep17.09.20107.7232
2843Seastone - Seastone12.10.20127.7232
2844The Datsuns - Deep sleep10.10.20147.7232
2845Defeater - Letters home19.07.20137.7239
2846Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar27.10.20067.7278
2847Frank Turner - Poetry of the deed11.09.20097.7239
2848Cyndi Lauper - At last18.11.20037.72131
2849The Stills - Logic will break your heart30.08.20047.72131
2850Blood Red Shoes - Fire like this26.02.20107.7285
2851The Roots - Game theory01.09.20067.7246
2852Garda - Odds28.09.20187.7246
2853The Melvins - A senile animal27.10.20067.7299
2854Cuba Missouri - This year's lucky charms10.03.20067.72106
2855The Hold Steady - Boys and girls in America16.02.20077.72106
2856Ladytron - Light & magic07.04.20037.72254
2857Senses Fail - Still searching03.11.20067.7281
2858Cage The Elephant - Thank you happy birthday18.03.20117.7281
2859Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation marks30.08.20137.72197
2860The Killers - Sawdust16.11.20077.72197
2861Joss Stone - The soul sessions23.02.20047.72109
2862The Locust - Plague soundscapes30.06.20037.72116
2863Macy Gray - The way10.10.20147.72116
2864Beastie Boys - Hot sauce committee pt. 229.04.20117.71256
2865Joy Division / New Order - Total: from Joy Division to New Order10.06.20117.7142
2866Lloyd Cole - Standards21.06.20137.7135
2867Uriah Heep - Outsider06.06.20147.7149
2868The Proclaimers - Let's hear it for the dogs24.04.20157.7135
2869Lucy Rose - Work it out03.07.20157.7142
2870Goldfrapp - Silver eye31.03.20177.7142
2871Mount Eerie - A crow looked at me27.03.20177.7128
2872Cold - Year of the spider13.05.20037.7198
2873Jackie Leven - Elegy for Johnny Cash12.09.20057.7128
2874Fionn Regan - The end of history22.09.20067.7128
2875The Sound Of Animals Fighting - The ocean and the sun05.09.20087.7163
2876Alberta Cross - Broken side of time18.09.20097.71126
2877Laura Veirs - July flame08.01.20107.7128
2878New Order - Waiting for the sirens' call29.03.20057.71969
2879The Beta Band - Heroes to zeros26.04.20047.71297
2880Alan Parsons - A valid path30.08.20047.71800
2881Turbonegro - Party animals09.05.20057.71636
2882Editors - The back room18.07.20057.71496
2883Anathema - Weather systems20.04.20127.71234
2884Björk - Selmasongs18.09.20007.71569
2885The Music - Welcome to the north20.09.20047.71171
2886Supergrass - Life on other planets30.09.20027.71321
2887Fehlfarben - Handbuch für die Welt20.04.20077.71164
2888Japandroids - Post-nothing11.09.20097.71335
2889Taking Back Sunday - Where you want to be26.07.20047.71143
2890Edson - Every day, every second01.03.20047.71136
2891The Rifles - Great escape30.01.20097.71129
2892Miles Kane - Colour of the trap06.05.20117.71272
2893Embrace - Out of nothing13.09.20047.71101
2894Boards Of Canada - The campfire headphase14.10.20057.71101
2895Golden Earring - Last blast of the century17.01.20007.71174
2896Björk - Medúlla30.09.20047.71400
2897Death Cab For Cutie - Kintsugi27.03.20157.7180
2898First Aid Kit - The lion's roar20.01.20127.7166
2899Caribou - Andorra17.08.20077.7166
2900Midlake - Antiphon01.11.20137.71125
2901Richard Ashcroft - Human conditions21.10.20027.71295
2902Ash - Twilight of the innocents29.06.20077.71118
2903The Cult - Choice of weapon18.05.20127.71111
2904Super Furry Animals - Love kraft05.09.20057.71104
2905Die Kleinen Götter - Der Schatz der Riffpiraten19.09.20057.715730
2906Gov't Mule - Shout!20.09.20137.71246
2907TV On The Radio - Nine types of light15.04.20117.71239
2908Blondie - The curse of Blondie06.10.20037.7183
2909Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles21.05.20107.7138
2910The Living End - Roll on26.03.20017.71245
2911Hundreds - Hundreds30.04.20107.7169
2912The Naked And Famous - In rolling waves01.11.20137.7169
2913Harry Styles - Harry Styles12.05.20177.7169
2914The Thermals - Desperate ground12.04.20137.7162
2915Torres - Silver tongue31.01.20207.7131
2916Suede - A new morning30.09.20027.7193
2917The Sleepy Jackson - Personality (One was a spider. One was a bird)21.07.20067.7162
2918Norah Jones - The fall13.11.20097.71227
2919Various Artists - Help! A day in the life07.10.20057.71206
2920The Magnetic Fields - Distortion25.01.20087.71103
2921Appliance - Imperial metric11.06.20017.71669
2922Minus The Bear - Menos el oso19.09.20057.7196
2923Porcelain Raft - Strange weekend27.01.20127.7124
2924Sufjan Stevens - Michigan12.07.20047.71764
2925Syd Matters - Ghost days06.06.20087.71113
2926Dry The River - Shallow bed02.03.20127.71113
2927Thursday - War all the time26.01.20047.71229
2928Marr - Express and take shape02.02.20047.71164
2929Okkervil River - The silver gymnasium06.09.20137.7141
2930Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum06.06.20057.71389
2931Brant Bjork - Gods & goddesses26.03.20107.7158
2932The Dissociatives - The Dissociatives02.05.20057.71150
2933Crippled Black Phoenix - 200 tons of bad luck24.04.20097.7175
2934The Rolling Stones - Grrr!09.11.20127.711350
2935Blackmail - Aerial view13.01.20067.71361
2936Antimatter - Planetary confinement18.07.20057.71715
2937Wonderwall - Witchcraft21.05.20027.71483
2938Geoff Berner - Klezmer mongrels24.10.20087.7151
2939Crystal Stilts - Alight of night13.03.20097.7151
2940Pain Of Salvation - Road salt one14.05.20107.7134
2941Teenage Fanclub - Shadows11.06.20107.7134
2942Amy Macdonald - Under stars17.02.20177.7134
2943Friska Viljor - Broken11.01.20197.7134
2944Thom. - Gods & monsters06.10.20037.71146
2945Peter Gabriel - Up23.09.20027.711150
2946Ghost - Meliora21.08.20157.71251
2947Tracey Thorn - Out of the woods27.04.20077.7061
2948Russian Circles - Geneva23.10.20097.7061
2949Phoenix - United13.06.20007.70437
2950Pain Of Salvation - BE27.09.20047.7088
2951Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic mountain13.01.20067.7044
2952Gregor Samsa - 55:1231.03.20067.7088
2953Tori Amos - Abnormally attracted to sin15.05.20097.7088
2954The Field - Yesterday and today22.05.20097.7044
2955Agalloch - Marrow of the spirit03.12.20107.70308
2956The Twilight Singers - She loves you27.09.20047.7071
2957Alexisonfire - Crisis18.08.20067.70125
2958We Are Scientists - With love and squalor03.03.20067.70287
2959Guided By Voices - Class clown spots a UFO15.06.20127.7081
2960Nina Nastasia - On leaving08.09.20067.70145
2961PeterLicht - Lieder vom Ende des Kapitalismus28.04.20067.70182
2962Smoke Blow - German angst10.02.20037.70219
2963Airbourne - Runnin' wild30.05.20087.7064
2964Cult Of Luna - Eternal kingdom13.06.20087.7064
2965The Twilight Singers - Dynamite steps18.02.20117.7064
2966At The Drive-In - In·ter a·li·a05.05.20177.7064
2967Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare18.10.20137.70111
2968Phoenix - It's never been like that12.05.20067.70111
2969Babyshambles - Shotter's nation28.09.20077.70316
2970These New Puritans - Hidden15.01.20107.7084
2971Mogwai - Every country's sun01.09.20177.7047
2972k.d. lang - Hymns of the 49th parallel27.09.20047.70161
2973Nadine - Lit up from the inside16.10.20007.70228
2974Midlake - The courage of others29.01.20107.70124
2975dEUS - Pocket revolution12.09.20057.70268
2976Chvrches - The bones of what you believe20.09.20137.7097
2977Elysian Fields - Dreams that breathe your name29.09.20037.70117
2978The Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra27.01.20067.70107
2979The Chemical Brothers - Push the button24.01.20057.70227
2980The Butterfly Effect - Begins here19.07.20047.7040
2981Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some loud thunder26.01.20077.70270
2982Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Knives don't have your back22.06.20077.7040
2983Shellac - Excellent Italian greyhound08.06.20077.70100
2984Sunset Rubdown - Shut up, I am dreaming21.09.20077.70100
2985Sparks - Exotic creatures of the deep04.10.20087.7020
2986Great Lake Swimmers - Lost channels03.04.20097.7030
2987Best Coast - Crazy for you20.08.20107.70280
2988Fran Healy - Wreckorder08.10.20107.7060
2989Owen Pallett - In conflict23.05.20147.7070
2990Rise Against - The black market11.07.20147.7090
2991Aurora - Infections of a different kind – Step 128.09.20187.7030
2992Typhoon - Offerings12.01.20187.7093
2993Waters - Out in the light09.09.20117.7063
2994Brian Eno - Small craft on a milk sea29.10.20107.7063
2995The Paper Chase - Now you are one of us09.06.20067.70106
2996She Wants Revenge - This is forever07.12.20077.7053
2997Brett Anderson - Black rainbows14.10.20117.7053
2998Kings Of Leon - Only by the night19.09.20087.70702
2999Tenhi - Airut: Aamujen27.10.20067.70301
3000Thees Uhlmann - Thees Uhlmann26.08.20117.70238
3001Chuck Ragan - Covering ground16.09.20117.7033
3002The Drums - Encyclopedia26.09.20147.7033
3003In Flames - A sense of purpose04.04.20087.7066
3004Holly Miranda - The magician's private library26.02.20107.7033
3005Lunatic Soul - Walking on a flashlight beam17.10.20147.7089
3006Einstürzende Neubauten - Alles wieder offen19.10.20077.70201
3007Saul Williams - Amethyst rock star26.02.20017.70237
3008Rosie Thomas - These friends of mine23.03.20077.7023
3009A Place To Bury Strangers - Worship15.06.20127.7023
3010Fehlfarben - Xenophonie18.05.20127.7069
3011David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love this giant07.09.20127.7023
3012Future Islands - Singles21.03.20147.7046
3013The Rural Alberta Advantage - Mended with gold10.10.20147.7023
3014The Proper Ornaments - 6 Lenins05.04.20197.7023
3015Everything Everything - Re-animator11.09.20207.7023
3016Finch - Say hello to sunshine06.06.20057.70105
3017Dropkick Murphys - The warrior's code20.06.20057.6959
3018Snow Patrol - A hundred million suns24.10.20087.69118
3019Electric Six - Fire30.06.20037.69190
3020A Fine Frenzy - One cell in the sea08.02.20087.6995
3021Palace Fever - Sing about love, lunatics & spaceships25.09.20157.6995
3022White Lies - To lose my life...03.04.20097.69229
3023Last Days Of April - Angel youth25.09.20007.69327
3024De/Vision - Two01.10.20017.69242
3025Turbostaat - Abalonia29.01.20167.6985
3026OutKast - Idlewild18.08.20067.69183
3027Downset - Check your people09.10.20007.69343
3028Stuart A. Staples - Leaving songs26.05.20067.6949
3029Girls - Album13.11.20097.69147
3030Passenger - All the little lights29.06.20127.6949
3031Disillusion - Back to times of splendor05.04.20047.69160
3032Rufus Wainwright - Want two26.11.20047.69819
3033Adem - Takes16.05.20087.69127
3034Smoke Blow - Colossus28.03.20087.69166
3035Constantines - Tournament of hearts10.10.20057.6926
3036Calla - Collisions03.02.20067.6952
3037Ben Folds - Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP20.10.20067.6952
3038Earth - Hibernaculum27.04.20077.6952
3039Jupiter Jones - Holiday in Catatonia22.05.20097.69104
3040Port O'Brien - Threadbare02.10.20097.6939
3041Passenger - Whispers06.06.20147.6926
3042Spiritualized - And nothing hurt07.09.20187.6939
3043Nothing But Thieves - Moral panic23.10.20207.6952
3044Kino - Picture28.02.20057.69383
3045Six Gallery - Breakthroughs in modern art19.03.20107.69107
3046Menomena - Mines23.07.20107.69162
3047No Age - Everything in between01.10.20107.69123
3048The Charlatans - Songs from the other side21.05.20027.6955
3049Morcheeba - Dive deep08.02.20087.6942
3050Lostprophets - The betrayed29.01.20107.6984
3051Leech - If we get there one day, would you please open the gates?15.02.20137.6942
3052Kylie Minogue - Kiss me once14.03.20147.693020
3053Do Make Say Think - & yet & yet18.03.20027.69242
3054Gus Gus - Attitude09.09.20027.69271
3055Villagers - Darling arithmetic10.04.20157.6929
3056Leif Vollebekk - Twin solitude24.02.20177.6929
3057Mac DeMarco - This old dog05.05.20177.6974
3058Sufjan Stevens - Seven swans15.03.20047.69746
3059Mudvayne - Mudvayne18.12.20097.6990
3060Covenant - Northern light30.09.20027.69106
3061Secret Machines - Ten silver drops24.03.20067.69151
3062Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam19.04.20137.69305
3063Deine Lakaien - Indicator17.09.20107.69138
3064The Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday21.05.20027.69141
3065The Gathering - Home15.04.20067.69237
3066Band Of Horses - Cease to begin12.10.20077.69285
3067Nine Inch Nails - Things falling apart20.11.20007.69480
3068The Charlatans - Up at the lake25.05.20047.6964
3069Saybia - These are the days04.10.20047.6980
3070Spotlight Kid - Departure13.10.20067.6996
3071Imogen Heap - Speak for yourself19.01.20077.6948
3072Last Days Of April - Might as well live16.03.20077.6964
3073Danko Jones - Fire music06.02.20157.6932
3074Mew - Visuals28.04.20177.6932
3075The Album Leaf - In a safe place26.07.20047.69230
3076Logh - A sunset panorama21.02.20057.6983
3077Bela B. & Smokestack Lightnin' co-starring Peta Devlin, Walter Broes & Lynda Kay - Bye04.04.20147.6983
3078Something For Kate - The official fiction03.05.20047.6967
3079I Am Ghost - Lover's requiem20.10.20067.6967
3080Klez.E - Leben daneben23.08.20047.69118
3081Low - Ones and sixes11.09.20157.6951
3082Ian Brown - Music of the spheres28.01.20027.69847
3083Spiritualized - Amazing grace15.09.20037.69226
3084Dear Reader - Idealistic animals02.09.20117.6935
3085Coheed And Cambria - Vaxis – Act I: The unheavenly creatures28.09.20187.6970
3086Hot Club De Paris - Free the pterodactyl 304.02.20117.6892
3087Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - My private war31.01.20007.68577
3088OutKast - Speakerboxxx / The love below29.09.20037.68298
3089Portugal. The Man - Evil friends31.05.20137.68168
3090Andrew Bird - Break it yourself02.03.20127.6876
3091Spiritualized - Let it come down01.10.20017.68627
3092Amplifier - Insider29.09.20067.68212
3093Turbostaat - Vormann Leiss17.08.20077.68155
3094Tosca - J.A.C.06.06.20057.68136
3095Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid23.07.20107.68278
3096Ocean Colour Scene - North Atlantic drift07.07.20037.6860
3097Marilyn Manson - We are chaos11.09.20207.6860
3098Running Wild - Rogues en vogue21.02.20057.68347
3099!!! - Myth takes02.03.20077.681104
3100Saybia - The second you sleep16.09.20027.68132
3101Underoath - They're only chasing safety02.12.20057.6888
3102Vega 4 - You and others20.04.20077.6888
3103Future Of The Left - Travels with myself and another19.06.20097.6866
3104Old Canes - Feral harmonic13.11.20097.6888
3105Collapse Under The Empire - Shoulders & giants21.10.20117.6888
3106Enter Shikari - A flash flood of colour13.01.20127.6844
3107Cursive - I am Gemini24.02.20127.6844
3108Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Here25.05.20127.6822
3109Palace Winter - Nowadays04.05.20187.6822
3110Marianne Faithfull - Negative capability02.11.20187.6822
3111Goldfinger - Stomping ground08.05.20007.68201
3112Savoy Grand - Accident book27.11.20097.68113
3113Tricky - False idols24.05.20137.6891
3114Cult Of Luna - Somewhere along the highway21.04.20067.6869
3115Zebrahead - MFZB29.03.20047.68185
3116The Rapture - Echoes27.10.20037.68213
3117Dave Matthews - Some devil03.11.20037.6872
3118Farin Urlaub - Am Ende der Sonne29.03.20057.68504
3119Xiu Xiu - La forêt12.09.20057.6850
3120Alasdair Roberts - The amber gatherers26.01.20077.6825
3121The Good, The Bad & The Queen - The Good, The Bad & The Queen26.01.20077.68250
3122Matt Elliott - The broken man20.01.20127.6825
3123Maximilian Hecker - Infinite love songs28.09.20017.68506
3124Nina Nastasia - The blackened air02.04.20027.68240
3125Hot Hot Heat - Make up the breakdown12.05.20037.68355
3126The Folk Implosion - The new Folk Implosion17.02.20037.6828
3127Matt Elliott - Howling songs07.11.20087.6828
3128Tom Waits - Glitter and doom live20.11.20097.6828
3129The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden15.06.20127.6828
3130Kodaline - In a perfect world21.06.20137.6828
3131Braid - No coast11.07.20147.6856
3132Panda Bear - Panda Bear meets the grim reaper09.01.20157.6828
3133Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm goin down25.09.20157.6828
3134Julien Baker - Turn out the lights27.10.20177.6884
3135Radiohead - I might be wrong – Live recordings12.11.20017.681023
3136Magnus - The body gave you everything29.03.20047.68177
3137Infadels - We are not The Infadels10.02.20067.68152
3138Madrugada - Live at Tralfamadore03.02.20067.6862
3139Cult Of Luna - Vertikal25.01.20137.6862
3140The Rakes - Ten new messages23.03.20067.68127
3141Twin Shadow - Forget12.11.20107.6865
3142Local Natives - Hummingbird15.02.20137.6865
3143The Bronx - The Bronx (I)26.01.20047.68102
3144Arrested Development - Among the trees02.08.20047.6834
3145Syd Matters - A whisper and a sigh02.08.20047.6834
3146Mew - No more stories21.08.20097.6868
3147Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand23.01.20097.68278
3148Navel - Neo noir04.02.20117.68105
3149Kraków Loves Adana - Beauty02.07.20107.6871
31502:54 - 2:5408.06.20127.6871
3151Nine Inch Nails - The slip25.07.20087.68219
3152A Tale Of Golden Keys - Shrimp23.02.20187.6837
3153Razorlight - Up all night11.10.20047.68305
3154+44 - When your heart stops beating17.11.20067.68228
3155Gazpacho - Demon21.03.20147.68157
3156Gary Barlow - Since I saw you last21.02.20147.6740
3157Morningwood - Morningwood07.04.20067.6740
3158Ian Brown - Solarized14.09.20047.67449
3159Patrick Wolf - The magic position20.04.20077.67163
3160Mutiny On The Bounty - Danger mouth05.06.20097.6743
3161Owen - Ghost town11.11.20117.6743
3162The Cult - Hidden city05.02.20167.6743
3163Readymade - The feeling modified15.07.20027.67393
3164Leonard Cohen - Songs from the road14.09.20107.6746
3165Opeth - Sorceress30.09.20167.6746
3166Wintersleep - The great detachment18.03.20167.6749
3167Since By Man - We sing the body electric24.03.20037.67101
3168The Charlatans - Simpatico21.04.20067.6752
3169Immanu El - In passage28.10.20117.6752
3170American Football - American Football (LP2)21.10.20167.6752
3171Hell Is For Heroes - Hell Is For Heroes20.07.20077.67682
3172Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong27.10.20037.67110
3173Idlewild - Warnings / Promises11.04.20057.67220
3174Washington - A new order rising27.06.20057.6755
3175The Subways - Young for eternity19.09.20057.67165
3176In Flames - Sounds of a playground fading17.06.20117.6755
3177Nine Inch Nails - Year zero13.04.20077.67562
3178Lee Buddah And Blackmail - Kammerflimmern (Soundtrack)31.01.20057.6758
3179Pink Floyd - A foot in the door - The best of Pink Floyd04.11.20117.672783
3180Goldfrapp - Tales of us06.09.20137.67146
3181Les Savy Fav - Let's stay friends28.09.20077.6773
3182Shearwater - Palo santo26.05.20067.6776
3183Disillusion - Gloria20.10.20067.67152
3184From Autumn To Ashes - Holding a wolf by the ears05.04.20077.6776
3185Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - Spirit if...21.09.20077.6776
3186White Lies - Ritual28.01.20117.67149
3187Rufus Wainwright - Want one23.09.20037.67769
3188The Twang - Love it when I feel like this19.10.20077.67155
3189Log - Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings04.03.20027.6779
3190Cold War Kids - Robbers & cowards02.02.20077.67234
3191Dashboard Confessional - The places you have come to fear the most02.09.20027.67161
3192The Weeknd - Trilogy09.11.20127.67270
3193dEUS - Following sea15.06.20127.6794
3194Moby - 1813.05.20027.67391
3195Lacuna Coil - Comalies23.09.20027.67248
3196Adem - Homesongs29.03.20047.67127
3197Guided By Voices - Universal truths and cycles18.06.20027.67211
3198Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - The red06.08.20017.67601
3199David Byrne - Look into the eyeball07.05.20017.6724
3200Kevin Devine - Circle gets the square01.12.20017.6733
3201The Faint - Danse macabre04.11.20027.67279
3202Last Days Of April - If you lose it23.02.20047.6787
3203Josh Rouse - Nashville28.02.20057.6727
3204Morcheeba - The antidote09.05.20057.6793
3205Frank Black - Honeycomb18.07.20057.6769
3206Brant Bjork And The Bros - Saved by magic01.08.20057.6769
3207The American Analog Set - Set free05.09.20057.6751
3208Jamie Lidell - Multiply13.06.20057.6721
3209The Rituals - The past twelve months28.04.20067.6739
3210Envy - Insomniac doze08.09.20067.6790
3211Chris & Carla - Fly high brave dreamers09.02.20077.6730
3212Future Of The Left - Curses28.09.20077.6787
3213Film School - Hideout09.11.20077.6754
3214Joe Jackson - Rain01.02.20087.6733
3215Tom Liwa Und Die Blauen Flecken - Komm Jupiter13.06.20087.6730
3216Albert Hammond, Jr. - ¿Cómo te llama?04.07.20087.6745
3217The Subways - All or nothing27.06.20087.67111
3218The Bug - London zoo27.06.20087.6769
3219Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini05.09.20087.6745
3220The Veils - Sun gangs24.04.20097.6721
3221Los Campesinos! - Romance is boring29.01.20107.67267
3222Efterklang - Magic chairs19.02.20107.6790
3223Doves - The places between - The best of Doves02.04.20107.6727
3224Wintersleep - New inheritors21.05.20107.6754
3225Mount Kimbie - Crooks & lovers23.07.20107.6739
3226Patty Moon - Mimi and me28.01.20117.6730
3227City And Colour - Little hell17.06.20117.6763
3228Sepultura - Kairos24.06.20117.67141
3229Arch / Matheos - Sympathetic resonance09.09.20117.6742
3230Fanfarlo - Rooms filled with light24.02.20127.6736
3231Elbow - Dead in the boot24.08.20127.6751
3232The Evens - The odds30.11.20127.6748
3233Imagine Dragons - Night visions01.02.20137.6754
3234Hozier - Hozier03.10.20147.6736
3235Nada Surf - You know who you are04.03.20167.6763
3236Thrice - To be everywhere is to be nowhere27.05.20167.6751
3237Kenneth Minor - On my own20.09.20197.6724
3238Jack Peñate - After you29.11.20197.6721
3239Hundreds - The current27.03.20207.6733
3240Teenage Wrist - Earth is a black hole12.02.20217.6721
3241Conic - Prototype24.02.20037.67239
3242Three Minute Poetry - Slowly learning that love is okay02.06.20017.66343
3243Dangerdoom - The mouse and the mask21.10.20057.66167
3244Hooverphonic - Hooverphonic presents Jackie Cane30.09.20027.66161
3245Dillon - This silence kills18.11.20117.66146
3246Air - Talkie walkie26.01.20047.66283
3247Kings Of Convenience - Riot on an empty street21.06.20047.66125
3248Scooter - Under the radar over the top02.10.20097.664503
3249Mazzy Star - Seasons of your day27.09.20137.66104
3250Farin Urlaub - Endlich Urlaub!22.10.20017.66469
3251The Notwist - The devil, you + me02.05.20087.66540
3252Marteria - Roswell26.05.20177.66184
3253Revolverheld - Immer in Bewegung20.09.20137.662771
3254Grant Nicholas - Yorktown Heights15.08.20147.6689
3255Clinic - Winchester Cathedral23.08.20047.6686
3256The Sorrow - Origin of the storm27.02.20097.6686
3257The Ataris - So long, Astoria31.03.20037.66154
3258Four Tet - Rounds05.05.20037.6674
3259The Dears - Gang of losers25.08.20067.6674
3260Athlete - Beyond the neighbourhood21.09.20077.6674
3261Empire Of The Sun - Ice on the dune21.06.20137.6674
3262Daughter - Music from Before the storm01.09.20177.6671
3263The Promise Ring - Wood / Water22.04.20027.66204
3264Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad of the broken seas27.01.20067.6665
3265Disturbed - The sickness20.11.20007.66304
3266Anywhen - The opiates09.02.20017.66345
3267Probot - Probot09.02.20047.66280
3268Caspian - Tertia07.08.20097.6656
3269Serafin - No push collide04.08.20037.66165
3270Die Ärzte - Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!23.10.20007.66486
3271Niels Frevert - Seltsam öffne mich29.09.20037.6653
3272Tricky - Vulnerable19.05.20037.66209
3273K.I.Z. - Hahnenkampf24.08.20077.66303
3274The Cardigans - Super extra gravity14.10.20057.66200
3275Since By Man - Pictures from the Hotel Apocalypse13.01.20067.6650
3276The War On Drugs - Wagonwheel blues11.07.20087.6650
3277Kings Of Leon - Mechanical bull20.09.20137.66544
3278The Datsuns - Death rattle boogie23.11.20127.6647
3279Radical Face - The family tree: The branches01.11.20137.6644
3280Timid Tiger - Timid Tiger & a pile of pipers09.05.20057.6644
3281Danielson - Ships12.05.20067.6688
3282The Rapture - Pieces of the people we love15.09.20067.6688
3283Malcolm Middleton - A brighter beat23.02.20077.6644
3284Dear Reader - Replace why with funny20.02.20097.6688
3285The Beta Band - Hot shots II16.07.20017.66299
3286Blumfeld - Verbotene Früchte28.04.20067.66258
3287Get Well Soon - Vexations22.01.20107.66208
3288The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives19.07.20047.66290
3289Lene Marlin - Lost in a moment04.07.20057.6641
3290Noah And The Whale - Peaceful, the world lays me down16.09.20087.6641
3291The Field - Looping state of mind07.10.20117.6641
3292Mouse On Mars - Radical connector23.08.20047.66120
3293Bent - Ariels13.09.20047.6679
3294Tori Amos - Tales of a librarian - A Tori Amos collection24.11.20037.66196
3295Flo Mega - Mann über Bord24.01.20147.66117
3296Biffy Clyro - Opposites live from Glasgow29.11.20137.6638
3297Chuck Ragan - Feast or famine24.08.20077.6638
3298Beangrowers - Not in a million lovers24.10.20087.6676
3299Scissor Sisters - Ta-dah15.09.20067.66149
3300Dropkick Murphys - Sing loud, sing proud!22.01.20017.6673
3301Zero 7 - Yeah ghost25.09.20097.6673
3302Nancy Sinatra - Nancy Sinatra04.10.20047.6635
3303Lightspeed Champion - Falling off the lavender bridge25.01.20087.6635
3304Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction17.06.20117.6635
3305Roosevelt - Roosevelt19.08.20167.6635
3306Of Monsters And Men - Fever dream26.07.20197.6635
3307Hope Of The States - Left11.08.20067.66102
3308The Bled - Pass the flask20.09.20047.6667
3309Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show your bones24.03.20067.66166
3310Kula Shaker - K
3311Ignite - Our darkest days12.05.20067.66131
3312Giant Drag - Hearts and unicorns07.07.20067.6664
3313Louise Attaque - À plus tard crocodile09.03.20077.66381
3314Girls In Hawaii - Plan your escape21.03.20087.6632
3315John Legend & The Roots - Wake up!17.09.20107.6632
3316Locas In Love - Kalender20.11.20157.6632
3317Beangrowers - Dance dance baby22.08.20057.66125
3318The Go! Team - Proof of youth07.09.20077.66186
3319Muggs - Dust17.03.20037.66183
3320Tori Amos - B Of A Pavilion Boston MA 8 21 0525.11.20057.6661
3321The Fireman - Electric arguments28.11.20087.66122
3322Soulfly - Omen21.05.20107.6629
3323Ladytron - Best of Ladytron 00-1025.03.20117.6629
3324Ben Folds - The best imitation of myself: A retrospective28.10.20117.6629
3325John Garcia - John Garcia25.07.20147.6629
3326Blood Red Shoes - Get tragic25.01.20197.6629
3327Franz Ferdinand - You could have it so much better30.09.20057.66716
3328The Hiss - Panic movement13.10.20037.65142
3329Genepool - Everything goes in circles31.01.20057.6584
3330Madvillain - Madvillainy22.03.20047.6555
3331Shadow Gallery - Room V30.05.20057.65136
3332Senses Fail - Let it enfold you25.10.20047.6552
3333The Little Willies - The Little Willies03.03.20067.6526
3334Foxes - Glorious09.05.20147.6552
3335Nightwish - Endless forms most beautiful27.03.20157.6526
3336Roger Waters - Is this the life we really want?02.06.20177.6552
3337Grossstadtgeflüster - Trips & Ticks16.08.20197.6526
3338Breach - Kollapse10.12.20017.65153
3339Disturbed - Believe16.09.20027.65127
3340NOFX - The war on errorism05.05.20037.65254
3341Smoke Or Fire - Above the city21.03.20057.6575
334265daysofstatic - The fall of math21.03.20057.65124
3343Ebony Bones! - Bone of my bones10.07.20097.65343
3344Surrounded - Oppenheimer & Woodstock12.11.20107.6598
3345Ann Sophie - Silver into gold24.04.20157.652760
3346Sun Kil Moon - Benji14.02.20147.6569
3347Holy Esque - At hope's ravine26.02.20167.6546
3348Pelican - The fire in our throats will beckon the thaw22.08.20057.6592
3349The Ocean - Heliocentric09.04.20107.6546
3350Funeral For A Friend - Hours20.06.20057.6589
3351A Whisper In The Noise - To forget24.02.20127.6566
3352Vennart - The demon joke19.06.20157.6566
3353Girls Names - The new life22.02.20137.6543
3354Kodaline - Coming up for air06.02.20157.6543
3355Alkaline Trio - From here to infirmary29.07.20027.65258
3356Clann Zú - Black coats & bandages04.10.20047.6543
3357The Ocean - Anthropocentric19.11.20107.6543
3358The Kills - Midnight boom07.03.20087.65536
3359Kate Nash - Girl talk01.03.20137.6563
3360Anneke van Giersbergen - Everything is changing30.03.20127.65103
3361k.d. lang - Watershed01.02.20087.65323
3362The Dead 60s - The Dead 60s23.09.20057.65100
3363Tom Liwa - Eine Liebe ausschließlich22.05.20097.6540
3364The Tallest Man On Earth - There's no leaving now08.06.20127.6560
3365Stereophonics - Scream above the sounds27.10.20177.6520
3366Death And Vanilla - Are you a dreamer?10.05.20197.6540
3367Lampshade - Because trees can fly15.11.20047.65117
3368Múm - Summer make good13.04.20047.6577
3369Smoke Blow - The record05.02.20107.6577
3370ZZ Top - La futura07.09.20127.65753
3371The Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania: Live in NYC (Limited deluxe edition)20.09.20137.6577
3372Tokio Hotel - Kings of suburbia03.10.20147.653000
3373Timesbold - Timesbold13.01.20037.6537
3374Curve - Gift19.11.20027.65236
3375Low - The great destroyer24.01.20057.65145
3376Sugarplum Fairy - The wild one26.09.20087.65145
3377The Robocop Kraus - They think they are The Robocop Kraus20.06.20057.65398
3378Donots - Amplify the good times17.06.20027.65270
3379Archive - Lights26.05.20067.65193
3380Muff Potter - Gute Aussicht17.04.20097.65122
3381Jet - Get born20.10.20037.65414
3382Haven - All for a reason29.03.20047.65102
3383Goose - Bring it on19.01.20077.65136
3384The Pigeon Detectives - Wait for me01.06.20077.6568
3385Devotchka - How it ends03.08.20077.6534
3386Ramona Falls - Intuit21.08.20097.6551
3387Santana - Shape shifter11.05.20127.6585
3388Coldplay - Everyday life22.11.20197.65167
3389Blood Orange - Freetown sound01.07.20167.6565
3390The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga goddam12.07.20047.6565
3391The Ocean - Aeolian25.11.20057.6565
3392Björk - Greatest hits04.11.20027.65243
3393The Thrills - So much for the city28.07.20037.6596
3394Maritime - We, the vehicles28.10.20057.6596
3395The Breeders - Mountain battles04.04.20087.6548
3396Turbostaat - Das Island Manøver09.04.20107.65144
3397Prong - Ruining lives25.04.20147.6548
3398Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to tell28.04.20037.65381
3399JR Ewing - Maelstrom02.12.20057.6579
3400Keith Caputo - Died laughing14.02.20007.65612
3401The Fiery Furnaces - Widow city12.10.20077.6531
3402Cold War Kids - Loyalty to loyalty19.09.20087.6562
3403Foxygen - ...and star power10.10.20147.6593
3404Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Sideways to New Italy05.06.20207.6531
3405Shinedown - Us and them23.06.20067.64197
3406Alkaline Trio - Good mourning19.05.20037.64191
3407Suede - Head music03.05.19997.64342
3408Running Wild - The brotherhood25.02.20027.64339
3409Straylight Run - Straylight Run29.11.20047.6498
3410Glasvegas - Glasvegas30.01.20097.64196
3411British Sea Power - Valhalla dancehall14.01.20117.6428
3412Thom Yorke - Tomorrow's modern boxes26.09.20147.6470
3413The Zutons - Tired of hanging around15.04.20067.6481
3414Fun Lovin' Criminals - Welcome to Poppy's08.09.20037.64148
3415William Patrick Corgan - Ogilala13.10.20177.6467
3416Sunset Rubdown - Random spirit lover19.10.20077.64106
3417Blood Red Shoes - Box of secrets18.04.20087.64106
3418Emilie Simon - Emilie Simon28.06.20047.6439
3419Planes Mistaken For Stars - Mercy22.09.20067.6439
3420Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson10.06.20087.64117
3421North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling hooks02.04.20107.6439
3422Andy Stott - Luxury problems29.10.20127.6439
3423The Kills - Ash & ice03.06.20167.6439
3424Shinedown - The sound of madness10.10.20087.64206
3425A Hundred Times Beloved - Antarctic sunrise02.03.20077.6464
3426Tom McRae - Tom McRae19.03.20017.6489
3427William Elliott Whitmore - Ashes to dust21.02.20057.6425
3428LCD Soundsystem - This is happening14.05.20107.64125
3429Marilyn Manson - Born villain27.04.20127.64425
3430DMA's - The glow10.07.20207.6425
3431The View - Hats off to the buskers16.03.20077.6486
3432The Gathering - Sleepy buildings - A semi acoustic evening26.01.20047.64183
3433Dragons - Here are the roses10.08.20077.6436
3434Julia Holter - Have you in my wilderness25.09.20157.6436
3435Moby - Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt02.03.20187.6436
3436Killswitch Engage - The end of heartache10.05.20047.64119
3437Liars - Drum's not dead17.02.20067.64119
3438Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright11.11.20057.6483
3439Moloko - Things to make and do10.04.20007.64224
3440The Thermals - Personal life10.09.20107.6447
3441Nightwish - Once07.06.20047.64174
3442Maritime - Heresy and the hotel choir12.10.20077.6458
3443Jupiter Jones - ...leise25.04.20087.6458
3444Grizzly Bear - Painted ruins18.08.20177.6458
3445Shame - Songs of praise12.01.20187.6458
3446Múm - Finally we are no one21.05.20027.64196
3447American Steel - Dear friends and gentle hearts17.07.20097.6491
3448Katy Perry - Prism18.10.20137.642773
3449Just Jack - Overtones11.05.20077.64201
3450Ambrose - Transatlantic blues01.06.20017.64231
3451Coal Chamber - Dark days06.05.20027.6433
3452Joan Of Arc - Joan Of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain ...24.10.20047.6422
3453Nerina Pallot - Fires25.08.20067.64132
3454Ampersand - Ampersand01.09.20067.6433
3455And So I Watch You From Afar - And So I Watch You From Afar23.04.20107.6433
3456Crippled Black Phoenix - White light generator14.03.20147.6444
3457Fjørt - D'accord21.03.20147.6433
3458Tom Liwa mit Flowerpornoes - Umsonst & draußen23.10.20157.6433
3459Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner08.04.20167.6433
3460Perfume Genius - No shape05.05.20177.6433
3461Arctic Monkeys - Live at Royal Albert Hall04.12.20207.6422
3462Against Me! - Transgender dysphoria blues24.01.20147.6363
3463Cold War Kids - Mine is yours21.01.20117.6363
3464The Twilight Sad - Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave24.10.20147.6393
3465The Aim Of Design Is To Define Space - Aim Of Design good time04.10.20057.63123
3466Lostprophets - The fake sound of progress29.10.20017.63284
3467The Ocean - Precambrian09.11.20077.6371
3468Ray Wilson - Change22.04.20037.6330
3469Iron & Wine - Our endless numbered days19.04.20047.6330
3470G. Love - The hustle11.04.20057.6330
3471Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul17.10.20087.6330
3472Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The girl with the dragon tattoo13.01.20127.6330
3473Prag - Kein Abschied16.01.20157.6330
3474Everything Everything - A fever dream18.08.20177.6330
3475Thurston Moore - By the fire25.09.20207.6330
3476Anna Ternheim - For the young29.01.20167.6379
3477A Day To Remember - For those who have heart23.03.20077.6349
3478City And Colour - Bring me your love07.03.20087.6349
3479Earthbend - Harmonia22.08.20087.6398
3480Bloc Party - Four24.08.20127.63212
3481Ash - Meltdown24.05.20047.63231
3482Joachim Witt - Neumond25.04.20147.634033
3483Kaiser Chiefs - Duck26.07.20197.6376
3484Seether - Disclaimer10.02.20037.6376
3485Jackson United - Western ballads08.11.20047.6338
3486Nine Inch Nails - With teeth02.05.20057.63760
3487Christina Stürmer - In dieser Stadt10.04.20097.632805
3488Oonagh - Aeria (1.-April-Edition)13.03.20157.632809
3489Moderat - III01.04.20167.6384
3490Conchita Wurst - Conchita15.05.20157.634044
3491Bruno Mars - Doo-wops & hooligans14.01.20117.632946
3492Nada Surf - Lucky01.02.20087.63276
3493Florence & The Machine - Lungs10.07.20097.63119
3494The Polyphonic Spree - The fragile army24.08.20077.6327
3495The Cribs - Ignore the ignorant04.09.20097.6327
3496Coheed And Cambria - The afterman: Ascension05.10.20127.6354
3497Klaxons - Love frequency13.06.20147.6354
3498Die Zikaden - Die neue Landschaft24.04.20157.6327
3499Tiger Lou - The wound dresser23.09.20167.6327
3500Caspian Sea Monster - Caspian Sea Monster19.05.20177.6327
3501The Knife - Shaking the habitual05.04.20137.63116
3502Moderat - II02.08.20137.6397
3503Soulwax - Any minute now23.08.20047.63194
3504The Futureheads - News and tributes26.05.20067.6397
3505Parkway Drive - Horizons05.10.20077.6397
3506The Wallflowers - Red letter days11.11.20027.63140
3507Joan As Police Woman - The classic07.03.20147.6335
3508Bane - Don't wait up09.05.20147.6343
3509Enter Shikari - The mindsweep16.01.20157.6343
3510Portugal. The Man - Woodstock16.06.20177.6343
3511Foals - Everything not saved will be lost – Part 108.03.20197.6386
3512The Paper Chase - God bless your black heart20.09.20047.6386
3513The Moonbabies - At the ballroom31.08.20077.6343
3514Paul McCartney - New11.10.20137.63948
3515Patty Moon - Lost in your head04.10.20087.6359
3516Funny Van Dannen - Herzscheiße15.11.20037.6375
3517Tomte - Eine sonnige Nacht02.10.20007.63465
3518Deine Lakaien - In concert 200203.11.20037.63179
3519Heino - Mit freundlichen Grüßen01.02.20137.633454
3520The Darkness - Permission to land27.10.20037.63275
3521Mesh - Who watches over me08.04.20027.62112
3522David Gray - A new day at midnight28.10.20027.6240
3523Farmer Boys - The other side26.01.20047.62280
3524The Gris Gris - The Gris Gris04.10.20047.6232
3525Blonde Redhead - 2313.04.20077.6296
3526The Raveonettes - Lust lust lust16.11.20077.6264
3527Minus The Bear - Omni27.08.20107.6232
3528Paul McCartney - Ocean's kingdom30.09.20117.62400
3529Breton - Other people's problems30.03.20127.6240
3530Tonia Reeh - Fight of the stupid06.09.20137.6288
3531San Fermin - San Fermin08.11.20137.6256
3532Matula - Auf allen Festen21.02.20147.6256
3533Weezer - Everything will be alright in the end03.10.20147.62224
3534Solange - A seat at the table30.09.20167.6224
3535The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution31.08.20187.6232
3536Tom Petty - Wildflowers & All the rest16.10.20207.6248
3537The 1975 - A brief inquiry into online relationships30.11.20187.62213
3538Air - 10.000 Hz legend28.05.20017.62615
3539Rilo Kiley - More adventurous21.02.20057.62173
3540The Offspring - Splinter01.12.20037.62149
3541Slipknot - We are not your kind09.08.20197.6293
3542Jupiter Jones - Raum um Raum18.10.20047.62146
3543Star One - Victims of the modern age29.10.20107.62260
3544Asian Dub Foundation - Community music06.03.20007.62313
3545The Hidden Cameras - The smell of our own07.04.20037.6261
3546Broadcast - Tender buttons04.10.20057.6261
3547Leech - The stolen view10.10.20087.6261
3548Architecture In Helsinki - Moment bends08.04.20117.6261
3549Jennifer Rostock - Der Film10.07.20097.622836
3550Fertig, Los! - Das Herz ist ein Sammler04.05.20077.62376
3551Friska Viljor - Tour de hearts23.05.20087.6245
3552Shearwater - Animal joy17.02.20127.6290
3553Feist - Let it die13.09.20047.62164
3554Saint Etienne - Tales from Turnpike House20.06.20057.6237
3555Vic Chesnutt - At the cut18.09.20097.6237
3556Dan Mangan - Oh fortune25.11.20117.6237
3557Giardini Di Mirò - Good luck27.04.20127.62103
3558Pretty Girls Make Graves - The new romance08.09.20037.6266
3559Hooray For Earth - True loves02.03.20127.6229
3560Chet Faker - Built on glass11.04.20147.6229
3561Róisín Murphy - Take her up to Monto08.07.20167.6229
3562Vince Staples - Big fish theory23.06.20177.6258
3563Andrew Bird - The mysterious production of eggs14.02.20057.62266
3564Olly Murs - Right place right time08.03.20137.622621
3565LaBrassBanda - Live - Olympiahalle München13.07.20127.6263
3566Christina Stürmer - Lebe lauter15.09.20067.622894
3567Coldplay - Live 200310.11.20037.62204
3568Michel van Dyke - Bossa Nova27.09.20047.6247
3569Josh Ritter - The historical conquests of Josh Ritter28.09.20077.6247
3570Women - Public strain01.10.20107.6247
3571Mystery Jets - Twenty one18.04.20087.6260
3572Band Of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman14.02.20147.6260
3573Christina Stürmer - Schwarz weiss30.05.20057.622796
3574Einstürzende Neubauten - Berlin Babylon (Soundtrack)30.07.20017.62709
3575Billie Eilish - When we all fall asleep, where do we go?29.03.20197.62112
3576Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials27.04.20127.6226
3577Boysetsfire - Boysetsfire25.09.20157.6226
3578Tricky - Skilled mechanics22.01.20167.6252
3579Santana - Santana IV15.04.20167.6226
3580Alkaline Trio - Is this thing cursed?31.08.20187.6226
3581Little Barrie - We are Little Barrie28.02.20057.6239
3582Werle & Stankowski - Listen to Werle & Stankowski23.02.20077.6239
3583Brant Bjork & The Bros - Somera sól27.04.20077.6265
3584Gregor Samsa - Rest25.04.20087.6278
3585Samiam - Astray28.08.20007.62361
3586Zoot Woman - Living in a magazine07.05.20017.61381
3587Shinedown - Amaryllis30.03.20127.61197
3588Hermano - Dare I say08.11.20047.6157
3589Les Savy Fav - Inches09.12.20057.6157
3590Harmful - Sis masis21.03.20057.61132
3591Massive Attack - Collected24.03.20067.61220
3592Andrew Bird - Noble beast06.02.20097.6144
3593Wild Nothing - Nocturne24.08.20127.6144
3594Vimes - Nights in limbo12.02.20167.6131
3595No Age - Snares like a haircut26.01.20187.6131
3596Christian Kjellvander - I saw her from here / I saw here from her16.11.20077.6131
3597Lawn - Silver02.05.20097.6131
3598Lawn - Backspace15.11.20047.61111
3599Emil Bulls - Angel delivery service05.06.20017.61245
3600Yeasayer - Amen & goodbye01.04.20167.6149
3601Frank Turner - England keep my bones03.06.20117.6167
3602Teitur - Poetry & aeroplanes22.11.20047.61152
3603United Nations - United Nations14.11.20087.61103
3604Turbonegro - Scandinavian leather28.04.20037.61278
3605This Day Forward - In response28.07.20037.6136
3606Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday at Devil Dirt09.05.20087.6136
3607Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot24.01.20207.6154
3608Clutch - Robot hive / Exodus18.07.20057.61167
3609Hot Water Music - A flight and a crash21.05.20017.61267
3610Poison The Well - The tropic rot17.07.20097.6195
3611Less Than Jake - Anthem26.05.20037.6182
3612Maritime - Human hearts08.04.20117.6141
3613David Lynch - Crazy clown time04.11.20117.6141
3614Marit Larsen - When the morning comes27.03.20157.6141
3615The War On Drugs - Live Drugs20.11.20207.6141
3616The Magnetic Fields - Love at the bottom of the sea02.03.20127.6123
3617North Atlantic Oscillation - Fog electric31.08.20127.6146
3618Ella Henderson - Chapter one10.10.20147.6123
3619The Corrs - Jupiter calling10.11.20177.6123
3620Wild Nothing - Indigo31.08.20187.6123
3621Levellers - Green blade rising30.09.20027.6123
3622The Books - The lemon of pink20.10.20037.6146
3623Zero 7 - When it falls15.03.20047.61138
3624The Enemy - We'll live and die in these towns07.09.20077.61207
3625Farmer Boys - The world is ours21.08.20007.61355
3626The Corrs - Unplugged15.11.19997.61153
3627Catpeople - Reel #109.11.20077.6151
3628Sun Kil Moon - Tiny cities25.11.20057.6156
3629Joycehotel - Limits01.09.20067.6184
3630Regina Spektor - What we saw from the cheap seats25.05.20127.6128
3631Fewjar - Gamma25.05.20187.6128
3632Kvelertak - Splid14.02.20207.6128
3633NOFX - Self entitled14.09.20127.61117
3634Angelika Express - Angelika Express10.03.20037.61117
3635Kraftwerk - Tour de France soundtracks04.08.20037.61442
3636Natalie Merchant - Motherland12.11.20017.6133
3637Swan Lee - Swan Lee17.05.20057.6133
3638Frank Black - Fast man, raider man16.06.20067.6133
3639Cloud Control - Dream cave20.09.20137.6133
3640Kante - Die Tiere sind unruhig04.08.20067.61208
3641Saves The Day - In reverie16.09.20037.6138
3642Benjamin Biolay - A l'origine04.04.20057.6138
3643Mono - You are there26.05.20067.61114
3644Naked Lunch - Universalove soundtrack24.04.20097.6176
3645Heim - Palm beach23.09.20167.61114
3646Division Of Laura Lee - Das not compute13.04.20047.61119
3647Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Black Earth28.10.20027.60139
3648The Pigeon Detectives - Emergency30.05.20087.6048
3649Rogue Wave - Descended like vultures28.10.20057.6053
3650Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - Diamonds fall13.02.20097.6053
3651Tomte - Buchstaben über der Stadt03.02.20067.60908
3652Against Me! - White crosses04.06.20107.6063
3653The Coalfield - Vamonos loco04.10.20057.60325
3654Palomino - Electric silvergrass29.03.20047.6068
3655Coldplay - Live in Buenos Aires07.12.20187.6073
3656Extrabreit - Frieden18.04.20057.60347
3657Favez - Gentlemen start your engines21.02.20007.60191
3658Coldplay - Viva la vida or death and all his friends13.06.20087.601075
3659The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Plastic fang08.04.20027.60188
3660Smoke Blow - Punkadelic - The godfather of soul17.05.20017.6095
3661The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls06.09.20047.60165
3662The Figurines - Skeleton13.06.20057.6035
3663Audrey - Visible forms24.11.20067.6035
3664Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday13.07.20077.6025
3665Urlaub In Polen - Liquid27.02.20097.60120
3666Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a dream13.03.20097.6070
3667Devin Townsend Project - Ki22.05.20097.6035
3668Tegan And Sara - Sainthood29.01.20107.6070
3669Die Sterne - 24 / 726.02.20107.6060
3670Sofa Surfers - Blindside12.03.20107.6045
3671Active Child - You are all I see21.10.20117.6035
3672Atlas Sound - Parallax04.11.20117.6070
3673Smith & Burrows - Funny looking angels25.11.20117.6055
3674Tired Pony - The ghost of the mountain16.08.20137.6040
3675Anna Ternheim - All the way to Rio24.11.20177.6050
3676Tocotronic - Sag alles ab – The best of 1994 - 202021.08.20207.6040
3677Heather Nova - South24.09.20017.60247
3678Garbage - Beautifulgarbage01.10.20017.60212
3679Hansen Band - Keine Lieder über Liebe21.10.20057.60214
3680Solarez - Song I stole27.08.20017.60189
3681Fair To Midland - Fables from a mayfly21.09.20077.6067
3682Mateo - Unperfekt30.05.20147.602551
3683No Age - Nouns09.05.20087.60196
3684Depeche Mode - Sounds of the universe17.04.20097.60414
3685Kelly Clarkson - Piece by piece27.02.20157.602444
3686Teenage Fanclub - Man-made23.05.20057.6057
3687Hot Water Music - Caution07.10.20017.60240
3688Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pershing09.05.20087.6047
368965daysofstatic - Wild light13.09.20137.6047
3690Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz30.03.20187.6089
3691Electric President - Electric President13.01.20067.6084
3692Wu Lyf - Go tell fire to the mountain10.06.20117.5979
3693Quicksand - Interiors10.11.20177.5937
3694Kummer - Kiox11.10.20197.5937
3695Black Milk - Ultrawide05.05.20037.59180
3696Kaizers Orchestra - Evig pint05.04.20047.59244
3697Tenacious D - Rize of the fenix11.05.20127.59106
3698Baroness - Yellow & green20.07.20127.59170
3699The Cult - Beyond good and evil05.06.20017.59133
3700Killswitch Engage - As daylight dies17.11.20067.5996
3701Rogue Wave - Nightingale floors28.06.20137.5932
3702Nada Surf - The weight is a gift05.09.20057.59241
3703Crash:Conspiracy - <>12.11.20107.59118
3704Friska Viljor - For new beginnings23.10.20097.5986
3705PeterLicht - 14 Lieder20.08.20017.59113
3706Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Pt. 1 (4th world war)29.02.20087.5927
3707CSS - Donkey25.07.20087.5927
3708Jamie Lidell - Compass14.05.20107.5927
3709The Middle East - I want that you are always happy03.06.20117.5927
3710Apparat - The devil's walk23.09.20117.59162
3711Vince Staples - Summertime '0606.07.20157.5927
3712Britney Spears - Blackout26.10.20077.592405
3713Karl Bartos - Off the record15.03.20137.5976
3714Cro - MTV unplugged (Premium edition)03.07.20157.592552
3715Turbostaat - Nachtbrot11.01.20197.5949
3716The Low Frequency In Stereo - The last temptation of The Low Frequency In Stereo Vol. 130.06.20067.5993
3717Mono - Gone (A collection of EPs 2000-2007)21.09.20077.59115
3718The Electric Club - Come sing along12.02.20027.59159
3719Josh Ritter - Golden age of radio16.02.20047.5922
3720The Drips - The Drips28.04.20067.5944
3721The Black Heart Procession - The spell12.05.20067.5944
3722Tricky - Knowle West boy04.07.20087.5944
3723Hawthorne Heights - Fragile future08.08.20087.5922
3724The Books - The way out23.07.20107.5922
3725And So I Watch You From Afar - Gangs29.07.20117.5944
3726RPA & The United Nations Of Sound - United Nations Of Sound16.07.20107.59215
3727Tim Kasher - The game of monogamy19.11.20107.5961
3728Goldfrapp - Black cherry28.04.20037.59290
3729Idlewild - Make another world09.03.20077.5978
3730Russian Circles - Station06.06.20087.5978
3731Villagers - The art of pretending to swim21.09.20187.5939
3732Schubsen - Stühle rücken in Formationen01.03.20197.5939
3733Wanda - Bussi02.10.20157.59134
3734Jan Delay - Hammer & Michel11.04.20147.592622
3735Pascow - Jade25.01.20197.59129
3736Other Lives - Tamer animals26.08.20117.5973
3737Green Day - 21st century breakdown15.05.20097.59365
3738Die Kassierer - Physik24.09.20107.59416
3739Beyoncé - 424.06.20117.592335
3740Other Lives - Rituals01.05.20157.5934
3741Public Enemy - Man plans God laughs31.07.20157.5934
3742Poliça - United crushers04.03.20167.5934
3743Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who built the moon?24.11.20177.59102
3744Rooney - Rooney28.06.20047.5951
3745Vitalic - OK cowboy09.05.20057.59153
3746Patrick Watson And The Wooden Arms - Wooden arms15.05.20097.5934
3747Hannes Wittmer - Das große Spektakel06.11.20187.5980
3748Tears For Fears - Everybody loves a happy ending25.04.20057.59366
3749Surrounded - The nautilus years30.03.20077.5963
375065daysofstatic - One time for all time17.02.20067.5992
3751Cosmic Casino - Be kind & be cause24.01.20057.59150
3752Manchester Orchestra - Simple math13.05.20117.5975
3753Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall25.11.20027.59133
3754Harmful - Counterbalance29.05.20007.59220
3755Ratatat - Classics17.11.20067.59191
3756Yeasayer - Fragrant world17.08.20127.5958
3757Heisskalt - Vom Stehen und Fallen21.03.20147.5958
37582:54 - The other I07.11.20147.5929
3759Abay - Love and distortion01.06.20187.59116
3760Social Distortion - Sex, love and rock'n'roll27.09.20047.59302
3761The Crash - Wildlife22.04.20027.5941
3762Blackmail - Tempo tempo28.03.20087.59328
3763Sarah Bettens - Scream14.03.20057.5994
3764Regina Spektor - Begin to hope11.08.20067.5994
3765Killing Joke - Killing Joke28.07.20037.58294
3766Mystery Jets - Making dens28.04.20067.5853
3767Filter - Title of record23.08.19997.58272
3768Menomena - Moms19.10.20127.58130
3769Sunrise Avenue - On the way to wonderland25.08.20067.582413
3770Led Zeppelin - Celebration day16.11.20127.581638
3771Mystery Jets - Radlands27.04.20127.5824
3772The Sheepdogs - Future nostalgia02.10.20157.5836
3773A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from here... Thank you 4 your service02.12.20167.5848
3774Joan As Police Woman - Damned devotion09.02.20187.5836
3775Glass Animals - Dreamland07.08.20207.5824
3776The Datsuns - The Datsuns21.10.20027.5884
3777Darkest Hour - Undoing ruin27.06.20057.5896
3778From First To Last - Heroine24.03.20067.5860
3779Passion Pit - Manners03.07.20097.58108
3780Aprildaze - Soma09.04.20017.58367
3781Malajube - Trompe l'œil04.05.20077.58259
3782+/- - Let's build a fire12.01.20077.58127
3783Polarkreis 18 - The colour of snow17.10.20087.582210
3784Grouper - Ruins31.10.20147.5867
3785Haven - Between the senses22.04.20027.58189
3786Stone Sour - Stone Sour26.08.20027.5898
3787Heisskalt - Vom Wissen und Wollen10.06.20167.5843
3788Groove Armada - Lovebox20.01.20037.58246
3789Boysetsfire - While a nation sleeps07.06.20137.5874
3790Portugal. The Man - Waiter: "You vultures!"16.06.20067.58253
3791The Blood Brothers - March on electric children30.09.20027.58272
3792Low - Drums and guns23.03.20077.58136
3793James Blunt - Once upon a mind25.10.20197.58167
3794Sun Kil Moon - Common as light and love are red valleys of blood24.02.20177.5862
3795The Movement - Revolutionary symphathies02.05.20057.5831
3796The Cribs - Men's needs, women's needs, whatever21.09.20077.5831
3797Snow Patrol - Up to now20.11.20097.5831
3798Handsome Boy Modeling School - White people08.11.20047.58193
3799Django Django - Born under Saturn01.05.20157.5850
3800Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids - Vilnius21.04.20177.58119
3801Verlen - Tour of the broken hearts21.03.20057.58119
3802Faultline - Your love means everything08.07.20027.58202
3803Glen Hansard - Rhythm & repose15.06.20127.5857
380436 Crazyfists - A snow capped romance15.03.20047.58109
3805Frank Turner - Tape deck heart19.04.20137.5845
3806Carl Barât And The Jackals - Let it reign13.02.20157.5845
3807Foxygen - We are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic25.01.20137.58116
3808Mínus - Halldór Laxness19.04.20047.5871
3809Nevermore - This godless endeavor25.07.20057.5871
3810The Stills - Without feathers26.05.20067.5871
3811Serj Tankian - Elect the dead symphony12.03.20107.5897
3812Paradise Lost - Symbol of life21.10.20027.58149
3813The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry boat06.09.20047.58104
3814Ben Folds / Nick Hornby - Lonely avenue24.09.20107.5826
3815Lostprophets - Weapons30.03.20127.5852
3816Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Only run30.05.20147.5826
3817Sportfreunde Stiller - So wie einst Real Madrid02.05.20007.582035
3818Finkenauer - Finkenauer06.09.20047.5859
3819The Haunted - The dead eye27.10.20067.5859
3820Yellowcard - Ocean avenue29.03.20047.5892
3821Amplifier - Echo street15.03.20137.5866
3822Rancid - Honor is all we know24.10.20147.5833
3823Tocotronic - Tocotronic10.06.20027.58695
3824Recoil - Selected16.04.20107.5840
3825The Airborne Toxic Event - All at once06.05.20117.5747
3826Suede - Bloodsports15.03.20137.5747
3827Take That - III28.11.20147.573151
3828Dazerdoreal / Rotoskop - L'autiste / Meet: Dazerdoreal24.05.20047.57148
3829Holly Herndon - Platform15.05.20157.5754
3830Sun Kil Moon - April18.04.20087.57129
3831Liars - They were wrong, so we drowned23.02.20047.57136
3832Out Hud - Let us never speak of it again21.03.20057.57150
3833Alice In Chains - Rainier fog24.08.20187.5775
3834Emil Bulls - Oceanic30.09.20117.5796
3835Die Kerzen - True love05.07.20197.5796
3836Editors - In dream02.10.20157.57103
3837Future Sound Of London presents Amorphous Androgynous - The isness13.01.20037.57206
3838Azure Ray - Hold on love10.10.20037.57103
3839Modey Lemon - Thunder + lightning17.05.20047.57124
3840Animal Collective - Strawberry jam07.09.20077.57117
3841Antimatter - Leaving Eden13.04.20077.57234
3842Conic - Searching for a parallel29.03.20057.57222
3843David Guetta - Listen21.11.20147.572267
3844Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair11.05.20127.5721
3845Dropkick Murphys - Signed and sealed in blood11.01.20137.5728
3846William Shatner - Ponder the mystery11.10.20137.5735
3847Honig - It's not a hummingbird, it's your father's ghost22.08.20147.5728
3848Dagobert - Jäger29.01.20217.5721
3849Heather Nova - Storm25.08.20037.57252
3850Lowgold - Welcome to winners13.10.20037.5735
3851The Magic Numbers - Those the brokes24.11.20067.5728
3852Mumm-Ra - These things move in threes25.05.20077.5777
3853Keren Ann - Keren Ann29.06.20077.5728
3854Fink (UK) - Distance & time28.09.20077.5728
3855A Mountain Of One - Collected works07.03.20087.5742
3856Ben Kweller - Changing horses06.02.20097.5721
3857Yeasayer - Odd blood05.02.20107.5777
3858Jimmy Eat World - Chase this light19.10.20077.57530
3859Radical Face - Ghost02.03.20077.5779
3860Adel Tawil - Lieder08.11.20137.572295
3861The Fratellis - Eyes wide, tongue tied21.08.20157.5765
3862Fury In The Slaughterhouse - The color Fury02.04.20027.57304
3863Milburn - Well well well27.10.20067.57181
3864Kid Cudi - Man on the moon: The end of day11.09.20097.5758
3865The Veils - Nux vomica08.09.20067.5751
3866Anna Ternheim - Leaving on a mayday13.02.20097.5751
3867Mutual Benefit - Love's crushing diamond17.01.20147.5744
3868No Use For A Name - Keep them confused13.06.20057.57118
3869Guster - Ganging up on the sun03.08.20077.57192
3870Between The Buried And Me - Colors28.09.20077.5774
3871The Boxer Rebellion - Ocean by ocean29.04.20167.5737
3872Jason Mraz - Yes!11.07.20147.5760
3873Grimes - Visions09.03.20127.5783
3874The (International) Noise Conspiracy - A new morning, changing weather15.10.20017.57444
3875Laura Veirs - Year of meteors22.08.20057.5723
3876The Draft - In a million pieces08.09.20067.5769
3877Blitzen Trapper - Wild mountain nation16.11.20077.5723
3878Coves - Soft Friday05.09.20147.5746
3879HVOB - Silk24.02.20177.5723
3880iLiKETRAiNS - Elegies to lessons learnt05.10.20077.56131
3881Hundred Reasons - Shatterproof is not a challenge01.03.20047.5685
3882Yeasayer - All hour cymbals16.11.20077.56101
3883Nena - Oldschool27.02.20157.562579
3884Stone Sour - House of gold & bones part 205.04.20137.5655
3885Pharmakon - Bestial burden10.10.20147.56110
3886Metallica - Helping hands... Live & acoustic at The Masonic01.02.20197.56110
3887Static-X - Machine21.05.20017.562249
3888Giardini Di Mirò - Punk ... not diet!02.06.20037.56112
3889Ladytron - Witching hour05.04.20077.5632
3890Strung Out - Blackhawks over Los Angeles08.06.20077.5648
3891INXS - Switch02.12.20057.56393
3892Tenacious D - The pick of destiny09.02.20077.56105
3893Art Brut - Bang bang rock and roll01.08.20057.56356
3894The Spinto Band - Nice and nicely done07.04.20067.5657
3895Camouflage - Relocated25.08.20067.5657
3896Thorn.Eleven - A different view22.03.20047.56123
3897Broken Records - Until the Earth begins to part05.06.20097.5641
3898The Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr27.11.20207.56107
3899Bad Religion - Age of unreason03.05.20197.5666
3900Open Hand - You and me21.02.20057.56141
3901Scorpions - Comeblack04.11.20117.562312
3902August Burns Red - Leveler24.06.20117.5625
3903The Devil's Blood - The thousandfold epicentre11.11.20117.5625
3904Glen Hansard - Between two shores19.01.20187.5625
3905Shout Out Louds - Howl howl gaff gaff30.09.20057.56193
3906Days In Grief - Behind the curtain of a modern tomorrow20.06.20057.5659
3907Oak - False memory archive19.10.20187.5659
3908Amazing Baby - Rewild26.06.20097.56152
3909Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped in red25.10.20137.562669
3910The All-American Rejects - The All-American Rejects08.09.20037.5677
3911Ghost Of Tom Joad - No sleep until Ostkreuz08.02.20087.5643
3912Marianne Faithfull - Give my love to London26.09.20147.5643
3913Brand New - Deja entendu13.10.20037.56224
3914Gallery - S.M.I.L.E.19.03.20017.56190
3915Britney Spears - Britney Jean29.11.20137.562223
3916Stone Temple Pilots - No. 402.11.19997.56439
3917Madrugada - Grit28.10.20027.56135
3918Bent - The everlasting blink26.05.20037.5690
3919Tim Burgess - I believe15.09.20037.5627
3920!!! - Louden up now07.06.20047.56405
3921Deerhoof - The runners four17.10.20057.5627
3922Efterklang - Parades26.10.20077.5627
3923Underoath - Lost in the sound of separation12.09.20087.5663
3924Roses Kings Castles - Roses Kings Castles03.11.20087.5645
3925The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event10.07.20097.5681
3926Hurts - Exile08.03.20137.5681
3927Jon Hopkins - Immunity31.05.20137.5636
3928Cloud Boat - Book of hours31.05.20137.5627
3929Swans - The glowing man17.06.20167.5654
3930Foo Fighters - One by one21.10.20027.562203
3931Andrew Bird - Weather systems09.02.20047.55155
3932Kendrick Lamar - Good kid, m.A.A.d city23.10.20127.55175
3933Protomartyr - Relatives in descent29.09.20177.5556
3934Animal Collective - Centipede Hz31.08.20127.5594
3935LaSalle - Expedition songs03.02.20067.5547
3936Days In Grief - Portrait of beauty29.03.20047.5585
3937The Earlies - These were The Earlies28.10.20057.5585
3938Palma Violets - Danger in the club01.05.20157.5585
3939Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright - Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright07.02.20057.5538
394031Knots - Talk like blood11.10.20057.5576
3941Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM11.12.20097.5538
3942Arbouretum - The gathering18.02.20117.5538
3943The Rasmus - Dead letters08.07.20037.55525
3944I Am Kloot - Play Moolah Rouge20.06.20087.5567
3945Shabazz Palaces - Black up01.07.20117.5567
3946Tool - Fear inoculum30.08.20197.551285
3947The Fratellis - We need medicine11.10.20137.5529
3948Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate20.05.20167.5529
3949The Tidal Sleep - Be water02.06.20177.5529
3950Kevin Morby - Sundowner16.10.20207.5529
3951The Get Up Kids - On a wire02.09.20027.5587
3952Die Nerven - Fun07.02.20147.55118
3953Slut - Lookbook05.03.20017.551322
3954Sevendust - Animosity12.05.20037.5569
3955The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - Born into trouble as sparks fly upward29.10.20017.55218
3956The Dismemberment Plan - Change29.10.20017.5540
3957The Wallflowers - Rebel, sweetheart07.06.20057.5520
3958Soen - Imperial29.01.20217.5520
3959Kate Mosh - Life is funfair03.05.20047.5591
3960Johnossi - Johnossi01.09.20067.55195
3961The Long Winters - Putting the days to bed08.09.20067.5531
3962Thrice - Anthology23.11.20127.5531
3963John Mellencamp - Plain spoken19.09.20147.5531
3964Tocotronic - Kapitulation06.07.20077.552355
3965Portugal. The Man - American ghetto04.06.20107.5573
3966Claus Grabke - Deadly Bossanova09.05.20087.55199
3967Cursive - Happy hollow11.08.20067.5584
3968Hercules And Love Affair - Hercules And Love Affair14.03.20087.5542
3969The Black Angels - Directions to see a ghost16.05.20087.5542
3970Little Dragon - Nabuma rubberband09.05.20147.5542
3971Michael Jackson - Xscape09.05.20147.552402
3972Led Zeppelin - Mothership09.11.20077.551765
3973Razorlight - Slipway fires20.02.20097.55170
3974Jasmin Wagner - Die Versuchung15.04.20067.552165
3975Motorpsycho - The crucible15.02.20197.5564
3976Robbie Williams - Swings both ways15.11.20137.552431
3977Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell27.03.20157.55311
3978Sportfreunde Stiller - Die gute Seite02.04.20027.551772
3979Fantômas - The director's cut23.07.20017.55143
3980The Jessica Fletchers - What happened to the?29.03.20047.5522
3981Neurosis - The eye of every storm05.07.20047.55110
3982Various Artists - Monsieur Gainsbourg revisited19.05.20067.5522
3983Locas In Love - Use your illusion 3 & 420.02.20157.5533
3984Deine Lakaien - XXX. The 30 years retrospective21.10.20167.5533
3985Tiny Moving Parts - Swell26.01.20187.5533
3986Rush - Vapor trails03.06.20027.541547
3987Tiger Lou - A partial print24.10.20087.541280
3988Alkaline Trio - My shame is true28.03.20137.5435
3989Belgrad - Belgrad01.09.20177.5470
3990First Aid Kit - Ruins19.01.20187.5435
3991Pearl Jam - Let's play two28.09.20177.54306
3992Mad Caddies - Live from Toronto: Songs in the key of eh20.09.20047.54166
3993Seafood - As the cry flows03.05.20047.5448
3994Bob Mould - Body of song25.07.20057.5424
3995Trentemøller - The last resort06.10.20067.5496
3996Malcolm Middleton - Sleight of heart29.02.20087.5424
3997Jonathan Wilson - Rare birds02.03.20187.5448
3998Klee - Zwischen Himmel und Erde04.08.20067.5487
399931Knots - Trump harm06.05.20117.5450
4000Solea - Solea06.09.20047.5476
4001Deichkind - Aufstand im Schlaraffenland19.05.20067.54254
4002Radiohead - OK computer OKNOTOK 1997 201723.06.20177.54488
4003José González - Vestiges & claws20.02.20157.5452
4004Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - The end of suffering03.05.20197.5452
4005The Lost Patrol Band - The Lost Patrol Band18.04.20057.5452
4006Kevin Devine - Split the country, split the streets04.10.20057.5439
4007Jets To Brazil - Perfecting loneliness21.10.20027.54158
4008Karate - Pockets30.08.20047.5454
4009Fatboy Slim - Palookaville04.10.20047.54108
4010The Fray - How to save a life27.10.20067.5454
4011Underworld - Barking10.09.20107.5482
4012Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer and anvil15.10.20107.5441
4013Prong - Carved into stone27.04.20127.5482
4014Beach Slang - Broken thrills01.05.20157.5441
4015Bailen - Thrilled to be here26.04.20197.5441
4016Reno Kid - Sun you've got to hurry01.02.20017.54110
4017Carrera - Carrera23.09.20027.54347
4018Spineshank - The height of callousness23.10.20007.5428
4019Joe Henry - Civilians07.09.20077.5428
4020Chuck Ragan - Till midnight21.03.20147.5428
4021Dota - Keine Gefahr15.01.20167.5428
4022Pedro The Lion - Phoenix18.01.20197.5428
4023Secret Machines - Now here is nowhere30.08.20047.54211
4024VNV Nation - Automatic16.09.20117.542514
4025Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet24.03.20067.54157
4026Faithless - The dance14.05.20107.5343
4027Stefanie Heinzmann - Stefanie Heinzmann16.03.20127.532277
4028Modest Mouse - We were dead before the ship even sank30.03.20077.53521
4029The Notwist - Close to the glass21.02.20147.53328
4030Washed Out - Within and without08.07.20117.5345
4031John Mayer - Born and raised18.05.20127.5330
4032Gary Numan - Savage (Songs from a broken world)15.09.20177.5330
4033Patrick Siegfried Zimmer - Memories I-X28.09.20187.5345
4034A Thorn For Every Heart - Things aren't so beautiful now26.10.20047.5330
4035Funny Van Dannen - Authentic trip11.11.20057.5330
4036Wu-Tang Clan - 8 diagrams07.12.20077.53122
4037Undergod. - Trapped03.09.20017.53443
4038Feeder - All bright electric07.10.20167.53340
4039The Tidal Sleep - Vorstellungskraft25.07.20147.5362
4040Kid Cudi - Man on the moon II: The legend of Mr. Rager05.11.20107.5347
4041The Faint - Wet from birth20.09.20047.53111
404265daysofstatic - The destruction of small ideas27.04.20077.53111
4043Band Of Horses - Everything all the time24.03.20067.53258
4044Departure Lounge - Too late to die young22.03.20027.53162
4045Danko Jones - Sleep is the enemy17.02.20067.5383
4046Blackfield - Open mind: The best of Blackfield28.09.20187.53100
4047Soapbox - Flowing wavelike through disorder01.12.20007.53678
4048Nathaniel Rateliff - In memory of loss28.01.20117.5368
4049No Joy - Wait to pleasure10.05.20137.5334
4050Jack White - Boarding house reach23.03.20187.5351
4051Roman Fischer - Bigger than now10.05.20047.53471
4052In Flames - I, the mask01.03.20197.5353
4053Saul Williams - Saul Williams11.04.20057.5355
4054Ghost Of Tom Joad - Black Musik25.02.20117.53110
4055Real Estate - Atlas28.02.20147.5374
4056Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Die Wahrheit übers Lügen31.10.20087.53338
4057Sentenced - The cold white light13.05.20027.5357
4058Blaue Blume - Syzygy29.01.20167.5338
4059Dream Theater - Distance over time22.02.20197.5338
4060Komplizen Der Spielregeln - Es wird nur noch geatmet14.08.20097.53173
4061Taylor Swift - 198927.10.20147.532292
4062Aurora - All my demons greeting me as a friend11.03.20167.5380
4063Thrice - The alchemy index: Vol. 1 & 2 (Fire & water)09.11.20077.52202
4064IAMX - Kingdom of welcome addiction15.05.20097.52101
4065As I Lay Dying - Shadows are security20.06.20057.5284
4066Red Sparowes - The fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer09.04.20107.5263
4067Blood Red Shoes - Blood Red Shoes28.02.20147.5242
4068Kings Of Leon - Walls14.10.20167.5286
4069Love A - Irgendwie12.04.20137.5244
4070Cher - Dancing queen28.09.20187.52132
4071Radio 4 - Enemies like this12.05.20067.5288
4072Piebald - We are the only friends we have18.02.20027.52155
4073Tilly And The Wall - Wild like children17.02.20067.52268
4074Foo Fighters - Concrete and gold15.09.20177.52159
4075Wolf Parade - Thin mind24.01.20207.5223
4076Ocean Colour Scene - Songs for the front row - The best of12.11.20017.5269
4077Urlaub In Polen - White spot22.03.20047.52140
4078Angels & Airwaves - Love: Album parts one & two11.11.20117.5271
4079Jeff Bridges - Jeff Bridges28.10.20117.5225
4080Donavon Frankenreiter - Donavon Frankenreiter11.04.20057.5227
4081Badly Drawn Boy - Have you fed the fish?04.11.20027.52110
4082James Blake - Overgrown05.04.20137.5283
4083Andreas Bourani - Hey09.05.20147.522315
4084Simon Says - Jump Start28.02.20007.5229
4085Samiam - Whatever's got you down22.09.20067.5258
4086Jónsi - Go02.04.20107.52145
4087Filter - The trouble with angels24.09.20107.5258
4088Sportfreunde Stiller - New York, Rio, Rosenheim24.05.20137.522043
4089Mando Diao - Bang18.10.20197.5260
4090The Robocop Kraus - Living with other people24.03.20037.52120
4091Marianne Faithfull - Before the poison20.09.20047.5231
4092Hermano - Into the exam room19.10.20077.5262
4093Eagle Seagull - The year of the how-to book26.03.20107.5231
4094Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher19.06.20207.5264
4095Various Artists - We're a happy family - A tribute to Ramones10.02.20037.5299
4096Patrick Watson - Adventures in your own backyard20.04.20127.5135
4097The National - Sleep well beast08.09.20177.51185
4098Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror (Greatest hits 1991-2003)29.11.20047.51779
4099Westbam - Götterstraße26.04.20137.512183
4100Porcupine Tree - Octane twisted23.11.20127.5178
4101Puddle Of Mudd - Come clean18.03.20027.51197
4102The Books - Lost and safe04.04.20057.5141
4103Aviv Geffen - Aviv Geffen28.08.20097.5141
4104Thorn.Eleven - Thorn.Eleven27.08.20017.51215
4105Anna Ternheim - The night visitor28.10.20117.5143
4106Weyes Blood - Titanic rising05.04.20197.5145
4107The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with Choir - "This is our punk-rock," thee rusted satellites gather + sing25.08.20037.5145
4108Die Nerven - Fake20.04.20187.5196
4109Lifehouse - No name face18.06.20017.51345
4110Lykke Li - Wounded rhymes04.03.20117.51155
4111Tocotronic - 10th anniversary01.12.20037.51159
4112Blackmail - II22.02.20137.51187
4113Queen - Bohemian rhapsody (Original soundtrack)19.10.20187.51126
4114Middle Class Rut - Pick up your head05.07.20137.5171
4115Marble Sounds - The advice to travel light21.09.20187.51144
4116Tocotronic - Schall und Wahn22.01.20107.51750
4117Guns N' Roses - Chinese democracy22.11.20087.51924
4118Lamb Of God - VII: Sturm und Drang24.07.20157.5183
4119Lykke Li - Youth novels29.08.20087.50107
4120Weezer - Maladroit13.05.20027.50224
4121Muse - Black holes and revelations30.06.20067.501107
4122Clueso - Clueso & Stüba Philharmonie09.07.20107.502232
4123Alanis Morissette - Unplugged24.11.19997.50133
4124The Kills - No wow21.02.20057.50151
4125Black Sabbath - 1307.06.20137.50493
4126Ásgeir - In the silence31.01.20147.50169
4127Muse - Absolution22.09.20037.501304
4128Tiger Lou - Is my head still on?01.06.20047.501329
4129Unkle - Never never land06.10.20037.50283
4130Ian Brown - My way13.11.20097.50564
4131Feeder - Renegades08.04.20117.50611
4132The Mars Volta - Frances the mute21.02.20057.501810
4133Tori Amos - To Venus and back20.09.19997.50138
4134St. Thomas - I'm coming home04.02.20027.5044
4135Good Charlotte - The young & the hopeless17.02.20037.50206
4136Kaiser Chiefs - Employment22.08.20057.50398
4137Steven Wilson - Insurgentes06.03.20097.50130
4138The Casting Out - Go crazy! Throw fireworks!29.05.20097.5044
4139First Aid Kit - The big black and the blue29.01.20107.5030
4140Ash - A-Z Vol. 130.04.20107.5046
4141Parkway Drive - Deep blue25.06.20107.5058
4142Earl Greyhound - Suspicious package20.08.20107.5054
4143The Dears - Degeneration Street08.04.20117.5052
4144Sum 41 - Screaming bloody murder25.03.20117.5056
4145Solander - Passing Mt. Satu20.05.20117.5038
4146Young The Giant - Young The Giant29.04.20117.5028
4147Black Lips - Arabia Mountain24.06.20117.5058
4148Cults - Cults29.07.20117.5042
4149Gypsy & The Cat - Gilgamesh26.08.20117.5028
4150Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost09.09.20117.5056
4151The Used - Vulnerable30.03.20127.5034
4152Poliça - Give you the ghost11.05.20127.5048
4153Maximo Park - The national health08.06.20127.50154
4154Parkway Drive - Atlas26.10.20127.5030
4155The 1975 - The 197506.09.20137.50104
4156Poliça - Shulamith18.10.20137.5042
4157Viet Cong - Viet Cong16.01.20157.5054
4158Happyness - Weird little birthday27.03.20157.5030
4159Leslie Clio - Eureka17.04.20157.502050
4160El Vy - Return to the moon30.10.20157.5042
4161Shearwater - Jet plane and oxbow22.01.20167.5038
4162Elton John - Wonderful crazy night05.02.20167.5042
4163Pain Of Salvation - In the passing light of day13.01.20177.5034
4164Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa02.06.20177.5020
4165Alvvays - Antisocialites08.09.20177.5040
4166Lucy Dacus - Historian02.03.20187.5022
4167Danger Dan - Reflexionen aus dem beschönigten Leben01.06.20187.5036
4168Paul McCartney - Egypt station07.09.20187.5042
4169Yassin - Ypsilon18.01.20197.5048
4170Reinhard Mey - Das Haus an der Ampel29.05.20207.5028
4171Will Butler - Generations25.09.20207.5020
4172Matthias Reim - Phoenix15.04.20167.501615
4173Arctic Monkeys - Favourite worst nightmare20.04.20077.501098
4174Matthias Reim - MR2025.10.20197.50281
4175The Mars Volta - Amputechture08.09.20067.501129
4176Beatsteaks - Smack smash01.03.20047.50740
4177Mando Diao - Hurricane bar24.01.20057.501688
4178U2 - No line on the horizon27.02.20097.502763
4179Selig - Und endlich unendlich20.03.20097.50159
4180Arctic Monkeys - AM06.09.20137.50982
4181Bilderbuch - Schick Schock27.02.20157.50161
4182Katy Perry - Teenage dream27.08.20107.502166
4183Norma Jean - Redeemer03.11.20067.50121
4184Madonna - Rebel heart06.03.20157.501801
4185M83 - Dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts25.08.20037.50117
4186Life Of Agony - Broken valley30.05.20057.50113
4187Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's blitz!03.04.20097.50113
4188U2 - All that you can't leave behind30.10.20007.502353
4189Queen - Forever07.11.20147.50517
4190Testrezension - 01.01.19707.501487
4191Jimmy Eat World - Integrity blues21.10.20167.50101
4192Madonna - GHV212.11.20017.491774
4193Ken - Have a nice day24.06.20027.49990
41941000 Robota - Du nicht er nicht sie nicht26.09.20087.49390
4195Slipknot - Iowa27.08.20017.491524
4196Foo Fighters - In your honor13.06.20057.491744
4197Muse - Origin of symmetry18.06.20017.491591
4198Seal - Seal IV29.09.20037.492060
4199Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road sessions26.10.20127.491888
4200Helge Schneider - Lass knacken, Helge! Helge, der Film! Helge life!28.08.20157.492145
4201Carly Rae Jepsen - E·mo·tion18.09.20157.492042
4202Moby - Hotel14.03.20057.49184
4203Feeder - Pushing the senses31.01.20057.49914
4204Tiger Lou - The loyal28.10.20057.491355
4205Miss Platnum - Ich war hier02.10.20157.491826
4206Björk - Volta04.05.20077.49178
4207JJ72 - JJ7230.10.20007.49698
4208Feeder - Echo park23.04.20017.491052
4209Phantom Planet - Phantom Planet24.05.20047.4987
4210Gentleman - Another intensity24.08.20077.491839
4211The Horrors - Primary colours02.05.20097.4987
4212Pink Floyd - The endless river07.11.20147.491236
4213!!! - Thr!!!er26.04.20137.49344
4214Test - 01.01.19707.491457
4215Nicki Minaj - The pinkprint12.12.20147.492347
4216The Rolling Stones - Live licks01.11.20047.491386
4217Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie22.11.20047.491526
4218Jeans Team - Kopf auf01.12.20067.49170
4219Tiga - Ciao!02.05.20097.492048
4220Christina Stürmer - Nahaufnahme24.09.20107.492281
4221Die Fantastischen Vier - Rekord (Live in Wien)08.05.20157.491850
4222Donots - Wake the dogs27.04.20127.4983
4223MC Fitti - #Geilon05.07.20137.492658
4224Leslie Clio - Purple19.05.20177.491488
4225Klangkarussell - Netzwerk25.07.20147.491729
4226Mark Forster - Tape03.06.20167.491889
4227Cro - Melodie06.06.20147.492102
4228Deep Purple - Bananas25.08.20037.491300
4229Ballboy - A guide for the daylight hours17.05.20047.4981
4230Peter Fox - Stadtaffe26.09.20087.491521
4231VHS Or Beta - Night on fire28.02.20057.49158
4232Jane's Addiction - The great escape artist14.10.20117.491438
4233The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Out of frequency24.02.20127.4979
4234Mark Ronson - Uptown special23.01.20157.491661
4235Blackmail - Anima now!29.04.20117.49156
4236Feeder - Comfort in sound21.10.20027.491572
4237Sportfreunde Stiller - Burli29.03.20047.491175
4238Mark Ronson - Version22.06.20077.491710
4239Katy Perry - One of the boys12.09.20087.491949
4240Jan Delay & Disko No. 1 - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul live!04.06.20107.491627
4241Steven Wilson - Grace for drowning30.09.20117.49154
4242Dido - Life for rent29.09.20037.491295
4243Laith Al-Deen - 2000 - 200817.10.20087.491984
4244Take That - The circus28.11.20087.492278
4245Mando Diao - Bring 'em in01.03.20047.491640
4246Annett Louisan - Unausgesprochen21.10.20057.491725
4247Third Eye Blind - Out of the vein16.06.20037.49221
4248Helge Schneider - Akopalüze nau14.12.20077.491902
4249Auletta - Pöbelei & Poesie26.06.20097.49219
4250Soundgarden - King animal09.11.20127.491752
4251Die Fantastischen Vier - Rekord24.10.20147.491776
4252Stefanie Heinzmann - Chance of rain27.03.20157.492060
4253Mia. - Biste Mode22.05.20157.492040
4254Mika - No place in Heaven12.06.20157.491375
4255David Gilmour - On an island03.03.20067.491592
4256Foo Fighters - Skin and bones17.11.20067.491237
4257Dream Theater - Octavarium06.06.20057.491075
4258Joycehotel - Joycehotel08.08.20057.49142
4259Down - Over the under21.09.20077.4971
4260Rolf Zuckowski - LeiseStärke16.03.20127.491578
4261Mark Forster - Karton01.06.20127.491927
4262Christina Stürmer - Ich hör auf mein Herz19.04.20137.492451
4263Rea Garvey - Pride02.05.20147.492266
4264Clueso - Stadtrandlichter19.09.20147.492179
4265Ringo Starr - Y not26.02.20107.49848
4266Odgens - Get it faster22.11.20047.492508
4267Hot Hot Heat - Elevator04.04.20057.49276
4268Jack Johnson - In between dreams11.04.20057.49207
4269Can - Anthology02.11.20077.4969
4270Blakfish - Champions14.08.20097.4969
4271Stars - The North19.10.20127.4969
4272Britney Spears - Femme fatale25.03.20117.491922
4273Jack Johnson - Jack Johnson And Friends - Best of Kokua Festival13.04.20127.49341
4274Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 experience – 2 of 227.09.20137.491374
4275Beyoncé - Beyoncé20.12.20137.492113
4276Felix Jaehn - I16.02.20187.491715
4277Michael Jackson - Number ones17.11.20037.492058
4278Wolfmother - Wolfmother02.06.20067.49952
4279Dream Theater - Black clouds & silver lining19.06.20097.49406
4280Peter Maffay - Wenn das so ist17.01.20147.491549
4281Sia - 1000 forms of fear04.07.20147.491687
4282Locas In Love - Lemming01.07.20117.49134
4283Coldplay - Live 201216.11.20127.4967
4284Matthias Reim - Meteor23.03.20187.491803
4285Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss14.09.20127.491708
4286Perry Farrell - Song yet to be sung16.07.20017.491058
4287Guano Apes - Walking on a thin line03.02.20037.491787
4288Underwater Circus - Grace under pressure02.06.20037.49132
4289Monster Magnet - Monolithic baby!16.02.20047.49132
4290Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa til du dør25.08.20037.49323
4291Deep Purple - Rapture of the deep21.10.20057.491365
4292Kim Wilde - Snapshots26.08.20117.491436
4293Leslie Clio - Gladys08.02.20137.491296
4294Rival Kings - War30.09.20167.4965
4295Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel Von Delphi - Das nullte Kapitel19.05.20177.4965
4296Thomas Godoj - Plan A!04.07.20087.491284
4297Feeder - The singles12.05.20067.49378
4298Dave Gahan - Hourglass19.10.20077.49315
4299Air - Love 202.10.20097.4963
4300Stromae - Cheese25.06.20107.491843
4301Boy George - This is what I do24.01.20147.491701
4302Avicii - Stories02.10.20157.492221
4303MC Fitti - Peace19.09.20147.492679
4304Rea Garvey - Prisma02.10.20157.492063
4305The Killers - Live at the Royal Albert Hall06.11.20097.49502
4306Battles - Mirrored14.05.20077.49185
4307Thomas D - Aufstieg und Fall des Tommy Blank20.12.20137.491539
4308Mark Lanegan Band - Phantom radio17.10.20147.49185
4309Mrs. Greenbird - Postcards07.11.20147.491783
4310Annett Louisan - Berlin, Kapstadt, Prag13.05.20167.491295
4311Dr. Dre - Compton (A soundtrack by Dr. Dre)07.08.20157.492015
4312Robocop Kraus - Blunders and mistakes21.09.20077.49120
4313The Police - Certifiable - Live in Buenos Aires14.11.20087.49844
4314Dream Theater - Train of thought10.11.20037.491007
4315Mando Diao - Ode to Ochrasy25.08.20067.49952
4316Gentleman - Confidence30.08.20047.491644
4317José González - In our nature28.09.20077.4959
4318Rush - Snakes & arrows live18.04.20087.49822
4319Zoot Woman - Things are what they used to be21.08.20097.49293
4320Lady Gaga - Born this way23.05.20117.492517
4321Broilers - Santa muerte10.06.20117.4959
4322Die Fantastischen Vier - MTV unplugged II26.10.20127.491697
432350 Cent - Animal ambition30.05.20147.491738
4324Calvin Harris - Funk wav bounces vol. 130.06.20177.491569
4325Lamb - What sound15.10.20017.49230
4326Die Fantastischen Vier - Heimspiel23.10.20097.491602
4327Earth - Hex; or printing in the infernal method21.10.20057.4957
4328Sage Francis - Human the death dance04.05.20077.4957
4329Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mystery repeats15.02.20087.49908
4330The Futureheads - This is not the world23.05.20087.4957
4331Götz Alsmann - Mein Geheimnis04.05.20077.491572
4332Fall Out Boy - From under the cork tree10.05.20057.49222
4333Blind Melon - For my friends25.09.20097.491497
4334Robbie Williams - Live summer 200329.09.20037.491589
4335Beatsteaks - Limbo messiah30.03.20077.49603
4336Andreas Bourani - Staub & Fantasie10.06.20117.492194
4337Garbage - Not your kind of people11.05.20127.4955
4338Anastacia - It's a man's world09.11.20127.492249
4339Lykke Li - I never learn02.05.20147.49163
4340Beck - Guero21.03.20057.49216
4341Slut - Nothing will go wrong05.08.20027.49903
4342Status Quo - Heavy traffic23.09.20027.49748
4343Martin Kesici - So what..!?21.02.20057.49265
4344Jeniferever - Silesia11.03.20117.49106
4345Scorpions - Return to forever20.02.20157.491920
4346Kylie Minogue - Body language17.11.20037.491998
4347Death From Above 1979 - You're a woman, I'm a machine04.07.20057.49157
4348Rush - Clockwork angels08.06.20127.49940
4349Samy Deluxe - Männlich21.03.20147.491297
4350Peter Maffay - MTV unplugged03.11.20177.491715
4351Madonna - MDNA23.03.20127.491646
4352Beck - Midnite vultures22.11.19997.49155
4353Echoboy - Giraffe10.02.20037.49155
4354Skye - Mind how you go10.03.20067.49155
4355The Black Keys - Attack & release28.03.20087.49206
4356Bullet For My Valentine - Scream aim fire25.01.20087.49204
4357Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots21.05.20107.49814
4358Tall Ships - Everything touching09.11.20127.4951
4359Robin Schulz - Uncovered29.09.20177.491479
4360Rush - Time machine - Live in Cleveland 201104.11.20117.49504
4361Britney Spears - Glory26.08.20167.491269
4362Elif - Doppelleben26.05.20177.491712
4363Rush - Snakes & arrows27.04.20077.491057
4364Dido - No angel22.01.20017.491151
4365Hot Chip - The warning19.05.20067.49249
4366Oli P. - Wie früher27.05.20167.491843
4367Silverchair - The best of Volume 120.11.20007.49196
4368Recoil - subHuman13.07.20077.4949
4369Jane's Addiction - Strays21.07.20037.49868
4370The Rolling Stones - A bigger bang05.09.20057.491009
4371Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 my nightmare16.09.20117.49192
4372Ivy Quainoo - Ivy02.03.20127.491689
4373Iggy Azalea - The new classic25.04.20147.491679
4374The Thermals - Fuckin A14.06.20047.49239
4375Tocotronic - Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen17.01.20057.49848
4376Die Sterne - Räuber und Gedärm17.03.20067.49141
4377Santogold - Santogold09.05.20087.4994
4378No Age - An object23.08.20137.4947
4379Brody Dalle - Diploid love25.04.20147.4994
4380Kesha - Rainbow11.08.20177.491420
4381Aerosmith - Just push play12.03.20017.49740
4382Harmful - Sanguine06.10.20037.4992
4383Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri-la dee da25.06.20017.49634
4384Oomph! - Ego09.07.20017.491636
4385Turner - A pack of lies07.10.20027.49182
4386The BossHoss - Flames of fame11.10.20137.492039
4387Kim Wilde - Here come the aliens16.03.20187.491497
438813 & God - Own your ghost06.05.20117.4990
4389Clinic - Walking with thee25.02.20027.49180
4390The Duke Spirit - Neptune11.04.20087.4945
4391Weezer - Weezer (Green album)11.06.20017.49849
4392Within Temptation - Mother Earth07.04.20037.49178
4393Ringo Starr - Postcards from paradise27.03.20157.49309
43942raumwohnung - Nacht und Tag16.06.20177.491594
4395Aerosmith - Music from another dimension02.11.20127.49702
4396Dave Matthews Band - Everyday12.03.20017.4988
4397Vivid - Auto all25.06.20017.49219
4398Robbie Williams - Reality killed the video star06.11.20097.491533
4399The Locust - New erections16.03.20077.49131
4400Charli XCX - True romance31.05.20137.491744
4401Midge Ure - Fragile04.07.20147.49217
4402Sinew - Pilots of a new sky25.05.20127.4986
4403Max Schröder & Das Love - Max Schröder & Das Love22.02.20137.49172
4404Philipp Dittberner - Jede Nacht18.08.20177.491497
4405Xavier Naidoo - Nicht von dieser Welt 201.04.20167.491942
4406The Black Keys - Magic potion08.09.20067.49211
4407VAST - Music for people18.09.20007.49461
4408Monta - Where circles begin18.10.20047.4984
4409Von Spar - Von Spar04.05.20077.4984
4410Notion Sound Collective - Until you like the blue03.05.20137.4984
4411Heinz Strunk - Die gläserne Milf31.03.20177.491598
4412N.A.S.A. - The spirit of Apollo13.02.20097.49125
4413Beatsteaks - Living targets28.01.20027.49705
4414Architecture In Helsinki - Places like this10.08.20077.4941
4415Róisín Murphy - Overpowered12.10.20077.4941
4416Pascal Finkenauer - Unter Grund06.02.20097.4941
4417Maximo Park - Quicken the heart08.05.20097.49205
4418The Black Keys - Brothers21.05.20107.49328
4419Future Islands - In evening air14.05.20107.4941
4420Nadine Shah - Love your dum and mad26.07.20137.4941
4421Die Höchste Eisenbahn - Wer bringt mich jetzt zu den Anderen?26.08.20167.4982
4422Clueso - Neuanfang14.10.20167.491357
4423St. Vincent - Masseduction13.10.20177.4941
4424Foo Fighters - Sonic highways10.11.20147.49732
4425Fehlfarben - Knietief im Dispo28.10.20027.49365
4426Aphex Twin - Drukqs22.10.20017.49404
4427De/Vision - 6 feet underground28.06.20047.49279
442865daysofstatic - We were exploding anyway30.04.20107.4980
4429Gwen Stefani - This is what the truth feels like18.03.20167.491364
4430The Naked And Famous - Passive me, aggressive you18.03.20117.49119
4431Taylor Swift - Red26.10.20127.491701
4432Sohn - Rennen13.01.20177.4939
4433Alt-J - Relaxer02.06.20177.49195
4434Butthole Surfers - Weird revolution06.05.20027.49117
4435Liars - Sisterworld05.03.20107.4939
4436Ghinzu - Mirror mirror20.08.20107.4939
4437Röyksopp - Melody A.M.17.09.20017.49425
4438Clinic - Internal wrangler02.05.20007.49230
4439Pink Grease - This is for real21.06.20047.4976
4440Schwesta Ewa - Aywa01.06.20187.491099
4441Hell - Teufelswerk02.05.20097.492225
4442Riverside - Second life syndrome28.10.20057.49187
4443Audioslave - Revelations01.09.20067.49596
4444Paul McCartney - Kisses on the bottom03.02.20127.49598
4445Robert Plant - Carry fire13.10.20177.4937
4446Deafheaven - Ordinary corrupt human love13.07.20187.4937
4447Lali Puna - Faking the books05.04.20047.4974
4448KT Tunstall - Tiger suit22.10.20107.4937
4449Kelly Clarkson - My december22.06.20077.49181
4450Udo Lindenberg - Stärker als die Zeit29.04.20167.491594
4451Kendrick Lamar - Damn21.04.20177.4972
4452Superpunk - Wasser marsch05.02.20017.49360
4453Skindred - Babylon29.07.20027.49144
4454Escapado - Initiale28.09.20077.49179
4455Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Don't look back28.03.20087.49179
4456Robert Forster - The evangelist04.04.20087.49177
4457Sido - 30-11-8029.11.20137.491947
4458Spoon - Ga ga ga ga ga06.07.20077.49597
4459The Bled - Found in the flood22.08.20057.4935
4460Under Byen - Samme stof som stof20.10.20067.4970
4461Frost - Experiments in mass appeal14.11.20087.49140
4462Balthazar - Applause14.10.20117.4935
4463Zaz - Recto verso10.05.20137.4970
4464Weekend - Jinx06.12.20137.4935
4465Pur - Achtung18.09.20157.492430
4466Adom - Idiot savant29.11.20047.49208
4467Clutch - Blast tyrant06.12.20047.49171
4468Archive - Controlling crowds part IV16.10.20097.49103
4469Circa Survive - Blue sky noise28.05.20107.49272
4470Adolar - Zu den Takten des Programms14.10.20117.4968
4471Ugly Kid Joe - Uglier than they used ta be18.09.20157.4968
4472King's X - Please come home... Mr. Bulbous22.05.20007.49169
4473Kaizers Orchestra - Maestro15.08.20057.49134
4474James Blunt - Moon landing18.10.20137.49905
4475The BossHoss - Dos bros25.09.20157.492161
4476Moby - Destroyed13.05.20117.4866
4477Half Moon Run - Sun leads me on23.10.20157.4833
4478Unkle - The road: Part I18.08.20177.4833
4479Slowly We Bleed - Home01.12.20007.48330
4480Trapt - Trapt15.09.20037.48132
4481Devastations - Coal22.09.20067.4866
4482Tocotronic - The best of Tocotronic18.11.20057.48130
4483M83 - Saturdays = youth09.05.20087.48130
4484Gazpacho - Tick tock27.03.20097.48161
4485Waterdown - Never kill the boy on the first date28.05.20017.48128
4486Various Artists - Mehmet Scholl kompiliert: Vor dem Spiel ist nach dem Spiel 224.10.20037.48192
4487Fury In The Slaughterhouse - NIMBY22.03.20047.4864
4488Ibeyi - Ibeyi13.02.20157.4864
4489Astra Kid - Stereo25.04.20057.48287
4490Clinic - Bubblegum01.10.20107.48254
4491Spandau Ballet - Once more06.11.20097.48603
4492Maximo Park - Too much information31.01.20147.4895
4493Michael Jackson - Scream29.09.20177.481539
4494Jewel - This way18.02.20027.48219
4495Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher23.02.20077.4831
4496James Vincent McMorrow - Early in the morning08.04.20117.4831
4497Passion Pit - Gossamer20.07.20127.4831
4498White Denim - Corsicana lemonade25.10.20137.4831
4499Mono - The last dawn24.10.20147.4831
4500Jungstötter - Love is01.02.20197.4831
4501System Of A Down - Steal this album!25.11.20027.48399
4502Playfellow - Carnival off26.11.20107.48153
4503Madsen - Goodbye Logik11.08.20067.48120
4504Why? - Alopecia07.03.20087.4860
4505The Futureheads - The chaos18.06.20107.4860
4506Kvelertak - Kvelertak16.07.20107.4860
4507Disco Ensemble - First aid kit01.12.20067.4889
4508Delphic - Acolyte29.01.20107.4889
4509Bastille - Bad blood01.03.20137.4889
4510Prinz Pi - Hallo Musik09.12.20117.482060
4511Chris Garneau - Music for tourists02.03.20077.48147
4512Subterfuge - I do birds08.01.20007.48381
4513Blood Brothers - Crimes17.01.20057.48381
4514Brad - United we stand27.04.20127.48205
4515Samiam - Trips09.09.20117.4829
4516Damien Jurado - Maraqopa24.02.20127.4829
4517The Men - New moon08.03.20137.4829
4518Hot Chip - Why make sense?15.05.20157.4829
4519Ansa Sauermann - Weiße Liebe18.08.20177.4829
4520Ambrose - The grace of breaking moments01.10.20007.48116
4521The Revs - The Revs28.04.20067.4829
4522Seabear - We built a fire26.02.20107.4829
4523Atoms For Peace - Amok22.02.20137.48230
4524Panda Bear - Person pitch30.03.20077.4885
4525The Blue Angel Lounge - Narcotica29.10.20107.4885
4526The Vines - Highly evolved29.07.20027.48365
4527Millencolin - Pennybridge pioneers28.02.20007.48307
4528Spillsbury - Raus07.07.20037.48112
4529Say Anything - a real boy19.05.20067.48168
4530Beirut - The flying club cup05.10.20077.48112
4531Elton John - The diving board13.09.20137.48448
4532Westernhagen - MTV unplugged28.10.20167.481340
4533Henning Wehland - Der Letzte an der Bar27.01.20177.481730
4534Ringo Starr - Liverpool 811.01.20087.48498
4535Pascow - Alles muss kaputt sein!22.10.20107.4883
4536Tom Vek - We have sound06.06.20057.48110
4537God Is An Astronaut - All is violent, all is bright22.09.20067.48110
4538Millencolin - Home from home11.03.20027.48301
4539Rick Astley - Beautiful life13.07.20187.48957
4540Audioslave - Out of exile23.05.20057.48789
4541Anathema - A natural disaster03.11.20037.48108
4542Alin Coen Band - Wer bist Du?27.08.20107.4827
4543The Dandy Warhols - This machine27.04.20127.4827
4544Tom Jones - Mr. Jones04.11.20027.481315
4545Billy Corgan - The future embrace20.06.20057.48160
4546Joy Denalane - Gleisdreieck03.03.20177.481336
4547Matthias Schweighöfer - Lachen Weinen Tanzen10.02.20177.481461
4548Marilyn Manson - Holy wood (In the shadow of the valley of death)13.11.20007.48794
4549Maximo Park - Missing songs25.11.20057.48264
4550Roman Fischer - Personare22.09.20067.48318
4551Underworld - A hundred days off16.09.20027.4879
4552Feeder - Generation freakshow15.06.20127.48790
4553SuperHeavy - SuperHeavy16.09.20117.48183
4554Kilians - They are calling your name10.04.20097.48131
4555Björn Kleinhenz - Trans pony02.12.20057.48104
4556Neneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry Thing15.06.20127.4852
4557Tocotronic - K.O.O.K. Variationen31.07.20007.48412
4558Third Eye Blind - Blue29.05.20007.48258
4559Stereophonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other?14.03.20057.48129
4560The Horror The Horror - The Horror The Horror17.02.20067.48283
4561Die Lochis - #zwilling1812.05.20177.482302
4562Arctic Monkeys - Suck it and see03.06.20117.48895
4563Stereo Total - Musique automatique08.10.20017.48127
4564Von Spar - Die uneingeschränkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative26.07.20047.48100
4565Unkle - War stories06.07.20077.48150
4566Seachange - Disband in Bonn 200716.11.20077.48200
4567Surfer Blood - Astro coast04.06.20107.4850
4568Stone Sour - Audio secrecy03.09.20107.4850
4569Alkaline Trio - Damnesia15.07.20117.4825
4570The King Blues - Punk & poetry15.07.20117.4825
4571Deichkind - Befehl von ganz unten10.02.20127.48125
4572Tom Liwa - Goldrausch24.02.20127.4825
4573Best Coast - California nights01.05.20157.4825
4574Amplifier - Trippin' with Dr. Faustus14.07.20177.4850
4575Yeasayer - Erotic reruns07.06.20197.4825
4576Amon Amarth - With Oden on our side22.09.20067.4898
4577Stars - The five ghosts25.06.20107.4873
4578Biffy Clyro - Revolutions // Live At Wembley24.06.20117.4873
4579Die Nerven - Out09.10.20157.4873
4580The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet23.03.20127.48962
4581Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Faszination Weltraum17.10.20147.4896
4582TokTok vs. Soffy O. - TokTok vs. Soffy O.07.10.20027.48144
4583Kosheen - Kokopelli11.08.20037.48119
4584The Boxer Rebellion - Union30.10.20097.4871
4585Machine Head - Bloodstone & diamonds07.11.20147.4871
4586Christina Aguilera - Keeps gettin' better - A decade of hits07.11.20087.481982
4587Missouri - In VoodooRama19.01.20047.4894
4588The Crystal Method - Legion of boom19.04.20047.4894
4589Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer20.06.20087.4894
4590Fraktus - Millennium Edition09.11.20127.48374
4591Robin Schulz - Sugar25.09.20157.481511
4592Super700 - Super70026.05.20067.48186
4593Groove Armada - Goodbye country (hello nightclub)10.09.20017.48322
4594Fountains Of Wayne - Welcome interstate managers15.09.20037.4846
4595Project Pitchfork - Kaskade30.05.20057.4869
4596Petsch Moser - Reforma20.11.20067.4846
459731Knots - The days and nights of everything anywhere05.04.20077.4869
4598Devotchka - A mad and faithful telling14.03.20087.4823
4599Defeater - Travels06.03.20097.4846
4600Underwater Sleeping Society - The dead Vegas13.02.20097.4823
4601Daniel Johnston - Is and always was20.11.20097.4846
4602Melissa Etheridge - 4th Street feeling31.08.20127.4823
4603Red City Radio - Titles11.10.20137.4846
4604Jakob - Sines07.11.20147.4823
4605Mass Gothic - Mass Gothic05.02.20167.4823
4606Taking Back Sunday - Tidal wave16.09.20167.4823
4607Laura Carbone - Empty sea01.06.20187.4823
4608Madeline Juno - Was bleibt06.09.20197.4846
4609Millenia Nova - Narcotic wide screen vista07.04.20037.48228
4610The Bravery - The Bravery01.08.20057.48136
4611WhoMadeWho - WhoMadeWho12.09.20057.4890
4612Tapes 'N Tapes - The loon04.08.20067.4890
4613South - Adventures in the underground journey to the stars06.10.20067.4890
4614Bolzplatz Heroes - Bolzplatz Heroes20.01.20067.48247
4615The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Armed love12.07.20047.48201
4616Wolfmother - Cosmic egg23.10.20097.48691
4617Donots - Lauter als Bomben12.01.20187.4867
4618Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Acoustic Grand Cru classé11.07.20057.48178
4619Incense - On tip of wings we walk11.08.20037.48155
4620Pelle Carlberg - Everything. Now!13.03.20067.48155
4621These Arms Are Snakes - Easter13.10.20067.4844
4622Andrew Bird - Armchair apocrypha20.04.20077.4844
4623Ra Ra Riot - The rhumb line04.10.20087.48331
4624Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before today04.06.20107.4844
4625Soundgarden - Echo of miles21.11.20147.48522
4626Erdmöbel - Für die nicht wissen wie05.09.20057.4865
4627Pandoras Box - Monomeet21.01.20117.4865
4628Belasco - Technique11.11.20027.48193
4629Massive Attack - Danny the dog11.10.20047.48193
4630Asian Dub Foundation - Tank28.02.20057.4886
4631Weezer - Weezer (Red album)06.06.20087.48342
4632Jenny Hval - Apocalypse, girl05.06.20157.48107
4633Refused - Freedom26.06.20157.48107
4634Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos - Moto fuzz22.01.20017.48447
4635Killswitch Engage - Alive or just breathing27.05.20027.48126
4636Elton John - The captain and the kid15.09.20067.4884
4637Emil Bulls - The black path04.04.20087.48147
4638Metric - Fantasies12.06.20097.4842
4639Graveyard - Lights out26.10.20127.4842
4640Cloud Nothings - Life without sound27.01.20177.4842
4641Juse Ju - Shibuya crossing16.03.20187.4821
4642Dota - Die Freiheit14.09.20187.4821
4643Zero 7 - Simple things07.05.20017.48229
4644Spiritual Beggars - On fire04.11.20027.48166
4645Broadcast - Haha sound11.08.20037.48124
4646Good Charlotte - The chronicles of life and death04.10.20047.48248
4647Charli XCX - Sucker13.02.20157.481900
4648Marilyn Manson - The pale emperor16.01.20157.48288
4649Seafood - When do we start fighting...08.10.20017.48103
4650Mudvayne - The end of all things to come18.11.20027.48103
4651Kolkhorst - Pizza Amore04.10.20047.4882
4652Feeder - Silent cry20.06.20087.48780
4653RNDM - RNDM30.11.20127.48225
4654Alec Empire - Futurist04.04.20057.48143
4655Of Montreal - Hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?16.02.20077.4861